First Congregational Church

LaFayette, Onondaga Co., NY

Liber 1

Organized October 14, 1805 As the Columbian Society.

In the souvenir of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the
First Presbyterian Church of LaFayette, New York, we read:
The first settlers of this locality which was known in the early days as Pompey West Hill were
nearly all New Englanders many having come from Berkshire and Hampshire Counties, Mass. The
first settler came to the town in 1792 and by 1805 emigrants were rapidly pouring into this
At the first meeting of the Columbian Society which was held at Stoughton Morse's Inn the
following officers were elected.
Two moderators, Joseph Smith and Jacob Johnson.
Six trustees, Luther Wright, Levi Wheaton, Noah Hoyt, Nathan Abbott, Major Isaac Hall and
Capt. Erastus Baker.
Dr. Silas Park, Clerk.
A committee was appointed to have the Society legally incorporated and to draw up a constitution
and by-laws. Major Isaac Hall, Ezekiel Hoyt, Joseph Smith, Dr. Silas Park, Luther Wright and
Caleb Green.
This committee appeared before Judge Asa Danforth July 26 1806 and the certificate of
incorporation bears the signature of that early settler.
In 1808 the Society built a school house on the square acre given them by Caleb Green and
Erastus Baker.
Although the Church was not organized until 1809 the first important business of the Society
was to find a minister of the Gospel, and the first secured was Elder Butler. He was followed
by Mr. McCampbell and he by Mr. Rawson.
During the War of 1812 the members of this Society took an active part: seven of its members were
officers. Most of them went to the defense of Oswego and Sackett's Harbor: Gen. Isaac Hall,
Col. Jeremiah Gould, Capt. Erastus Baker, Capt. Harry Hall, Capt. Ezekiel Hoyt,
Ensign Joseph H. Cole and Johnson Hall.
There are no records of the first members of this Society, but there are the names of fifty who
purchased pews:
Silas Park
Ezra Hart
Charles Jackson
Job Andrews
Ezra Knapp
Seth Baker
A. Garfield
Joseph S. Cole
William Smith
Joel Fuller
Samuel Hoyt
William Share
Sydenham Baker
Peter Abbott
Julius Chamberlin
Nathan Abbott
Solomon Owen
Johnson Hall
Ezekiel Hoyt
Daniel Danforth
Anson Jackson
Asa Miles
Isaac Hall
Andrew Gibbs
Philander Hoyt
Epinetus Hoyt
Erastus Baker
Patrick McCarthy
Appollos Hewitt
Noah Hoyt
Turpin Green
Spencer Fisher
Nathaniel Sterling
Daniel Share
Cornelius VanDenburgh
Thomas Baker
Calvin Hart
Lewis Hoyt
Asahel King
John P. King
Luther Cole
Morris Clapp
Willard Farrington
Christopher Cramer
William Cramer
Alexander Cramer
The church consisted of fifteen members, five males and ten females as follows:
Deacon Noah Hoyt
Deacon Nathan Abbott
Apoolos Hewitt, Esq.
Ezekiel Hoyt
Philander Hoyt
Anna Baker
Polly Hoyt
Mary Hoyt, wife of Deacon Hoyt
Esther Maxwell
Sally Danforth
Anna Hewitt
Rebecca Bates
Sally Baker
Corinna Abbott
Acsah Johnson.
