First Congregational Church

LaFayette, Onondaga Co., NY

Libers B & C

Organized October 14, 1805 As the Columbian Society.


Abstracts from Records of the Session Book B.

  • May 6 1831 Rec'd by Letter from Ch. at Gibson, Pa. Mrs. Eunice Johnson
  • Mrs. Harriett Corning from Ch. at Borodino, N.Y.
    Rec'd Albert Becker and Catherine his wife
    Bptzd Susan the wife of Lewis Baker
    Lydia the wife of John Dox
  • May 8 1831 Bptzd Abigail Smith
  • Sep 9 1831 Bptzd Benjamin Trumbull son of Rev. Alexander Corning and Harriett: by the Rev. R.S. Corning of Otisco
  • Bptzd Sophia the wife of Mathias Hall
    Bptzd Amanda the wife of Lyman Hall
  • Oct 30 1831 Bptzd Margaret the dau. of King Baker and wife
  • Mar 9 1832 Erastus Baker the Clerk
  • Bptzd Mary the wife of Joseph Smith
    Julia Bryant
  • Mar 25 1832 Bptzd Harry Andrews
  • May 20 1832 Bptzd ALmira the wife of John Cramer
  • Phebe McMillan
  • Jul 6 1832 Bptzd Betsy the wife of Lewis Hoyt
  • Bptzd Alexander Seth child of Lewis Baker and wife
  • Aug 5 1832 DIED Abigail Smith
  • Sep 9 1832 Bptzd John Taylor the son of Andrew Gibbs and wife
  • Bptzd Arvilla the dau John Cramer and wife Almira
  • Oct 21 1832 Bptzd Chas. Wellington son of Chas. W. Hoyt & wife
  • Jul 5 1833 Bptzd Wm. V (ill) ? Vornees son of Isaac and Mary Hoyt
  • Bptzd Mary Olivia and Harriett Corning daus of William M. & Hannah Smith
  • Jul 21 1833 Chas. W. Hoyt and wife dis'd to Church at Preble, Cortland Co., N.Y.
  • Jul 28 1833 Electa Chamberlin dis'd to Church at Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., PA
  • Sep 20 1833 Bptzd Caroline Amelia: Francis Alberdine
  • Cordelia Evaline ch. of Lewis & Mary Hoyt
    Bptzd Chas. Luzene ? son of ANdrew and Vashti Share
    Dismissed to Ch. at Jordan Mrs. Frances Benson and Mrs. Betsy Drake
  • Sep 22 1833 Bptzd Harriett Malvina dau.. Joseph & Mary SMith
  • Oct 13 1833 Dis'd to Pres. Church at Bangor, State of Maine Harry L. Andrews
  • Dis'd to Pres. Ch. at Canton, Mrs. Harriett Corning.
  • 1834 Nathaniel Sterling Clerk of Church or Session
  • Jul 13 1834 Dis'd Deacon Chamberlin and wife Electa to Ch. at Manlius Village
  • Oct 5 1834 Clarissa Clute is moving to Michigan: a letter, of dismissed to any Church she may attend.
  • Feb 3 1835 Dis'd to Ch. in Syracuse, Hiriam Parker
  • Jul 5 1835 Rec'd by letter from Ch. at Manlius, Julius Chamberlin and wife Electa
  • Aug 30 1835 Dis'd Harriett Baker now the wife of Eri ? Mesrand ? to a Pres. Ch. at Ithaca
  • Sep 20 1835 To Orpha Baker now the wife of Caleb Jackson
  • Mary Smith now the wife of Joseph Smith
    who are about to move to Ohio letters to any Pres. Ch. in that State.
  • Oct 3-8 1835 To Wm. M. Smith letter to Pres. Ch. at Oswego
  • Sister Keeler dis'd
    (she was Ann Leavenworth the wife of Revillo Keeler who moved to Syracuse: See Leavenworth Genealogy - copyist)
  • Jul 30 1836 Sister Catherine Share now residing in Scott.
  • Apr 20 1836 The following were appointed on a Committee
  • E. Park: Maria Ann Park
    Maria Ann Smith: Charlotte Smith
    Olive Williams: Daniel Share
    Mariah Share: Nancy King
    Sarah Share: Almira Sterling
    Chauncy Williams: Betsey Williams
    Lucy Jackson: Daniel Danforth
    Sarah Danforth: Polly Sterling
    Nathaniel Sterling: Chester Baker
  • 1836 Sister Catherine Share was "heretofore Catherine Clute"
  • A Letter of dismissal to her to an Cong. or Pres. Ch. in Scott or Homer
  • Jan 15 1837 or 34 Rec'd Eliza Wooster wife of Murray Wooster by letter and Murray Wooster on profession.
  • Sep 18 1836 Widow Van Denburgh is moving to Michigan to a place not named: given a letter of dismissal.
  • Sep 25 1836 Letter to Maria Ann Smith now wife of J.H. Sterling to any Church where she may locate: (in pencil is added Norwalk Ohio).
  • Mar 20 1837 Brother Warren Goodell is mentioned.
