Record of Ordinations in Christ Church

Aug 19th 1846. Rev. David Pise, Jr., Deacon was adinitted to Priests orders by Rt. Rev. Wm. H. DeLancey.

(Child) Baptisms in Christ's Church Manlius Onondaga County.

Also see Adult Baptisms where several child baptisms were entered.

1811. Found in the hand writing of the Rev Wm A Clark.

Jan 4. George Stuart. Robert Wilson and Amelia Wilson, Parents and Sponsors.

Jan 4. Ann Moseley. Jane and James Gregg, Parents. Robert and Amelia Wilson, Sponsors.

March 3. Sarah Augusta. Joseph W. Gold and Wife, Parents and Sponsors.

March 3. Prince (Coloured. Joseph Gold and Wife, Sponsors.

July 14. Charlote and John. John and Lydia James, Parents and Sponsors.

July 14. Eveline. James Sherwood, Sponsor.

July 14. Maria, Harriet, William. Sylvanus and Betsey Tousley, Parents and Sponsors.

Oct 6. Nathan Sherwood. Daniel and Parmenia Mulholland, Parents; James Sherwood and Parmenia Mulholland, Sponsors.


Nov. 1. James Miles. Born 3d August 1812. James O. and Hannah Wattles, Parents and Sponsors.

Nov. 1. William Porter. Born 20 June 1812. Henry Y. and Deborah Stuart, Parents; Nathan Stuart and Wife, Sponsors.

Nov. 1. Annette. Born 14 Sept 1812. Ralph N. and Abigail Phelps, parents and Sponsors.


March 7th Caroline Matilda Sartwell. Born 18th July 1801. James O. and Hannah Wattles, Sponsors.

June 6. Rosette. Born 18 Oct 1811. Henry Palmer and Wife, Parents. Asahel and Hannah Hickox, Sponsors.

Aug 15. Polly. Born Feb 15, 1808. Bronson Hurd. Born Aug 24. 1810. John and Eunice Fellows, Parents. Jonathan Hurd and Eunice Fellows, Sponsors.

Aug 29. Joseph Wakeman. Born July 7. Joseph W. and Rhoda Gold, Parents. Jonathan Hurd and Rhoda Gold, Sponsors.

Sept. 26. Jesse Clark. Born August 18th 1813. John and Clarina Moss, Parents and Sponsors.

Nov 7. Elvira Hance. Born 5 Oct 1810. Mary Hunting. Born 22 Oct 1812. James and Betsey Raynor, Parents and Sponsors.

Nov 7. Asahel Williams. Born Aug 12 1813. Asahel Hickox and Wife, Parents and Sponsors.


Jan 10. Stephen Mead. Born Dec 31. 1808. Aaron and Amanda Wood, Parents. James O. Wattles and Dorothy Wood, Sponsors.

Jan 30. Elizabeth. Born 27th Dec 1812. Aaron and Catharine Cole, Parents and Sponsors.

April 3d. Charlotte. Born 2d Jan 1814. Andre and Dorothy Froment, Parents. Ralph R. and Abigail Phelps, Sponsors.

April 10. Alva Bosmonth. Born March 13. 1802. Permelia Danforth. Born Feb 19 1804. Zilpa. Born June 30 1812. Elizabeth McClenthen, Parent and Sponsor.

April 10. Elias. Born March 29th 1801. Eliza. Born June 9th 1808. Mary Minerva. Born April 23d 1810. Leroy. Born March 1st 1813. Ella Prindle and Wife, Parents and Sponsors.

April 17. Jane. Servant of R. R. Phelps. Dolly Wood and Master (Ralph R. Phelps), Witnesses or Sponsors.

June 5th Hannah Maria. John and Maria Beeker, Parents. Robert Oliphant and Maria Beeker, Sponsors.

June 19. John. Born May 1 1814. James O. and Hannah Wattles, Parents and Sponsors.

June 26. Malvina. Born April 23. 1804. Bound to Rev Wm A Clark. Rev Wm A Clark and Wife, Witnesses. Steadman, Parent.

Baptisms Administered at Manlius and parts adjacent during the years 1822-3 by the Rev Palmer Dyer as found on a small book, in his hand writing, and transcribed by me this 26 day of Sept 1827. B. H. Hickox.