This Church was organized in October 1809 by the Rev. Benjamin Bell. Prior to this time
religious services were held in private houses conducted by Amaziah Branch, a Congregationalist
from Norwich, Conn. After the services of Rev. Mr. Bell came that of the following Pastors and
Rev. E. J. Leavenworth
Rev. Mr. Hopkings
Rev. Martin Powell
Mr. Childs from Auburn
Rev. Alexander Corning
Seth Smalley
Rev. Absalom K. Barr
Rev. Parshall Terry
Rev. Geo. E. Delevan
May 1844 to October 1849
Rev. Moody Harrington
Rev. Mr. Fraser
Rev. M. Wakeman
R.C. Allison
Rev. C. Johns,
1866 for three years
Pastors since 1870
Rev. C. A. Ruddock
Rev. G. A. Miller
Rev. Lewis Jessup
Pastor E. P. dada
D. E. Hathaway
Rev. George McArdle
Rev. Theo. S. Day
Dr. S. H. Meade
Pastor P. J. Jerolaman
Rev. F. Watkins
Rev. A. G. Lewis
Pastor J. B. Bell
Rev. Geo. Newman
Rev. F. L. Crissey
Rev. H. A. Hanaford in 1905
"In 1818 the Society commenced the building of the present Church (1905) which was completed in

From the Minutes of the Session: Liber 1, pp. 34-146

  • Oct 19 1817 Bptzd son, Lansing Weed, of Philander Hoyt and wife.
  • Nov 1 1817 Rec'd into the Church: Polly Park, Lydia, w. of Seth Blanchard
  • Nov 2 1817 Elijah Park, Isaac Sherman
  • Dec 21 1817 Married Henry Hall & Diadama Cole
  • Dec 25 1817 Married Thos. Lewis & Eunice Drake
  • Jan 4 1818 Rec'd Isabelle Cole, wife of Calvin Cole; Rec'd Diadama the wife of Henry Hall
  • Feb 1 1818 Deacons are: Philander & Noah Hoyt
  • Feb 3 1818 Church reported to the Onondaga Presbytery 59 communicants.
  • Feb 19 1818 Married Mr. Henry Warner & Miss Harriett or Marriett King by the Rev. E. I. Leavenworth
  • May 10 1818 Henry, Mable & Sidney Smith Bptzd; John Seeley & wife dis'd to Bpt. Church
  • May 31 1818 Baptzd William child of Jabez Rice & wife
  • Jun 7 1818 Seth Baker rec'd; Lucy Gannett rec'd from Ch. at Marcellus
  • Jul 5 1818 Persis wife of Deacon Philander Hoyt rec'd from Otisco; Widow Susanna Card ? from Ch. at Pompey
  • Aug 2 1818 Isaac D. Sherman appointed to represent this Church in Synod
  • Aug 30 1818 Deacon Ezra Hoyt to represent Church
  • Oct 4 1818 Bptzd: Anson, child of Thos. Baker & wife; Bptzd: Spencer Porter, child of Francis Smith and wife; Bptzd the children of Lydia & Seth Blanchard:named, Caleb Austin, Charlotte, Wm., Laurinda ()?, Sally and Chas.
  • Oct 22 1818 Rec'd from the Church at New Marlborough North Parish: Sarah Hall the wife of Gen. Isaac Hall: and Patty Hall.
  • Nov 8 1818 Bptz: Caroline, child of Ezekial Hoyt and wife
  • Nov 11 1818 Rec'd from Ch. at Manlius, Elizabeth Hurd ? : Sarah Leavenworth
  • Nov 24 1818 Sidney Smith dis'd to ?
  • Jan 3 1819 Rec'd from Pompey: Deacon Ezra Hoyt & Polly his wife From Leroy, Calvin Hart; Rec'd Theodotia Gaylord: John Hart
  • Jan 21 1819 Married Mr. Turpan Green & Miss Patty Hall by the Rev. E.I. Leavenworth
  • Jan 23 1819 Married Mr. Epenetus Hoyt and Miss Orril Baker by the Rev. E.I. Leavenworth
  • May 9 1819 Bptzd Harrison Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Smith
  • Jul 4 1819 Amanda Rosier rec'd from Ch. at Marcellus; Bptzd Sarah Emeline, dau. of Harry Hall and wife
  • Oct 10 1819 Bptzd: Amanda, dau. of Mr. Seth Baker & wife
  • Feb 1820 Dis'd by letter: Jabez Rice and wife: also Polly Park
  • Feb 13 1820 Bptzd: Rause Angeline dau. of Isabella & Calvin Cole: by the Rev. Simeon Snow; Bptzd: Dwight (Dwite) son Seth Blanchard and wife.
