Adult Baptisms in Christ Church Manlius


July 14.

Youngs aged 37 years (Ledyard). Jonathan Hurd & wife, Witnesses

Betsey aged 28 Ledyard

James Otis aged 28 Wattles

Hannah aged 29 Wattles

Lydia aged 25 James

Betsey aged 29 (no last name). Jonathan Hurd and Wife, Witnesses (for the previous five).


May 18. Deborah. Nathan Stuart and Wife, Witnesses

August 16. Nancy, aged 21 Wattles. James O. Wattles and wife, Witnesses.


Dec 5. Ann (Huntington) aged 30 years. Abigail Phelps, Salmon, Witnesses.


April 8. Simon Denison (Wattles) aged 33 years. James 0. Wattles, Nancy Wattles, witnesses.

April 26th Ephraim (Barrett) aged 54. James O. Wattles, Youngs Ledyard, Witnesses.

August 7. Eleanor (Dexter) aged 17. Jacinthan Clark, Nancy Wattles, Sponsors.

I copied the above from some loose sheets of paper found in the manuscript writing of the Rev Wm A Clark. Burton H. Hickox. Minister of Christ Church &c.


Nov. 10. Miss Maria Hamlin (Ward)

Nov. 10. Miss Annis (Bostwick)

Nov. 17. Miss Mary (Morse)

Dec. 8. Miss Mary Ann (Granger).

The above was found in the hand-writing of the Rev Palmer Dyer, recorded without witnesses, and transcribed by me, this the 26 Sept 1827. B. H. Hickox.


Feb. 22d. Thomas Gilmor


Aug 1. Sarah, Mrs. Gardner

June 1st. Nancy, Mrs. Hall of Skeneateles (Skaneateles)

Sept 6. Joseph Purdy, Bends. Jamesville.

July 2d. Harvey Hinmon. Jamesville.


July 16. Joseph Smith, Illustrious Remington, Robert Gilmor, Israel Remington, Mrs. Frances Ledyard Gilmor, Eunice, Mrs. Remington, Diantha, Miss Clement.

Aug 13. Hannah, Miss Clark

Aug 27. Harriet, Mrs. Gillespie; Sarah, Miss Gilmor; Lucy, Miss Grinnell.

Sept 3. Lucy, Mrs. Taylor

The enclosed names were baptized A.D. 1826. R. Gilmor (1826 is penciled in next to July 16 which originally was recorded as if 1824. Robert Gilmor was a warden and vestryman of Christ Church for many years.


April 17. Thomas, Doct. Littlefield. (Original notation 1824).

The above was found in the hand-writing of the Rev Wm Josephus Bulkley, recorded without witnesses, and transcribed by me this the 26 of Nov 1827. H. H. Hickox. Minister of Christs Church Manlius (covers the period from 1823 above, see notation by Gilmor in 1826.


June 29th Sophia, Mrs. Gates. Robert Gilmor, Frances L. Gilmor, Witnesses.

May 25th. Hanan Russ. Jonathan Hurd, (no name), Witnesses.

Dec 25 . Polly Hibbard! Mrs. De Puy. Isaac V. V. Hibbard, Miss Lydia Babcock, Witnesses.

Dec. 25th Sarah! Mrs. Chester Clapp. Jonathan Hurd, Mrs. Harriet Clapp, Witnesses. 1829.

April 19. Jacob Rutson De Puy. Robert Gilmor, Witness.

April 19. Asenith Dawly. Mrs. Sibyl Randall, Robert Gilmor, Witnesses.

May 17. Esther. (Mrs. Jacob Richmond)(Richman). Robert Gilmor and Wife, Witnesses.

May 17. Judith (Miss Russ). Jacob Rutsen De Puy and Wife, Witnesses.

Aug 2d. Aseneth Clarinda (Morehouse). A. B. Mc Clenthen, Mrs. Betsey Morehouse, Witnesses. Conklin penciled in after McClenthen but may refer to line above which refers to Aseneth.