Sept 29. Abel. Born August 4. 1822. Aber and Betsey Howe, Parents, Perryville.

Oct 13. James Harvey. Born Dec 27. 1821. Allen and Anna Emerson, parents.

Dec 22. Ohyd Ann. Charles and Cornelia Bristol, Parents.

Dec 22. Lucia Helena. No Parents or Sponsors recorded.


Jan. 5. Lemuel Childs. Samuel C. and Philenda Nims, Parents.

Jan. 26. Peter. Born Oct 3. 1822. Peter Christman, Parent.

Jan. 26. Israel. Born Dec 27. 1822. Henry Chawgo, Parent. (Chitaningo (Chittenango)

Feb. 23. Mary. Born Feb 22 1816. Edmund and Abigail Davis, Parents. (Chitenago. (Chittenango)

Feb. 23. Abigail. Aged 3 years. Edmund and Abigail Davis, Parents (Chitaningo. (Chittenango)

March 10. Mary. Born Sept 22 1821. Samuel and Sally Walter, Parents.

May 11. Maria Juliette Grant. Born Jan 1. 1822. Nathan and Amond Williams, Parents.

May 18. Samuel Mott. Born Sept 3. 1822. Isaac and Mrs. Hibbard, Parents.

June 4. Mary Louisa. Born April 26. 1823. Nehemiah and Eunice White, parents.

July 13. William Hatch. Born March 15. 1822. Mark and Eunice Blakeslee, parents. (Perryville.

July 13. Lyman Curtis. Born Jan 28. 1822. Eli, Jr. and Emily Blakeslee, Parents. (Perryville.

July 20. Abner Bartlett. Born Feb 1st 1823. Seth B. and Fanny Kellog, Parents.

July 20. Charles. Born Sept 17. 1822. Asa and Mariette Nims, Parents.

July 20. Maria. Born Jan. 8. 1813. Simeon Philips & Mrs. Philips, Parents.

July 20. Charles Pope. (Born March 19. 1812. Cornelia (born July 30 1814. Calista (born Jan 23. 1817. Catharine (born oct. 28. 1817. Mrs. Mary Morse (Widowed Mother)

July 27. Electa Caroline (born May 1814. John W. and Susan Hubbard, Parents. Perryville.

July 27. Horace. (born Feb 1818. Emily (born Oct. 1820. John W. and Susan Hubbard, parents. (Perryvill.)

Aug 10. Anna Maria (born June 20. 1823. Orange and Mrs. Charlotte Clark, Parents.

Aug 17. Charles Parmerlee. (born Feb 11. 1823. Amos and Mary Foote, parents.

The following record was copied from a small book found in the hand writing of the Rev Wm J Bulkley, and transcribed by me this the 27 day of Sept 1827. B H Hickox.


Dec 25. Eliza. born 16 Nov 1823. N. P. and Sibyl Randall, Parents.


Jan 4. Mary Ann. born June 30. 1823. Perryville. Meric and Nancy Seymour, Parents.

April 16. Simon Denison. Mrs Rockwell, Parent.

May 2. Sarah Ann. Wm Bradley. Mr and Mrs Southard, Parents.

July 11. Jerusha. Susan. John W. and Susan Hubbard, parents. Perryville.

July 11. Henry Anthon. Stephen and Harriet Ives, Parents. Perryville.

August 4th. William. Margaret. Henry and Catharine Brink. Parents. Fabius.

August 4. Margaret. Polly. Henry and Sally Koons. Parents. Fabius.


Jan 2d. Moris Danforth. Thomas and Agnes McClenthen, parents.

Feb 13. Mary Ann. Mr & Mrs Squires, parents.

March 10. Andrew. John. Clariss Mariah. John and Mary Elizabeth Dumford, Parents. (Syracuse.)

April 24. Mary Ann. Carlton and Harriet Clapp, Parents.

May 29. Harriet. John W. and Susan Hubbard, Parents. (Perryville.)

July 27. Edward St. Laurence. Joseph and Sarah Farr, Parents and Sponsors.

July 31. Wm Josephus. Harvy and Eunice Hinmon, Parents and Sponsors. Jamesville.