  • Bptzd: Charles, son of Willerd Rice & wife
  • May 21 1820 Bptzd: Julius Augustus: son of Julius Chamberlin & wife; Bptzd: Russell, son of Amanda Rosier
  • Jun 9 1820 Bptzd: Caleb son of Turpin Green & wife
  • Aug 25 1820 Betsy Cole the wife of Dr. Williams Presented a son who was Bptzd Chauncy Laurence
  • Oct 1 1820 Rec'd into the Church Cornelius C. Vandenburg & wife
  • Wm. Shaw and wife
    Roda Drake
    Mrs. Miller wife of Jacob Miller
    Mrs. Hall the wife of Esq. Hall
    Bptzd: William Shaw and wife and their dau. Betsy Mariah
    Bptzd: Eliza "Sharlet" dau. Otis Smith & wife
  • Oct 17 1820 Bptzd: Elice & William: children of Nathaniel Sterling and wife
  • Nov 19 1820 Cornelius Vandenburgh rec'd into Church
  • Nov 23 1820 Bptzd: Mary Ann Catherine Susan Hellen children of Cornelius Vandenburgh
  • Bptzd: Diany Hellen (M?)argaret Children of Jacob Miller and wife
    Bptzd: Children, Thomas ?Wibeek Henry Eldr(blurred) ch. of Cornelius C. Vandenburgh and wife
  • Mar 25 1821 Bptzd: Dwight, son of Sydenham Baker & wife
  • Jul 8 1821 Bptzd: Mary Angeline, Calvin Hall, children of Ezra Knapp and wife
  • Bptzd: Martin Powel child of Walter Right (Wright) and wife
    William Rue and wife dismissed
    Also the wife of Seth Blanchard
  • Sep 9 1821 Mrs. Hinkston wife of Chauncy Hinkston a member of the Church in Otisco Presented her son who was Bptzd: Samuel Orson
  • Oct 8 1821 Rec'd into the Church by prof.
  • Hannah Smith the widow of Joseph Smith
    Hannah the wife of Wm. Smith
    Chas. Smith: Sally Smith: Andrew Gibs
    By letter theh following
    Anna, w of Cornelius Vandenburgh
    Walter Right and wife Dolly (or ? Dolly)
    the wife of Andrew Gibs
    Wm. Smith and Polly Smith
    Bptzd: James Stanton: L Jane Elisa
    Walter Parmer (Palmer?) children of Andrew Gibs and wife
    Bptzd: Doncarlius son of Wm. Smith & wife
    Bptzd: Ira son of Mr. and Mrs. Turpin Green (Mrs. Green's name Patty)
  • Jan 20 1822 Isaac Hall and wife their son Bptzd Amery Smith
  • Bptzd: Gennit dau. Calvin and Isabella Cole
  • Apr 7 1822 Added to the Ch. the following:
  • Epenetus Hoyt & wife
    Quartius Baker & wife
    King Baker & wife
    Thos. Baker
    Sydenham Baker and Nathaniel Steeling
    Mary the wife of Erastus Baker
    Ann the wife of Revillo Keeler
    Katherine Eliza wife of Mr. Cook
    Mary wife of Ezra Knapp
    Harriett Knapp
    Marshia Knapp
    Jane Weed
    Daniel Danforth
    Morris Baker
    Christopher Cramer, Jr.
    Eldert Cramer
    Ann Cramer
    Charlotte Hoyt
    Clancy Weeks
    Jonathan Hoyt
    Umphrey Hurlburt
    John Chamberlin
    Minerva Baker
    Harriett Baker ?
    Almina the wife of Calvin Hart
    Clarissa Baker
    Those baptized were:
    Mary wife of Esq. Baker
    Anna the wife of Mr. Revillo Keeler
    Catherine Eliza wife Mr. Cook
    Mary wife of Ezra Knapp.
  • May 5 1822 Bptzd: Horace son of Epenetus Hoyt & wife; Bptzd: Cornelia dau Quartius Baker & wife; Bptzd: Chas. Utley son of Isaac Barnam and wife members at Ch. at Manlius; Bptzd: a dau ___? of Thom Baker & wife
  • Jul 7 1822 Following persons were rec'd into the Ch.
