Marriages Performed by Rev. George G. Perrine in Manlius, N.Y. 1907-1918


1907 - 1918

Submitted by Sue Goodfellow, The Manlius Historical Society

BEX, Milton King of Fayetteville, NY to Mary Elizabeth Battle of Manlius, N.Y. Her father: Frank Battle. Witnesses: James A. Shoemaker and Ethel Bex. Place: Christ Church, Manlius on June 3, 1912.

BRADY, Edward R., ae. 33 of Farrington, CT to Ethel M. Slingerland, ae. 28, of Fayetteville, NY. Parents: Edward R. Brady, deceased and Elizabeth Sprague; J.M. Slingerland and Virginia Youngs. Witnesses: Francis C. Stephens, Virginia Slingerland. Place: Res. Of Dr. J.M. Slingerland, Fayetteville on June 20, 1913.

CALL, Lawrence D., ae. 26, Manlius, NY to Lucille Peterson, ae. 19, Pompey, NY. Parents: John Call; Ida Pettit; Frederick Peterson and Ellen Jacobson. Witnesses: Frances Fulmer, Jessie Call. Place: Manlius, NY. On April 15, 1915.

CRAFT, Lyon Enos, ae. 26, of Cincinatus, N.Y. to Bertha Julanna Lewis, ae. 18, of Delphi Falls. Parents: Enos Craft and Alice Bolster; Ransom Lewis and Minnie Sutton. Witnesses: Agnes L. Lewis, Blanch L. Lewis. Place: Rectory in Manlius, N.Y. on Aug. 13, 1908.

EATON, Harry W., ae. 32, West Vienna, Oneida Co., NY to Nellie L. Bernhard, ae. 30, West Vienna, Oneida Co., NY. Parents: Henry Eaton and Julia Averill; Bloomfield Bernhard and Elsie Blake. Witnesses: Arthur Beach; Sophia Bernhard. Place: Manlius, NY on April 15, 1915.

EVERINGHAM, Millard Taylor, ae. 21, Manlius, N.Y. to Mable Alice McMancer, ae. 19, of Eagle Village, N.Y. Parents: Theodore & Lavina A. Everingham/Trumble. Witness: Ray Everingham. Place: Rectory in Manlius, N.Y. on Sep. 5, 1907.

FARR, Maurice, ae. 23, Manlius, NY to Clarabelle Cooper, ae. 23, Manlius, NY. Parents: Theodore Farr and Virginia Mallery; Bert Cooper and Lyda Clement. Witnesses: Lyda E. Cooper; Mrs. Lloyd Leonard, Elmer Clemons. Place: Manlius, NY on July 18, 1918.

FRENCH, Charles, of Manlius, N.Y., to Jennie Siebert of Manlius, N.Y. Parents: Charles H. and Flora French. Witnesses: Casper Fabring, Jr., Gina M. Fabring. Place: Rectory, Manlius, N.Y. on July 23, 1910.

GRAY, Homer Russell of Buffalo, NY to Lucy Cleaveland Mott of Buffalo, N.Y., Witness: Mrs. Charles W. Mott. Place: Christ Church, Manlius, N.Y. on Sept. 29, 1910.

JONES, Robert L., ae. 32, of West Eaton, NY. To Jessie B. Wilcox, ae. 38, West Eaton, NY. Parents: Edward and Elizabeth Jones; Lester Wilcox and Julia Winslow. Witnesses: John D. Jones; Ruby E. Jones. Place: Manlius, NY on Dec. 17, 1913.

KAHN, Phillip of Schuylerville, NY to Mable Nichols of Fayetteville, N.Y. Parents: Phillip Kahn and Caroline Bruyear; Thos. D. Nichols and Helen Snyder. Witness: Helen Palmer. Place: Res. Of Thos. D. Nichols, Fayetteville on Dec. 3, 1912.

LEONARD, Lloyd Sharp, ae. 22, Manlius, NY to Cora Eleanor Clemons, ae. 21, Manlius, NY. Parents: Lee Leonard and Gertrude Sharp; Bert Clemons and Jennie Fulmer. Witness: Clarabelle Cooper. Place: Manlius, NY on April 23, 1918.

