Marcellus High School

Marcellus High School

Submitted by John Curtin

Marcellus High School Graduates 1893 - 1993

This is a picture of the old Marcellus High School, built in 1892. The Class of 1893 was the first to graduate from this school and consisted of six members. The Class of 1937 was the last to graduate from this school. A new high school was constructed and this building was sold and dismantled in 1939.  A private home, 27 West Main Street, was built on this site.

Marcellus School Campus

In the foreground is the Chester Driver Middle School, which used to be the Marcellus High School from 1938-1966.  In the middle of the picture is the K. C. Heffernan Elementary School, which opened its doors in 1954, and in the background of the picture is the Marcellus Central High School, which has served as the high school from 1967 to the present.

Photo Source:  The Marcellus Observer, and was printed in the  Feb 24 to March 2, 1999 edition, 120th Year, Number 8, page 1

Submitted 12 March 1999