City of Syracuse, New York

Submitted by Zakia

This cemetery is in Syracuse.  Take Jameville Ave., off of E. Colvin St.  Go down about 2 miles, I believe, and you really have to look for it.  It's been forgotten for awhile.  Just recently the Syracuse Jewish Cemetery Association took over the care.

The Workmen's Circle Cemetery is part of an orginization.  The Workmen's Circle was, and still is today, a Jewish fraternal / benevolent society. They are located all over the US.  There are many more of these Workmen's Circle Cemeteries.  All who are buried in these cemeteries were members of The Workmen's Circle Society.  There is ONE web page out there, which tells of the history of The Workmen's Circle.  That web page is:

There is also an old book written about this society entitled:  "The Friendly Society: A History of the Workmen's Circle" by Judah Shapiro 1975.  This title is out of print, but you may be able to find this book at the website listed above.  This book also lists some Workmen's
Cemetery plots and where to find them, along with some society histories.

The Oakwood Cemetery may have one of these plots within its cemetery.

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Submitted 12 September 1998
Updated 26 September 1998