MEDINA, Victor, ae. 21, Syracuse, N.Y. to Hildred Loa Lewis, ae. 20, Syracuse, N.Y. Witnesses: Bertha L. Sayles, Mrs. G. G. Perrine. Place: Rectory, Manlius, N.Y., June 28, 1910.

MILLS, Coral T., ae. 19, Manlius, NY to Jessie Ann Call, ae. 18, Manlius, NY. Parents: Elmer Mills and Winifred Everingham; John Call and Ida Pettit. Witness: Jessie E. Mills. Place: Res. Of George G. Perrine, Manlius on Sept. 16, 1918.

MONROE, James A., of Kirkville, N.Y. to Daisy M. Hoag of Kirkville, N.Y. Witnesses: Mary E. S. Perrine, Louise R. Perrine. Place: Rectory, Manlius, N.Y., Aug. 18, 1909.

MORTIMER, Charles C., ae. 25, of Homer, NY to Olive B. Stone, ae. 22, of Homer, NY. Parents: George and Rosa Mortimer; Charles C. and Emma Stone. Witnesses: Mary E. Perrine, Bertha L. Taylor. Place: Rectory, Manlius, N.Y. on Dec. 5, 1908.

MUNN, William C., of Delhi, NY to Weltha H. Barber, of Guilford, N.Y. Parents: Duncan Munn and Mary McGregor Munn; Josiah Moses; Mrs. Nancy J. Moses. Witnesses: Willard B. and Helen Shellyplace. Place: Rectory, Manlius, N.Y. on August 11, 1909.

NICHOLS, Albert Clayton, ae. 27, of Fayetteville, NY to Pearl M. Darling, ae. 18 of Fayetteville, NY. Parents: Thomas Nichols and Helen Snyder; Lee Darling and Emma Raymond. Witnesses: Mrs. Nellie Palmer, Emma Nichols, Margaret Nichols. Place: Fayetteville, N.Y. on Mar. 18, 1913.

O'DONNELL, William James, ae. 23, of Syracuse, N.Y. to Delia Kine Fargo, ae. 29, of Syracuse, N.Y. Parents: William J. O'Donnell and Mary Kline; Melvin Farbo and Frances Kine. Witness: Hattie F. Topp. Place: Res. Of William Topp, Manlius on Oct. 16, 1912.

PLATTO, Sr., of Brewerton, N.Y. to Clara B. Chappell of Manlius, N.Y. Witnesses: D. J. Bloxham and Mrs. Clara Bloxham. Place: Residence of Mrs. L. Randall, Manlius, N.Y. on Oct. 19, 1910.

SCOTT, John Fred, ae. 21, of Fayetteville, NY to Florence B. Hotaling, ae. 19, of Fayetteville, N.Y. Witnesses: Bertha B. Ferris, L. R. Perrine. Place: Rectory, Manlius, NY on Aug. 2, 1910.

SHAFFER, Roy G., ae. 28, Manlius, NY. To Ethel Muckey, ae. 22, Manlius, NY. Parents: John H. Shaffer and Emma A. Gainsway; Marcus Muckey and Kitty DeGraff. Witness: Florence C. Perrine. Place: Manlius, NY on Oct. 16, 1917.

TOPP, Maurice Jae, of Manlius, N.Y. to Margerite Evelyn Potter of Manlius, N.Y. Parent: W.G. Potter, of Cincinnatus. Witnesses: Mrs. Carrie A. Bennett, William H. Topp. Place: Christ church, Manlius on March 31, 1910.

ULMER, Albert of Fayetteville, N.Y., to Elizabeth Norton of Manlius, N.Y. Parent: Eugene Norton. Witnesses: Walter Stokes, Alice Norton, Seward Elphia, Catherine Ulmer. Place: Christ Church, Manlius, July 21, 1909.

WALKER, Arthur Clarendon Hyde of Jersey City, N.J. to Glendina Jane Emmons of Manlius, N.Y. His parent: Mrs. G. G. Walker. Her father: Frank P. Emmons. Witness: Marian A. Sulvan. Place: Residence of Frank P. Emmons.

WALRATH, Ray Henry, ae. 31, Fayetteville, NY to Aurelia May Landers, ae. 24, Manlius, NY. Parents: Allen E. Walrath and Nettie Tague; William Landers and Florence Cole. Witnesses: Arthur B. Campbell, Lola Cole. Place: Res. Of George G. Perrine on Nov. 14, 1918.

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