  • May 1 1837 Letters of Dismissal to Isaac Hoyt and wife
  • Mary and Chas. E. Hoyt and Emila Hoyt as they are moving West
  • Jun 11 1837 Letter given to Amanda Hall
  • Jul 2 1837 Letter given to Sophia Foster lately Sophia Dox
  • Jul 23 1837 Letter given to Sarah Chappell lately Sarah Chamberlin
  • Jul 1 1838 Rec'd by letter Nancy wife of Luther Cole
  • Aug 8 1838 Letters of Dismissal to Ch at So. Marcellus
  • Mrs. Nancy Pitts and Miss Louisa Pitts
  • Oct 5 1838 Letter of dismissal to Margaret Bailey, formerly Miss Margaret Pitts, to Ch. at Otisco
  • Oct 6 1838 Letter to Calvin Hoyt to unit with Church in Niagara County, N.Y. Town of Wheatfield
  • Oct 14 1838 Dis'd Julius Chamberlin & wife to Marcellus
  • Apr 6 1839 Peter G. Houghtaling and wife Elizabeth rec'd from Cong. Ch. at Jamesville
  • Jul 12 1839 Dis'd to 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse, John Hall and Polly his wife
  • Sep 1 1839 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. in Worthing, Mass. Miss Diana Bryant.
  • Sep 18 1839(or 6) Letter of Dismissal to Cong. or Pres. Ch. Norwalk, O. for Lucy wife Chas. Jackson
  • Oct 4 1839 Rec'd following members
  • Eleazer Smith: Ardella Smith
    Anna Cole and Abiah F. Barr
    A.K. Barr, Moderator
  • Feb 23 1840 Letter of dismissal to a Church in Genesee County is given to Alansing W. Hoyt
  • Jun 14 1840 Hellen Barnes, dismissed
  • Jul 3 1840 Rec'd as a member, Geo. W. Hall
  • Jan 1 1841 Received, Mrs. -- Jewell
  • Received, Mrs. Roxanna Graves from 1st Pres. Ch. Auburn, N.Y.
    Received, Mrs. Anne E. Baker from Pres. Ch. Fayetteville
  • Jul 3 1841 Received by letter Mrs. Lucetta Share from Pompey Ch.
  • Received Miss Persis Shayre ? from M.E. Ch. Tully, N.Y.
    (A. Becker is Church Clerk and has been since 1838 succeeding Nathaniel Sterling)
  • Jan 28 1842 Received Fanny B. Terry from Church at Wading River, Suffolk Co., N.Y.
  • and Electa Ann and Fanny I. Terry from Pk. St. Church, New Haven, Conn
    Ann Barber from Cong. Ch. at Farmington, Conn.
    P. Terry, Moderator
  • Feb 11 1842 Rec'd E.V.W. Dox
  • Apr 6 1842 The widow Rockwell mentioned also Mr. Asa Farrington
  • Sep 30 1842 Bptzd: two little girls Cornelia Bates and Susan Hart presented by Sister Minerva Dwight
  • Dec 29 1942 Voted that Bro. James Becker be appointed Clerk in place of his father who is absent.
  • Bptzd George Dwight son of Benj. P. Baker and wife
    Received as member, Mrs. Becker
    Bptzd Byron Watts son of Morris Baker & wife
    Bptzd Albert son of James Becker and wife
  • Aug 27 1843 Bptzd Theodore Brainard ? son of Rev. P. Terry and wife
  • Sep 29 1843 Rec'd by letter from Ch. (Cong) in Leona, Jackson Co., Mich., Mrs. Hellen Barnes
  • Bptzd Theodore Augustus child of Mr. & Mrs. Barber
    Bptzd Isaac son of Mr. and Mrs. Dox
  • Oct 18 1843 Sister Graves dis'd to Ch. at Onondaga Hollow
  • Aug 14 1844 After services on the Sabbath Bro. Morris Baker was appointed to attend the installation of Rev. R. F. Cleveland at Fayetteville (in pencil father of Grover Cleveland, President of the U.S.)
  • Apr 5 1844 Bptzd Samuel C. Martin: Derwin Darling: Chas. Davis: Jas. M. Covil: Christina Eichler: Cinthia Cole: Elisa Davis: Elida Davis: (probably adults, as they are called persons)
  • Aug 2 1844 Mrs. Lucretia T. Delevan rec'd as member from the Pres. Ch. at Penfield
  • Aug 18 1844 Mrs. Dwight Baker rec'd from Pres. Fayetteville
  • Mar 30 1845 Bptzd two children of Eleazer Smith and wife Martha Calista and Delevan
  • Apr 4 1845 Bptzd Sarah Ann dau. of E.V.W. Dox
  • Bptzd Harrison Lambertson son of Henry Cramer
  • Apr 20 1845 Mrs. -- Newell dismissed to any Ch. in Ohio
  • Eleazer Smith and Ardella his wife dis'd to Pres. Ch. at Fairport, Monroe Co.
  • Jul 5, 1845 Persis Johnson dis'd to Pres. Ch. in Carmel, Eaton Co., Mich.
