Main St., Minoa (formerly Manlius Station), New York

Submitted by Kathy Crowell, [email protected]

Abbey, Aaron (lot 2-U) b. 10/28/1842 town of Cicero d. 4/20/1927 E. Syracuse. Kin:

daughter Mrs. Belle Maher, 105 East St. E. Syracuse. Remarks: Unconsecrated ground

Abbey, Anna S. (lot 2-U) b. 6/12/1848 Ireland d. 4/10/1925 E. Syracuse w/o Aaron

Abend, Anna (lot 46-II) b. 8/6/1914 d. 8/6/1914 E. Syracuse

Abend, Conrad (lot 81-II) b. 1849 Germany d. 4/13/1919 Syracuse ae. 70 h/o Theresa

Abend, J. Albert (lot 81-II) b. 10/8/1892 E. Syracuse d. 3/21/1931 Lafayette m. Theresa

Abend, Jacob P. (lot 96-II) b. 2/10/1886 E. Syracuse d. 5/10/1946 e. Syracuse h/o Mary

Abend, Leo (lot 81-II) b. 1899 NYS d. 7/31/1914 E. Syracuse f. Conrad m. Theresa

Abend, M. Theresa (lot 81-II) b. 4/26/1867 Switzerland d. 10/1/1950 Cazenovia m/o Dr. Raymond Abend

Abend, Margaret J. (lot 96-II) b. 12/31/1889 town of Cicero d. 11/24/1953 E. Syracuse m/o Robert

Abend, Paul Richard (lot 96-II) b. 8/4/1950 E. Syracuse d. 8/25/1950 E. Syracuse s/o Richard

Abend, infant (lot 46-II) b. 8/8/1913 d. 8/8/1913 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Adams, Frances (lot 36-A) b. 3/1/1926 E. Syracuse d. 1/22/1944 Rome, NY f. Joseph

Adams, Joseph (lot 48-U) b. 3/19/1882 Austria d. 9/28/1954 E. Syracuse f/o Sophie

Agis, Mathias (lot 8e-A) b. 1/30/1882 Austria d. 11/10/1931 E. Syracuse f/o Stephan, 133 E. Manlius St.

Agis, Stephen (lot walkway-A) b. 8/29/1908 Austria d. 5/12/1953 E. Syracuse m. Matilda

Agis, William (lot 7e-A) b. 11/14/1914 Syracuse d. 6/7/1941 E. Syracuse bro/o Steven

Albanese, Nicholas (lot 11-B) b. 3/31/1882 Italy d. 3/21/1926 Minoa. Kin: Mary, wife; children

Albertson, William (lot 10-I) b. 1870 Canada d. 5/9/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow

Alexander, Catharine (lot 47-I) b. 3/19/1861 NYS d. 4/2/1913 Fayetteville. Kin: children

Allen, Gerard (lot 5w-A) b. 6/1/1946 Syracuse d. 8/8/1946 Syracuse f. Allen (whether first or last name not known)

Andrus, Cecilia d. 1944 f. William

Annunciata, Doris H. (lot 37-U) b. 11/2/1898 Minoa d. 12/25/1947 (in 1947 records; 1947 changed to 1949 and underlined) Brewerton w/o Charles

Argus, Sheila Ann (lot 5e-A) b. 9/5/1951 Syracuse d. 12/15/1951 E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. T.(?) Argus

Armando, Joseph b. 2/23/1909 Kirkville d. 5/21/1909 Kirkville. Kin: parents

Arnold, Theodore F. (lot 79-II) b. 10/8/1914 Lafayette, LA d. 10/30/1915 Lafayette, LA. Kin: parents

Auprix, Estelle (lot 3e-A) b. 6/5/1823 Canada d. 8/28/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Avery, Elinor (lot 73-II) b. 9/14/1871 Rochester d. 5/31/1920 E. Syra. Kin: Thos. J. Avery

Babcock, Donald (lot 5e-A) b. 1/1/1948 Syracuse d. 1/3/1948 E. Syracuse f. Clarence

Baird, Charles (lot 87-II) b. 10/19/1871 NYS d. 12/18/1910 E. Syra. Kin: wife

Baird, Pearl Albert (lot 87-II) b. 9/9/1899 E. Syracuse d. 11/12/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Josephine

Baker, Alois (lot 55-II) b. 6/6/1911 Minoa d. 6/6/1911 Minoa. Kin: father, mother

Baker, Mary M. (lot 55-II) b. 12/13/1880 d. 6/12/1911 Minoa. Kin: hu & parents

Baldacchino, Biagio b. 1888 Sicily d. 10/28/1923 E. Syracuse, R.F.D. Kin: none

Ball, Angenette (lot 19-I) b. June 1877 Man. Sta. d. 8/25/1877 Man. Sta. d/o Pius & Magdalene

Ball, Anna (Bucher) (lot 13-I) b. 8/12/1868 Minoa d. 3/18/1940 Kirkville w/o John

Ball, Anthony (lot 89-II) b. 2/22/1840 Dewitt d. 6/30/1922 Baldwinsville. Kin: brothers

Ball, Christina R. (lot 89-II) b. 3/17/1846 France d. 10/26/1912 E. Syra. Kin: hu & dau.

Ball, Clara (lot 19-I) b. 10/4/1868 d. 7/22/1870 d/o Pius & Magdalene

Ball, Elisabeth ((lot 86-I) b. 11/30/1873? d. March 1874 d/o John & Catharine

Ball, Flora (Schepp) (lot 29-II) b. 1/31/1874 N. Manlius d. 3/17/1901 Jamesville w/o George

Ball, Frederic A. (lot 84-I) b. 10/3/1876 d. 11/14/1879 s/o Geo. & Hattie

Ball, George (lot 29-II) b. 10/23/1870 Syracuse d. 8/25/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Herman

Ball, Harriet (lot 84-I) b. 12/29/1849 town of Manlius d. 9/15/1920 Kinne St., E. Syracuse w/o George

Ball, Hattie (Lot 84-I) b. 4/17/1886 E. Syracuse d. 9/26/1893 Dewitt d/o Geo. & Harriet

Ball, Jacob (lot 29-II) b. 1/6/1847 Dewitt d. 10/1/1928 Baldwinsville. Kin: George, bro.

Ball, John C. (lot 13-I) b. 1/21/1867 Minoa d. 3/4/1954 E. Syracuse bro/o Elizabeth Wolfe

Ball, Joseph L. (lot 84-I) b. Dec. 1881 d. 8/20/1882 s/o Geo. & Hattie

Ball, Lester (Lot 29-II) b. 4/30/1893 Dewitt d. 6/18/1893 Dewitt f. Jacob

Ball, Libbie M. (lot 19-I) b. 5/1/1866 d. 7/14/1870, d/o Pius & Magdalene

Ball, Lilian F. (lot 62-II) b. 12/7/1884 NY d. 12/26/1907 Gabriels, NY. Kin: hu. & parents

Ball, Magdalena C. (lot 19-I) b. 9/9/1841 d. 7/30/1921 E. Syracuse w/o Pierce (Pius)

Ball, Margaret M. (lot 29-II) b. 1/13/1869 Cicero d. 4/14/1932 E. Syracuse w/o George H.

Ball, Martha (lot 19-I), b. 7/11/1867 North Manlius d. 7/19/1867 North Manlius

Ballsley, Joseph (lot 31-I) b. 8/22/1842 Manlius d. 3/20/1917 Minoa. Kin: wife, children

Balsley, Helen (lot 31-I) b. 4/11/1848 Minoa d. 7/4/1929 Minoa. Kin: Neil, son

Balsley, John (Lot 30-I) b. 1795 Herkimer d. 10/20/1867 Man. Sta. h/o Magdalene, f/o Joseph Balsley & Mrs. C. J. Oot

Balsley, Magdalene Sutter (Lot 30-I) b. 1808 Baden, Germany d. 3/29/1876 N. Manlius m/o Joseph Balsley & Mrs. C. J. Oot

Balsley, Salvinus? (lot 31-I) b. 1/12/1885 d. 2/27/1908 Minoa. Kin: parents

Balsley, Wallace (lot 31-I) b. 12/5/1866 Man. Sta. d. 4/5/1900 Minoa f. Joseph m. Helen

Balsley, William (Lot 30-I) b. 10/4/1876 d. 10/4/1876 Man. Sta., s/o Joseph & Helen

Barrett, Patricia A. (lot 97e-II) b. 5/25/1938 Bridgeport d. 3/18/1940 Bridgeport. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Barrett

Barry, Alice L. (lot 7e-A) b. 4/15/1865 Cork C0., Ireland d. 10/4/1940 1210 9th Ave., Schenectady w/o Patrick

Barry, Patrick F. (lot 7e-A) b. 1861 Canada d. 1/9/1945 Syracuse f/o James

Bateson, baby (lot 5-II) b. 4/11/1946 Syra. Memorial d. 4/12/1946. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. J. Bateson, Minoa

Bateson, James T. (lot 7ext-U) b. 2/5/1880 Kingston, Ont, CAN d. 6/1/1954 Minoa , h/o Anna

Becker, Clara (lot 31-U) b. 11/20/1890 town of Manlius d. 11/21/1943 E. Syracuse w/o Stanley L.

Becker, Stanley L. (lot 31-U) b. 12/15/1890 Chester, MI d. 7/20/1946 E. Syracuse f/o James L.

Behr, Edward Joseph (lot 69-II) b. 7/28/1894 Syracuse d. 7/25/1895 Syracuse s/o Nich. & Mary

Behr, George N. (lot 69-II) b. 4/8/1888 E. Syracuse d. 5/11/1905 Syracuse f. Nicholas

Behr, Mary (Marte) (lot 69-II) b. 3/25/1863 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 6/18/1904 w/o Nicholas G.

Behr, Nicholas (lot 69-II) b. 10/22/1864 Alsace-Loraine d. 12/12/1926 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Marie Boland, dau.

Bell, Frederick (lot 49-I) b. 8/2/1898 E. Syr d. 3/26/1899 Albany s/o Fred. & Ida

Beneati, Salvatore (lot 109-II) b. 1884 Italy d. 11/14/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: brother

Benedict, baby (lot 114-I) stillborn 6/12/1940 Syracuse. Late residence parents: Fayetteville

Bertrand, Alexander (lot 21-B) b. 3/18/1867 Clayton d. 8/31/1940 E. Syracuse f/o Catharine

Bertrand, Catharine (lot 21-B) b. 12/27/1868 Minoa d. 5/22/1941 130 E. Ave. Minoa m/o Ladie Flood

Bertrand, infant (lot 46-II) stillborn 7/17/1926 Eastwood. Kin: parents

Bertrand, William Herbert, Jr. (lot 46-II) b. 8/18/1917 Manlius d. 9/10/1918 Manlius. Kin: parents, bro.