Sept 6th. Mary Ann (Taylor), Cornelia (Marsh). Dr. Wm Taylor, Mrs. Lucy Taylor, Miss Post, Witnesses.

Dec. 25th. Mary Coats. Jacob R. De Puy, Miss Hannah Gunn, Witnesses.

1830 and 1831.

Adult Baptisms by the Rev. Amos Pardee & the Rev. James Selkrig, 1830 & 1831.

  • Mrs. Bangs, Fayetteville
  • Mr. Hutchens, Fayetteville
  • Albert Neely & Mrs Neely (Fayetteville)
  • Phebe Pulford (Fayetteville)
  • Mrs. Gay
  • Eleanor Ann McClenthen
  • Andrew T. Gilmor
  • Sophronia Loomis
  • Elijah Eaton May
  • Joshua Nichols
  • George W. Palmer
  • Dwight Nims
  • Ira Loomis
  • David Jackson.
  • Also penciled in are the following: Mrs. V. Lo(unclear), Mrs. Farnham, D. L. Farnham, Mr. Hutchins, Mrs. Barton, Nancy Agan, Emeline Williams, Mrs. Lines, Emily Hale, Almira Kneeland, Mur(?) Loomis.


    Adults Baptized in Christ Church Manlius by Rev. A. S. Hollister

    May 22. Ansell Lull, Elizabeth S. Lull, Loyd Remington, Mindwell Remington, John G. Merrits, Laura Maria Merrits, Adaline Van Schaack.

    May 29th Susan Marsh. Mrs. Taylor, Witness; Louisa Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Witnesses.

    1831. Whitsunday. Mrs. Lower. Mrs. Miss(?), Conrad Lower, Witnesses.

    July 24. Joshua H. V. Clark (V. H.) And Adeline (Adaline) Clark. Thomas Clark, his wife, witnesses also Catherine Neely, Marvin A. Burk, belonging to Fayetteville.

    Aug. 21. Laura Marsh. Mrs. Hollister & Mrs. (?) Witnesses


    Feb. 25. Alva Marsh, Esq. In the Lecture Room.

    Easter Sunday. Laura S. (?), Emeline Williams, Laura Ward, Hannah Lewis

    Trinity Sunday. Nancy Agun. Mrs. S. Randall & Sarah Randall, Witnesses.

    Aug 26. Lovica Cooper. Mr. Isaac V. V. Hibbard & his wife witnesses.


    June 9th Emily Hale. R. Gilmor & wife, Witnesses

    June 16. Almira Kneeland. Mrs. Gilmor, Mrs. Richman, witnesses.

    July 26. Mar (?) Loomis. Lydia Babcock, A. T. & S. Gilmor, witnesses.


    Feb. 5. I baptized in Trinity Church, Fayetteville Mrs. Stilson wife of Leonard Stilson.

    Easter Sunday, Man. Henry Minor & Emeline W. Ingals.

    (The following five records should have been recorded in Child Baptisms.)

    April 13. I bap. John Henry, infant son of Mr. & Margarett Babcock. Parents & Joseph Smith (spon. penciled in).

    April 17. Baptized in Church infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Ritton(?) Of Eagle Village.

    May 11. Baptized by Rev. B. Northrup, Lydia Beekman infant of H. C. & Maria Van Schaack. Parents & Mrs. Beekman sponsors.

    Aug. 31. I baptized Edward Farr infant son of Aaron & L. Malvina Cook. Parents & Joseph Farr, sponsors.

    Oct. I baptized an infant child of Wm Abel Bo(?) At his house in private Baptism.

    Christmas Day. I baptized Sarah Anse Baker & admitted her to the Communion. Mrs. Stebbins & Mrs Baker witnesses.


    Feb 22 in Fayetteville I baptized Mrs. Mead, Mr. and Mrs. Farnham Witnesses.

    March 12. In Manlius Christ Church, Hepsibah Burhans, wife of D. (?) Burhans. Mrs. Hollister & Mr. Burhans witnesses

    Aug 30. In Christ Church Manlius Aug 30, 1835 Andrew Messenger. R. Gilmor & Mr. Minor Witnesses.

