City of Syracuse

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Dwight H. Bruce (ed.), Onondaga's Centennial.  Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. I, pp. 515-516.

The Park Church was organized December 24, 1846, with thirty-nine members, and seventeen more were added on the 6th of the following February.  The first elders were Robert Furman, John Stewart, and Ralph R. Phelps.  At a meeting held December 30, 1846, the Park Church Society was organized, and J. B. Huntington, Israel Smith, Benjamin R. Norton, John Stewart, Bradley Carey, and George Barney were elected trustees.  In January, 1847, the trustees recommended the building of a church if it could be done at an expense of $7,000.  The society thereupon purchased a lot of Ralph R. Phelps on Mulberry street, opposite Fayette Park, and the church was erected at a cost of about $9,000; it was dedicated February 3, 1848.  Rev. C. Gold Lee supplied the church until June 22, 1847, and Rev. William W. Newell was installed November 10, 1847, continuing to October, 1850; he was succeeded in August, 1851, by Rev. Byron Sunderlin, who remained until January, 1853, when he was succeeded by Rev. Samuel Hall.  At this time the society was in straitened circumstances and in January, 1855, the property was sold under mortgage foreclosure.  A new society was organized from the old one and under the corporate name of the Park Presbyterian Society, and in May, 1855, Rev. S. H. Hall was installed pastor.  Resigning in 1856, the society was without a pastor a few years.  Rev. S. T. Reeves was supply in 1857, and in March, 1858, a reorganization was effected and the present name taken.  The other pastors have been Rev. Isaac O. Fillmore, June, 1858, to 1865; James E. Pierce, supply, one year.  Rev. Addison K. Strong, 1856 to 1870; Rev. Edward G. Thurber, May, 1870, to February, 1880.  Under his ministrations the society prospered as it had not before.  A lot was purchased on the corner of East Fayette and Grape streets, and the corner stone of the present handsome church was laid September 6, 1872; the building was dedicated June 24, 1875, and cost nearly $75,000.  On April 28, 1889, Rev. L. Mason Clarke, the present pastor, was installed.

Submitted 12 July 1998