Bertrandt, twins. d. 8/8/1913 premature E. Syracuse

Bessee, Mary Thomas (lot 95-I) b. 9/12/1859 town of Cicero d. 12/10/1884 N. Manlius, w/o Edward d/o Anthony & Elis. Thomas

Betz, Catherine Greiner (lot 70-I) b. 5/19/1836 Alsace-Loraine d. 9/14/1894 Syracuse w/o#1 Wohnhart #2 John Betz

Birchler, Bertha (lot 49-I) b. 1876 Minoa d. 3/17/1909 Minoa. Kin: hu., mo, sisters

Bishman, Adolph J. (lot 48-U) b. 6/22/1871 Monee, IL d. 5/20/1954 , h/o Lucy

Bisnett, baby boy (lot 21-U) b. 4/16/1954 St. Joseph Hosp., Syracuse d. 4/16/1954 stillborn. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bisnett, E. Syracuse

Bisnett, Josephine (lot 21-U) b. ?/6/1890 Magerville, Ont, CAN d. 1/5/1953 E. Syracuse w/o Mr. C. Bisnett

Black, Catharine (lot 32-I) b. 3/31/1858 Minoa d. 5/4/1917 Minoa. Kin: hu, dau.

Black, Mary Helfer (lot 32-I) b. 12/28/1850 Man. Sta. d. 4/7/ 1886 town of Sullivan, Madison Co., w/o Edmund

Blair, J. Alfred (lot 13-B) b. 12/23/1876 Cohoes d. 5/5/1952 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Rose R. Blair

Blanchard, John P. (lot 49-A) b. 12/29/1881 Utica d. 5/11/1950 Cicero h/o Agnes

Blank, Anthony (lot 32-II) b. 11/17/1892 d. 11/20/1892 Kirkville, s/o Michael & Mary

Blank, Joseph (lot 32-II) b. 11/17/1893 Kirkville d. 11/17/1893 Kirkville s/o Michael & Mary

Blank, Lawrence (lot 16-II) b. 8/10/1812 Baden, Germany d. 2/24/1895 Man. Sta. 2nd h/o Mary

Blank, Mary (lot 16-II) b. 11/4/1834 Germany d. 10/20/1921 Minoa. Kin: children

Blank, Mary M. (lot 32-II) b. Syracuse d. 7/21/1942 Utica m/o (blank) son

Blank, Michael J., Sr. (lot 32-II) b. 10/24/160 Minoa d. 4/17/1924 Utica. Kin: wife

Blank, Nicholas L. (lot 3-A) b. 4/27/1967 Minoa d. 5/30/1921 Fayetteville, R.D. #1. Kin: wife, mo, etc.

Bliss, Carl Eugene (lot 20-U) b. 10/21/1924 Syracuse d. 11/23/1951 E. Syracuse h/o Louise

Bloser, Anson (lot 28-I) b. 1/21/1869 E. Syr. d. 1/29/1871 E. Syr. s/o Joseph & Catharine

Bloser, Catharine (lot 28-I) b. 11/29/1837 Minoa d. 4/10/1914 E. Syracuse. Kin: son

Bloser, Joseph (lot 28-I) b. 11/18/1833 U.S. d. 11/2/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin: wife, son, daughter

Boerman, James M. b. 10/1/1863 Ireland d. 10/12/1918 E. Syracuse. Kin: wife, dau.

Boland, John Edward (lot 69-II) b. 8/12/1918 E. Syracuse d. 2/7/1919 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Boland, W. Edward (lot 11-B) b. 2/7/1898 E. Syracuse d. 6/29/1951 Marcy State Hosp., h/o Helen

Bonanno, Francis d. 7/19/1910 E. Syracuse

Boniewicz, baby (lot 6-U) b. 7/7/1940 E. Syracuse d. 7/7/1940 E. Syracuse. Kin: Chas.

Bort, Edward L. (lot 40-B) b. 9/29/1889 Cortland d. 7/3/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Ellen M.

Bowler, Anna (lot 135-I) b. 6/25/1875 Minoa d. 9/28/1917 Minoa. Kin: hu.

Brady, John (lot 78-II) b. 3/4/1877 Ireland d. 8/12/1914 Minoa. Kin: widow, 5 ch.

Brandt, Barbara Blank (lot 16-II) b. 6/3/1859 N. Man. d. 4/21/1893 Man. Sta., w/o Henry

Brandt, Mary Janis (lot16-II) b. 8/16/1931 Syracuse d. 11/29/1931 Syracuse premature, dau/o Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brandt

Brang, Donald J. (lot 20-B) b. 4/1938 Syracuse d. 7/28/1938 Syracuse f. Francis

Brang, Joseph H. (lot 33-II) b. 1866 d. 8/12/1894 Syracuse late residence (died at Minoa), h/o Anna

Bray, infant b. 8/28/1925 E. Syracuse d. 8/28/1925 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Bray, infant b. 5/31/1926 premature birth E. Syracuse d. 5/31/1926 town of Dewitt. Kin:


Brennan, E. Paul (lot 48-II) b. 4/11/1892 Cincinnati, OH d. 4/22/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Corinne

Brennan, James Michael (lot 48-II) b. 10/1/1863 Ireland d. 10/12/1918 E. Syracuse. Kin: wife, dau.

Brewster, Ellen (lot 65-II) b. 2/18/1919 E. Syracuse d. 3/6/1920 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Brewster, William (lot 16-B) b. 3(?)/31/1882 Saranac, NY d. 6/18/1931 E. Syracuse h/o Alice

Bristol, infant twins (lot 85-II) b. 6/1/1936 Memorial Hosp., Syracuse d. 6/1/1936 prematurity f. James m. Evelyn Gerthofer Bristol

Brogan, Mark R. (lot 58-II) b. 11/29/1910 Kirkville d. 2/14/1911 Kirkville. Kin: fa., mo., sister

Brogan, Mary (lot 58-II) b. 1/1/1869 Syracuse d. 9/11/1925 Syracuse. Kin: husband

Brogan, Riley Patrick (lot 58-II) b. 2/1/1870 Great Bend, PA d. 4/22/1933 Syracuse State School. Kin: stepson Brogan

Brook, Caspar (lot 14-I) b. 3/27/1844 Germany d. 10/22/1931 N. Manlius f/o George and Mrs. Alice Gott

Brooks, Anna (lot 14-I) b. 1812 Alsace-Loraine d. 7/14/1893 town of Manlius

Brooks, George (lot 29-I) b. 8/19/1872 N. Manlius d. 3/12/1950 Kirkville h/o Margaret

Brooks, Mary Schepp (lot 14-I) b. 1851 d. 8/24/1890 E. Syracuse, w/o Caspar Bruck

Brossus, baby (lot 13-A) stillborn 5/30/1942 Crouse Irving Hosp., Syracuse f. Paul, Fayetteville

Brossus, Henry Otto (lot 13-A) b. Germany d. 8/28/1928 Minoa. Kin: wife (not filled in)

Brossus, Margaret (lot 7-I) b. 12/17/1923 d. 2/26/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Brossus, Margaret L. (lot 64-I) b. 12/17/1923 Minoa d. 2/26/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Brossus, Mary W. (lot 13-A) b. 6/22/1881 Germany d. 10/10/1947 Syracuse w/o Otto

Brossus, Otto (lot 13-A) b. 6/10/1876 Germany d. 9/27/1954 Chittenango R.D., f/o Paul

Brown, Carol Ann (lot 5-A) b. 9/26/1939 N. Manlius, NY d. 2/26/1941 N. Manlius. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brown

Bruck, John (lot 14-I) b. May 1801 Alsace d. 7/14/1867 N. Man, h/o Emma

Bucher, Adam (lot 8-I) b. 3/9/1876 Syracuse d. 4/3/1876 Syracuse s/o Adam & Maggie

Bucher, Adam (lot 4-I) b. 1808 Mont Bronne, Loraine d. 7/24/1883 Man. Sta. h/o Magdalene (2nd wife)

Bucher, Adam (lot 8-I) b. 1842 Man. Sta. d. Sept. 1904 Polkville (near Minoa) h/o Margaret

Bucher, Barbara Lang (lot 7-I) b. 1810 Bavaria, Ger. d. 10/21/1904 Polkville (near Minoa) m/o Peter

Bucher, Charles Joseph (lot 7-I) b. 11/6/1883 Man. Sta.d. 3/13/1884 Man. Sta. s/o Peter & Rose

Bucher, child (lot 5-I) buried April 10, 1879 f. Joseph

Bucher, Clara Agnes (lot 24-U) b. 4/29/1882 Syracuse d. 4/5/1940 E. Syracuse w/o Wm.

Bucher, Frederick (lot 8-I) b. 10/22/1863 Minoa d. 12/21/1927 1210 W. Onon. St., Syracuse

Bucher, Helen (lot 5-I) b. 11/27/1890 Man. Sta. d. 8/11/1891 Man. Sta. d/o Joseph & Magdalene

Bucher, Helena M. (lot 4-I) b. 8/12/1862 d. 4/8/1871 d/o Adam Jr. & Magdalene

Bucher, John (lot 8-I) b. 8/27/187? d. 7/15/1878 Syracuse s/o Adam & Maggie

Bucher, Joseph (lot 7-I) b. 1810 Alsace-Loraine d. 10/29/1883 Man. Sta., h/o Barbara

Bucher, Joseph (lot 8-I) b. 9/18/1873 d. 6/7/1922 Syracuse. Kin: sisters

Bucher, M. Joseph (lot 5-I) b. 6/7/1845 Minoa d. 4/27/1917 Minoa. Kin: widow, sons, daus.

Bucher, Magdalen (Jennie) (lot 5-I) b. 4/4/1863 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/26/1926 Minoa. In: sons, daughters

Bucher, Magdalena (lot 4-I) b. 10/1/1822 Germany d. 9/20/1913 Syracuse. Kin: 2 daus.

Bucher, Margaret (lot 8-I) b. 11/24/1844 Ireland d. 2/24/1913 Syracuse

Bucher, Mary Friess (lot 5-I) b. 3/8/1850 Man. Sta. d. 2/22/1881 E. Syr. w/o Joseph

Bucher, Peter (lot 7-I) b. 9/11/1848 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/24/1924 Polkville (near Minoa) h/o Rosina

Bucher, Rosa Mary (lot 7-I) b. 2/5/1903 (one hour) Polkville (near Minoa), f. William m. Clara

Bucher, Rosina (lot 7-I) b. 3/24/1850 Verona, NY d. 2/21/1934 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Jos. Remlinger

Bucher, Simon (lot 5-I) b. 2/15/1877 d. 3/12/1878 Man. Sta. s/o Joseph & Mary

Bucher, Wm. P. (lot 24-U) b. 11/28/1877 Polkville, E. Syracuse d. 1/18/1953 E. Syracuse f/o Donald

Buechner, Martin (lot 35-II) b. 1814 d. 5/11/1895 town of Cicero, h/o (blank)

Buechner, Theresa (lot 35-II) b. 4/28/1824 Germany d. 1/18/1913 Syracuse. Kin: daus.

Buendel (see Pindle)

Bull, George H. (lot 41-II) b. 12/11/1904 Syracuse d. 4/5/1942 Syracuse h/o Cecilia

Bullion, Anna Mayer (lot 11-I) b. 12/27/1821 Loraine (then France) d. 2/15/1899 town of Manlius, Main Rd. m/o Peter, Mary Fay, Anna Friess et. al.

