Collamer (Britton Settlement) Presbyterian Church


Town of DeWitt, New York


Britton Settlement had grown into a hamlet of considerable importance and in Oct. 1842, the First Presbyterian Church of Collamer was organized as the "BRITTON SETTLEMENT SCHOOL HOUSE" with 17 members among them being:
John and Deborah Furbeck
Sarah Baker
Prudence Smith
Deacon Dwight Baker
Deacon Andrew Fuller
Elder Porter Baker
Elder Orlando Spencer
Elder Samuel Walker
Elder John Powlesland.
In 1843 the present church edifice was erected at a cost of $600.  The lumber for the Church being donated by THOMAS WANDS and the land was given by GEORGE TERWILLEGER.

The Church Record dated March 9, 1843 that is filed in the Onondaga County Courthouse includes the names of:

Michael Leader
John F. Neiper
Joseph Yarrington
John Mead
Joseph W. Bostwick
Peter Hare
John Smith
William S. Young
Elders of the Church in 1843 were:
Porter Baker
Samuel Walker
Orlando Spencer
John Pwlesland
John Smith
John Mead
Peter Hare
The Pastors were:
Rev. Amos W. Seeley
Rev. A. C. Lathrop
Rev B. Ladd
Rev. Marcus Smith (12 years)
Rev. John M. Chyrsler (5 years)
Rev. John H. Perkins 1870 - 1880
Rev. F. J. Restehart 1880 - 1881
Rev. P. Riser 1882 - acting
Rev. Benedict 1884
Rev. Swift 1884 - 1886
Rev. D. M. Marvin 1887
Rev. Swift 1888
Rev. Albro L. Green 1889
Rev. Isaac Swift 1890 - 1891
Rev. H. Bradley 1894
Rev. Sayre 1897
Rev. Cassius Jay Sargent 1900 - 1905

Vliet Carpenter Aug. 1897
Deacon Delanie d.
George Terwillegar d.
Samuel C. Walker d.
Thomas H. Wands Dec. 2, 1894
Robert Seargent Mar. 27, 1889
Benjamin P. Baker June 23, 1882
Orlando P. Spencer d.
David Maxwell Jan. 8, 1897
Christopher Maxwell Sept. 27, 1896
Andrew Fuller d.
John Gipson Collamer M.E. 1880
Thomas Jones Collamer Meth. 1880
Dwight Baker May 1882
William Hayward Collamer Methodist
John P. Hales d.
Dennis Darling Oct. 25, 1897
Edwin Schuyler Sept. 29, 1926
William Temple d.
John Powlesland Jan. 28, 1893
George Powlesland, Jr. Jan. 9, 1915
Adam Smith Apr. 25, 1903
Adam Drum d.
Joseph Warner d.
Frederick Warner Mar. 21, 1934
George Warner Mar. 24, 1921
Henry Fuller Apr. 1927
George D. Baker Apr. 28, 1924
John Henry Blessing Letter to Collamer Meth.
John H. Blessing, Jr. Letter to Collamer Meth.
William Tumball Letter Collamer M.E. 5/30/1880
Thomas Wilson Letter Collamer M.E. 5/30/1881
Mrs. Margaret Wands d.
Mrs. Edwin Schuyler Dec. 17, 1898
Sarah Baker Sept. 31, 1878
Nancy Smith Jan. 10, 1880
Louis Walker Nov. 18, 1895
Ann B. Baker Oct. 31, 1900
Maryann Goodfellow Oct. 1880
Sophia Anible Oct. 1878
Mary Fuller Apr. 4, 1906
Jane Baker To Collamer Meth.
Nancy Maxwell (now Mrs. Lee's) gave letter
Mrs. Chris Maxwell d.
Sarah Maxwell
Deborah Furbeck Jan. 15, 1878
Mrs. D. Maxwell Mar. 29, 1901
Nancy Hale
Mrs. Richarts (Riceharts) Mar. 9, 1909
Mary Darling
Mrs. William Murray 1887

Source:  New York State Library book #974.765; c697c6

Submitted 6 June 1998