Trinity Church


Towns of Manlius and Pompey

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (B,12):

At a Meeting of Sundry Inhabitants of the Towns of Manlius and Pompey in the County of Onondaga in the State of New York members of the Protestant Episcopal Church duly notified for the purpose herein after mentioned in the time of Morning Service on Sunday the Eleventh day of August instant and held in the said Town of Manlius on the 26th day of the same month (namely) to incorporate themselves pursuant to an act of the Legislature entitled "An act to provide for the incorporation of Religious Societies" passed the 27th day of March 1801; at which meeting Aaron Wood Esq. was called to the Chair.  After reading prayers it was moved & seconded that the members proceed to incorporate themselves pursuant to the said Act, which was unanimously received in the affirmative - and thereupon the votes being taken, Messrs. Richard Salmon & Aaron Wood were elected Church Wardens.  Also the votes being taken for Vestry men, it appeared that Messrs. Jonathan Hurd, Charles B. Bristol, Michael Prindle, Ralph R. Phelps, Nathan Hawley, David Green, Alvin Marsh & John Roberts were elected to that office.  Also resolved that Wednesday in East week be the day fixed on for the Annual Election of their Successors in the aforesaid offices forever hereafter; and that the Church hereby incorporated shall be hereafter known by the name or title of Trinity Church attest Aaron Wood.  Witness Alvan Marsh, Richd. Salmon.  Davenport Phelps, Missy. of ye Prot. Ep. church in ye State of N. York Onondaga personally came before me Asa Danforth Esquire one of the Judges of ye said County ye Revd. Davenport Phelps one of the above Subscribing witnesses, and made solemn oath that he saw the within and above named Aaron Wood Esquire sign and seal the foregoing Instrument.  Sworn before me this twelfth day of November A. D. 1805.  Asa Danforth.  Recorded the twelfth day of November Eighteen hundred and five.  Jasper Hopper  Clk.

Submitted 7 June 1998