Bullion, Barbara H. (lot 36-II) b. 11/15/1857 Minoa d. 3/22/1934 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. W. Keller

Bullion, George (lot 11-I) b. 7/10/1823 Loraine d. 11/22/1898 town of Manlius, Main Rd., h/o Anna

Bullion, Peter J. (lot 36-II) b. 2/21/1852 Man. Sta. d. 7/9/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: sons

Bullion, William E. (lot 36-II) b. 5/19/1894 E. Syracuse d. 3/6/1896 E. Syracuse s/o Peter & Barb.

Burbank, Anna M. (lot 30-U) b. around 1871 Minoa d. 6/24/1942 Worcester, MA sis/o Jennie Scheuerman

Burgan, Frank (lot 25-II) b. 4/26/1871 Minoa d. 12/24/1941 Syracuse h/o Marg.

Burgan, George (lot 103-II) b. Minoa d. 9/16/1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: brother Joseph,

sister M. Kittel

Burgan, George Philip (lot 86-I) b. 2/13/1863 New York d. 2/24/1950 bro/o Thorton Maine(?)

Burgan, Jane (Magdalene) (lot 40-II) b. 1838 d. 3/9/1894 Man. Station w/o Phillip

Burgan, Jennie M. (lot 31-B) b. 9/22/1868 Minoa d. 8/14/1938 E. Syracuse w/o Joseph

Burgan, Joseph (lot 31-B) b. 9/22/1863 E. Syracuse d. 2/15/1945 Minoa f/o Ethel

Burgan, Margaret (lot 25-II) b. 1854 Montreal, Can. d. 7/19/1942 E. Syracuse. Kin: Wm. R. Jordan

Burgan, Philip (lot 40-II) b. 1833 France d. 1/16/1917 Minoa. Kin: daughter

Burgun, Anna (lot 25-II) b. 2/9/1842 Minoa d. 6/18/1928 E. Syracuse. Kin: daughter Mrs. Howard Raynor E. Seneca St. E. Syracuse

Burgun, John (lot 25-II) bur. 2/4/1902

Burgun, Sarah J. (lot 25-II) b. 10/5/1874 d. 4/7/1892 Cicero d/o John & Anna

Burke, Philip (?-II) b. 7/20/1840 Canada d. 1/22/1914 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow, 4 children

Burnley, Elizabeth (lot 49-B) b. 3/25/1885 E. Syracuse d. 1/18/1950 E. Syracuse. Survivor: Mrs. David B. McLaughlin, guardian

Burnley, Ray M. (lot 6-U) b. 1886 Augusta, GA d. 9/14/1943 Albany uncle/o James Ray

Burns, Maud M. (lot 23-U) b. 10/14/1878 Minoa d. 7/15/1940 221 West Ave. E. Syr. w/o O. Ince(?)

Burns, Raymond B. (lot 122-I) b. 4/27/1906 E. Syracuse d. 8/3/1906 E. Syracuse. f. Oscar m. Maud

Burton, Henry T. (lot 43-B) b. 6/4/1881 Syracuse d. 2/18/1931 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Burton, Karen Jeanie (lot 43-B) b. 2/12/1945 E. Syracuse d. 1/14/1950 E. Syracuse.

Kin: Mr. & Mrs. R. Burton, parents

Burton, Mary Smyth (lot 43-B) b. 4/13/1884 Ireland d. 5/8/1954 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. Herbert Woods

Bush, Harvey M. (lot 33-U) b. 11/12/1879 E. Syracuse d. 4/19/1945 E. Syracuse h/o Florence

Caldwell, Leslie S. (lot 30-U) b. 7/29/1876 Syracuse d. 12/27/1949 3310 Pacific Ave. Wildwood, NY h/o Florence Oot Caldwell

Call, Catherine Cody (lot 47-I) b. 1822 d. 6/6/1906 Manlius m/o Catherine Alexander

Call, Dennis (lot 47-I) b. 1825 Wexford Co., Ireland d. 3/1/1900 Dry Hill (near Fayetteville) h/o Catherine

Canton, Anna Burke (lot 19-U) b. 1/24/1860 Clyde d. 11/20/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Frank

Canton, Dennis Jos. (lot 19-U) b. 1/3/1858 Watertown d. 9/18/1940 E. Syracuse f/o Anna

Canton, William Henry (lot 114-I) b. Sept. 1894 E. Syr. d. 2/25/1896 E. Syr. s/o Martin

Carhart, Clarence (lot 50-I) b. 7/30/1882 Man. Sta. d. 8/15/1888 Man. Sta. s/o Nich. & Mary

Carhart, Emma C. (lot 42-II) b. 6/24/1865 town of Manlius d. 12/26/1923 Minoa. Kin: hu, sons, etc.

Carhart, Ernest (lot 42-II) b. 2/18/1894 Man Ctr. d. 11/27/1895 Man. Ctr. s/o Henry & Emma. Transferred from Lot 51-I in 1896.

Carhart, Henry (lot 42-II) b. 11/30/1866 Minoa d. 11/9/1938 Minoa f/o ...hort (?)

Carhart, Mary (lot 49-I) b. 1843 d. 3/29/1917 Syracuse. Kin: children

Carhart, Nicholas (lot 49-I) b. 1836 town of Manlius d. 3/25/1905 Minoa h/o Mary

Carmody, Frances (lot 35-A) b. 3/17/1875 Ire. d. 12/24/1942 E. Syracuse aunt/o Regina Larrall (Carroll?)

Carney, Mary J. (lot 8-I) stillborn bur. 8/20/1915

Carney, Michael (lot 16-I) b. 1828 Ireland d. 4/18/1905 E. Syracuse

Carr, Mary (lot 63-II) b. 4/1/1844 Ireland d. 9/27/1911 E. Syracuse. Kin: 2 sons, 3 daus.

Cartino, Carmela (lot 43-A) b. 12/14/1890 Italy d. 6/14/1938 Minoa w/o Giacomo

Case, Alpeter Caroline (lot 50-A) b. 4/4/1898 Syracuse d. 12/1/1941 E. Syracuse

w/o Francis

Case, Burbon Floyd (lot 18-U) b. 3/9/1876 Athens, PA d. 12/5/1952 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Case, John Lewis (lot 50-A) b. 1/6/1928 E. Syracuse d. 3/30/1939 E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Case

Case, Mary Hyland (lot 18-U) b. 12/8/1879 Rome, NY d. 12/6/1954 E. Syracuse, m/o Francis

Casler, Kalin Durkon Francis (lot 88-II) b. 12/31/1884 Chittenango d. 10/24/1944 Rochester f/o Francis

Cass, child b. 3/1/1892 d. 3/1/1892 Syracuse, 128 Bassett St. f. Herb m. Bell

Casselman, Mary S. (lot 99-II) b. 4/16/1876 d. 5/18/1922 E. Syracuse w/o James

Casselmann, David (lot 129-I) d. Apr. 1867 Manlius "A non-Catholic, no home, out of charity buried the people here on unblessed ground"

Cester, Albert C. (lot 68-II) b. 3/26/1878 d. 1/4/1948 Syracuse

Cester, Amelia (lot 67-II) b. 5/29/1861 Kirkville d. 6/2/1926 Minoa. Kin: daughter, bro, sis

Cester, Caroline (lot 68-II) b. 8/23/1853 U.S. d. 11/10/1912 Chittenango

Cester, Frank (lot 67-II) b. 6/3/1856 Minoa d. 12/24/1911 Minoa. Kin: wife, dau

Cester, John (lot 68-II) b. 9/4/1849 Syracuse d. 12/18/1907 Chittenango. Kin: wife, son, brother

Cester, Mary (lot 68-II) b. about 1881 Chittenango Sta., NY d. 12/3/1936 Minneapolis, MN, sis/o Albert Cester, Buffalo, NY

Chase, Fred (lot 3-U) b. 8/9/1889 Syracuse d. 12/23/1936 St. Lucy's, Syracuse bro/o Mrs. Albert Nichols

Chase, Fred W. (lot 3-U) b. 12/24/1861 Union Spa, NY d. 10/4/1928 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Chase, Mary (lot 3-U) b. 4/22/1872 Syracuse d. 6/6/1933 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Albert Nichols

Chillini, infant stillborn b. 8/5/1921 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Chimber, Frank J. (lot 56-A) b. 12/19/1884 Russia d. 9/14/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Anna

Christ, Caroline (101-I) b. Germany d. 2/9/1880 Man. Sta.

Clapp, Francis b. 1824 d. 3/31/1909 Syracuse

Clarke, Grace M. (lot 55-B) b. 6/29/1893 New York City d. 12/12/1953 E. Syracuse w/o Philip A.

Clary, infant b. 2/24/1920 d. 2/24/1920 Syracuse. Kin: parents

Clinton, child (lot 74-I) buried 9/15/1879

Clinton, Christopher (lot 74-I) b. 8/15/1862 Ireland d. 7/5/1911 Syracuse. Kin: mo, sis.

Clinton, Joseph (lot 74-I) b. 1828 Co. Westmeath, Ire. d. 11/10/1874 E. Syra. h/o Mary

Clinton, Mary (lot 74-I) b. Dec. 1842 Ireland d. 3/28/1917 Buffalo. Kin: son

Clinton, Patrick (lot 74-I) b. Sept. 1870 Ireland d. 2/14/1910 Syracuse. Kin: mo, bro, sis

Coakes, Frances (lot 86-I) b. 7/4/1872 town of Manlius d. 12/27/1940 N. Main, Minoa. Kin: Mrs. Wm. Peet

Cody, Luke (lot 47-I) b. 1784 Co. Wexford, Ire. d. 1/18/1868 Dry Hill (near Fayetteville) f/o Mrs. Dennis (Catharine) Call

Conklin, George (lot 6-U) b. Summerville, NY 7/22/1876 d. 9/30/1939 E. Syracuse, h/o Mrs. George Conklin

Conklin, infant (lot (?)-U) b. 7/2/1935 d. 7/2/1935 E. Syracuse premature. Kin: Geo. Conklin

Conklin, Richard Henry b. 10/12/1925 E. Syracuse d. 2/17/1927 113 Ball St., E. Syracuse

f. George

Connell, Anna E. b. 5/13/1871 Joggins, Nova Scotia d. 10/6/1927 Cleveland, Oh. Late residence: 214 W. Ellis St., E. Syracuse. Kin: Cornelius, brother

Conners, Albert (lot 7-B) b. 4/23/1901 E. Syracuse d. 12/22/1945 E. Syracuse f. Albert

Conners, Clara L. (lot 7-B) b. 1?/27/1926 E. Syracuse d. 8/12/1926 E. Syracuse f. Albert m. Clara M.

Conners, Clara M. (lot 7-B) b. 7/14/1877 Syracuse d. 8/26/1951 E. Syracuse w/o Albert

Conners, John W. (lot 7-B) b. 1/15/1931 E. Syracuse d. 1/17/1931 E. Syracuse f. Maurice

Conners, Walter W. (lot 7-B) b. 5/12/1898 E. Syracuse d. 12/22/1923 E. Syracuse f. Albert m. Clara M.