  • Erastus Baker Esq.
    Spencer Fisher & wife
    Widow Eunice Bates
    Mary wife of Isaac Hoyt
    Maria Share
    Chas. Hoyt
    Lewis Baker
    Morris Pratt
    Fanny Baker
    Belinda Brewer
    Vashti Hall
    Dolly wife of Dr. Silas Park
    Thos. Abbott
    David Hoyt
    Candace Hall
    Mrs. Abbott the wife of Dea. Nathan Abbott was rec'd by letter ___?
    Bptzd: Spencer Fisher & wife
    Fanny Baker
    David Hoyt
    Candance Hall or Hale ?
  • Aug 7 1822 William Hall rec'd and baptized
  • Aug 25 1822 Bptzd: Catherine Loisa: Chas. Elbert: Calvin Linley ? and Mary Emely the children of Isaac Hoyt and wife
    Widow Polly Smith July 28, 1822
    Deacon Philander Hoyt Sept 6 1822
    William Hall Sept 11 1822
  • Oct 6 1822 Rec'd
  • Eliza wife of Cornelius Vandenburgh
    Amasa Hart
    Clarissa Elliott
    Vashti Knapp
    Bptzd: Jane Angeline child of Cornelius Vandenburgh and wife
    Bptzd: Eunice child of Mr. & Mrs. Silas Rosier
  • Nov 3 1822 Bptzd: William King: child of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wright
  • Nov 10 1822 Philander child of Cornelius C. Vandenburgh and wife
  • Jan 3 1823 Asa Snow rec'd from Ch. at Augusta
  • Apr 6 1823 Bptzd: Eliza Sophronia, ch. of Harry Hall & wife
  • Bptzd: Sarah Ann ch of Wm. Smith & wife
    Bptzd: Mary ch. of Joel Fuller & wife
  • Apr 13 1823 Wm. Shaw & wife dis'd by letter ?
  • Apr 20 1823 Abigail wife of Francis Smith dis'd by L
  • Jun 6 1823 Appollos Hewett rec'd by prof.
  • Jul 20 1823 Bptzd: Mary Ann dau. Andrew Gibbs & wife
  • Aug 17 1823 Bptzd: Norman ch. of Mr. King Baker & wife
  • Nov 9 1823 Bptzd and rec'd Hannah Drake
  • Dec 8 1823 Bptzd: William son Quartius Baker & wife
  • Dec 10 1823 Bptzd: Hannah Maria: Betsey: Rodney John Flavel Mary and Salome children of Erastus Baker & wife
  • Bptzd: Cynthia, Amanda, Vashti, Lucy, Orson, Jannette, Pamelia and Charles Harrison children of Spencer Fisher & wife
  • May 16 1824 Bptzd: Fanny dau. Epenetus Hoyt & wife
  • Jul 4 1824 Bptzd: and rec'd Esther wife of Jesse Cole
  • Rec'd Lucy the wife of Chas. Jackson
  • Jul 25 1824 Bptzd: Elizabeth Augusta dau of Calvin and Isabella Cole
  • Sep 6 1824 Dr. Ward Bassett and Abigail his wife rec'd into the Church by letter
  • Oct 3 1824 Warren Goodel rec'd by prof.
  • Nov 14 1824 Bptzd: Daniel Danforth son of John Hart and wife
  • Nov 21 1824 Bptzd: Ann Katherine ch of Cornelius C. Vandenburgh and wife
  • Feb 6 1825 Bptzd: Corntie Elizabeth dau. of Cornelius Vandenburgh and wife
  • Apr 3 1825 Bptzd: Harriett Newel ? child of Andrew Gibbs and wife
  • Henry Marsh Bptzd child of King Baker and wife
  • Apr 10 1825 Ezra Hart & wife dis'd to ch. at Cicero Amasa Hart dis'd to any Church where he may cast his lot.
  • Apr 17 1825 Appollos Hewett and wife, and Appollos Hewett, Jr. dis'd to any church where they may cast their lot.
