Clay, Onondaga County, New York

Clay, Onondaga County, NY

Morgan Meeting-House Cemetery a/k/a Morgan's Cemetery
North Syracuse Cemetery, a/k/a Centreville Cemetery
Our Lady of Peace Cemetery
Our Lady of Peace Cemetery, with pictures
Pine Plains Cemetery, a/k/a Euclid Cemetery
Sellens Family Cemetery
Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and Merchants of Onondaga County, 1874
Names appearing on the 1874 Sweet Map

Names Appearing in the 1830 Census
History of the Town of Clay, from Beauchamp's Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County
History of the Town of Clay, from Clark's Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times
Early Settlers and Development of the Town of Clay from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial
Holoferness (Holly) Tarmos Wood, AN EARLY SETTLER OF THE TOWN OF CLAY

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