Plainville Christian Church: 1822-1958

Some records of the Plainville Christian Church:

1822 - 1859

Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, NY


Photocopies of the original book were sent by the church clerk, Ralph H.

Bratt, 15 July 1997.  Transcribed by Diane Wilson Flynn.  Used by permission.


The Church of God of Cato & Lysander
was organized on the 18th day of May in.
the year of our Lord 1822. by Elders.
O E  Morrill & Elijah Shaw. taking the
Scriptures of the Old and New Testament
as the rule of our faith and practice --
believing that all Scriptures is given by
inspiration of God, and is profitable for
doctrines for reproof. for correction. for
instruction in righteousness,,
That the man of God may be perfect,
thoroughly furnished unto all good works,
Acknowledging all as brethern Who give
evidence of a change of heart,.  Praying
that the blessings of God may rest
upon us and the whole Israel of God .
                                                       by letter
date     Names          Deatths              Exclusions     dismissed
No Members

May the 18th 1822       It then consisted
of twelve good members ~  These members
considered the church in the care of
Elder O. E. Morrill. as under Shepherd ~
However, he was not chosen pastor of the
church, until the fall of 1823 :  and
he has been our pastor and main preacher
from that time until now, ~

        The reformation of 1822 brought
the numbers of the church, up to about
thirty ~
        In 1824 there were four added
to the church, and one excluded,.

        In 1823 ten more were baptized.
and two joined by letter: and one
was excluded from the church,~


1825 -
        In 1825, Six were baptized.  and
one died happy in God. an none were
expelled ~
        In 1826, there was neither loss nor
gain, as to the number of members ~

        In 1827 none were added. but
but one excluded. and one withdrawn
with approbation ~

        In 1828 and 1829 there was a
Number added, and their names recorded,, but the particular date
is not inserted in the record ~

        In 1830. ’31 and ’32 we had a Sweet reformation,~

9       Mrs. Elizabeth Carncross                                                        x
          “     Hannah  X Wilson }  Dropt from the ______
                William Wilson     }   (dropt)
                Thomas S. Martin
                Henry  X  Everets}    Dropt
__      Mrs.  Ruth Everets        }                                             x
          “     Eliza Scofield
          “     Lovina Pooler
          “     Lyman Ellsworth    (remooved)
          +    Jeremiah Tator +   Remooved
                Elias Tator             Died
        Mrs. Hannah Tator
          “     Polly Town             Dead
              “     Hannah Schuyler removed Sept- 7. 1847
        Miss Ruth Verity --   removed in Autumn of 1846 to Ohio

23              There are some other names not here transcribed ~
     20 ~
       John Carncross Dropt by Letter



1842 April 10  Adam Emerick ~ (Remooved)
              “    John H. Vaun x
              “    Thomas A. Vaun
              “    Mrs. Abby Hoskins -- Died Sept. 6 1847
  “   June 4  “    Jane Martin-
1843  Ap’l 1st  Sylvester A. Loveless ~  x  (remooved)                          x
  “       “      “    Franklin Forward x   remooved                                     x
  “       “      9th Wm. H. Johnson ~  x    remooved                                    x
  “       May 6    Truman Lee ~  Turned out March 5
  “       “      “    Mrs. Maria Lee ~  Dropped May 3 1851
  “       “      “      “     Jane Johnson ~  x   remoooved                             x
  “       “      “      “     Huldah Town ~
  “       “      “      “     Narcissa Smith ~    _
  “       “      “      “     Betsey Ellsworth remooved
  “       “      “      “     Zada Ebe --      removed                                    15

1845  Sunday Oct 19  Sermon by
Eld- O.E. Morrill ~ At the close of the
Sermon were admitted into fellowship with
us Isaac Denick  Mrs. Sally Denick & Mrs.
Betsey Skinner~   Afterwards repaired (a
large concourse) to the Seneca River where were
baptized by Eld Reynolds Mr. Denick Mrs.
Denick Sterry McDonald Mrs. Mc Donald Mrs.
Abigail Welch Mrs. Perlina Schanck Mrs.
Susan Ann Baird and Mrs. Betsey Skinner and
Corydon T. Barber ~

1845  Oct. 28    I went to Baldwinsville and pur chased
Candles at Tomlinsons 12-1/4 # at 9 cts per # which
amts to $1.10 the ballance in my hand as may
be seen by reference to the date of Feby 8th 1845
in this Book ~


1846  January 3rd Monthly Meeting and at
the close of which was admitted to fellowship
Mrs. Susan Ann Baird & Corydon T. Barber

Sabbatt Jan’y 4th was admitted Miss Catharine Walton ~

        Sabbath March the 1st The funeral of Wm
Inman was attended at the meeting house ~
        Sermon by E. J. Reynolds ~

        Sabbath May 24 after Sermon to a large
audience repaired to the river where E. J.
R. baptized Mr & Mrs Alfred Wilson and
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Wilson

        (Wed May 27 funeral of Catharin Olisn (?) ~   at Planvile
 Sermon by Eld. E. J. R. Text. 2 Cor. 5(?)  1st)