    The above is the Record of the Rev. Algernon S. Hollister.

    1837. In Trinity Church Fayetteville.

    May 7. Hiram Wood

    May 24. Mary Wood. In St. Pauls Syracuse by B. P. Onderdonk for Fayetteville parish.

    The above is the record of the Rev. Jesse Pound.


    July. By Rev. S. Appleton, Mr. Nathaniel Phillips. Sponsor, Robert Gilmor, Esq.


    May 30. Festival of Whitsunday. In Christ church Manlius. Baptized the following persons.

    Miss Henrietta Kneeland, Miss Charlotte Wallace Williams, Miss Hannah Abby Taylor, & Mrs. Sarah Waite Nims. Witnesses - Mr. Gilmor & Mrs. M. E. Davis for Miss Kneeland. Mrs. Williams & Dr. Taylor for Miss Williams. Dr. Taylor & Mrs. Van Schaack for Miss Taylor. Mrs. Rockwell & Mr. A. Nims for Mrs. Nims. Seth Davis, minister of the Parish.


    June 26. Fifth Sunday after Trinity in Christ Church Manlius baptized the following persons. Mr. Daniel Potter and Miss Sophia Mappa Ward. Witnesses for Mr. Potter, Mr. Robert Gilmor Esq. And Mr. Joseph Smith. For Miss Ward, Dr. Wm. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Root.


    July 30. Seventh Sunday after Trinity in Christ Church Manlius, baptized the following named person Miss Catharine Waldron. Witnesses Mrs. Merritt & Mrs Mc Clenthen.


    Adult Baptisms in Christ Church by the Rev. D. Pise.

    Friday evening at Evening prayers. July 10 1846. I baptized Amelia Priscilla & Anna Mary Bunell. Witnesses Mr. R. Gilmor, Mrs. S. D. Randall & Mrs. E. E. May. D. Pise.

    On All Saints Day being also the 21st ~ after Trinity Nov. 14 1846, Baptized for Christ Church by Bp. De Lancey, Henry Nichols from St. Peters congregation of Cazenovia - His age 23 years - Witnesses Dr. Wm Taylor Mr. Benjamin C. Paddock & Mrs. S. D. Randall. Recorded by D. Pise.


    On Easter Day April 4th 1847 at Evening prayer, baptized by me Anson Newman witnesses Dr. Taylor, J.V.H. Clark Mrs A. Sweet & Mrs. Newman his mother. His age 19 years. Emma Howland. Witnesses Dr. Taylor, Mrs. A. Sweet, Mrs. S. D. Randal. Her age (none listed). D. Pise.


    On Good Friday (April 21) at morning prayers I baptized Harriet Washburn & Achsa Maria Benson.

    May 17. Hanly Lower - son Edgar Gilmon & sponsors Robert Gilmor, Maria Gilmor & (blank).

    On Easter Day George Robert Cook. Adult.

    On 3rd Sund. In Advent, James Richard infant son of James and Charlotte Winny - born 31 Aug. 1848. Sponsors parents and Dr. W Taylor, Robert Gilmor & Maria Gilmor.

    May 14. Clarrissa (penciled in) Augusta Austin (Austin penciled out). Elijah May, Lucretia May & Mary Smith, sponsors.


    July 6. Alice Smith infant daughter of Thomas A. & Hannah Clark. Sponsors parents and Hannah Bates.

    July 27th. James Appleton infant son of S. G. Hau & Frances Hall of Racine Wis. Sponsors: parents and the Rev. S. G. Appleton.

    June 8th Mrs. Lucretia Lannia Austin. Witnesses. Elijah E. May and Lucretia May.

    October 21. By the Rev. D. Pise for the Rector Simon Denison Wattles Phillips infant son of Hiram D. and Eunice Phillips, aged about one year. Sponsors Robert Gilmor, S. D. Randall & the Mother.

    Octr. 21 by the same, Annie Rutledge. Infant daughter of the Rev. John L. Gay and Anne Elizabeth his wife. Sponsors Dr. William Taylor, Mrs. Lucretia May, Miss Julia M. Randall & the parents. This child born Septr. 14. 1849.