  • Aug 3, 1845 Rec'd by letter from Mendon, Mrs. Sophia Foster
  • bptzd her two children - Julia Alida and Mary Elizabeth
  • Oct 19 1845 Bptzd Wilson Hayden son of Dwight Baker
  • Jan 2 1846 Bptzd Lavinia Sabina dau Thos. Danforth
  • Feb 22 1846 Bptzd Gertrude dau G.E. Delevan by the Rev. D. Platt
  • Mar 23 1846 Augustus L. Barber and wife dis'd to Ch.a t Farmington, Conn.
  • Apr 3 1846 Bptzd Adelbert Clapp ch. Bro. Chester Baker
  • Apr 5 1846 Bptzd Julia Adelaide dau. John Eichler
  • Nov 8 1846 Bptzd Hellen Callista and George Chalmbers Ch. of Bro. H.G. Andrew and wife
  • Jan 3 1847 Bptzd Harriett dau Minerva Dwight
  • Mar 7 1847 Bptzd Frances Alida dau. E.V.W. Dox
  • Apr 3, 1847 Mrs. Mariah H. Knapp rec'd from Baptist Ch. in Penfield, Monroe Co.
  • Bptzd Alexander Stevens a son of Joseph S. Cole
    Bptzd George Edwin son of the Rev. Geo. E. Delevan bptzd by the father.
  • Jul 2 1847 Bptzd James Sydenham child of Benj. P. Baker
  • Aug 26 1847 Mills Coville, a member of the Church, left the State to reside in the West.
  • Oct 1 1847 Bptzd Sarah Alina child of Sister Cordelia Rouse
  • Bptzd Isaac Arlington child of Jeremiah D. Share
  • Dec 31 1847 Bptzd Thos. Burrite ? Ch. of Minerva B. Hoyt
  • May 9 1848 H.G. Andrews appointed to office as Clerk in place of Albert Becker who has removed to Syracuse, Geo. E. Delevan, Moderator
  • Jul 9 1848 Bptzd John Quincy son of B.P. Baker
  • Bptzd Douglas son of Eleazer Smith
    Eleazer SMith and Ardella Smith rec'd from Cong. Ch. at Perinton
  • May 6 1849 Bptzd a dau. of Ardella Smith and Eleazer Smith, Dec'd :: by the Rev. G.E. Delevan
  • May 8 1849 Sister Ardella Smith dis'd to Ch. at Perinton
  • Jul 15 1849 Bptzd Edward Everett Dox son of E.V.W. Dox
  • Oct 5 1849 Bptzd Newton Knapp Delevan son of the Rev. G. E. Delevan.
  • Apr 8 1850 Rec'd Mrs. Joanna Williams from the 1st Pres. Church, Middletown, Orange Co., NY
  • Bptzd two children of Thos. Danforth and wife
    Daniel Orton and Ellen Rosina
    Bptzd Almira Sterling dau. of Mrs. Goodell
  • Apr 7 1850 Bptzd Mrs. Jeremiah Shares
  • Jun 23 1850 Dis'd Jas. Delevan and Mrs. Lucretia Delevan to Ch. at Wilson, Niagara Co., NY
  • Also Dis'd Bro. Wm. V. Share and Lucetta his wife to Pres. Ch. at Weedspot, Cayugo Co.
  • Jul 5 1850 Bptzd Florence dau Jas Becker and wife
  • Bptzd Rutger son of E.V.W. Dox
    Bptzd Frederick Carter son of Horace Hoyt
  • Oct 4 1850 Bptzd By the Rev. Moody Harrington
  • Flora the dau. of Luther Baker and wife
    Bptzd Rosalia Estella dau. Wm. Jones and wife
  • Jan 3 1851 Rec'd Miss Clementina Van Buskirk from Pres. Ch. at Preble, Cortland Co.
  • Feb 3 1851 Dis'd Sister Malvina Hoyt to 1st Cong. Ch. at Madison, Wisconsin
  • Apr 6 1851 Bptzd little daughter of Chauncy L. Williams and wife: by name of Julia Malvina
  • Bptzd George Daniel son of Jeremiah Share and wife
  • Oct 3 1851 Bptzd Edward Hall son of Calvin H. Knapp & wife
  • Bro. Henry R. Hayden rec'd by letter from 1st Ch. in Northampton, Mass.
  • Jan 2 1852 Bptzd Seth Delevan son of Chester Baker & wife
  • Jul 2 1852 Bptzd Elvinah dau. Chas. W. Hoyt & wife
  • Oct 1 1852 Bptzd Hellen Franceska dau. Bros. Wm. H. Jones & wf
  • Oct 3 1852 Bptzd Sarah Eunice dau Amos Johnson & wife
  • Jan 5 1853 Dis'd Mrs. Alida Thomas to Pres. Ch. at Pembroke, Genesee Co., N.Y.
  • Jul 1 1853 Bptzd DeForest Hinsdale son of Chester Baker & wf
  • Bptzd Frank Abell son of Horace Hoyt and wife
    By the Rev. Mr. Frasier
  • Jul 1 1853 Rec'd by letter from the Pres. Ch. at Angelica Mrs. -- Frasier
  • Rec'd by letter from Williamsburg -- Benj. K. Baker & wf
  • 1854 Mrs. Phebe Hitchcock rec'd from Cong. Ch. at Williamsburgh, Mass.
