Church Records in Onondaga County

ChurchHistories and Records in Onondaga County


Early Church Records are very important in New York State research, as Vital Records don't exist before the mid to later 1800's. Therefore, we will be collecting and adding early Church Records.



Apulia Methodist Episcopal Church


  Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church of Cardiff


Early Churches of Cicero


Collamer (Britton Settlement) Presbyterian Church
Methodist Episcopal Young'sSociety


First Baptist Church at Elbridge
First PresbyterianChurch at Jordan
Early History ofReligious Groups


Baptist Church
Free-Will Baptist Church
Methodist Episcopal Church of Fabius


First Congregational Church, now First Presbyterian Church

Individuals who Died at LaFayette, from Church Records


History of Early Church Groups
Little Utica ME Church and School House Pictures

Plainville Christian ChurchRecords: 1822 - 1859


Early Churches of Manlius
Early Baptist Church Recordsof Fayetteville &Manlius
History of the Fayetteville Baptist  Church
1897 List of Members and Officers of the Baptist Church, Fayetteville
Early Members of the 1st Baptist Church of Manlius and Pompey
Manlius First Baptist Society
The Baptist Church and Societyin Pompey and Manlius
Christ Church of Manlius, ManyEarly Records!
The Evangelical Church and Association of Manlius Depot
Fourth Presbyterian Society
Fourth Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Manlius
Early History of Minoa's Methodist Episcopal Church
History of the PresbyterianChurch, Fayetteville FayettevillePresbyterian Church Baptisms 1831-1932 FayettevillePresbyterian Church Marriages 1850-1927 FayettevillePresbyterian Church Deaths 1881-1928
  FayettevillePresbyterian Church Register of Pastors
Early History of St. Mary's Catholic Church (1838-1901)
Trinity Church
Trinity Church Communicants, 1836

Trinity Church Early History

Manlius Trinity Church
Trinity Episcopal Church Baptisms1831 - 1920
Trinity Episcopal Church Marriages1824 - 1920
Trinity Presbyterian Society Manlius
Union Congregational Society
Union Congregational Society
First Universal Society of Manlius and Pompey
First Universal Society of Pompey and Manlius
The Trustees of the Wedding Chappel Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Manlius Center
Zion Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Manlius


  First Presbyterian Church of Marcellus
 The Marcellus United Methodist Church
Rose Hill Baptist Church, Marcellus
St. Francis Xavier Church (Marcellus)
St. John's Episcopal Church of Marcellus


The United Christian Churchof Marietta


OnondagaHill First Methodist Church
OnondagaHill Presbyterian Church

Onondaga Hill Presbyterian Church Baptism Records 1819-1843

Onondaga Hollow Religious Society
Valley Presbyterian Church


Early Churches of the Town of Pompey, from Bruce's Onondaga
Early Members of the 1st Baptist Church of Manlius and Pompey
First Baptist Church in Pompey (Delphi), a/k/a Delphi Falls Baptist Church
Christ Church Pompey
Church of the Immaculate Conception Baptisms, 1873-1913

Church of the Immaculate Conception Death Notices, 1899-1909

Church of the Immaculate Conception Marriages, 1873-1913

Pleasant Valley Church, Oran
Union Congregational Society
Union Congregational Society
First Universal Society of Manlius and Pompey
First Universal Society of Pompey and Manlius


Plainville Christian ChurchRecords:  1822-1859


Ascension Church, Liverpool
First Methodist Episcopal Churchof Liverpool
First Presbyterian Church atSalina
Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church
St. John's Roman Catholic Church
Church of St. John the Baptist - 1841 Confirmation Records
St. Mary's German Catholic Church
St. Paul's German Lutheran Church
Salem Church of the Evangelical Association of North America


Methodist Episcopal Societyon the Reservation Hill (now Sentinel Heights)


St. James Episcopal Church


South Onondaga United MethodistChurch (with pictures)


Adath Israel
Adath Jeshurun (Gatheringof Religious People)
Adath Yeshurun
Bethany Baptist Church
Brown Memorial MethodistChurch
Calvary Church
Centenary Methodist EpiscopalChurch
Central Baptist Church
Church of the Assumption(Roman Catholic)
Church of Christ
Church of the SacredHeart
The Church of St. Johnthe Baptist
Church of St. John theDivine
Congregational Poily Zedeck
Danforth Congregational Church
Delaware Street BaptistChurch
Erwin Memorial MethodistEpiscopal Church
Evangelical Church of theRedeemer
Evangelical Lutheran St.Mark's Church
                  First Baptist  Church

Directory of the First Baptist Church *1928*
First Church of the Nazarene
First Congregational Church
First English LutheranChurch
First Free Methodist Church
First German Baptist Church
First Methodist EpiscopalChurch
First Presbyterian Church
First Universalist Church
FirstWard German Church, a/k/a First Evangelical Church
First Ward Methodist EpiscopalChurch
First Ward PresbyterianChurch
Fourth Baptist Church
Fourth Presbyterian Church
Furman Street MethodistChurch
Geddes Congregational Church
Geddes Methodist EpiscopalChurch
The German EvangelicalLutheran Zion's Church
German Evangelical St.Peter's Church
Good Will Congregational Church
Grace Church
Holy Trinity Church
Immanuel Baptist Church
LaFayette Avenue MethodistEpiscopal Church
The Memorial PresbyterianChurch
Nelson Street MethodistEpiscopal Church
New Beth Israel
Olivet Baptist Church
Olivet Methodist EpiscopalChurch
Park Avenue Methodist ProtestantChurch
Park Central PresbyterianChurch
Plymouth Congregational Church
The Reformed (Dutch) Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Rescue Mission
St. James's Church
St. John's Cathedral (formerlyChurch of St. John the Evangelist)
St. John's EvangelicalLutheran Church (German)
St. Joseph's Church (FrenchCatholic)
St. Joseph's Church (GermanCatholic)
St. Lucy's Church
St. Mark's Church
St. Mary's Church (RomanCatholic)
St. Patrick's Church
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
St. Paul's German EvangelicalLutheran Church
Salem's Churchof the Evangelical Society of Syracuse
The Second Branch of theEvangelical Association of the City of Syracuse
Seventh Day Adventists
The Society of Concord
South Avenue CongregationalChurch
Trinity Church
Unitarian (May Memorial)Church
University Avenue MethodistEpiscopal Church
WesleyanMethodist Church - Syracuse
Wesleyan Methodist Church
Westminster PresbyterianChurch
Woodlawn Evangelical Church
The Young Men's ChristianAssociation
Zion Methodist EpiscopalChurch


Early History of Van BurenChurches


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