    Sunday Dec. 23 in the Church (?) Hiram Remington infant son of Hiram and Margaret Remington. Sponsors Mr Illustrious Remington, J.V.H. Clark & Mrs. Tanner.


    Sunday March 24. 1850 in the Church James Roan infant son of Mr and Mrs Mc Cann who were sponsors for their own child. Parents names (blank).

    Sunday June 16. 1830 in the Church Henry infant son of Alfred & Sarah W. Nims. Sponsors Illustrious Remington and the parents. Cornelia Ives, infant daughter of H. C. & Adaline Van Schaack. Sponsors parents & Julia M. Randall.

    Sunday 21 July 1850 in St. Marks Church Jamesville I baptized Mrs. Nancy Reals & Miss Martha Hinsdal. Sponsors. Thos. & Mrs. Sherwood & dau, D. Burhans & wife Witnesses.

    Sunday August 11. 1850 in Christ Church Manlius, I baptized Miss Mary Grinnell, Witnesses Robert Gilmor & Laura Taylor.

    Sunday Septr 14. In Christ Church, Mrs. Susan Williams, wife of Franklin Williams of California. Witnesses, Mr. C. Twitchell & Miss Charlotte W. Williams.

    Baptized in Christ Church Manlius Octr 3rd 1850 the following children of James & Mary Hill to wit.

    Samuel Edward aged 14

    Ellen Maria aged 13

    James Hiram aged 12

    Ralph William aged 10

    Mary Joanna aged 9

    Augusta Cornelia aged 7

    Josephine Elizabeth aged 5

    Agnes Ophilia aged 3

    Sponsors for the above Walter Beach, Alfred Nims, Mrs. Lucretia May & the father.

    Also at the same time & place the following children of James & Jane Ruling (Rowling?) To wit.

    George aged 12

    Elizabeth aged 10

    Levi aged 8

    Maryette aged 5

    Juliet aged 5

    John Lloyd aged 3

    Sponsors for the above Mrs Randall, Mrs Merritt, Mr Gilmor, Dr Taylor, Mr & Mrs Robinson & the parents.

    Baptized in Jamesville at the house of the candidate Miss Fanny Haskin aged about 50. Witnesses Mrs Rhoda Gilman & Mrs Nancy Reals.


    Baptized in Christ Church Manlius, on 2nd Sunday in Lent March 16 Miss Abby Parry - Witnesses Curtis Twitchell & his wife.

    Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the 4th Sunday in Lent Mar. 30. 1851 Miss Beulah Hibbard an adult. Witnesses E. E. May, Lucretia May & Mary Grinnell.

    Baptized in Christ Church, Manlius, on the 14th of April 1851, Elizabeth Eden Gay daughter of John Lenoir, and Anne Elisabeth Gay. Born January 13 1851. Sponsors Daniel Wattles, and Mary Smith, Hannah Bates, Dorothea Allen & Parents. For the minister. William H. D Lancey, Bishop

    Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on the 14th April 1851 the following adults to wit. Lucretia Augusta Sweet. Sponsors or witnesses Mr. E. E. May & Charlotte Sweet; Mrs H(?) Amelia Sprague. And Miss Caroline Locinia Curtis. Mr & Mrs H. C. Van Schaack, Mrs Onel Sprague, Mrs. Curtis - Witnesses.

    Baptized in Christ Church Manlius on Sunday April 27. 1851 Francis Lana infant son of Edmund 0. Clapp & Laura his wife - born Nov. (?) 1850. Sponsors the parents & H. C. & Adaline Van Schaack & E. E. May.


    Baptized in Christ Ch. Manlius May 16th 1852 the following adults to wit. Mr James Appleton Jr. Sponsors or Witnesses - Mr. Saml. L. Edwards, Mrs. Jas. Appleton Jr., and Mrs. Alma Caroline Beebee. Sponsors or Witnesses Mr & Mrs E. E. May, Mrs. Diantha Williams. John A. Jerome, Minister.