Sept 25. Frances Jennett. born May 8th 1824. Sylvanus and Sarah L. Gurnsey, Parents.


Oct 2. Thomas Adams. Sarah Helen. Margaret Ruth. Thomas and Mrs Clark, Parents.


Feb 19. Theodore. Orange and Mrs. Clark, Parents.

April 23. Marietta. born Feb 5th 1826. Asa and Mrs Nims, Parents.

July 30. Wm Edgar. Frances. Sarah. Adaline. Robert and Mrs Frances Gilmor, Parents.

July 30. Nancy. Hiram. Robey Caroline. Illustrious and Mrs Eunice Remington, Parents.

July 30. Charles Smith. A. B. and Mrs Mc Clenthen, Parents.

Sept 10. James Otis. born July 23d 1826. Joseph and Sophia Smith, Parents.

Sept 10. Ezra Seth. Mrs Fanny Kellogg. Parent. Widow.

Sept 24. Thomas Hopkins. Daniel and Annis Mc Clenthen, Parents.


Jan 21. Delas Dwight. Sylvester and Sarah L. Gurnsey, Parents. Perryville.

March 11. Mary Elizabeth. Mr and Mrs Elmendorf, parents.

April 17. Charles. Mr and Mrs Dixon, Parents.

1827. Per Rev B. H. Hickox.

July 1. Julia. N. P. and Sibyl Randal, Parents and Sponsors.

July 1. Charlotte Maria. Joseph and Sally Malvina Farr, Parents and Sponsors.

July 1. Ann Caroline. Robert and Frances L. Gilmor, Parents and Sponsors.

July 1. Alfred Denison, b. in Enf ield. Illustrious and Eunice Remington, Parents and Sponsors.

July 1. Frances Helen. Israel and Laura Remington, Parents and Sponsors.

July 1. Phila Philinda. born Nov 5 1825. Lemuel C. and Philinda Nims, Parents and Sponsors. B. H. Hickox. Missionary.

Oct 7. Theodora Amelia. born June 26th 1827. Richard H. and Theodora Hopkins, Parents and Sponsors. B H Hickox. Missionary.


March 28. William Hugh. born June 1826. Hugh and Harriet Gillespie, Parents and Sponsors. Jamesville.

Sept. 7. Guilford Curtis. Carlton and Hariet Clapp, Parents; Jonathon Hurd, Carlton and Hariet Clapp, Sponsors.


May 10. Mary Mills. Ann Curtis. Lucia Sophia. Alva and Sophia Gates, Parents and Sponsors.

May 10. Henry Walter. Minervia Julia. Mary Ruth. Jacob Rutsen (see 29, 1830) and Polly Hibbard De Puy, Parents and Sponsors.

May 10. Laura. Israel and Mrs Remington, Parents and Sponsors.

May 24. Gold. Helen Augusta. Joel B. and Eliza Hibbard, Parents. Mrs Rhoda Gold, Joel B. and Eliza Hibbard, Sponsors.

May 24. Charles. Cyrus and Helen Hawley, Parents. Rhoda Gold and Jonathan Hibbard, Sponsors.

June 7. Whit Sunday. Helen Ordelia. George and Mariah H Philips, Parents. Mrs. Lutheria Ward, George and Mariah H Philips, Sponsors.

June 7. Helen Augusta. Alva B and Eleanor McClenthen, Parents and Sponsors.

June 21. Ira. Daniel M. and Mrs Annis McClenthen, Parents. L. C. Nims, Robert Gilmor, Mrs. Annis Mc Clenthen, Sponsors.

Aug 16. Daniel Harvy. Pamela. Nath and Nancy Miller, parents. A. B. Mc Clenthen, R Gilmor, Nancy Miller, Sponsors.

Oct 18. Burnett Hubbell aged 2 years. Emma Hickox aged 8 months. Thomas and Agnis Mc Clenthen, Parents. L C Nims, R Gilmor, Agnis Mc Clenthen, Sponsors.

Oct 25. Edwin Smith aged 3 months. Lemuel Hawley and (blank) Hawley, Parents and Sponsors.

Nov 30. 1829 in Hopewell Ontario County I baptised Joel Platt. Joel and Lydia Hart, Parents and Sponsors.