  • Jul 1 1854 Bptzd Irving Clark grandson of Mrs. Jones
  • Rec'd from State St. Church (Cong) Rochester
    Mrs. Cornelia C. Alexander
    Rec'd William Share and Lucetta his wife from Pres. Ch. at Weedsport
  • Sep 30 1854 Miss Susan A. Fraser rec'd as member of Church
  • Jan 2 1855 Caleb B. Jackson and Orpha his wife rec'd from Pres. Church in Norwalk, Ohio
  • Edwin R. Cole and Betsy Cole his wife from Pres. Ch. in Maine, N.Y.
    Horace Fraser, Min.
  • Jul 5 1858 Following persons rec'd into the Church
  • Palmer Roswell Hall
    Warren Baker
    Andrew H. Share (died July 27, 61)
    Byron Watts Baker (died in 1867)
    Alvin Whitney Keeler Bptzd
    Wm. Conine
    Newton Hoyt
    Chauncy H. Baker (died Nov. 1870)
    Joseph Taylor Rockwell (Letter to DeRuyter)
    Chas. W. Hoyt, J.
    Thomas Mahoney
    Alexander Baker
    George L. Hoyt
    Le Roy S. Baker
    Alphonso Butler (died April 16 1859)
    Ann Maria Dounce Bptzd
    Sarah Maria Conine (letter to Mattoon, Ill)
    Rozella Baker
    Mary Jane Cole
    Harriett H. Cole (Northway) (Died Sept. '68)
    Phebe Ann Thomas Bptzd
    Hellen Maria Hitchcock
    Caroline Hoyt
    Charlotte Wakeman
    Almira Baker
    Huldah Maria Cole
    Lavinia Danforth
    Polly Clapp Bptzd
    Deodama Cole
    Ann Baker
    Julia Cole (letter to Hartford, Pa)
    Ann Doeherty Rockwell (letter to DeRuyter)
    Betsey Hall Bptzd
    Mrs. Liddelle rec'd from Bpt. Ch. in Manlius
  • Aug 29 1858 Bptzd Harriett Coredlia dau. Mr. Chas. W. Hoyt & wife
  • Oct 3 1858 Bptzd Lucia Cordelia dau. Orlando S. Cole and wife by the Rev. M. M. Wakeman
  • Dec 31 1858 Rec'd Mr. Harrison Hoyt: Nelson Baker: Mrs. Emeline Clark: Miss Francis Abbott
  • Record crowded: Who died July 27, 1861?
  • Feb 20 1855 Porter Baker and wife dis'd to Ch. at Laramar.
  • Mar 13 1855 Mrs. Goodell dis'd to Prs. Ch. Marshall, Mich.
  • Aug 19 1855 Mrs. Andalusia Tillotson dis'd to Pres. C. at Jamesville, Iowa
  • Jan 1 1856 Mrs. Betsy Williams dis'd to Cong. Ch. Madison, Wis.
  • Apr 4 1856 Mrs. H. Fraser rec'd from Pres. Ch. Cooperstown
  • Jul 5 1856 Mrs. Rachel Ann Davis rec'd from Ch. in Phoenix
  • Bptzd A son of Mr. Thom. Danforth - no name
  • Apr 4 1857 Miss Mary Hoyt rec'd on prof.
  • Sep 13 1857 Cornelius Van Buskirk dis'd to Summer Hill, Cortland Co.
  • Nov 1 1857 Bptzd Willie Wentworthson of Bro. Wm. H. Jones and wife by the Rev. Mr. Wakeman
  • Jan 1 1858 Rec'd from Cong. Church in Chesterfield, Mass. Stephen Baker and wife
  • Mrs. M. M. Wakeman from Ch. at Warren, Conn.
  • Mar 7 1858 Mrs. A. Traver dis'd to Ch. to Ludlowville, Tompkins Co. (N.Y.)
  • Apr 2 1858 Bptzd Freddie Alonzo child presented by Mrs. Frances E. Price
  • Rec'd from Ch. at Marcellus Mrs. Rahel Wheadon and Mrs. Phebe A. Hall
  • May 23 1858 Mr. Jacob Eckert and wife Almeda from M.E. Church on Chenango Charge, Elmira District.
  • Jul 2 1858 Bptzd Mary Hermenia ch. Bro. Calvin Knapp & wife
  • Mar 13 1859 Dis'd to Church at Aurelius, Cayuga Co. (N.Y.) Bro. William H. Jones and wife
  • Apr 2 1859 Bptzd Two children of Bro. Edwin R. Cole & wife named Harriett L. and Emma Jane
  • Apr 3 1859 Rec'd by letter: Ellen A. Share
  • Jul 3 1859 Bptzd Julia child of C. W. Hoyt and wife
  • Nov 1 1859 M. M. Wakeman installed as Pastor of this Church
  • Sermon preached by Dr. Fisher Pres. of Hamilton College
    Charge to the Pastor by Rev. L. H. Reid of Fayetteville and charge to the people by the Rev. Mr. Benedict of Jamesville
  • Feb 11 1860 Jeremiah D. Share elected Deacon
  • Alvin W. Keeler elected Deacon, but declined.