1846  Saturday  June 6 1846
        Monthly Meeting ~ about 40 of the brethren &
sisters present ~ Most of them Spoke of the Joys &
consolations of the gospel ~ At the close of the
Meeting. by their own request Alfred Wilson and
Sally his wife were received under the watch
care and fellowship of this Church ~
Jas. H. Lee applied for a dismission from this
Society and a letter of commendation to the
Baptist Church.  By motion of Isa. Hoskins
his request was granted by unanimous
Consent.     Clerk to furnish certificate ~

By vote of the Society Eld E. J. Reynolds
the pastor is to receive a letter of his
acceptance and character among this people
to reprsent him in conference now soon to
hold its anual session at Dundee Yates
County ~
As delegates to said conference B.B. Schanck ~
and Sterry Mc Donald were elected ~


On Motion of E. J. Reynolds and seconded
by George Hoskins, a letter of commendation
was voted to B. B. Schanck as a brother
having a public ^ gift and one that should be im
proved  Said letter to commend him to conferen___

                Sat    July 4th  1846
          Fellowship meeting -  At the Close the following persons
        Br William Jones & his wife and Mrs. Mary Ann Wilson
        were received under the watch care & fellowship of the
        Church ~  And Sister Susannah Balchamber (formerly
        Walton) by her own request was granted a letter of
        Dismission ~  Some remarks on establishing the choir
        by  Names of choristers~  Also the choice of Miles Upson
        for for Deacon for the following 3 years ~
Sat. Aug. 1st   Monthly meeting ~ at the close of the Same
        Austin W. Wilson was received into fellowship and
        under the watch care of this church

1852         Feb 7th    Met in Church Meeting
        1st __ 18 Presant -  had a Good Season
        2nd    a Motion Made to Visit Certin Delinquents
        3d      “     “   to imploy Elder Wagoner for a nother
             year.  terms   ___6  The Vote was unamous
        4th    That Br John Schanck Resign as a Comitte
        5        Daniel G. Smith & Nathan Ward Was Elected in his Place
        6       Voted Lovina Sister Evits Name be Dropt from B
        The Church Committe now consists of                          C            O
        1 ~ Deacon George Hoskins                                         h            M
        2 ~     “      Thomas S. Martin                                        u            M
        3 ~      “      Alford Wilson                                             r             I
        4 ~ Br Daniel G Smith                                                   c            T
        5 ~ Br Nathan Ward                                                     h            T
        6 ~ Brother Levi Pooler       Sterry McDonald                             E
______________________________    Church Clk
March 6 Met in monthly meeting       a number  presant
           After Conference over the Committe Reported
           the names of                          Everts              Mrs Carncross &
Julia Hall to be Dis
           also a Vote taken to imploy }
S. McDonald C.Clk
           Elder J. C. Wagoner for a nother year Caried
           the same as last year  $225 & house JC

1852  April - Met in monthly meeting A good No.
               Presant & injoyd a good season
April 30 A.D. 1852 the Church Burnt Down __________________________________
May 1st Met at Br Alfred Wilsons Cariage House
being destitute of a Meeting house in consequence
of our house being burnt Down the Morning before
by some Enemy the house Cost over $3000~
After the Church members had spoken
uppon the hope they had of one day
living free from the annoience of the
wicked & whare the wicked cease from trouble
& the weary be at Rest
   The Meeting then proceded to take
the Necssary Steps to bild a New House
Whare uppon-  Deacon Geo. Hoskins was
appointed one of the comittee Daniel G Smith
Nathan Ward & Elder J. C. Wagoner & Near
$1000 Promised this After Noon for to bild New House
the House to be bilt is to belong to the Christians
adjournd to the first Saturday in June Next
                        S. McDonald C. Clk

(Oct. 1858 to Oct 1859)
During the past year, the fellowship, or
Monthly meetings of the church have
been regularly attended; but attendance
not large.  Many have not attended.
Average No. Somewhere from 10 to 15~~
The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
has been administered quarterly with
respectable attendance of members.
The congregations upon the Sabbath,
have been respectable as to size or numbers.
with apparently some little advance of
interest ~~
During the year 2 members have
have died
        Austin W. Willson, & Abigail Dolson
        Four have been added.}            Baptised
        Theodore L. Travis      }          Aug 29th
        James. H. Hoskins      }         ~~~~~~~~
        Eliza J. Hoskins           }           United
        Lucy C. Marble           }      Sept 4. & 5.


The following persons have at this date their names recorded as in good
        George Hoskins }  Died                  Mr Julia A. Schenck
        John Schenck                                    by Letter Jan 3: 1863
        Thomas L. Martin                                Mrs. Jane Martin
        Daniel G. Smith                         Mrs. Narcissa Smith
        Miles Upson (Died Oct 16.1861)          Mrs. Sally Upson Died April 10/70)
        George W. Upson                         Mrs. Nancy Upson
        Wm P. Jones                                     Mrs. Mariah Jones
Dead    Abram Emerick                           Mrs. Betsy Buck Died
        Elijah Emerick                          Mrs. Marietta Emerick
        David Rockwell                          Mrs. Eve Rockwell
        Thomas A. Vaun                          Mrs. Betsy Vaun
        Levi Pooler                                     Mrs. Lovina Pooler
        Elias Tator } Died                              Mrs. Hannah Tator
        Sanford P. Tilotson                             Mrs. Phebe      Tillotson
        Peter Brott
        Nathan F. Ward } Dismised by request
        Wm     Cairncross}                              Mrs. Margaret Cairncr

Submitted 18 April 1998
Updated 19 April 1998