At the place & time. Harriet Angeline. Orpha Elizabeth. Susan Catharine. Philo Bates, Parent. Philo Bates, Mrs Naomi Bates, Miss Esther Bates, Sponsors.


Jan 15. Betsey. Born Feb 15 1821. Amanda born June 23. 1822. Thomas Isaac born Feb 3d 1824. Charles Lot born Sept 24 1825. Jacob born July 2d 1827. Adeline born June 23d 1829. Jacob and Esther Richmond, Parents. Esther Richmond, Sponsor. (See Sept. 4, 1831.)

Feb 2. Daniel Porter born August 28. 1820. Cordelia Abigail born March 28. 1822. Walter Henry born May 5. 1824. Emma Augusta born Jan 5. 1826. Catharine Ann born Feb 6. 1828. Miller and Mrs. Miller, Parents and Sponsors.

May 29. At Fayetteville. Helen Burnet. Jacob Rutgers (see May 10, 1829) and Polly De Puy, Parents and Sponsors.

May 29. Miriam Delia. Hannah Delilah. Sally Maria. Susan Jennet. Henry Godard. Polly. Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, Parents. Mrs. Olmstead, Grand parent and Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, Sponsors.

The above is the Record of the Rev. B. H. Hickox.


August 1st Minerva Eliza aged 11 years 8 mo. Horace Sprague aged 8 years 6 ½ mo. Hanah Rowena aged 5 years 6 ½ months. Sarah Emily aged 1 year 6 mo. Children ofJoshua & Sarah S. Nichols, the Parents as Sponsors.

Aug. 1. Robert Henry an infant son of Robert & Frances L Gilmor born in the Village of Manlius May 1830, the Parents as Sponsors.

Oct 8. Theadorah daughter of Daniel ~ Annis M. Clenthen ()Mc Clenthen) aged 7 weeks. Born Augt. 19 1830. Mr Lemuel C Nims, the Mother & Miss Lydia Babcock, Sponsors.

Nov 21. Harriet infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Twitchels (Twitchell). The Parents and Miss Lydia Babcock, Sponsors.

The above is the record of the Rev. James Selkrig.

1831. By the hand of A. S. Hollister.

May 22. Baptized in Church. Mary Elizabeth Dodge. Esther Catharine. Oliver Eugene Webster. Children of (Dr.?) Ansel and Elizabeth S. Lull, Parents and Sponsors.

May 22. Lucretia. Roby Ann. Harriet (?), children of Loyd and Mindwell Remington, Parents and Sponsors.

May 22. Charles Paddock born Sept. 26. 1825. Laura Maria born July 26. 1825. John born Sept. 24. 1827. Charlotte Maria born March 30. 1829. Children of John (T.?) And Maria Merrell, parents and Sponsors.

May 22. Henry. John Gay. Children of H. C. and Adaline Vanschaick.

May 22. Ann Augusta born 7th March 1830. Child of Joseph and Sophia Smith, Parents and Sponsors.

May 26. In Private Baptism by Rev Amos Pardee. William and Frances twin children of Rev. A. S. and Anna Hollister born May 18 1831.

May 29. Child of Joshua Nichols, Parents sponsors.

July 24. William Thomas infant son of J. H. V. (J.V.H.) And Adeline (Adaline) Clark, Parents and Sponsors.

Aug 21. Olive Elizabeth. Abigail Lana. Children of Conrad Lower. Mrs. Messinger and Parents, sponsors.

Sept. 4. Henry, son of Col. Jacob Richman. Col. Jacob Richman, Mrs. Richman, R. Gilmor, Sponsors.

Sept. 18. 1831. Sarah Adeline infant child of Israel Remington born Sept. 9, 1831. Parents sponsors. (See Jan. 15, 1830.)


Easter Sunday. Martha. Dorothy. Melangthon. Elizabeth. Children of Thomas and Hannah Lewis. Parents sponsors.

July 8. Peter infant son of H. C. and Adaline Van Schaack. Parents sponsors.

Aug 26. Mary Ann daughter of J. J.(?) Merritt (?) And his wife Maria. Parents sponsors.

Aug 26. Theodora daughter of Robt. and Frances Gilmor, Parents sponsors.

No date. James Shelton infant son of Curtis and Jane Twitchell, Parents sponsors.