  • Mar 25 1860 Bro. Horace Hoyt and wife dis'd to Church at Collamer
  • Jun 10 1860 Orlando S. Cole and wife dis'd to Pres. Bh. at Iowa City, Iowa
  • Jun 30 1860 Rec'd Joseph Thomas and Mercy King
  • Oct 6 1860 Bptzd Florence Evealie child of Palmer R. Hall and wife
  • Jul 6 1861 Bptzd Helen Louesy child of C. W. Hoyt and wife
  • Apr 6 1861 Rec'd from Ch. at Collamer, Mrs. Mary J. Baker
  • Jul 28 1861 Nelson Cramer rec'd on prof. of faith.
  • Oct 23 1861 N. O. Hoyt, Chas. Robinson: James and William Conine mentioned in records.
  • Apr 5 1862 Bptzd Howard Spencer son of Bro. Chester Baker & wife
  • Jul 5 1862 Bptzd George Carroll son of Mrs. Irena Bemus of the Onondaga Valley Church
  • Oct 4 1862 Bptzd Carroll Ellsworth son of C. W. Hoyt Jr. & wife
  • Rec'd Mrs. George Green by prof. of faith
    Rev. Alvin Baker, minister
  • Jan 31 1863 Bptzd Wm. Henry child of Bro. R. P (?) Hall & wife
  • Rec'd as members
    Mrs. Amelia Robinson
    Mrs. Jenny E. Robinson, Bptzd
    Miss Charlotte Hoyt
    Miss Calistia Hall Bptzd
  • Feb 1 1863 Rec'd as members
  • Chas. Jones
    Anna Estelle Jones Bptzd
    Mary Jane Keeler Bptzd
    Bptzd Lillian dau Bro. Chas. Jones & wife
  • Feb 11 1863 Sister Mary Robinson dis'd to 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Mar 11 1863 Adelbert C. Baker referred to as son of Chester Baker
  • Mar 14 1863 J. D. Share Clerk of the Church succeeded by Calvin H. Knapp
  • Apr 1 1863 Bptzd Nellie A. dau. of Mrs. Amelia J. Robinson
  • Apr 14 1863 The Rev. Mr. Bouge acted as Moderator at this meeting.
  • Jul 8 1863 Sister Mary Robinson dis'd to Pompey; not in the care of the 1st Pres. Ch. at Syracuse as she is a resident of LaFayette: Letter of dismissal at Pompey Church not rec'd for same reason as that given by Ch. at Syracuse.
  • Jul 26 1863 Mrs. M. M. Wakeman dis'd to Pres. Ch. at Charlton, Saratoga Co. (N.Y.)
  • Aug 26 1863 Dis'd to 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse, (Mrs.) Lottie E. Tracy: (according to later entry, not accepted)
  • Jan 17 1864 Dis'd Emeline Clark to Cong. Ch. at Apulia
  • Jan 31 1864 At the funeral services of Wm. V. Share Lucetta Share the widow presented her son Willie Carroll for bptzm by the Rev. R. C. Allison
  • Apr 3 1864 Rev. R. C. Allison the Pastor of the Church
  • Apr 16 1864 Dis'd to Pres. Ch. Binghamton, Mrs. Helen M. Hitchcock
  • Jun 28 1864 Voted that the question of changing our Church name from Congregational to Presbyterian be post poned indefinitely
  • Jul 2 1864 Bptzd John Coats son of (Rev.) R.C. Allison & wife
  • Mrs. Allison rec'd by letter from the Church at Tyonista, Pa.
  • Jul 12 1864 Bro. Joseph T. Rockwell and wife ask for letter of dismissal: request deferred.
  • Dec 25 1864 Dis'd by letter, Lucetta D. Share and her dau. Ellen A. Share to Lisle, Broome Co., N.Y.
  • Dec 31 1864 Rec'd by letter from Pres. Ch. Aurelius, Cayuga Co. Wm. H. Jones and Eliza: M.C. Jones his wife
  • Jan 15 1865 Dis'd to Plymouth Ch. Syracuse, Mrs. Frances E. Price
  • Feb 12 1865 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. Clinton, Oneida Co., N.Y. Jane E. Robinson wife of Henry W. Robinson
  • Feb 27 1865 Dis'd to Pres. Ch. at Mattoon, Ill. Mrs. Sarah Conine
  • Dis'd to Homer, Harrison Hoyt
  • Sep 30 1865 Bptzd Carrie Lora dau. Wm. Baker and wife
  • Bptzd Susan Minnie dau. Alex. S. Baker & wife
  • Jan 6 1866 Bptzd Wallace Lincoln son of LeRoy S. Baker & wife
  • Jun 3 1866 Letter of dismissal to Mrs. Ellen E. ALlison to Pres. Ch. about forming in Greensboro,Md. or to any other Evangelical Church to which she may wish to present such a letter.