  • May 8 1825 Morris Pratt dis'd by letter to Pres' Church at Onondaga Hollow.
  • Jun 12 1825 Polly wife of Asahel Smith dis'd to Ch. at Union
  • Jul 2 1825 Erastus Baker and Epenetus Hoyt chosen Deacons
  • Jul 3 1825 John B. Buck and Susannah his wife rec'd by letter from Pres. Ch. at Great Bend.
  • Baptzd: their child, named Chas. Chamberlin.
  • Jul 3 1825 Bptzd Amos son of Joel & Lois Fuller
  • Vashti the wife of Archibald Garfield rec'd by prof.
  • Jul 29 1825 Bptzd: Rufus child of Thos. Baker & wife
  • Aug 18 1825 DIED Amas Hart
  • Aug 23 1825 DIED Polly the wife of Thos. Baker
  • Sep 3 1825 Dr. Ward Bassett and wife Abigail dis'd by letter to Cortland.
  • Oct 2 1825 Bptzd: Henry Cole ch. of Chauncy and Betsy Williams
  • Milton-Sherwood ch. of Harry Hall and wife Bptzd.
    Dorus Porter and wife rec'd by letter from Pompey Church
  • Feb 26 1826 DIED Widow Hannah Smith
  • Mar 20 1826 John B. Buck and Susannah his wife did's by letter to Salina Church
  • May 14 1826 Bptzd: Leonard the ch of Nathaniel and Rhody Goodell: (said people from ALlen, Allegany Co.)
  • Jul 16 1826 Bptzd: Caleb, Malvina Elizabeth and Chas. ch. of Chas. & Lucy Jackson
  • Jul 23 1826 Bptzd: William Hall child of Maria the wife of Mr. Jones
  • Jul 24 1826 DIED Esther the wife of Jesse Cole
  • Oct 1 1826 Bptzd: Jeremiah ch. of Cornelius Vandenburgh and wife
  • Bptzd: Philander ch of Epenetus Hoyt & wife
    Bptzd: Mary Ann ch of King Baker & wife
  • Oct 15 1826 Walter Wright & Polly his wife dis'd by letter to Presbyterian Ch. at Cicero
  • Amanda wife of Silas Rosier dis'd by letter to Pres. Ch. at Marcellus
  • Dec 4 1826 Eliza C. Cook mentioned as a member
  • Dec 17 1826 Mr. John Hartmand Belinda his wife to Church at Cicero by letter
  • Dec 24 1826 Henry Hall and Diadama his wife to gether with Maria Knapp now the wife of Mr. Jones to Ch. at Aurelius
  • Dec 30 1826 Calvin Hart & Almina his wife by letter to Presbyterian Ch. at Hanford, Upper Canada.
  • Humphrey Hurlburt a letter to any Ch. where he may locate.
  • Apr 1 1827 Sally Farnham now Sally Cramer rec'd from Ch. at Pompey
  • Bptzd and rec'd into Ch. Jerusha Drake
  • Apr 22 1827 Cornelius C. Vandenburgh and Maria his wife dis'd to Pres. Ch. Cicero
  • Jul 22 1827 Miss Theodotia Galerd dis'd by letter to any Presbyterian Church.
  • Aug 26 1827 Bptzd: Thomas Knox ch. of Andrew Gibs & w.