March 10. Edward Fall son of A. S. and Anna Hollister born Dec. 16. 1832. Edward M. Teall and Anna Hollister, Sponsors.

March 10. Eliza infant daughter of Loyd and Mindwell Remington, Parents sponsors.

June 9 I baptized Lucy Mary. Daughter of Dr Wm and Mrs. Lucy Taylor - Parents sponsors.

June 9. Wm Jonah son of Mr and Mary Ann (looks like Polchfurd). Parents and Dr. Taylor, sponsors.

June 9. Lucus Aurilean son of Dr. A. and E. S. Lull, parents sponsors.

June 16. Albert infant son of J. H. V. (J.V.H.) and Adeline (Adaline) Clark. Parents and Grandparents, sponsors.

Aug 25. I baptized Samuel Jeremiah. Emma Elvira. Laura Melinda. Children of Mr. Boyce (possibly Royce). Parents sponsors.

Oct. I baptized Joseph Farr, infant son of Mary Ann and C. C. Burr. Mr. Burr and Mr. and Mrs. Farr were sponsors. (Note: This record appears confusing, but is correct. Mary Ann Farr Burr b. 20 Nov. 1804 was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Farr. Mr. and Mrs. Farr were the grandparents.)

Nov 24. I baptised Charles Dyer infant son. Nichoals P. and Sybil Randall. Parents and Frances Randall, Sponsors.


March 9. I baptized Francis Lawton, born April 2, 1833, daughter of L and Maria Stilson. Mrs. Stilson, Dr. Pulford and Mrs. Depuy, sponsors.

March 9. I baptized Robert Emerson infant son of Mr. Barton (Burton?) and Lucretia Barton (Burton?). Parents and Mr. Emerson, sponsors.


March 12. I baptized Sophia, infant daughter of Daniel E. and Hepzebah Burhans. Parents and Mrs Hollister, sponsors.

March 12. Also at the same time. Edgar Brown infant son of Mr. Kneeland and Mary Sweet. Parents sponsors.

Apr 3. At the house of Mr May on the evening of the 3. Of April 1835 I baptized Marsha Elanor, infant daughter of Elijah E. and Lucretia May. Parents sponsors together with Mr. Franklin and Mrs Lucretia May. (Both Franklin May and Elijah May were married to women named Lucretia.) July. Nicholas Dyer baptised in Christ Church by Rev B. Northrop. N. P. and S. D. Randall, Parents.

July 9. In Church. Joshua Morse infant son of J. H. V. (J.V.H.) And Adeline (Adaline) Clark. Parents and grand parents sponsors.

The Above is the Record of the Rev. Algernon S. Hollister.


Dec 27. Samuel, Infant Son of David L. and Hannah Farnham. (Fayetteville, infant)


Jan 31. Charles Rollin, the infant son of Illustrious and Mrs. Remington. Parents sponsors.

Jan 31. At same time. Julia Ellen, the infant daughter of Loyd (Lloyd) and Mindwell Remington. Parents sponsors.

March 23. In the Church at Fayetteville. Helen Maria. The infant daughter of Leonard and Sally Maria Stilson.

April 10. Amelia Jane. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Grinnell.

May 29 (above the 29 is 20th). At the House of Jacob R. Depuy. Fayetteville. George Burnett. The infant son of Dr Hugh and Harriett Gillespie. The Parents and Col. And Mrs Sprague, Witnesses.

June 19. In Christ Church. John Jay. The infant son of H. (Henry) C. and Adeline (Adaline) Van Schaack.

August 9. At the house of Mr. Warren, in Manlius. Sarah Augusta and Mary. Children of Gorham and Hannah Warren. Mrs Warner and Mrs Warren, witnesses.


August 20. In Christ Church. Emeline Adelia. The infant daughter of Elijah E. and Lucretia May.

August 20. Also in Christ Church. Mary Ann Maria and John Robert Sweaton. Infant son and daughter of John and (no name) Merritt.


May 20. In Christ Church, Chauncey Pelton. The infant Son of H. C. and Adeline Van Schaack.

Sept 7th. In Seneca Falls, Seneca county, I baptized Foster Emblin, infant son of Thos. And Maria Carr.

