Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church of Cardiff

Information submitted 3 November 2006 by Craig Shute. Cardiff United Methodist Church has officially closed and is now combined with Navarino (which previously merged with Cedarvale) and South Onondaga.  Their building is now the church in South Onondaga. The minister is Rev. Janet Gleason.  I am sure they have all the records for all four churches.

Methodist Episcopal Church in Cardiff, Onondaga, NY, Information submitted 5 January 2005 by Craig Shute:  For many years there was Cardiff United Methodist Church (the only church in Cardiff). Just recently, they combined with South Onondaga, Navarino, and Cedarvale to form Apple Valley UMC. This church now meets for two months at a time at each of the aforementioned churches, and plans to eventually build a new building. Their pastor is Reverend Janet Gleason.

SOURCE:  History of Onondaga County, New York , by W. W. Clayton, 1878, pg. 362.
Meetings were held at the house of Zenas Northway as early as 1825, about which time a class was organized. Among the prominent workers at that time were John Spencer, Uriel Coleman, D. Sniffin, Grandus Cuddeback, Reuben Wright, Annanias Wescott and John Bottle. In 1825, the first church, built at Cardiff on the site of the present church was erected at a cost of $1,000. But in 1857 the church was burned and the same season the present church was built at a cost of $2,400, being dedicated in December, 1857, under the ministration of D. W. Bristol, D. D. Rev. Benjamin D. Sniffin and Joseph Cross, D.D., began their religious life in this church. The present membership is one hundred and twenty, and Sabbath School attendance, one hundred. The present pastor is Rev. L. Northway, under whose ministration large accessions to the church have been made and deep religious feeling awakened.

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