Conrad, George (58-I) b. 1789 Mont Bronne, Loraine d. 3/4/1871 Man. Sta. f/o Magdalene

Conrad, Margaret (lot 58-I) b. 1798 Munera, Alsace-Loraine d. 5/27/1880 Man. Sta.

Conway, John F. (lot 13-II) b. 12/4/1901 E. Syr. d. 12/5/1901 E. Syr. f. John m. Flora

Conway, John J. (lot 14-II) b. 8/22/1873 Marcellus d. 1/6/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow

Cook, Catharine (lot 57-I) b. 1/27/1839 d. 2/25/1910 Polkville (near Minoa). Kin:

2 sons, 3 daughters

Cook, child (lot 134-I) buried 4/26/1884 f. Peter m. Mary

Cook, Ella C. (lot 1-U) b. 4/20/1871 town of Dewitt d. 5/26/1936 Polkville (near Minoa) w/o Ollie

Cook, Francis (lot 57-I) b. 3/14/1832 Germany d. 3/20/1910 Polkville (near Minoa). Kin:

2 sons, 3 daus.

Cook, Jacob (lot 1-U) b. 3/20/1867 town of Manlius d. 3/28/1939 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. George Heitzman

Cook, Jane (lot 1-U) b. 5/4/1874 Fayetteville d. 10/8/1935 E. Syracuse w/o Jacob

Cook, John I. (lot 134-I) b. 6/13/1871 Manlius d. 2/11/1889 E. Syr. f. Peter m. Mary

Cook, Lottie M. (lot 134-I) b. 5/24/1887 E. Syr. d. 8/1/1887 E. Syracuse f. Peter m. Mary

Cook, Magdalene M. (lot 134-I) b. 8/18/1876 Manlius d. 10/1/1892 E. Syr. f. Peter

Cook, Mary (lot 134-I) b. 4/5/1836 U.S. d. 10/11/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: hu, 3 sons, dau

Cook, Mrs. (lot 134-I) buried 2/19/1888

Cook, Peter (lot 134-I) b. 8/27/1833 Germany d. 11/15/1914 E. Syracuse. Kin: son, dau

Cook, Willard P. (lot 134-I) b. 8/21/1885 E. Syr. d. 7/20/1886 E. Syracuse, s/o Peter

Cooney, Bridget (lot 2-II) b. 3/17/1814 Ireland d. 6/3/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: dau

Cosello(?), Nellie (lot 33-B) b. 11/10/1873 Chateaugay d. 4/18/1945 Kirkville m/o Mrs. Leonard Gerthoffer

Cosselman, James F. (lot 99ext-II) b. 9/25/1875 Lyons, NY d. 12/31/1953 E. Syracuse h/o Mrs. Cosselman

Cosselmon, Mary E. (lot 99ext-II) b. 4/16/1876 Minoa d. 5/18/1922 E. Syracuse, w/o James

Costello (lot 111-I) stillborn June 12, 1927 105 1/2 Sweeting St., Syracuse. f. Francis

Costello, David (lot 37-A) b. 9/10/1856 Watervale d. 4/28/1939 N. Manlius h/o Mary

Costello, David D. b. 1917 d. 1917

Costello, Ellen (Mack) (lot 42-B) b. 4/20/1907 Syracuse d. 6/29/1946 Syracuse w/o Francis, m/o Dolores and Mich.

Costello, Julia (lot 111-I) b. 5/11/1933 Syracuse d. 5/11/1933 Syracuse, premature f. David m. Mary

Costello, Lizzie E. (lot 111-I) b. 5/31/1887 N. Manlius d. 4/3/1888 N. Manlius f. David m. Mary E.

Costello, M. John (lot 1-B) b. 4/10/1887 Clyde, NY d. 8/13/1938 Rochester, NY f/o John W.

Costello, Mary (lot 1-B) b. 3/4/1866 Clyde d. 9/8/1942 Minoa f/o Wm.

Costello, Mary E. (lot 37-A) b. 2/5/1947 N. Manlius d. 6/23/1947 N. Manlius. Kin Va. etc. Costello, sons & daughter

Costello, Mary Elizabeth (lot 30-A) b. 3/31/1877 Chittenango d. 3/22/1931 N. Manlius w/o Merl

Costello, Michael (lot 1-B) d. 2/18/1918 Minoa h/o Mary

Costello, Michael J. (lot 33-B) b. 1864 Chateaugay, NY d. 10/24/1922 N. Manlius h/o Nellie

Costello, Patricia Ann (lot 5-U) stillborn 4/18/1942 Crouse Irving Hosp., Syracuse. Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Costello, Minoa

Costello, Patricia Mary (lot 1-B) b. 7/7/1890 Newark, NY d. 2/12/1927 Rochester, NY w/o John

Costello, Patrick (lot 88-I) b. 12/15/1867 Pompey d. 7/1/1943 Fayetteville h/o Flora

Costello, Veronica Josephine (lot 5-U) stillborn 4/18/1942 Crouse Irving Hosp., Syracuse. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Costello, Minoa

Cousineau, Margaret b. 9/17/1924 E. Syracuse d. 2/13/1925 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Cramer, Emma (lot 18-U) b. 9/26/1873 Oswego d. 6/15/1935 Minoa w/o Joseph J.

Cramer, Jacob (lot 20-I) b. 9/11/1841 Syracuse d. 1/18/1932 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. Jos. Strodel

Cramer, Joseph (lot 18-U) b. 4/27/1872 Minoa d. 3/7/1951 Minoa f/o Helen & Kenneth

Cramer, Martha A. (lot 20-I) b. 7/29/1869 Minoa d. 5/11/1931 Minoa sis/o Mrs. Jos. Strodel, Minoa

Cramer, Mary A. (Christ) (lot 20-I) b. 3/10/1843 NYC d. 5/23/1900 Minoa w/o Jacob

Cramer, William L. (lot 20-I) b. 4/19/1867 Minoa d. 7/17/1929 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. Jos. Strodel, sis.

Cranston, Nellie (lot 48-U) b. 8/17/1884 Syracuse d. 6/23/1954 Syracuse m/o Howard

Cretaro, Constantino Sam. b. 3/13/1879 Rome, Italy d. 4/9/1940 Kirkville h/o Louise

Cronin, Dennis (lot 53-A) b. 8/28/1881 Ireland d. 1/28/1953 Kirkville h/o Rose

Cronin, Thomas F. (lot 53-A) b. 7/2/1927 Kirkville d. 1/27/1951 Kirkville s/o Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Cronin

Curtins, Joseph (lot 43-A) b. 1/7/1931 Syracuse d. 7/20/1931 St. Mary Maternity Hosp.

m. Lucille, E. Syracuse

Daubach, Mary Magdalene Hennes (lot 40-I) b. April 1829 Germany d. 4/12/1901 Syracuse w/o Michael

Daubach, Michael (lot 40-I) b. 1829 Germany d. 5/1/1906 Syracuse

David, F. Joseph (lot 33-U) b. 5/22/1886 Auburn d. 3/13/1950 E. Syracuse h/o May

Davis, George b. about 1880 d. 1/17/1931 Minoa kindred unknown

Davis, Lorance(?) E. (lot 11-U) b. 1/20/1881 Rochester d. 12/13/1943 Rochester bro/o Mrs. John Fostly(?)

Davis, Matilda R. (lot 11-U) b. 3/14/1875 N. Manlius d. 5/16/1942 E. Syracuse w/o H. C.

Davison, Josephine (lot 26-I) b. 9/15/1863 Minoa d. 2/8/1934 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. W. Adams

De Lisle, Helen N.(?) (lot 98-II) b. 2/24/1932 Orchard Park, NY d. 12/4/1932 E. Syracuse

f. H. J. De Lisle

De Long, Frances M. (lot 31-II) b. 8/21/1863 Minoa d. 11/10/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: hu,


Dean, Robert A. (lot 82-II) b. 5/2/1927 Syracuse d. 3/24/1935 Syracuse f. William

Debolt, Lena (lot 31-II) b. 9/29/1886 Manlius d. 6/29/1894 Fremont f. Michael m. Frances

Debolt, Michael (lot 31-II) b. 9/24/1845 Getzville, Erie Co. d. 9/29/1894 Fremont h/o Frances

Deegan, infant b. 5/24/1921 stillborn E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Delaney, Catherine (lot 118-I) b. 1811 d. 4/21/1878 w/o Martin

Delap, Elmer H. b. 1/11/1917 d. 2/17/1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Delap, Harold B. b. 12/14/1920 E. Syracuse d. 9/8/1921 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Delaney, Martin (lot 118-I) b. 11/11/1818 d. 6/14/1882

Devendorf, M. Margaret (lot 31-II) b. 4/3/1891 Minoa d. 7/17/1954 Syracuse, w/o Henry H.

Deyo, Rosalia (lot 4-U) b. 10/19/1869 Geddes d. 1/8/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: hu, children

Dicesare (Disesare), Michele (lot 54-A) b. 4/3/1885 Italy d. 3/24/1951 Minoa m/o Nick

Dinsmore, Alice (lot 16-B) b. 10/28/1876 town of Dewitt d. 10/3/1942 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. J. Morey

Dinsmore, William (lot 16-B) b. 6/25/1875 town of Galon(?), NY d. 10/25/1940 E. Syracuse h/o Alice

Disinger (Desinger?), Anna (lot 36-II) b. 6/14/1864 Ire. d. 8/27/1937 E. Syracuse m/o Joseph

Dixon, Mary b. 9/1/1887 E. Syracuse d. 2/5/1907 Lyons. Kin: fa, bro, hu

Dolan, Patrick (lot 128-I) b. 1869 Ireland d. 6/11/1924 Minoa. Kin: none

Doolittle, Martha Jane (lot 52-B) b. 2/26/1945 Syracuse d. 6/4/1952 Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. R. Doolittle

Donahue, William (lot 22-B) b. 1873 Florence, NY d. 10/16/1944 E. Syracuse h/o Marg.

Donelly, James W. (lot 28-B) b. 12/15/1879 Scotland d. 6/4/1940 1215 S. Geddes St., Syracuse h/o Mary

Donelly, John R. (lot 24-II) b. 10/25/1883 E. Syracuse d. 10/19/1945 Syracuse sis/o Mary

Donelly, Thomas (lot 24-II) b. 8/15/1858 Scotland d. 1/28/1901 Syracuse h/o Agnes

Donnelly, A. M. (lot 8-B) b. 3/15/1905 E. Syracuse d. 10/3/1938 E. Syracuse h/o Frances Russ Donnelly

Donnelly, Agnes (lot 24-II) b. 5/17/1858 Scot. d. 1/20/1943 Syracuse m/o Helen Donnelly

Donnelly, Anna (lot 8-B) b. 1/12/1872 Syracuse d. 5/18/1950 E. Syracuse m/o James F.