Sept 7. Also, Mary Elizabeth, Infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Dean.

Oct 26. In Christ Church. Charlotte Mossline, the infant daughter of Mrs. Emeline Marsh.

April 10. By the Rev. Amos Pardee, at the house of J.V.H. Clark in Eagle Village, Oliver, Infant son of J.V.H. and Phebe A. Clark. Present Parents and Robert Gilmor. Record of Rev. I. Pound.

1839. By Rev. Appleton.

August. In Christ Church, Letitia Ann and Martha Alice children of Mr. A. B. Mclenthen (Mc Clenthen), Franklin and Esther, children of Gen. Richmond (Richman), Helen Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. J.V.H. Clark, (blank), child of Mr. Lower of Pompey.

September 8. By Rev. C. C. Millett of Pompey (The Rector being absent), Orpha, infant daughter of Henry Van Schaack Esq.

September 11. At the house of Jesse Prindle, his five children, viz. Hervey Cobb, Daniel Rawson, Ella LeRoy, Maria Minerva, and Olive Sybil.


May 24. In Christ Church. George Webster infant son of Mr. Lloyd Remington.

June 7. Festival of Whitsunday. In Christ Church, Frederick Kneeland and Andalusia, children of Mr. Kneeland Sweet. Franklin Austin, infant son of Mr. E. E. May and Mrs. Lucretia May. Reginald Heber, child of Mr. Israel Remington. Mary, child of Mr. Gorham Warren and Julia Ann, infant daughter of Mr. Curtis Twitchell.

August 16. Ninth Sund. Of Trinity. In Christ Church, Orpha, infant daugher of H. C. Vanschaack (Van Schaack) Esq. And Adeline (Adaline) Vanschaack (Van Schaack). Sponsors. Parents and Mrs. Lucy Taylor.

The above is the record of Rev. G. Appleton.


Jan 12. This may certify that I baptised, at the house of Mr. Alvah B. Mc Clenthon, Eleanor Mc Clenthon, his infant daughter. Present Mrs. Moorehouse (Morehouse), Mrs. Randall and Mr. Mc Clenthon. The parish being destitute of a Rector. S. C. Millett, Minister at Pompey and Jamesville.

May 21. At the house of Mr. John Merritt baptized James Henry. Infant son of Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Merritt. S. (Seth) Davis.

July 4. In Christ Church Manlius 4th Sunday after Trinity July 4th 1841, baptized the following named children-

Henry Lyman and Charles Albert. Infant sons of Alfred and Sarah Waite Nims. Sponsor - Illustrious Remington.

Mary Sophia and James Augustus, infant children of Hiram and Eunice Phillips. Sponsors - Joseph Smith and Mrs. Rockwell.

Elizabeth, Infant Daughter of John and Julia Murphy. Sponsor Mrs. Adaline Van Schaack.

Henry Harrison. Infant son of Israel and Laura Remington.


May 15. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on Whitsunday May 15th 1842 the following named children -

Sophia Adeline - Infant daughter of J.V.H. and Phebe Clark - Sponsors Laura W. Taylor and the parents.

William Luther. Infant Son of Elijah and Lucretia May. Sponsors the parents.

Ellen Maria and Charles Allen. Infant children of Ebenezer and

Nancy N. Marvin. Sponsors - Mr. L. C. Nims, Mr. Alfred Nims,

Horace Nims, Mrs. S. Randall, Mrs. Emeline Marsh.

Jesse Hall. Infant son of Jesse and Mahula(?) Prindle. Sponsors

Mrs. Olive Messenger and Mrs. Eliza Newman.

Jane - Infant daughter of George and Eliza Newman. Sponsors Mrs. Olive Messenger and Mrs. Mahula(?) Prindle.

Oct. 30. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the 30th of Oct. 1842 Hellen Aurelia, Infant daughter of Mr. Thos. Clark Jun. And Mrs. Hannah Clark. Sponser, besides the Parents Miss Hellen Clark.


Feb. 12. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the 12th of Feb. 1843 being Septuagesima Sunday -

Cornelius, Infant son of Henry C. and Adaline Van Schaack. Mr. R. Gilmor sponsor, and also

Amanda, Infant daughter of Alfred and Sarah W. Nims. Sponsors, Mr. J.V.H. Clark and Marietta Nims.