  • Sep 9 1827 Sally Smith now Sally Hammnd dis'd to Presbyterian Ch. at Harrison
  • Sep 30 1827 Sybilla Baker wife of Thomas Baker by letter from Ch. at Otisco
  • Nov 25 1827 Bptzd: Elizabeth Adaline ch. Isaac and Mary Hoyt
  • Dec 23 1827 DIED Deacon Noah Hoyt
  • Apr 6 1828 Bptzd Betsy Malvina ch. of Dr. C. and Betsy Williams
  • Bptzd Gilbert c. of James and Clary Abbott
  • Jun 1 1828 Lavina wife of Mr. James Clark rec'd
  • Jul 27 1828 Bptzd: Chauncy ch. of King Baker and wife
  • Bptzd Phipps Banister ch. of Warren Goodell and wife
    Bptzd: Hannah Emeline ch. of Wm. M. Smith and wife
    Bptzd: George Harry and Elizabeth Augusta ch. of Dorus Porter and wife
  • Sep 7 1828 Bptzd: Claisa Jennette ch. of Cornelius C. Vandenburg & wife
  • Jan 2 1829 Jacobus Clute and Eliza his wife rec'd from Cutch Ch. at Renssealer by letter
  • Mar 15 1829 Mrs. Miller the wife of Jacob Miller dis'd to any Church where she may locate
  • Apr 26 1829 Bptzd: Andrew the child of Joel and Lois Fuller (spelled Louis)
  • May 31 1829 Bptzd Alvin ch. of Quartius Baker & wife
  • Jun 1 1829 Jerusha Drake dis'd by letter to Ch. (Presbyterian) at Manlius Square.
  • Oct 4 1829 Sarah Clute rec'd into the Church
  • Oct 13 1829 Cornelius C. Vandenburgh & wife letter to Pres. Ch. at Jamesville (Manlius)
  • Oct 18 1829 Bptzd: Harriet Columbia ch. of Chas. W. Hoyt and wife
  • Oct 25 1829 Bptzd: Lauretta Jane ch. of Isaac and Mary Hoyt
  • Oct 31 1829 Isaac De Blois Sherman mentioned as Church Member.
  • Jan 1 1830 Tirzah Chappell rec'd into membership by prof.
  • Jan 31 1830 Letters of dismissal to Spencer Fisher and Vashti his wife to any Ch. where they may locate
  • Bptzd: Warren ch. of Lewis Baker & wife
  • Apr 2 1830 Bptzd: Sybilla child of King Baker & wife
  • Apr 9 1830 Bptzd: Elen Matilda ch. of Christopher Cramer and wife
  • Apr 18 1830 Miss Jane Weed dis'd to ch. at Fabius
  • Jul 5 1830 Letter of dismissal to Lavina wife of James Clark to Ch. at Onondaga Hollow
  • To Clarissa Eliot a letter to any Church where she may locate
  • Jan 30 1831 Letter of dismissal to Minerva Baker now Hoyt to the Church at Syracuse
  • Feb 19 1831 DIED Dea. Nathan Abbott
  • May 6 1831 Eunice Johnson rec'd by letter from Church at Gibson Pa.
  • Harriett Corning wife of Rev. Alexander Corning rec'd by letter
    Rec'd by profession
    Albert Baker (? Becker)
    Catherine his wife
    Susan Baker wife of Lewis Baker
    Lydia Dox wife of John Dox
  • May 8 1831 Bptzd: Susan Baker wife of Lewis Baker, Abigail Smith
  • Jun 5, 1831 Charlotte Hoyt dis'd to Preble.
  • Jul 1 1831 Rec'd by profession the following
  • Chester Baker --- Mary Ann Smith
    Almira Sterling --- Julia Baldwin
    Orpha Baker ---- Electa Baker
    Electa Chamberlin --- Fanny Goodell
    Lois Baker and Sarah (N.R. or) K. Chamberlin
    Voted that Wm. M. Smith, Asahel King and Doras Porter serve as a standing comittee for one year
    Peter Abbott on a Committee.