  • Oct 5 1866 Rev. C. Jones, Pastor
  • Bptzd Minnie May Child of Deacon J. D. Share and wife
    Rec'd by letter from Pompey 1st Cong. Ch. Mrs. Julia A. King
  • Apr 6 1867 Rec'd by letter from Pres. Ch. Preble Cortland Co., Mrs. Jennie S. Knapp
  • Also from Pres. Ch. at Cortland
    Adelbert C. Baker
    DeForest Hinsdale Baker
    Seth D. Baker
    At the same time on profession of Faith:
    John H. Northway Bptzd
    Austin K. Hoyt (removed)
    Isaac A. Share
    Elmer F. Keeler Bptzd (removed)
    Stephen McCaffrey Bptzd
    Irving C. Jones
    Harriett A. Fuller (removed)
    Cordelia A. Andrews Bptzd (removed)
    Alice C. Cole
    Margaret Cole
    Alice Eckert Bptzd
    Harriett Share Bptzd
    Ellen Danforth
    Rosa Jones
    Nellie Jones
  • Aug 31 1867 Bptzd Albert Carroll son LeRoy S. Baker & wife
  • Rec'd by letter Leman R. Gaylord and Mrs. C.M. Gaylord his wife from Dundee
    Prof. of Faith - Miss Flora Baker
    Dis'd to Ch. (Episcopal) Waterville, Wis. Mrs. Diann T. Williams
    Dis'd to 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse
    Austin K. Hoyt and Rosa his wife.
    To Pres. Ch. at Oaks Corners, N.Y.
    Chas. W. Hoyt and Betsy Hoyt his wife.
  • Oct 5 1867 Rec'd Mr. Edward H. Knapp
  • Miss Helen Hodson bptzd
  • Jan 4 1868 Dis'd to Pres. Ch. Norwalk, Ohio Mrs. Betsy Baker
  • Rec'd Mrs. Calcina P. Jones and Miss Sarah Jones from Cong. Ch. Mansville, N.Y.
  • Jan 11 1868 Dis'd Miss Phidelia Hoyt to M.E. Church Page Brook, Chenango Co., N.Y.
  • Thos. J. Majoney to M.E. Ch. Syracuse
  • Jan 29 1868 Dis'd Miss Tamma Ketchum to Westminster Pres. Ch., Utica, N.Y.
  • Apr 8 1868 Charles Jones signs records as Pastor C. B. Jackson elected Church Clerk
  • Apr 18 1868 Dis'd to Lake Corners, Ontario Co., N.Y., Calvin H. Knapp his wife Jennie S. Knapp and their son Edward H. Knapp
  • Caleb B. Jackson, Clerk
  • Jun 14 1868 Dis'd to Church at Otisco, Mrs. Julia A. Goodwin
  • Sep 2 1868 To Church at Onondaga Valley, Mrs. Harriett Fuller
  • Oct 3 1868 Bptzd Hayward Thornton son of John H. Northway
  • Oct 18 1868 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. Harford, Susquehanna Co., Pa. Mrs. Julia B. Parrish
  • Apr 3 1869 Bptzd George Franklin son of Edward R. Cole and wife by the Rev. Charles Jones
  • Apr 14 1869 Records examined and approved by Presbytery at Syracuse, Samuel L. Merrill, Moderator
  • May 23 1869 Dis'd to Ch. at Onondaga Valley (Presbyterian) Mrs. Deodama Evringham ?
  • Sep 5 1869 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. at Saxonville, Mass. Mrs. Calcina P. Jones: Miss Sarah L. Jones
  • Dec 27 1869 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. Charlotte, Mich. Warren Baker
  • Mar 13 1870 Dis'd to 4th Pres. Ch. Syracuse Mrs. Amelia J. Robinson
  • To Plymouth Church, Syracuse, Mrs. Frances Worden
    Records ex. and app. D. W. Bigelow, Moderator
    (Pastor is Rev. C.A. Ruddock)
  • Jul 2 1870 Bptzd Charles L. son of Dea. J. D. Share & wife
  • Bptzd Barrett W. son of Le Roy S. Baker & wife
    Bptzd Clayton Smith son of Alex. S. Baker & wife
    Dis'd to Cong. Ch. Winona, Minn. Mrs. H. D. Chollar
  • Oct 1 1870 Rec'd Mrs. Mary Parker from Cong. Ch. Otisco
  • Nov 27 1870 Dis'd to Cong. Ch. Milford, Kansas, Bro. A. C. Baker
  • Dec 31 1870 Rec'd Mrs. Delia P. Baker Cong. Ch. Homer, N.Y.
  • Dis'd to 4th Pres. Ch. Syracuse, Mrs. Lottie H. MacDonald
  • Mar 1 1871 Dis'd to Park Central Pres. Ch. Syracuse Bro. Elmer F. Keeler and wife, Mrs. Nell D. Keeler
  • Rev. Mr. Miller
    signed in pencil Boardman, Moderator
    Examined and approved.
  • Apr 10 1871 Leman R. Gaylord elected Deacon to take the place of Deacon J. S. Cole, Deceased
  • Apr 6 1872 Bptzd Elen dau. of LeRoy S. Baker and wife
  • Mrs. Mary Parker dis'd to M.E. Ch. Otisco
  • 1872-3 Dismissed to Cong. Ch. Marcellus
  • Jul 6 1872 Dea. J. D. Share and wife Emily
  • Bro. Isaac A. Share and wife Nell
    Bptzd Edward Nelson son of Mrs. Delia Baker widow: by the Pastor, Rev. G. A. Miller
  • Oct 5 1872 Mrs. Julia A. Parrish rec'd from Cong. Ch. at Harford, Pa.