July 30. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius Seventh Sunday after Trinity the following named infants (no names).


April 14. 1st Sunday after Easter. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius Alice Ives. Infant daughter of Henry C. and Adeline Van Schaack. Sponsor Mrs. S. Randall.

May 12. Fifth Sunday after Easter. Baptized at the dwelling of Mr. Lloyd Remington, William Henry, Infant Son of Lloyd and Mindwell Remington. Sponsor Dr. William Taylor.

June 30. 4th Sunday after Trinity. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius Harriett Jane, Emogene Abigail, Burnt North, children of Chester G. and Mary M. Brige - Sponsors besides Parents, Mr. E. E. May and Mrs. L. May. Also Charles Curtis, Infant Son of Mr. Curtis Twitchel (Twitchell) - Sponsors besides the parents Mr. Saml. L. Edwards.

Aug. 11. Baptised in Christ Church Manlius, Tenth Sunday after Trinity, Irene Augusta. Infant daughter of Thomas Clark Jun. And Mrs. Hannah Clark. Besides the parents Mrs. Hannah Bates stood as sponsor.

Aug. 18. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity, John Bostwick, Infant Son of Daniel G. and Annis Mc Clenthen. Sponsor besides the parents Mr. Lemuel C. Nims.


Sept. 7. The 16th Sun. After Trinity. Baptized in Christ Church Manlius Dorothy Elizabeth, and John Otis, children of Hiram D. and Mrs Eunice Philips. Sponsors, Beside the mother, Mrs. Rockwell and Mr. Joseph Smith. David Pise Jr., Minister, &c.

Dec 14. 3d Sunday in Advent. Baptized James Henry, Infant son of Leonard and Mary E. Stilwell. Sponsors beside the mother, Mr. Lemuel G. Nims and Mrs. S. Randall. David Pise Jr., Minister &c.


Feb 22. In private infant daughter (Alice Caroline) of the late Dr H. H. and Mrs. Nancy Harrington. Sponsors Illust. Remington, Mrs. I. Remington and Mrs. N. Harrington. D. Pise, Jr., Minister &c.

Whitsunday a.m., 1846, I Baptized in Christ Church Manlius, Margaret, Infant daughter of Henry C. and Adaline Van Schaack. Sponsors Mrs S. D. Randall and the parents. D. Pise Jr. Rector.


On 3d Sunday after Easter April 25th 1847 in Christ Church Manlius I baptized the three following children pf Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweet, viz. Lewis, ae. 7; Albert, ae. 5, George Anson, ae. 3. Sponsors - L. C. Nims, J. V. H. Clark, Mrs. Anson Sweet. D. Pise, Jr.

July 11. On the 6th S. after Trinity July 11th 1847 at morning prayer in Christ Church Manlius I baptized Fredric David, Infant son of Rev. David and Aurelia S. Pise. Sponsors. Dr. Taylor E. E. May, J.V.H. Clark, Mrs. Van Schaack. Born March 27 1847. Also Ives, infant son of H. C. and Adaline Van Schaack. Sponsors. H. C. Van Schaack, Dr. Wm. Taylor, Miss Adaline E. Van Schaack. Born April 18 1847. Also Fredric Mann and Edwin Farr children of the late Nicholas and Mrs. Susanna Easterbrook. Sponsors E. E. May, Walter Beach and Mrs. Susanna Gridley. Fredric Mann born Jan 11 1844. Edwin Farr born Feb 2th 1846. Also Mary Elizabeth infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clark. Sponsors. Parents and Mrs. Bates. D. Pise Jr., Rector.

Oct 31. On the 22d S. after Trinity Oct 31st 1847 at the morning prayer in Christ Church Manlius I baptized Cornelia Sims, infant daughter of J.V.H. and Phebe A. Clark. Sponsors Parents and Mrs. Mary E. Smith. D. Pise Jr. Minister. Born (no date).


Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the Seventh Sunday after Trinity, the following named children to wit. James Clapp Lansing, infant son of James S. and Mrs. J. Lansing. Sponsors - parents and Dr. William Taylor. Fredrich Asa infant Son of Alfred and Mrs. Sarah W. Nims. Sponsors parents and Asa and Marietta Nims.


