Town of Marcellus, Including Marietta, Marcellus, Marcellus Falls and Thorn Hill

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Homer D. L. Sweet, Sweet's New Atlas of Onondaga Co., New York, NY: Walker Bros. & Co., 1874, pp. 76-77.

Ager, A., Marcellus
Alvard Bros., Marcellus
Amesbury, J., lot 23
Amidon, C., lot 64
Amidon, D., lot 56
Amidon, P., lot 43
Amidon, W., lot 55
Amos, S., lot 61
Armstrong, H. L., lot 31
Austin, C., Marcellus Falls
Austin, E. G., lot 16
Axton, J., Marcellus
Babcock, D. J., lot 48
Baker, A., lot 48
Baker, B., lot 48
Baker, B. R, lot 8
Baker, E., lot 48
Baker, E. H., Marietta
Baker, G., lot 49
Baker, H., lot 48
Baker, J., lot 49
Baker, J., lot 56
Baker, L., lot 8
Baker, L. E., lot 49
Baker, M., lot 62
Baker, M., Marietta
Baker, Miss A., Marietta
Baker, R., lot 42
Baker, W., lot 14
Baker, W., lot 6
Bartlett, E. M., lot 41
Beach, Marcellus
Beach, O., lot 23
Beach, O., Marcellus
Bearse, Mrs., Marcellus
Bennett, J., Marcellus Falls
Bessy, J., Marcellus Falls
Bishop estate, Marcellus
Bishop, E., lot 53
Bishop, J., lot 63
Bishop, W., lot 32
Blanchard, C., lot 41
Bodley, Mrs., Thorn Hill
Bradley, I., Marcellus
Brennan, C, lot 25
Brian, A. C., lot 25
Briggs, G., lot 63
Briggs, Mrs. A., Marietta
Brinkerhoff, A., lot 17
Brinkerhoff, A., lot 26
Brinkerhoff, A. L., lot 26
Brinkerhoff, A. S., lot 26
Brinkerhoff, Mrs., Marcellus
Brinkerhoff, S. H., lot 26
Bronson, H., Marcellus
Brown, A., Thorn Hill
Brown, C., lot 25
Brown, H. C., lot 23
Brown, T., Thorn Hill
Brown, W., lot 32
Buck, Mrs., Marcellus
Burgess, H., lot 31
Burlington, J., lot 23
Burlton, J., Thorn Hill
Burns, F., lot 53
Burns, Miss, lot 53
Burrell, W., lot 43
Burrows, W., lot 55
Burtis, J., Marietta
Cady, lot 24
Cady, Mrs. M., lot 24
Callender, R., lot 61
Carpenter, C., lot 9
Carpenter, Mrs., Marcellus
Case, A., Marcellus Falls
Case, B., Marietta
Case, C., Marcellus
Case, G. W., lot 42
Case, H., lot 41
Case, L., lot 49
Case, Mrs. A., lot 9
Case, N. G., Marcellus
Chapman, H., lot 47
Chapman, J., lot 47
Chatfield, W. M., Marcellus
Chrysler, J., lot 55
Chrysler, J., lot 64
Chryster, M. H., lot 25
Clark, A., lot 14
Clark, C., lot 6
Clark, E., lot 55
Clements, G., lot 24
Clements, T., lot 47
Clements, T., lot 48
Clift, H., lot 15
Cobb, J., Marcellus
Cole, W., lot 41
Collins, J., lot 43
Colton, L., Marcellus
Comstock, G., lot 48
Connell, J., lot 24
Connolly, S., lot 25
Conroy, P., lot 7
Coomes, J., lot 40
Coon, D. G., Marcellus
Coon, D. L., lot 26
Cornell, A. G., lot 41
Cornish, C.P., lot 9 (appears in Marcellus on Town of Onondaga map)
Cornish, J., lot 15