    Chas. W. Hoyt to represent the Ch. at Presbytery at Manlius the 13th inst
  • Jul 8 1831 Members rec'd on confession of faith
  • Lyman Baker
    Mariam Baker bptzd
    Betsy Baker
    Sophia Dox
    Julia Baldwin bptzd
    Sarah ? Chamberlin bptzd
    Bptzd Mary Elizabeth ch. of Albert Baker or Becker and wife
    Bptzd Phebe Maria ch. of Quartius Baker and wife
    Bptzd Harriett ch. of Lois & Joel Fuller
    Hannah Drake dis'd to Jamesville
  • Jul 10 1831 Mary Maria Bptzd ch. of Vastia and Andrew Share
  • Bptzd Loyal Franklin ch of Doras Porter and wife
    Eldret Cramer dis'd to Cicero
  • Jul 17 1831 Bptzd Mary Abigail ch. of Clarissa and James Abbott
  • Aug 12 1831 Voted to call Rev. Mr. A. Corning to be installed as our Pastor
  • Aug 14 1831 Edwin Erastus bptzd child of Isaac Hoyt and wife
  • Sep 9 1831 Admitted to membership in the Church Sophia Hall: Betsy Hall: Amanda Hall and Mary Dox
  • Bptzd by the Rev. Richard Corning: Benjamin Trumble child of the Rev. Mr. Alexander B. Corning and wife
  • Sep 11 1831 Bptzd Sophia wife of Mathias Hall
  • Bptzd Amanda wife of Lyman Hall
  • Oct 30 1831 Bptzd Margaret child of King Baker & wife
  • Nov 13 1831 Rec'd Mrs. Jane Jacobs and Eliza Knapp
  • Mar 9 1832 Members received
  • Isaac Hoyt
    Mary Ann wife Joseph Smith
    Julia Bryant
    Luther Baker
    Widow Cramer
  • Mar 11 1832 Members rec'd: Lewis Hoyt
  • Bptzd Julia Bryant
    Mary Ann the wife of Joseph Smith
  • Mar 25 1832 Bptzd Harry Andrews
  • May 18 1832 Almira the wife of John Cramer rec'd as a member in this Church
  • Betsy the wife of Amasa Wright dis'd to Fabius
  • May 20 1832 Almira Cramer mentioned above is bptzd
  • Miss Phebe McMillan is bptzd
  • Jul 8 1832 Betsy wife of Lewis Hoyt bptzd
  • Aug 5 1832 DIED Abigail Smith
  • Sep 7 1832 Bptzd John Taylor child of Andrew Gibbs and wife
  • Sep 9 1832 Rec'd by prof: Catherine Share and Susan Clute
  • Bptzd Arvilla ch. of John and Almira Cramer
  • Oct 21 1832 Bptzd Chas. Wellington ch. of Chas. W. Hoyt and wife
  • Nov 29 1832 Voted that this meeting of the Church be adjourned until first Mon. in Jan. next. Erastus Baker, Clk.
  • Feb 27 1832 (OUT OF PLACE)
  • Subscribers to fund to pay balance on parsonage
    Peter Abbott
    Epenetus Hoyt
    Quartus Baker
    Seth Baker
    Sydenham Baker
    Thos. Baker
    King Baker
    Morris Baker
    Lewis Baker
    Dorus Porter
    Wm. M. Smith
    Nathaniel Sterling
    Chas. W. Hoyt
    Andrew Gibbs
    Julius Chamberlin
    Albert Becker
    Erastus Baker


  • Jun 5 1831 Mrs. Charlotte Crevath ? formerly Hoyt dis'd to Preble.
  • Jul 8 1832 Miriam Parker, Bptzd.
  • Jul 6 1832 Lewis Baker and wife presented a son who was baptized, Alexander Seth
  • 1834 Christopher Cramer and wife dis'd to M.E.Church
  • also Catherine the wife of King Baker.
  • Aug 24 1834 Dis'd to M.E. Church
  • Betsey Hoyt; Polly A. Sterling; Phebe McMillan and the widow Hall.
  • Oct 1 1835 Widow Tirzah Chappell dis'd to Ch. at Otisco
  • Apr 4 1845 Mrs. Hiriam Baker rec'd by L. from Ch. Syracuse
  • May 10 1846 Mrs. Louise L. Hoyt rec'd from M.E.Ch. Syracuse
  • Mar 14 1852 Sarah S. Baker (Miss) dismissed to 1st Pres. Ch. Bergen, Wyo. Co., N.Y.
  • In Membership List of the year 1846 page 2
    Cordelia Rouse Baker or Cordelia Baker Rouse ?
    Eliza Jones Cole or Eliza Cole Jones ?


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 165-182. Copied by Minnie L.C. Coleman, Chairman Gen.
    Research Committee, Gen. Asa Danforth Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY 1931

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