June 29. On the 2d Sunday after Trinity & St. Peters day, June 29 was baptized in C. Church, Sophia, Daughter of Hiram and Margaret Remington. Sponsors, Illustrious and Mrs. Remington and Parents by the Rev. J. H. Hanson.


Sept 26. In Christ Ch. Manlius Sunday Sept 26th 1852 I baptized the following children of James L. and Almira C. Beebee, viz. Darwin Bartholomew aged 10 years, Reuben Tabor aged 8 years, Edwin Hurd aged 6 years, Frederick Fargo aged 2 years. Sponsors - the Parents and Mr. Lemuel C. Nims. John A. Jerome, Minister.


2d Sunday after Easter 1853. Harriet A (remainder of middle name unclear), daughter ~ Mr. A. (middle name unclear) and Roby Ann Vroman born July 5 1849. Sponsors Loyd (Lloyd) Remington, Harriet Remington and Mrs. Vroman. Osgood E. Herrick (minister).

2d Sunday after Easter 1853. Isabell - infant daughter of Hiram and Margaret Remington aged (no age). Sponsors - Parents and Mrs. Nancy Herrington. Osgood E. Herrick.

23d Sunday after Trinity October 30th 1853 in Christ Church - Earnest Hewitt - son of Alfred and Sarah W. Nims aged 3 years. Sponsors - Mr Illustrious Remington, Miss Ann Smith & the father. Osgood E. Herrick.


Saturday evening April 22d 1854 in private by the Rev. William Bliss Ashley of Syracuse, Mary Lo~Ase, infant daughter of Francis E. and Louise Lakin born March 28 1854. Osgood E. Herrick.

2d Sunday after Trinity June 25th 1854 Ellen Emeline daughter of Mr Franklin and Mrs Susan Williams of California(?), born December 28 1852. Sponsors Mr. E. E. May, Mrs. Emeline Stimson and the mother. Osgood E. Herrick.


Baptized in Christ Church, April 8, 1855, it being Easter Day, Mary Caroline, child of Wakeman and Hittie(?) Aurelia Sprague, born May 14, 1852. Sponsor, the Parents, Miss Caroline Curtis and Mrs. Ovid Sprague. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church June 24 1855 it being the 3d S. after Trinity, Ellen Eliza, infant daughter of A. S. and Robey Vroman. Sponsors, Lloyd Remington, Lucretia Remington and the Mother. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church Oct 14, 1855, Frances Adel born Oct 4, 1851, and Mary Ellen, born Nov 17, 1853, children of Mr. Francis (middle initial unclear) and Emeline Eliza Pattridge. Sponsors Mr Robert Gilmor, Miss Charlotte W. Williams and Mrs. O. E. Herrick, and the parents. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church Nov 11, 1855 Stephen Edwin born March 14, 1848, Alice Ann, July 30, 1850 and Helen (middle name unclear), Nov 15, 1853, children of Mr. Tryon and Laura Bates. Sponsors, Mr. Daniel C. Bates and Mrs. Hannah Bates, and parents. Osgood E. Herrick.


Baptized in Christ Church Easter Day, March 23, 1856, Charles William son of Hiram D. and Eunice Phillips born July 15 1854. Sponsors Robert Gilmor, Ann A. Smith and the mother. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church July 13, 1856, Lilian, oldest daughter of Frank and Eliza Potter born (no date). Sponsors - Mr. and Mrs. James L. Beebee and the mother. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church Aug. 3, 1856 Henry Van Schaack, infant son of Aaron and Adaline Vanderpool of New York City, born Jan 19, 1856. Sponsors - H. C. Van Schaack, Mrs. H. C. Van Schaack and the parents. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church Aug 17, 1856, William Porter, son of Porter and Mary Williams, born July 2d, 1855. Sponsors, James L. Beebee, Mrs. J. L. Beebe and Mrs. Diantha Williams. Osgood E. Herrick.

Baptized in Christ Church Aug. 17, 1856 Canton Clapp, son of Henry (Hervy?) and Mary Ann Jerome, born April 5, 1855. Sponsors - Mr. Robert Gilmor, Mrs. Carlton Clapp and the mother. Osgood E. Herrick.