Donnelly, James B. (lot 8-B) b. 5/2/1885(?) Scotland d. 4/13/1932 E. Syracuse h/o Anna

Donnelly, Robert J. (lot 24-II) b. 11/11/1897 Syracuse d. 6/15/1904 Syracuse f. Thomas m. Agnes

Donnelly, Thomas (lot 24-II) b. 7/18/1883 d. 3/2/1892 E. Syr. f. Thomas m. Agnes

Donelly, Thomas (lot 24-II) b. 8/15/1858 Stranraer, Scotland d. 1/28/1901 Syracuse, h/o Agnes

Donnelly, Thomas C. (lot 24-II) b. 4/15/1895 E. Syracuse d. 5/17/1940 231 Comstock Ave., Syracuse m. Mrs. Agnes Donelly

Donohue, John C. (lot 24-I) b. 10/9/1882 Baldwinsville d. 8/27/1952 E. Syracuse, h/o


Donovan, Francis R. (lot 39-I) b. 12/10/1902 Minoa d. 2/27/1922 Syracuse. Kin: father

Donovan, Herbert Frederic (lot 39-I) b. 6/2/1906 Minoa d. 8/24/1906 Minoa f. John m. Mary

Donovan, Herman Joseph (lot 39-I) b. 6/2/1906 d. 9/24/1906 Minoa f. John m. Mary

Donovan, John J. (lot 39-I) b. 3/15/1875 Clinton, NY d. 1/8/1948 Marcellus h/o Mary

Donovan, William (lot 55-A) b. 4/4/1880 Syracuse d. 4/26/1954 E. Syracuse, bro/o Mrs. Fred Fix, Mrs. Wm. Scheuer

Doyle, Agatha E. (lot 99ext-II) b. ?/24/1865 Switzerland d. 10/24/1952 Minoa m/o Glenn

Doyle, James (lot 100ext-II) b. 3/29/1861 Illinois d. 9/29/1944 Minoa h/o Agatha

Doyle, Mary (Mrs.) (lot 35-B) b. 7/24/1875 Kemptville, Ont, CAN d. 7/14/1954 Minoa, sis/o Charles Thorpe

Doyle, Neal (lot 35-B) b. 5/28/1876 Maryes, CT(?) d. 11/17/1938 Minoa h/o Mary

Drealer(?), John (lot 70-II) b. 8/10/1844 France d. 4/3/1920 Minoa. Kin: wife

Drexler, Mary (lot 70-II) b. 5/2/1852 France d. 5/19/1932 Loretto Rest, Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Margaret Meyers

Drumm, Kathrine (lot 9-A) b. 9/16/1875 town of Manlius d. 12/14/1945 E. Syracuse sis/o Mrs. Clara Snyder

Duane, John C. (lot 38-I) b. 12/9/1892 Syracuse d. 6/16/1938 Minoa h/o Bertha

Durand, Joseph (lot 15-A) b. 4/15/1893 E. Syracuse d. 7/30/1924 Syracuse. Kin: mother

Dyer, John Francis (lot 34-U) b. 3/5/1896 Syracuse d. 12/19/1948 Syracuse h/o C. C. Dyer

Ebb, Charles (lot 10-I) b. 4/8/1874 d. 5/30/1874 town of Sullivan, f. Peter m. Sylvia

Ebb, Conrad (lot 4-U) b. 2/4/1880 Kirkville d. 2/23/1950 Minoa h/o Pearl

Ebb, Dollie Anna (lot 10-I) b. 10/13/1861? town of Sullivan d. 4/9/1875 town of Sullivan f. Peter m. Sylvia

Ebb, Frank (lot 10-I) b. 2/7/1873 d. 4/11/1875 f. Peter m. Sylvia

Ebb, Ida Anna (lot 10-I) b. 10/24/1870 town of Sullivan d. 4/13/1875 town of Sullivan f. Peter m. Sylvia

Ebb, Peter (lot 10-I) b. 1/13/1838 Alsace-Loraine d. 3/2/1906 Minoa h/o Sylvia

Ebb, Peter (lot 10-I) b. 10/30/1861 Minoa d. 12/4/1933 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. John Maxwell

Ebb, Sylvia Ann (lot 10-I) b. 1/13/1840 Minoa d. 8/19/1925 Minoa . Kin: children

Eggert, baby boy (lot 43-U) b. 6/29/1950 Syracuse d. 6/29/1950 E. Syracuse f. John

Eggert, John F. (lot 43-U) b. 1/19/1877 Syracuse d. 3/3/1954 Syracuse f/o Oliva Eggert

Eggert, Marguerite M. (lot 43-U) b. 10/9/1893 Baldwinsville d. 2/23/1948 Syracuse

w/o John F.

Eischen, Arnold G. (lot 40-U) b. 7/31/1905 Seaforth, MN d. 9/10/1950 E. Syracuse h/o Lola

Eischen, Bernard (lot 47-A) b. 5/7/1908 Leaforth, MN d. 10/4/1948 Cross Lake near Cato h/o Mrs. B. N. Eischen

Eischen, Martin (lot 27-A) b. 4/10/1874 Springfield, (?) d. 11/21/1941 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Eischen, Mary (lot 27-A) b. 4/20/1876 Redwood Falls (?) 4/20/1876 d. 11/9/1943 E. Syracuse m/o Francis

Eischen, twin boy (lot 47-A) b. 11/2+3, 1954 Syracuse d. 11/2+3, 1954 Cato. Kin: Fred Arnold, chief of police

Ellis, Charles B. (lot 72-II) b. 1/8/1911 d. 6/20/1913 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Ellis, Howard W(?). (lot 12-II) b. 3/9/1888 Rome, NY d. 5/10/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Ethel

Emmerich, John (lot 96-I) b. 2/23/1808 Ger. d. 3/25/1868 Dry Hill (near Fayetteville) f. Christian J. et. al.

Enders, Barbara (lot 89-I) b. 5/3/1848 Syracuse d. 1/2/1929 Manlius. Kin: Mrs. Harry Fulmer, dau.

Enders, Ferdinand (lot 89-II) b. 8/24/1842 Darmsteadt, Hessia d. 10/10/1900 Manlius h/o Barbara Enders

Enrilli, Mary (lot 64-I) b. 2/8/1924 Minoa d. 4/4/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Evans, infant b. 8/13/1920 d. 8/13/1920 Minoa f. J. R. m. Edith

Evelyn, Kenneth (lot 6-A) b. 6/7/1895 Buffalo d. 6/14/1927 Edgerton St., Minoa. w/o


Fabing, Adelia (lot 85-I) b. 4/1/1881 Man. d. 7/31/1881 Man. Sta. f. Casper m. Adelia

Fabing, Adelia (lot 84-I) b. 8/18__ Cicero d. 10/1/1882 Little France, Oswego Co. w/o Casper

Fabing, Carrie (lot 85-I) b. 8/28/1877 Man. Sta. d. 11/3/1879 Man. Sta. f. John m. Mary

Fabing, Casper (lot 85-I) b. 10/18/1814 Ger. d. 11/30/1875 Man. Sta. h/o Maria

Fabing, Casper (lot 85-I) b. 4/8/1878 Man. Sta. d. 10/4/1878 Oswego Co. f. Casper m. Adelia

Fabing, Catharine (lot 85-I) b. 2/8/1859 Minoa d. 11/27/1935 Rotterdam, NY m/o Joseph

Fabing, Hattie (lot 85-I) b. 12/2/1871 Man. Sta. d. 10/24/1879 Man. Sta. f. John m. Mary

Fabing, Jacob (lot 85-I) b. 5/25/1886 Man Sta. d. 12/3/1888 Man. Sta. f. Joseph m. Catherine

Fabing, John (lot 85-I) b. 10/24/1872 E. Syracuse d. 8/18/1875 E. Syracuse f. John m. Mary

Fabing, Joseph L. (lot 95-II) b. 7/26/1861 town of Manlius d. 1/10/1933 Fayetteville. Kin: Lou & George Fabing

Fabing, Joseph L. (lot 42-B) b. 5/5/1882 Minoa d. 11/7/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Catherine

Fabing, Mary Harter (lot 85-I) b. 1/30/1818 town of Manlius d. 5/2/1903 Minoa, 1 Silver St., wid(1) Alvie Carr (2) Casper Fabing; mo/o Joseph et. al.

Fagan, Kathleen Mary (lot 36-B) b. 6/11/1946 Syracuse d. 6/11/1946 Syracuse. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Fagan

Fahey, Ann (lot 8-II) b. 1848 Ireland d. 11/19/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin: son

Fahey, Michael (lot 8-II) b. 7/12/1845 Ireland d. 10/9/1919 Syracuse. Kin: sons

David, Fran

Farasci, Bennie (lot 128-I) b. 7/13/1909 U.S. d. 9/14/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Farrell, Robert (lot 66-I) b. 1910 d. 8/21/1916 E. Syracuse

Farsaci, Benedict (lot 22-A) b. 10/27/1915 E. Syracuse d. 10/13/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Farsari, J. (lot 128-A) b. 7/12/1909 stillborn E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Farstler, Margaret (lot 9-II) b. 3/5/1861 town of Manlius d. 5/14/1934 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Dennis Nolan

Farstler, Oliver (lot 9-II) b. 6/21/1851 Germany d. 4/24/1928 106 E. lst St., E. Syracuse h/o Margaret (see also Ferstler)

Fay, Frederic (lot 63-I) b. 7/30/1877 Minoa d. 10/27/1902 Silver St., Minoa f. Theobald m. Mary

Fay, George M. (lot 63-I) b. 1/10/1876 d. 5/24/1876 Man. Sta. f. Theobald m. Mary

Fay, James Lawrence (lot 4ex-U) b. 1/16/1863 Waddington, NY d. 10/13/1948 town of

Sullivan, Madison Co., NY h/o Mrs. J. Fay

Fay, Laverna (lot 43-II) b. 3/16/1896 Syracuse d. 7/11/1896 Syracuse f. Peter m. Theresa

Fay, Margaret Thomas (lot 63-I) b. 3/4/1809 Loraine d. 2/17/1871 Man. Sta. w/o Nicholas, mo/o Theobald

Fay, Mary (lot 63-I) b. 2/25/1848 Loraine d. 3/9/1885 Man. Station f. Nicholas

m. Margaret. Remarks: w/o John Backenstrass but did not live with him

Fay, Mary (lot 63-I) b. 2/25/1850 NYS d. 3/30/1913 Minoa. Kin: 2 sons, 2 daus.

Fay, Nicholas (lot 63-I) b. 3/4/1813 Loraine d. 11/19/1894 Man. Sta. grandfa./o Peter, Nicholas, et al.