    Baptized in Christ Ch. Manlius June 13th 1852. Harriet Josephine, Aged 5 years and Harrison Leonard, Aged 3 years, children of Leonard & Mary E. Stillwell (Stilwell). Sponsors - Mrs. Journey, Mr. Elijah E. May and the Mother. John A. Jerome.

    Baptized in Christ Ch. Manlius Friday Evening July 30th 1852 Joseph Beach, child of Hiram D. and Eunice Phillips, aged two years. Sponsors, Walter & Betsey Beach, & the Mother. John A. Jerome.


    Baptized in Christ Church June 18th 1854 - it being the first Sunday after Trinity - Miss Eliza Mu(?) Washburn - aged (blank) years - Witnesses - Mr E. E. May, Mrs Mary Smith & Miss Mary Grinell. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in Christ Church June 18th 1854 - it being the first Sunday after Trinity Miss Alma Caroline Beebee - aged 15 years. Witnesses Mr James L. Beebee, Mrs. Alma Caroline Beebee & Mrs Diantha Williams. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in Christ Church June 25th it being the 2d Sunday after Trinity - 1854, Miss Helen Ma(?) Warren aged 15 years - Witnesses Dr William Taylor - Miss Charlotte W. Williams & Mrs Charlotte W. Herrick. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in private at the house of Mr Holbrook in Pompey -Thursday August 10 1854 Mary Eliza Colvin - aged 14 years -Witnesses Dr William Taylor, Mrs Sarah Holbrook & Mrs Mahitable Colons. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in Christ Church Oct 15th it being the 18th Sunday after Trinity 1854 Charlotte Clark Washburn Aged 15 years - Witnesses -Robert Gilmor - Harriet Washburn & Mrs 0. E. Herrick. Osgood E.Herrick.


    Baptized in Christ Church April 8th 1855 - it being Easter Day -Gilbert Benson White - Adult - Witnesses H. C. Van Schaack - e. E. May & Charlotte W. Williams. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in private (being sick) at the house of Mr Loomis in Pompey - Mrs Marion Loomis wife of Mr John Wallace Loomis -Witnesses Mr Walter Beach - Mrs Emeline Stimson and Mrs Hannah Warren - August 19-1855. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized at the house of his father in Pompey August 19-1855-Mr John Wallace Loomis - Adult. Witnesses Mr Robert Gilmor-Mr Walter Beach-and Mrs Emeline Stimson. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in Christ Church Oct 7 1855 Mrs Elizabeth Ann White -Adult - Witnesses Mr E. E. May - Mrs Lucretia Austin and Mrs Emeline Stimson. Osgood E. Herrick.

    Baptized in Christ Church Oct 14-1855 Mrs Emeline Eliza Pattridge -Adult. Witnesses - Mr Robert Gilmor - Miss Charlotte W. Williams & Mrs O.E. Herrick. Osgood E. Herrick.


    Baptized in Christ Church Decr. 14th 1856 - Charles Eugene born Aug. 5. 1842. Marriette. May 25. 1844. Ralph born June 7. 1846. Daniel DeForrest Feb. 27. 1849 and Franklin Ridemond (Richmond) Jan. 6. 1852. Children of Amanda Candee. Sponsors. The Mother. Grandmother, Joshua W. (V.H.?) Clark & Franklin Richmond (Richman?). Edward Moyses.


    Baptized in Christ Church April 12 1857 Easter Day Chauncey D. White (Adult). Witnesses. Robert Gilmor, Joshua V. H. Clark and Phoebe White - wife of the baptized. Edward Moyses.

    Baptized in Christ Church April 26th 1857 2d Sunday after Easter -Phoebe Peters Infant daughter of Rev. Edward and Maria Moyses, born November 4. 1856. Sponsors. Charles Peters. Ruth W. Peters and Maria Moyses. Also, at the same time and place, Ellen Lucretia and Anson, children of James & Lucretia Sweet, the former born Oct 2. 1851. The latter July 1. 1849. Sponsors - the parents & Mrs Selkrig.