  • Edward Gaylord rec'd on prof. of faith
  • Jan 4 1873 Rec'd from Plymouth Church, Syracuse Mrs. Helen W. Miller
  • From Ch. at Oak's Corners, N.Y. Chas W. Hoyt and wife Betsy
  • Jan 4 1873 Jas. Becker and wife Esther rec'd from 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse
  • Apr 4 1873 Bptzd Hubert Danforth, son of Bro. John H. Northway and wife
  • Apr 15 1873 Records examined and approved John H. Frazee, Moderator
  • May 14, 1873 Deacon elected to take the place of Dea. J. D. Share who has removed from town: Caleb B. Jackson elected:
  • Geo. L. Hoyt appointed Clerk to succeed Caleb B. Jackson
  • Jun 29 1873 Dis'd to 1st Pres. Ch. Syracuse, Seth D. Baker
  • Jul 5 1873 Rec'd on prof. Mr. Owen Gaylord: Jefferson Davis by letter from -- Mrs. -- Dixon
  • Apr 5 1874 Rev. Alvin Baker of Ohio an assisting Pastor as the services to-day
  • Records ex and app. Rev. Nelson Willard, Moderator
  • Jul 4 1874 The Rev. G. A. Miller is Pastor
  • Oct 3 1874 Rec'd on prof. Miss Allie Montgomery
  • By letter from Collingwood M.E. Ch. Mrs. Helen Alexander
    Dis'd to Plymouth Ch. Syracuse: Edwin R. Cole: Betsy Cole: Allice C. Tibbetts and Maggie Cole.
  • Jan 9 1875 Pastor is Rev. Lewis Jessup: he presented a letter from Cong. Ch. New Haven, N.Y.
  • Mar 29 1875 Dis'd Bro. Owen Gaylord to a Cong. Church in Kansas
  • Mrs. Geo. A. Miller to Plymouth Ch. Syracuse
  • Apr 3 1875 Mrs. Owen Thomas rec'd on prof. of faith
  • Apr 13 1875 Moderator of Presbyterial at Oswego, M.N. Preston
  • Jul 3 1875 Rec'd Mrs. Hinsdale Baker from Plymouth Church Syracuse
  • Jefferson Davis asked for a letter to Baptist Church at Cortland, granted.
  • Apr 1 1876 Received into the Church
  • Mrs. Kittie Brooks Bptzd
    Emma Eckert Bptzd
    Mary Eckert Bptzd
    Mrs. Susan Thomas Bptzd
    Theodore Danforth
    Fred Gaylord
    Willie Gaylord
    Mrs. Eliza Hoyt
    Mrs. -- McPhee
    Hattie Hoyt
    (Called persons)
    Bptzd Orpha Amanda dau. Geo. L. Hoyt and wife
  • Jul 2 1876 Rec'd Mrs. Sarah Palmer from Ch. at Summit Station
  • Rev. A. C. Smith Pastor.
  • Jan 13 1877 Rec'd on prof. of faith: H.E. Clark and Esther his wife
  • Bptzd Stewart Chester son of Mr. & Mrs. D.F.H. Baker
  • Mar 31 1877 Rec'd Mr. & Mrs. Philander Hoyt
  • Lucretia Hoyt, (the wife) bptzd George L. Hoyt, Ch. Clerk
  • Jun 30 1877 Rec'd Mr. Albert Scammell and wife from M.E. Church at Colingwood.
  • Bptzd Ella M. dau. Mr. John H. Northway & wife
  • Sep 30 1877 Dis'd Gilbert Abbott to Pres. Ch. Jamesville
  • Dec 30 1877 Pastoral relations of the Rev. L. Jessup after three years of Pastorate was dissolved at his request.
  • Geo. L. Hoyt, Church Clerk
  • Apr 9 1878 Records examined and approved by R.L. Bachman, Mod.
  • May 1 1878 The services of the Rev. E.P. Dada having been secured by the Columbia Society for the ensuing year, he entered upon his duties here.
  • Jul 6 1878 Mrs. E. P. Dada presented a letter from the Church in Savannah, N.Y.
  • Sep 1878 Delegate to the Synod to meet in Oswego is L.R. Gaylord
  • 1879 ---- all routine of the Church work ----
  • Jan 3 1880 Rec'd Mrs. Elijah Park on prof. of faith
  • Rec'd by letter from Prs. Ch. LaFayette, ind. Miss Ada Clapp
  • Feb 20 1880 Dis'd Stephen McCaffrey to Park Ch. Syracuse
  • Apr 3 1880 Rec'd on prof. of faith
  • Wm. M. Gage, Bptzd
    Mrs. Loretta Gage
    Tressie Eckert Bptzd
    Susie Baker
    Mrs. Sarah C. Morse Bptzd
    Elected John H. Northway delegate to Presbytery
  • Jul 3 1880 Rec'd into membership
  • Levi S. Mayhew and his wife Paulina
    W. Mayhew
    Carrie Mayhew
    Core Mayhew
    Geo. A. Mayhew
  • Oct 2 1880 Rec'd Wallace Baker and Albert C. Baker
  • Jan 2 1881 Rec'd Clayton S. Baker on prof. of faith
  • Mar 2 1881 Dis'd to Disciple Ch. Tully, N.Y. Mrs. Carrie Mayhew Cately
  • Apr 2 1881 Bptzd Leister Saulsbury son of Bro. Hinsdale Baker and wife
  • Jul 1882 Pastor of the Church is Rev. D.E. Hathaway
  • Jan 6 1883 Rec'd on prof. of faith, Miss Lillie Jones
  • Mar 6 1883 Rec'd Barrett Baker and Mrs. A.R. Palmer
  • May 12 1883 Rev. D. E. Hathaway received a call to Chenango Forks, (N.Y.)