Fay, Nicholas H. (lot 63-I) b. 1/10/1876 Minoa d. 3/21/1953 E. Syracuse RFD #3, bro/o P. Fay, M. Gott, Heigle

Fay, Theobald (lot 63-I) b. 7/1/1844 Loraine d. 6/3/1880 Man. Sta. h/o Mary

Fay, Theresa (Gott) (lot 43-II) b. 6/25/1871 Minoa d. 2/23/1953 Minoa w/o Peter

Featherly, Evelyn b. 7/31/1914 E. Syracuse d. 9/15/1922 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Featherly, Frederic b. 12/12/1922 Syracuse d. 2/18/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Featherly, Philip (lot 72-II) b. 4/11/1878 Rochester, NY d. 11/22/1929 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Anna Featherly

Featherly, William (lot 72-II) b. 2/21/1885 U.S. d. 3/25/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin:

parents, wife

Felker, Charles H. (lot 51-B) b. 6/10/1876 Dunbarton, NY d. 11/2/1952 town of Alleghany f/o Charles D. Felker

Ferstler, Edward D. (lot 9-II) b. 11/17/1892 Man. Sta. d. 10/1/1900 Cicero f. Aloysius

m. Mary

Ferstler, Edward J. (lot 24-A) b. 5/4/1908 Kirkville d. 1/31/1953 Syracuse m. Mae

Ferstler, Elisabeth (lot 9-II) b. 2/24/1884 E. Syracuse d. 4/26/1889 E. Syracuse f. Aloysius m. Margaret

Ferstler, infant b. Oct. 1918 stillborn Bridgeport

Ferstler, Joanna (nee Weisenbacher) (lot 53-II) b. 1835 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 12/20/1904 town of Manlius (beyond N. Manlius) m/o Peter, Victor

Ferstler, John (lot 53-II) b. 11/10/1832 Loraine d. 5/17/1902 N. Manlius h/o Johannah

Ferstler, John (lot 9-II) d. 1889 E. Syracuse, buried 4/2/1891. Transferred from Lot 126, Sec. I.

Ferstler, John Peter (lot 9-II) b. 9/23/1881 E. Syracuse d. 4/20/1889 E. Syr. f. Aloysius m. Margaret

Ferstler, Katherine (lot 53-II) b. 1870 MN d. 4/3/1952 Northfield, MN sis-in-law/o Peter

Ferstler, Lawrence V. (lot 31-A) b. 7/22/1899 E. Syracuse d. 10/17/1948 Mina h/o Rose

Ferstler, Mary Ann (lot 60-II) b. 7/6/1863 town of Cicero d. 8/14/1952 Minoa m/o Mrs. Eugene Heigle

Ferstler, Michael (lot 53-II) b. 11/15/1868 Minoa d. 10/26/1943 Northfield, MN h/o Cath.

Ferstler, Oliver (lot 31-A) b. 4/16/1861 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/15/1938 Minoa h/o Mary A.

Ferstler, Victor (lot 24-A) b. 1/10/1875 town of Manlius d. 9/13/1951 Kirkville R.D., Bridgeport Rd.. Kin: Mrs. May Ferstler, Harold & Ed

Fey (see Fay)

Field, Margaret C. (lot 38-U) b. 3/8/1888 Manlius d. 1/26/1947 Minoa w/o Frank

Fischer, Christopher (lot 65-I) b. 1833 d. 5/30/1874 town of Manlius

Fish, Robert L. (lot 6-A) b. 10/13/1954 Syracuse d. 11/10/1954 Apulia Sta., NY f. Robert L. Fish

Fitzgerald, Gertrude V. (lot 47-A) d. 3/12/1886 Damnoun(?), PA d. 12/17/1948 Syracuse

w/o Marice M. Fitzgerald

Flannery, Mary Agnes (lot 9-B) b. 1/13/1895 Syracuse d. 3/27/1918 Miinoa. Kin: uncles,


Fleischmann, Frances Platz (lot 68-I) b. 5/15/1816 E. Syracuse d. 11/18/1886 Minoa. Sister of Andrew Platz

Flick, Anna Marie Fulzalogle (lot 42-I) b. 1782 Alsace d. 1865 Man. Sta. m/o Joseph (transferred from old cemetery, 1891)

Flick, Joseph (lot 42-I) b. 1834 Minoa d. 5/30/1913 Syracuse

Flick, Joseph Sr. (lot 42-I) b. 1806 Alsace d. 12/31/1878 Man. Sta. f/o Joseph Flick and Mrs. Kuntz, et al.

Flick, Mary (Dreher) (lot 42-I) b. 1820 Hess-Darmstadt, Germany d. 4/18/1886 Man. Sta.

m/o Mrs. Ch. Cross

Flood, Harry Michael (lot 29-B) b. 10/1/1888 Syracuse d. 9/19/1934 Syracuse. Kin: Sadie Flood, sis. 190 Durston, Syracuse

Floyd, Eliz. M. (lot 66-I) b. 9/29/1870 Kirkville d. 1/27/1949 Syracuse niece/o Mrs. Rose Walter

Floyd, Robert E. (lot 66-I) b. 1875 Syracuse d. 4/26/1936 Syracuse h/o Elizabeth

Flynn, Addie (lot 42-A) b. 1/28/1881 Munnsville, NY d. 6/19/1946 E. Syracuse w/o John

Flynn, Catharine Rose (lot 100-II) b. 10/1/1903 d. 10/30/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Flynn, Daniel (lot 109-II) b. 9/27/1863 NYS d. 5/26/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow

Flynn, Daniel (lot 57-II) b. 12/18/1917 d. 7/19/1919 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Flynn, James (lot 57-II) b. 1/29/1891 d. 6/29/1911 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents, bros.,


Flynn, John (lot 42-A) b. 4/9/1879 town of Dewitt d. 3/21/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. J. Douglas

Flynn, Margaret (lot 57-II) b. 11/14/1853 Ireland d. 1/20/1929 E. Syracuse. Kin: Martin, son, 211 Willis Ave.

Flynn, Mary L. (lot 57-II) b. 5/10/1885 E. Syracuse d. 12/9/1916 E. Syracuse. Kin: mother

Flynn, Maurice (lot 57-II) b. 1834 Ireland d. 6/29/1914 Dewitt. Kin: widow, 7 ch.

Flynn, Maurice E. (lot 98-II) b. 1/1/1902 E. Syracuse d. 5/4/1937 Syracuse m. Rose

Flynn, Maurice J. (lot 65-II) b. 2/19/1907 E. Syracuse d. 3/29/1925 E. Syracuse. Kin: mother

Flynn, Michael b. 1859 town of Dewitt d. 11/22/1927 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. E. Dings, sis.

Flynn, Rosa E. (lot 98-II) b. 1/25/1867 Pompey d. 9/3/1954 Syracuse

Foell, Clara L. (lot 4-II) b. 11/11/1879 Minoa d. 7/11/1929 Minoa w/o Fred

Foley, John (lot 35-I) b. 10/4/1866 Fayetteville d. Jan. 1869 Fayetteville f. Michael m. Bridget

Foley, Rebecca (lot 35-I) b. Co. Sligo, Ire. d. 1/25/1875 Manlius widow/o Hugh

m/o Michael

Foley, William (lot 35-I) b. 11/18/1860 d. 8/2/1873 Fayetteville f. Michael m. Bridget

Foot, Julius (lot 114-I) b. Dec. 1897 d. 9/19/1898 E. Syracuse

Forbes, Alexander (lot 29-A) b. 9/24/1865 Ottawa, CAN d. 1/5/1937 E. Syr. h/o Almira

Forbes, Almira (lot 29-A) b. 5/22/1865 Hull, Que., CAN d. 3/3/1939 E. Syracuse m/o Cletus

Forbes, Anna L. (lot 39-A) b. 1/9/1895 Syracuse d. 7/21/1944 Pulaski w/o Philip

Forbes, Ira (lot 109-II) b. 2/9/1885 Ogdensburg d. 4/20/1918 Dewitt. Kin: wife

Forbes, Lawrence Edw. (lot 39-A) b. 12/27/1931 Altmar, NY d. 7/25/1944 Pulaski f. Philip

Forbes, Mary b. 12/6/1915 syracuse d. 12/27/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Franklin, Emmaline (nee Schneider) (lot 27-I) b. 3/30/1849 Man. Sta. d. 8/5/1892 E. Syr. w/o Leo

Franklin, Leo (lot 27-I) b. 3/1/1837 Baden, Baden, Germany d. 2/20/1927 E. Syracuse

Kin: Mary Snook, dau.

Frantz, August (lot27-B) b. 6/7/1890 town of Manlius d. 2/23/1947 Cazenovia bro/o Anthony

Frantz, Ernestina (lot 27-B) b. 1/15/1867 Germany d. 5/22/1935 Fenner w/o August

Frantz, Eva (lot 83-I) b. 11/8/1870 Bridgeport d. 5/12/1932 Syracuse w/o O.W.

Frantz, Joseph (lot 83-I) b. 7/14/1826 d. 11/6/1891 Man. Sta. (Polkville)

Frantz, Veronica (lot 83-I) b. 9/2/1830 Germany d. 10/5/1922 Syracuse. Kin: son

Frazier, Almira (lot 3e-A) b. 11/7/1840 Quebec d. 1/25/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: dau.

Freeborn, Mary R. (lot 31-II) b. 1858 d. 7/4/1918 Kirkville.

Frey, George (lot 17-II) b. 4/4/1824 Wuert. Ger. d. 10/22/1894 Syr. f/o George, William, et al.

Frey, George William (lot 24-I) b. 12/28/1886 Man. Sta. d. 7/17/1888 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Frey, Grace Lizzie (lot 24-I) b. 3/24/1884 Man. Sta. d. 7/11/1888 E. Syr. f. Wm. m. Sarah

Frey, Magdalene Uth (lot 17-II) b. 1/14/1826 Loraine d. 3/9/1892 Man. Sta.

m/o William et. al.

Frey, unnamed (lot 24-I) b. 9/12/1885 Man Sta. d. 9/12/1885 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah. Remarks: private Baptism

Friedmann, Harold (lot 114-I) b. June 1900 d. 8/8/1900 E. Syracuse

Friend, Mary (lot 21-II) b. 10/3/1863 Minoa d. 11/29/1924 Minoa. Kin: hu.

Friess, Anna (lot 61-I) b. 3/6/1856 Minoa d. 5/5/1947 N. Main, Minoa m/o Mrs. Herman Schepp

Friess, Catherine Schneider (lot 60-I) b. 1821 d. Mar. 1863 north end of town of Manlius w/o Jacob, m/o Nicholas, Joseph, George, et al.

Friess, George (lot 60-I) b. 4/30/1861 Minoa d. 1/4/1911 Ogdensburg asylum. Kin: 1 bro., 3 sisters

Friess, Jacob (lot 60-I) b. May 1813 Alsace-Loraine d. 6/3/1875 Man. Sta. sons:

Nicholas, Joseph, et al.

Friess, Joseph (lot 60-I) b. 4/18/1856 Man. Sta. d. 6/4/1890 Denver, CO, b/o Nicholas, George, et al.

Friess, Nicholas (lot 61-I) b. 2/27/1846 Minoa d. 5/27/1923 Minoa. Kin: wife, son, dau

Friess, Peter (lot 60-I) b. 2/12/1858 Man. Sta. d. 11/5/1874 Onon. Hill f. Jacob m. Cath., b/o Nicholas, Joseph, et al.

Friess, William P. (lot 61-I) b. 9/3/1877 Minoa d. 6/16/1950 E. Syracuse h/o Nina

Furstler, Elisabeth (lot 9-II) b. 2/24/1884 d. 4/26/1889 E. Syracuse

Gale, Anna (lot 59-I) b. 5/13/1859 Man. Sta. d. 7/4/1881 Man. Sta. Transferred 10/6/1905 from priv. bur. Exhumed and taken from a private burial plot on farm along RR east of Minoa.