Cornwall, J., lot 17
Coville, H., lot 16
Cowles, E. C., lot 62
Crego, S., lot 7
Crownhart, E., Marietta
Crysler, D., lot 64
Crysler, D., Marietta
Crysler, P., lot 56
Crysler, T., lot 56
Curtain, M., lot 24
Curtain, M., lot 34
Curtin, J., lot 34
Curtis, J., lot 33
Curtis, Mrs., Marcellus
Dady, S., Marcellus
Davin, M., lot 24
Davin, W., lot 24
Davis, C. H., Marietta
Davis, J. A., lot 63
Davis, Mrs., lot 15
Davis, W. T., lot 63
DeCoudres, H., Marcellus
DeCoudres, T., Marcellus
Devlin, R., lot 34
Dewitt, J., lot 55
Dewitt, J., Marietta
Dibble, L. A., lot 41
Dodd, S., Marcellus
Doe, Marcellus Falls
Dogan, M., lot 24
Dolan, W., lot 24
Dorchester, R., lot 26
Dorrance, W., lot 53
Dove, T., Marcellus
Dunbar, J., lot 8
Dunbar, S., lot 8
Dunlap, Marcellus
Dunn, M., Marcellus
Earl, S., lot 53
Eastman, R., lot 63
Easton, S. H., Thorn Hill
Edds, Mrs., lot 24
Edwards, J., lot 32
Eggleston, G., Marcellus Falls
Eggleston, H., lot 7
Eggleston, J., lot 61
Eggleston, J., lot 7
Eggleston, J., Marcellus Falls
Eggleston, T. A., Marcellus Falls
Eggleston, W., Marcellus Falls
Emmons, Miss, lot 53
Evans, C., lot 40
Evans, J., lot 24
Fellows, Mrs. M., lot 9
Fellows, S., lot 15
Fish, D., lot 64
Fish, W. J., lot 64
Flannery, T., lot 15
Flood, J., lot 32
Fowler, Misses, Marcellus
Frost, E. W., Marcellus
Fulmer, D. M., Marcellus
Fulmer, J., Marcellus
Galligan, J., lot 31
Gallupp, G., lot 23
Gamble, lot 56
Gannon, Mrs., lot 24
Garnett, W., Marcellus
Gay, F., lot 9
Gilbert, A., lot 7
Gilbert, S., lot 8
Gleason, L., lot 56
Goodspeed, W., Thorn Hill
Goodwin, J. M., lot 24
Goth, D., lot 48
Gray, R., Marcellus
Gregory, J., lot 47
Gregory, J. T., lot 46
Griffin, A. A., lot 25
Griffin, E., Marcellus
Griffin, F., Marietta
Griffin, W., lot 49
Grimes, G. W., Marcellus
Hackett, Wm., lot 55
Hackford, P., lot 42
Hackford, T., lot 42
Hail, F., lot 14
Haley, B., lot 25
Hall, D., Marietta
Hall, G., lot 56
Hall, J. W., lot 56
Hamilton, J., lot 43
Haney, P., lot 7
Haney, P., Marcellus Falls
Hanley, J, lot 6
Hardacre, I., lot 62
Hasbrook, L. B., lot 53
Hauten, B., Thorn Hill
Haylor, H., lot 24
Helyer, C., lot 16
Hemingway, S., Marcellus
Henderson, Mrs. S., lot 17
Herring, T. J., Marcellus Falls
Hicks, A., lot 54
Hicks, lot 54
Hicook, M., lot 17
Holcomb & Bro., lot 33
Holcomb, D. L., lot 6
Holland, J., lot 25
Holmes, P., lot 47
Holmes, W., lot 41
Hooper, Marcellus
Hooper, C., Marcellus
Hooper, S., Marcellus
Howe, C., lot 31
Howe, P. D., lot 31
Hull, S., Marietta
Hunt, Marcellus
Hunt, A., lot 54
Hunt, G., Marcellus
Hunt, J., Marcellus
Hunt, P. J., lot 41
Hunt, S., lot 17
Ireton, R., lot 24