  • Rev. George Macardle receives a call from this church.
  • Deacon C.B. Jackson elected delegate to Synod to be held in N.Y. City this month.
  • Jan 5 1884 Rec'd into membership
  • Alexander S. Cole
    John Mathews
    Mrs. Ella Mathews
  • Membership in the Congregational Church, LaFayette, N.Y. as of February 1st, 1884, From Book C
  • Hellen Alexander
    Morris Baker
    Julia Baker
    Chester Baker
    Theresa Baker
    Luther Baker
    Diana Baker
    Prissilla Baker
    Alexander S. Baker
    Mary A. Baker
    Le Roy S. Baker
    Mary S. Baker
    Anna Baker
    Hensdale D. Baker
    Clara Baker
    Susie Baker
    Wallace A. Baker
    Albert C. Baker
    Clayton Baker
    Barrett Baker
    James Becker
    Cordelia Becker
    Polly Clapp
    Rose Clark
    Fanny Cole
    Francis Cole
    Alexander S. Cole
    Harriett Cole
    Henry Cramer
    Lucy Danforth
    Theodore Danforth
    Chas J. or I. Davis
    Jacob Eckert
    Almeda Eckert
    Theresa Eckert
    Mary Eckert
    Wm. M. Gage
    Lucretia Gage
    Lemon R. Gaylor
    Mrs. C. M. Gaylord
    Fred Gaylor
    Louisa Green
    Mary J. Hall
    Chas. W. Hoyt
    Mary Hoyt
    Minerva Hoyt
    Chas. W. Hoyt, Jr.
    Betsy Hoyt
    Geo. L. Hoyt
    Eliza Hoyt
    Newton O. Hoyt
    Philander Hoyt
    Lucretia Hoyt
    Caroline Hoyt
    Caleb B. Jackson
    Wm. H. Jones
    Eliza Jones
    Chas. Jones
    Anna Jones
    Lillie Jones
    Irving Jones
    Hattie Jones
    A. W. Keeler
    Mary J. Keeler
    Phebe McPhee
    John Mathews
    Ella Mathews
    Levi Mayhew
    Pauline Mayhew
    Cora Mayhew
    George Mayhew
    Sarah C. Moss
    John Northway
    Vinna Northway
    Mrs. A. Palmer
    Mary Park
    Silas (Mrs.) Park
    Julia Parrish
    Albert Scammell
    Sarah Scammell
    Phebe Thomas
    Susie Thomas
    Polly A. Thomas
  • Feb 9 1884 see separate list for admissions.
  • B is Baptism
    Hattie Hall
    Ella Baker - B
    Ione Alexander - B
    B. Green (Rose) - B
    Hamilton (Frank) - B
    Florence Scammell - B
    Anna Mowris - B
    Gurtie Mowris - B
    Grace Thomas - B
    Cornie Park - B
    May Hoyt
    Mrs. Harrison Thomas
    Willie Hall
    Hayward Northway
    Anson Oleson
    Orrin Thomas - B
    Levi Gates - B
    Simon Cogswell - B
    Fred Scammell - B
    Floyd Scammell - B
    Emmett Keeler - B
    Millard F. Trinder ? - B
    Walter Scammell - B
    Thomas Armstrong - B
    Carroll Gage - B
    Frank Park - B
    Asahel Palmer - B
    Harrison O. Scammell - B
    Harry Lawrence - B
    Frank Jones - B
    Elijah Park - B
    Joseph Park - B
    Allie Green - B
    William Greenough - B
  • Apr 4 1884 The following resolution was passed "Resolved that this Church become distinctly a Presbyterian Church" (about 50 for and only two against).
  • Apr 5 1884 The following persons presented themselves for membership in this Church
  • B is Baptism
    L by Letter
    Hiram Scammell - B
    Henry Scammell - B
    Willie Scammel - B
    Clifford Clark - B
    Albert Gage - B
    Edward Clark - B
    Mrs. Hiram Scammell - B
    Mrs. Jerome Clark
    Mrs. Harrison Scammell - B
    Matie Scammell - B
    Viola Green - B
    Louise Gaylord - L
    Nellie Baker - L
    Mrs. Frank Park - L
    Mrs. C. Olcut - B
    Mrs. Anson Olleson - B
    Miss Emma Clark - B
    Mrs. Hermon Scamell - B
    Rev. Geo. Macardle - L
    Mrs. George Macardle - L
    End of Book "C" Records of LaFayette Congregational Church
    LaFayette, Onondaga County, N.Y.


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 183-204, 217-218. Copied by Minnie L.C. Coleman, Chairman Gen.
    Research Committee, Gen. Asa Danforth Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY 1931

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