Gale, child (lot 59-I) d. 9/15/1878

Gale, child (lot 59-I) d. 1878

Gale, Frank Dominick (lot 53-B) b. 7/24/1886 Italy d. 4/19/1952 Eastwood h/o Flora

Gale, George (lot 59-I) b. 4/7/1863 Man. Sta. d. 7/14/1881. Transferred 10/6/1905 from priv. bur. Exhumed and taken from a private burial plot on farm along RR east of Minoa.

Gale, John (lot 59-I) b. 1830 Mont Bronne, Loraine d. 3/30/1871 Man. Sta. h/o Magdalene

Gale, John (lot 59-I) b. 1/31/1865 Man. Sta. d. 6/28/1881 Man. Sta. Transferred 10/6/1905 from priv. bur. Exhumed and taken from a private burial plot on farm along RR east of Minoa.

Gale, Joseph (lot 59-I) b. 1869 Man. Sta. d. 5/18/1905 Syracuse, s/o (blank)

Gale, Willie (lot 59-I) stillborn bur. 6/24/1913

Gallagher, Francis James (lot 48-A) b. 7/15/1892 Syracuse d. 7/12/1950 Syracuse h/o Marion

Gallery, Donald F. (lot 44-A) b. 3/9/1909 Minoa d. 4/23/1950 Minoa h/o Hazel

Gallery, Grace (lot 17-U) b. 11/2/1885 Albany d. 11/19/1946 Minoa m/o Donald

Gallery, Joseph B. (lot 17-U) b. 2/4/1886 Moravia, NY d. 8/11/1929 Oneida h/o Grace, late residence: Minoa

Galuski, baby (lot 95-II) b. 3/5/1941 E. Syracuse d. 3/5/1941 62 Frederick St., E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galuski

Gannon, James (lot 66-II) b. 5/22/1855 Memphis, NY d. 5/28/1931 Syracuse h/o Catherine, 184 Durston Ave., Syracuse

Gannon, Loraine Louise (lot 66-II) b. 12/27/1919 Syracuse d. 6/13/1920 Syracuse, 132 Durston Ave. Kin: parents

Garvey, Margaret E. (lot 30-II) b. 12/8/1923 Syracuse d. 1/17/1925 Syracuse. Kin: parents

Gayring, C. Wallace (lot 36-U) b. 9/15/1870 Minoa d. 10/14/1950 Minoa f/o Wallace & Hubert

Gayring, Elizabeth (lot 36-U) b. 3/12/1873 Nenry, Ire. d. 9/27/1945 Minoa w/o Wallace

Gayring, Mary Magd. (lot 29-II) b. 4/8/1907 Collamer d. 6/30/1935 Fayetteville w/o Wallace F. Gayring

Geib, Catharine M. (lot 56-II) b. 4/6/1837 Minoa d. 2/25/1915 Manlius. Kin: daus.

Geib, Catherine (lot 52-I) b. 10/20/1876 town of Manlius d. 10/28/1876 town of Manlius, Lewis Rd. f. John m. Catherine

Geib, Elisabeth (lot 52-I) b. 4/14/187? d. 5/17/1878 Manlius f. John m. Catherine

Geib, John Baptist (lot 52-I) b. 9/6/1867 Lewis Rd., town of Manlius d. 10/25/1867 north end town of Manlius, Lewis Rd. f. John m. Catherine

Geib, John (lot 56-II) b. 11/21/1826 Germany d. 10/2/1914 Minoa. Kin: wife and children

Geib, Mary (lot 56-II) b. 1/11/1869 d. 8/16/1923 Minoa. Kin: sister

Gentner, Martin (lot 39-I) b. 1834 d. 12/13/1905 h/o Mary

Gerhart, Anna (Kraemer) (lot 50-I) b. 179? Loraine d. 9/91878 Man. Sta. w/o Nicholas, Sr.

Gerhart, Julius (lot 50-I) b. 5/8/1867 E. Syr. d. 9/10/1873 Chittenango f. Nicholas m. Mary

Gerhart, Nicholas (lot 50-I) b. 1800 Loraine d. 2/24/1876 Man. Sta. h/o Anna, m/o Nicholas, Peter, et al.

Gerhart, Peter (lot 51-I) b. 1842 Orbach, Loraine d. 12/2/1872 Kirkville h/o Anna(?) (b/o Anna?)

Gerthofer, Donald Paul (lot 91-II) b. 7/13/1933 Minoa d. 9/28/1933 Minoa f. Francis

Gerthofer, Earl Frank (lot 131-I) b. 11/12/1900 N. Manlius line, town of Sullivan, Madison Co. d. 8/22/1905 Chittenango f. Frank m. Julia

Gerthofer, Florence (lot 131-I) b. Mar. 1905 d. 8/21/1905 Chittenango f. Frank m. Julia

Gerthofer, Frank A. (lot 91-II) b. 3/10/1873 Minoa d. 4/3/1914 Chittenango. Kin: mother, 2 bros., widow, children

Gerthofer, John (lot 64-I) b. 11/25/1825 Germany d. 2/11/1914 Syracuse. Kin: 2 sons, 1 dau.

Gerthofer, Verna J. (lot 131-I) b. 11/20/1883 Polkville (near Minoa) d. 11/17/1887 Polkville f. Aloysius m. Anna

Gerthoffer, Albert (lot 131-I) b. 2/9/1868 Minoa d. 5/2/1948 E. Syracuse uncle/o Agnes Gerthoffer

Gerthoffer, Alois (lot 131-I) b. 5/24/1831 Alsace-Loraine d. 2/12/1909 Minoa. Kin: wife, 5 sons, l dau

Gerthoffer, Anna (lot 131-I) b. 8/28/1843 Minoa d. 9/28/1926 Minoa. Kin: sons, dau.

Gerthoffer, baby girl (lot 33-B) b. 2/24/1948 Syracuse d. 2/24/1948 Mr. & Mrs. Rob. Gerthoffer, parents, E. Syracuse R.F.D.

Gerthoffer, Gary Leonard (lot 33-B) b. 1/4/1947 Syracuse d. 1/14/1947 E. Syracuse.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gerthoffer, parents

Gerthoffer, Herman (lot 86-II) b. 7/2/1875 Minoa d. 5/24/1909 Minoa. Kin: wife, ch., mother

Gerthoffer, Jennie (lot 85-II) b. 3/28/1869 town of Manlius d. 2/18/1920 Polkville (near Minoa) kin: hu, children

Gerthoffer, Josephine (lot 92-II) b. 4/28/1866 Minoa d. 9/23/1925 Old Forge w/o Oliver

Gerthoffer, Maria (lot 86-II) b. 4/3/1909 Minoa d. 4/3/1909 Minoa. Kin: parents

Gerthoffer, Mary Fabing (lot 64-I) b. 1835 d. 3/11/1899 town of Manlius, cor. Silver St. & Polkville Rd., w/o John

Gerthoffer, Oliver A. (lot 92-II) b. 9/4/1865 Minoa d. 1/2/1926 Minoa. Kin: brothers

Gerthoffer, Victor (lot 85-II) b. 1/15/1870 town of Manlius d. 7/3/1943 Eastwood f/o

Mrs. Geo. Brynes

Gibbons, Beverly A. b. 12/14/1934 Syracuse d. 12/15/1936 St. Mary's Maternity Hosp. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Ralph Gibbons, grandmother

Gibbons, boy (lot 6w-A) b. 6/21/1953 Syracuse d. 6/21/1953 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Gibean, Alice (lot 86-I) b. 1/21/1884 Syracuse d. 11/22/1946 Syracuse m/o donald

Gibean, Frederick B. (lot 86-I) b. 5/2/1863 Syracuse d. 1/18/1927 Minoa. Kin: Horace, bro.

Gibean, Horace B. (lot 86-I) b. 6(?)/22/1867 Syracuse d. 10/31/1940 305 W. Broad, Syracuse h/o Alice

Gibean, William E. (lot 101-II) b. 7/26/1861 Syracuse d. 12/12/1933 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Frances Gibean, 301 Colfax, E. Syr.

Gilchrist, William (lot 46-B) b. 9/27/1930 Syracuse d. 3/12/1952 Syracuse h/o Mrs. M.(?) Gilchrist

Glagola, infant b. 12/17/1922 stillborn E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Gleason, Egbert W. (lot 84-II) b. 10/26/1927 E. Syracuse d. 5/14/1928 E. Syracuse f. Augustine

Godbout, Blanche V. d. 8/30/1887 Nova Scotia d. 3/17/1922 E. Syracuse. Kin: husband

Godbout, Eugene (lot 5-I) b. 4/5/1885 Crompton, Rhode Island d. 1/15/1925 Oswego. Kin: sister

Godfrey, Herman E. (lot 71-I) b. 4/4/1878 town of Manlius d. 8/6/1949 E. Syracuse h/o May

Godfrey, Josep Francis (lot 72-I) b. 7/13/1912 d. 7/16/1912 Minoa. Kin: parents

Godfrey, Julia (lot 72-I)) b. 8/4/1868 Chittenango d. 12/22/1948 E. Syracuse sis/o Herman Godfrey

Godfrey, Nicholas (lot 72-I) b. 5/7/1840 Germany d. 6/1/1912 Minoa. Kin: 2 sons, 2 daus.

Goetzman, Arthur E. (lot 48-A) b. 8/12/1881 Lyons d. 1/14/1951 E. Syracuse w/o Theresa

Goff, William J. (lot 36-A) b. 1/10/1893 Syracuse d. 1/5/1937 Syracuse h/o Loretta

Gonviareth, Giovanni b. 7/23/1917 Kirkville d. 7/23/1919 Kirkville

Goodman, James (lot 117-I) b. May 1827 Ire. d. 10/21/1887 Man. Sta. children: Michael, Mary & Nellie

Goodman, Margaret Gleason (lot 117-I) b. May 1826 Co. Mayo, Ireland d. 2/27/1883 Man. Sta. w/o James, m/o Michael, Mary, Nellie

Goodman, Mary (lot 10-B) b. 11/27/1856 Oriskany d. 4/7/1946 Minoa sis/o Nellie

Goodman, Michael (lot 10-B) b. 2/24/1854 Oriskany d. 11/21/1922 Minoa. Kin: sisters

Gordon, Archie A. (lot 10-U) b. 8/5/1874 Bergen, NY d. 3/20/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Eva

Gorgoni, baby girl (lot 6e-A) b. 11/19/1953 Syracuse d. 11/19/1953 Syracuse f. B. Gorgoni

Gott, Albert (lot 56-I) b. 9/9/1882 N. Manlius d. 9/9/1882 N. Man. f. Frederick m. Catherine

Gott, Anthony (lot 55-I) b. 1845 d. 10/9/1907 E. Syracuse. H/o Charlotte, 2nd wife

Gott, August (lot 54-I) b. 1799 d. 9/28/1881 N. Man. h/o Magdalene, f/o Fred, Anthony et al.