Irineas, Marcellus Falls
Jackson, J., lot 49
James, H., lot 46
Jewell, F., Marietta
Johnson, Marcellus Falls
Johnson, F., lot 42
Johnson, J., lot 9
Johnson, P., lot 32
Johnston, J., Marcellus
Jones, H., Marcellus
Jones, J. F., lot 15
Jones, J. F., lot 7
Jones, J. F., Marcellus Falls
Jones, T. A., lot 46
Judd, M., lot 6
Julia, W., Marcellus
Julio(?), W., Marcellus
Kalin, P., lot 25
Kanaley, M., Thorn Hill
Kanally, J., lot 15
Kanif, P., lot 34
Kasson, M., lot 32
Keef, P., lot 15
Kellogg, C. O., Marietta
Kelly, E., lot 24
Kelly, J., Marcellus Falls
Kenyon, Mrs. Thos. lot 24
Kenyon, R., lot 56
Kenyon, S., lot 56
Kine, P., Marcellus Falls
Kine, R., lot 17
Kine, T., Marcellus Falls
King, M., lot 7
King, P., lot 32
King, T., lot 15
Kirwan, J., lot 34
Kline, R., lot 8
Kline, T., lot 15
Knowles, G., lot 14
Knowles, H., lot 26
Knowles, Mrs. L., lot 16
Knowles, R., lot 26
Lamb, Mrs. N., lot 41
Lamphere, L., lot 16
Lane, A., lot 54
Lane, S. F., lot 47
Lawless, M., lot 7
Leach, J., lot 17
Lee, G., lot 62
Lisk estate, Marcellus
Loftie, M., lot 25
Loomis, S., Marcellus
Lothridge, R., lot 9
Lyden, P., lot 49
Lyman, F., Marcellus
Machan, W. J., Marcellus
Malao, J. O., lot 42
Malroy, P., lot 23
Marlett, C. J., lot 49
Masters, C., lot 47
Mather, J. D., lot 6
Matson, J., Marcellus
May, S. R., lot 16
Mc Cale, R., lot 25
Mc Carthy, P., lot 25
Mc Loughlin, Mrs. M., lot 24
McCann(?), R., lot 32
McCullen, E., lot 43
McCullough, E., lot 43/49 (appears in Marcellus on Town of Onondaga map)
McDeed, J., lot 32
McDonald, J., lot 14
McKeel, J., lot 32
McManus, A., lot 16
McN., R., Marcellus
McNelly, J., lot 33
McNully, J., lot 49
Mead, J., lot 47
Melroy, J., lot 8
Merrill, J. A., lot 43
Merrill, W., lot 42
Miller, P., lot 49
Mills, C., lot 61
Mills, M., lot 61
Mills, T., lot 61
Molloy, J., lot 9
Morgan, E., lot 42
Morrisey, J., lot 16
Moses Bros., Marcellus
Moses, F., Marcellus
Moses, J., lot 23
Moses, L., Marcellus
Moses, Mrs., Marcellus
Mosher, D., lot 15
Mosher, P., lot 15
Murphy, P., lot 32
Needham, S., lot 7
Newell, W., lot 55
Newton, A., lot 8
Newton, E., Marcellus
Nightengale, W., lot 47
North, C., lot 15
North, J., lot 6
North, J., Marcellus
North, R. F., Marcellus
Northrup, J. G., lot 6
O'Donnell, R., lot 34
O'Flaherty, A., lot 15
Oliver, J., lot 8
Olmstead, E. F., lot 62
Olmstead, P. C., lot 61
Olney, A., lot 49
Parsons, Marcellus
Palmer, D. M., Marcellus
Palmer, W., Marcellus
Parsons, B. N., Marcellus
Parsons, Dr. I., Marcellus
Philips, Mrs., lot 14
Phillips, T., lot 16
Pierce, E., lot 14
Plate(?), L. R., lot 40
Platt, C., lot 24
Platt, J. C., Marcellus
