Early Members of the 1st Baptist Church of Manlius and Pompey

Early Members of the 1st Baptist Church

of Manlius and Pompey

Submitted by Sue Goodfellow & Kathy Crowell


Allen, Anna
Allen, Olive
Baker, Amy
Baker, Calista
Baker, Lucy
Baker, Polly
Ball, Lydia
Bancroft, Mercy M. dismissed
Barnham, Marthy
Bartholomew, Lucy
Blanchard, Benevolence
Blood, Lydia
Brace, Eunice
Breed, Lydia
Brown, Lucinda
Brown, Opha
Burse, Ellis
Carr, Malinda  adm. 5/4/1816
Chatfield, Saviah (an African)
Chesebrough, Martha
Clarke, Rachel
Crapsy, Amy
Croell, Susanna
Curtice, Samantha dismissed
Curtis, Milly  dismissed
Dickson, Hannah
Dickson, Laury A.
Dodge, Mary  excluded
Dwinnold, Eunice dismissed
Edwards, Sarah dismissed
Ellis, Catharine
Fenner, Betsy
Fenner, Betsy  2nd
Ford, Naomi  dismissed
Foster, Mabel
Gates, Betsy
Gilmore, Jemima
Goodman, Dolly dismissed
Graves, Anna
Green, Sarah (dead)
Gridley, Lucilla
Hamblin, Lovisa
Hatch, Lucy
Hicks, Sally  dismissed
Hinman, Ester  dismissed
Hodge, Waty
Hoit, Peggy  dismissed
Hough, Mercy  dismissed
Jobs, Margaret
Jobs, Susanna  dismissed
Johnson, Betsy
Joslin, Marthy  dismissed
Keen, Betsy  excluded
Ketchum, Anna
Ketchum, Patience
Leonard, Lois
Lockwood, Nancy
Mack, Polly
Marcumber, Hannah
Mason, Ester
McManner, Anna
McMillon, Eleanor
Meacham, Lydia
Mooney, Delila
Mooney, Sally
Newton, Betsy
Nickolas, Lois
Ormsbe, Hannah
Oles, Polly
Palmer, Polly
Potter, Amy
Potter, Rosamond
Ripley, Nancy  dismissed
Root, Sally  dismissed
Rowe, Mary
Rust, Deborah
Sealy, Polly
Sealy, Rebecca
Sherman, Betsy
Sisson, Hannah
Slocum, Sylvesta
Smith, Lydia  dismissed
Spencer, Lois
Stanton, Elizabeth
Stanton, Hannah
Starkweather, Adah dismissed
Starkweather, Sophia  adm 5/4/1816
Sterling, Elizabeth
Strong, Patience
Tabor, Olive  dismissed
Walker, Phena
Wate, Candace
Weatherby, Catharine
Weston, Betsy
Weston, Mary
Weston, Polly  dismissed
White, Margaret (dead)
Williams, Betsy
Williams, Electy
Williams,  Phila
Winchel, Theodotia dismissed
Wormwood, Catharine
Yelverton, Sally


____ James (an African)
Baker, Elder Nathan
Ball, Jonathan
Bancroft, Stephen  dismissed
Bartholomew, Daniel
Blood, Calvin
Blood, Israel
Brace, Asa
Brown, Libeus
Bump, Ichabod dismissed
Carr, Chauncy  excluded
Carr, Jehiel
Chatfield, Josiah
Chesebrough, Gordon
Chesebrough, Jesse
Cleveland, Jacob
Curtis, John  dismissed
Derby, Ira
Dickson, Thomas   excluded
Edwards, Samuel dismissed
Ford, Ambrose dismissed
Foster, Augustus
Foster, Christopher
Gilmore, William
Goodman, Richard dismissed
Green, Jareb  dismissed
Gridley, Thomas H.
Hews, William
Hodge, Liman
Hoit, Jonathan  dismissed
Hough, Benjamin  dismissed
Jobs, James
Jobs, Lewis
Ketchum, Isaac
Lee, John  dismissed
Merrill, Seth
Millard, William
Root, Stephen
Roys, Charles
Scranton, Warrin  excluded
Sherman, Samuel
Stanton, Benjamin
Stilwell, Alanson dismissed
Warrin, James  dismissed
Watkins, Josiah
Weston, David
Weston, Elijah
Weston, Nathaniel
Willard, Willaby
Williams, David
Williams, Job
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Winchel, Heman excluded

The above is no longer considered to be the list of
the members of the Church.  Nathan Weston, Clerk
May 2, 1818

Submitted 11 May 1998