Pople, G., lot 55
Powell, B., lot 15
Powell, B., lot 33
Powell, E.(?), lot 24
Powell, W., lot 32
Powell, W., lot 41
Randall, G., lot 33
Randall, L., lot 33
Rathbun, C. E., lot 54
Raymond, A., lot 25
Raymond, J., lot 15
Raymond, Mrs. L., lot 47
Reed, H., Marcellus
Reed, J., Marcellus
Reed, J. W., Marcellus
Rhoades, T., Marcellus
Rhodes, E., lot 23
Rhodes, R., Marcellus
Rice, E., lot 34
Richards, Dr. G. W., Marcellus
Richards, I., lot 14
Richards, O., lot 24
Richards, W., lot 40
Roades, W. J., lot 7
Rockwell, A., lot 33
Rollo, R. C., lot 32
Rosier, W., Marcellus
Russell, W., lot 32
Ryan, J., lot 15
Sarr, B. D., Marcellus Falls
Sarr, J., lot 15
Sayre, Marcellus
Searles, H., lot 48
Seeley, G., lot 23
Seymour, H., lot 34
Seymour, J., lot 40
Seymour, Mrs. E., lot 47
Share, J., lot 14
Sharp, J., Marietta
Sheenan, C., lot 15
Shepard, H., Marcellus
Shepard, N., lots 7; 8
Sheppard, H., Marcellus
Sherman, lot 7
Sherman, Marcellus Falls
Sherman, J. N., Marcellus
Smith, S., lot 41
Spafford, L., lot 9
Spaulding, S., lot 31
Spinks, G., lot 23
Sprinks, Mrs., Marcellus
Stanley, J. S., lot 17
Steele, E., Marcellus Falls
Stewart, lot 49
Stocking, Marcellus
Stone, lot 6
Stone, B. E., lot 7
Stone, H., lot 14
Stone, H., lot 6
Stone, H. M., lot 15
Streeter, H., Marietta
Stuckey, G., lot 41
Stuckey, G., lot 43
Stuckey, J., lot 23
Stuckey, Mrs. E., lot 24
Sullivan, J., lot 40
Sullivan, J., lot 41
Swaffer, G., lot 15
Sweet, R., Marcellus
Sweet, W. A., lot 46
Taylor, A., Marietta
Thompson, T., lot 63
Thornton, P. S., lot 23
Ties, A., lot 24
Tompkin, lot 7
Tompkins, Marcellus Falls
Turner, O., lot 63
Turner, W. H., lot 54
Vail, J., lot 53
Van Vranken, J., Marcellus
Vinton, J., lot 43
Vosburgh, P. I., lot 62
Waldron, E., Marcellus Falls
Walker, T., Marcellus
Walker, W. S., lot 7
Walters, P., lot 56
Walworth, T., lot 15
Ward, Mrs. A., lot 15
Weaver, G. D., lot 48
Weber, W., lot 41
Welch, J., lot 42
Welch, P., lot 31
Welch, S., lot 31
Wells, H., Marcellus
Wells, L., lot 64
Wells, W., lot 64
White, S., lot 41
White, T., lot 41
White, W., Marcellus
Whiting, M., lot 40
Whiting, M., lot 41
Whitmore, E., lot 24
Wicks, F., lot 63
Wicks, J., lot 46
Wicks, S., lot 46
Wicks, T. T., lot 40
Williams, J., lot 32
Williams, J., lot 46
Williams, J., lot 54
Williams, T., lot 46
Wilsey, G. S., lot 53
Wilsey, J., lot 49
Wilsey, J., lot 56
Wilson, Marcellus
Wood, S. C., lot 56
Woodbridge, J., lot 34
Woodbridge, J., Marcellus
Woodbridge, Mrs., Marcellus
Woodford, J. M., lot 42
Wright, F. C., lot 24
Wright, H., lot 49
Wright, S., lot 53
Wylie, P. J., lot 9

Submitted 18 October 1998