Gott, Catharina (lot 56-I) b. 10/30/1848 Manlius d. 3/20/1919 Minoa. Kin: husband

Gott, Charles A. (lot 55-I) b. 9/23/187? d. 8/27/1878 f. Anthony m. Mary

Gott, Charles W. (lot 55-I) b. 11/19/1893 E. Syracuse d. 9/20/1933 Syracuse h/o Anna, 710 Niagara, E. Syracuse

Gott, Ernest (lot 56-I) b. 11/15/1878 N. Manlius d. 9/16/1880 N. Man. f. Fred m. Catherine

Gott, Frederic (lot 56-I) b. 12/9/1841 N. Manlius d. 5/13/1922 Minoa. Kin: children

Gott, Frederick A. (lot 90-II) b. 3/8/1868 Minoa d. 1/30/1947 Kirkville h/o Marsha

Gott, Genevieve (Lot 90-II) b. 6/24/1897 Syracuse d. 4/26/1916 Minoa. Kin: parents, sisters

Gott, Magdalene (lot 54-I) b. 1801 d. 11/29/1887 E. Syr. w/o August, m/o Fred, Anthony

Gott, Mary (Bucher) (lot 55-I) b. 5/16/1847 M___ d. 12/3/1890 E. Syra. w/o Anthony

Gott, William K. (lot 23-B) b. 10/22/1866 Minoa d. 10/1/1937 Syracuse h/o Alice

Gottfried, Catherine Bucher (lot 72-I) b. 5/4/1843 Man. Sta. d. 12/7/1891 Polkville (near Minoa) w/o Nicholas

Grady, Mary A. (lot 11-B) b. 6/6/1885 E. Syracuse d. 5/25/1927 217 Court St., Syracuse

w/o Joseph

Grady, William b. 8/6/1906 d. 8/27/1914 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Graham, baby (lot 114-I) stillborn 9/9/1942 Crouse-Irving Hosp., Syr. f. Claude, Hannibal R.F.D. 2

Graham, Jacobus (lot 114-I) b. 1/2/1908 Bridgeport d. 4/12/1908 Bridgeport. Kin: parents

Graves, Charles C. (lot 9-B) b. 1/31/1875 Rome, NY d. 2/19/1939 Minoa h/o Delia

Graves, Clifford (lot 9-B) b. 1/3/1905 Syracuse d. 5/22/1953 Minoa bro/o Mrs. C. Kippley

Graves, Delia (lot 9-B) b. 7/10/1874 Syracuse d. 12/15/1951 Minoa m/o Cliff Graves & Cecelia Kippley Graves (daughter-in-law?)

Gray, Alma A. (lot 7ex-U) b. 9/7/1918 Minoa d. 10/13/1947 Minoa w/o Charles

Greabell, Frank J. (lot 66-II) b. 2/17/1883 d. 1/4/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: fa., sisters

Greabell, Magdalene (lot 66-II) b. 4/21/1852 Syracuse d. 7/10/1909 E. Syracuse. Kin:

hu, son, 3 daus.

Greabell, Peter (lot 66-II) b. 1852 Alsace-Loraine d. 9/8/1926 Onon. Co. Home. Kin:


Green (lot 4-B) b. 5/29/1929 Fulton, NY d. 5/29/1929 premature, Fulton f. Raymond

Green, Anna (lot 33-II) b. 4/16/1873 Minoa d. 8/5/1941 616 Winston St., Syracuse sis/o Mrs. F. Gallagher

Green, Edith (lot 4-B) b. N. Manlius d. 5/30/1929 Fulton w/o Raymond

Green, Eleanor M. (lot 4-B) b. 1/16/1918 Minoa d. 12/12/1941 Onon. Co. Sanitarium f. Raymond

Green, Geraldine (lot 4-B) b. 5/2/1923 Fulton d. 6/16/1929 Fulton f. Raymond

Green, Harold (lot 4-B) b. 1/9/1920 Fulton, NY d. 3/16/1926 Fulton, NY f. Raymond m. Eleanor

Green, Thaddeus (lot 4-B) b. 1/11/1920 Fulton d. 4/30/1920 Minoa f. Raymond m. Eleanor

Greiner, Adam (lot 93-II) b. 11/29/1884 Germany d. 5/10/1915 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow

Greiner, Adelia B. (lot 57-B) b. 9/23/1862 town of Manlius d. 6/1/1952 Alex Nursing Home m/o Mrs. Chas.Chetwin

Greiner, Alice Margaret (lot 93-II) b. 11/11/1878 Canastota d. 11/28/1882 Canastota f. Adam m. Mary

Greiner, Anna Adelia (Philipp) (lot 102-I) b. 1793 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 9/11/1881 Man. Sta. w/o John Sr.

Greiner, Anna Magdalene (lot 93-II) b. 9/15/1881 Canastota d. 7/29/1883 Fayetteville f. Adam m. Mary

Greiner, baby girl (lot 54-II) stillborn 9/23/1939 Crouse Irving Hosp. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. E. Greiner, Minoa

Greiner, Bertha L. (lot 54-II) b. 5/23/1904 Silver St., town of Manlius d. 9/5/1905 Manlius f. Peter m. Elis.

Greiner, Catherine (lot 93-II) b. 7/13/1874 Oneida d. 2/5/1875 Oneida f. Adam m. Mary

Greiner, Catherine (lot 21-I) d. 1919 E. Syracuse m/o Jacob, Jr.

Greiner, Charles (lot 102-II) b. 1884 E. Syracuse d. 5/5/1941 Hopewell, VA bro/o Frank

Greiner, Conrad (lot 44-A) b. 9/3/1885 town of Manlius d. 11/5/1936 Minoa h/o Maude

Greiner, Edward (lot 102-II) b. 1901 E. Syracuse d. 7/30/1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Greiner, Elizabeth F. (lot 54-II) b. 1/21/1869 Minoa d. 2/6/1940 Minoa m/o Norma

Greiner, Eva M. (lot 22-I) b. 7/29/1887 E. Syracuse d. 10/14/1888 E. Syra. f. Frank

Greiner, Florence (lot 39-II) b. 10/18/1888 town of Manlius d. 10/2/1893 Man. Sta. f. John

Greiner, Frances (lot 54-II) b. 8/21/1899 Bushnells' Basin, NY d. 9/27/1939 Minoa w/o Ernest

Greiner, Frank (lot 102-II) b. 6/25/1854 Minoa d. 6/24/1921 E. Syracuse. Kin: widow

Greiner, Hannah (lot 39-II) b. 9/25/1850 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/10/1935 Minoa m/o Charles

Greiner, Harold (lot 54-II) b. 2/14/1940 Crouse Irving Hosp., Syr., d. 2/18/1940 Crouse Irving, f. Henry

Greiner, Jacob (lot 21-I) b. 8/1/1851 Minoa d. 4/15/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: brothers

Greiner, Jacob Sr. (lot 21-I) b. 11/9/1821 Hauteville, Loraine d. 11/24/1890 Man. Sta. h/o Catherine

Greiner, John (lot 5-II) b. 2/11/1869 N. Manlius d. 6/17/1894 N. Man. h/o Emma

Greiner, John I.(?) (lot 39-II) b. 9/29/1850 France d. 8/8/1929 Minoa h/o Hanna

Greiner, John Joseph d. 1916 E. Syracuse

Greiner, Joseph (lot 102-I) b. 11/20/1823 Germany d. 7/23/1913 Minoa. Kin: son

Greiner, Joseph (lot 57-B) b. 11/2/1851 Alsace-Loraine d. 11/20/1929 Kirkville. Kin: Mrs. A. Greiner

Greiner, Joyce Rose (lot 11-A) b. 8/31/1878 Minoa d. 11/11/1948 E. Syracuse w/o Francis

Greiner, Julia Rachel (lot 93-II) b. 9/9/1887 Canstota d. 6/7/1888 Canastota f. Adam m. Mary

Greiner, Leon John (Lot 37-II) b. 6/27/1894 town of Manlius d. 12/29/1895 town of Manlius f. John m. Emma

Greiner, Louis (lot 106-I) b. 2/28/1875 town of Salina d. 4/12/1939 Minoa h/o Hilda

Greiner, Louis N. (lot 26-II) b. 8/24/1855 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 2/14/1893 E. Syr. h/o Othelia

Greiner, Magdalene (lot 102-I) b. 2/12/1824 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 6/5/1882 Man. Sta. w/o Joseph Sr.

Greiner, Marina M. (lot 102-II) b. 11/30/1863 N. Manlius d. 1/6/1936 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. Albert Oot

Greiner, Marjorie E. (lot 39-II) b. 7/29/1916 Minoa d. 7/11/1918 Minoa. Kin: parents, bros.

Greiner, Mary Agnes (lot 93-II) b. 5/29/1851 Cork, Ireland d. 2/15/1940 Canastota m/o Joseph & John A.

Greiner, Mary Anne (lot 5-II) b. 7/24/1833 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 3/6/1905 Minoa widow of Nicholas

Greiner, Nicholas (lot 5-II) b. 1/15/1827 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 3/1/1904 Minoa h/o Mary Anne

Greiner, Peter (lot 54-II) b. 2/25/1866 Minoa d. 10/10/1908 Minoa. Kin: fa., 1 bro., 2 sis.

Greiner, Peter (lot 2-A) b. 2/13/1847 Germany d. 8/6/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: bro. Joseph

Greiner, Peter Henry (lot 2-A) b. 3/15/1876 Kirkville d. 1/1/1936 E. Syracuse bro/ Joseph

Greiner, Raymond (lot 54-II) b. 11/15/1902 Manlius d. 3/22/1931 Silva St., Minoa m. Elizabeth

Greiner, Theresa (lot 2-A) b. 2/15/1853 Minoa d. 5/6/1922 E. Syracuse w/o Peter

Greiner, William (lot 128-I) d. 5/25/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents, bros.

Grinnals, baby (lot 4-U) stillborn Oct. 7, 1941 Syracuse f. Raymond

Grosse, John (lot 67-II) b. 12/5/1879 d. 7/15/1926 Minoa. Kin: wife, ch.

Gruminger, Minnie (lot 38-A) b. 7/17/1882 town of Dewitt d. 10/22/1936 E. Syracuse w/o George

Guiles, Anna (lot 13-U) b. 12/27/1868 Canada d. 3/17/1952 Minoa, m/o Mrs. Grace


Guiles, Wilber (lot 13-U) b. 4/20/1863 Woodville d. 3/5/1942 Minoa h/o Anna

Guinnerman, Agnes I. (lot 16-I) b. 5/2/1862 Manlius d. 10/18/1906 E. Syr. Kin: hu, son, dau

Haar, Anna Mary Keller (lot 3-A) b. 9/7/1877 Minoa d. 3/7/1948 Syracuse m/o Harold

Haar, Barbara Rentz (lot 12-I) b. 3/20/1852 town of Manlius d. 8/12/1902 E. Syr. w/o Nicholas

Haar, Clarence (lot 84-II) b. 2/20/1890 E. Syracuse d. 8/2/1914 Minoa. Kin: widow,


Haar, Edward (lot 4-U) b. 1/29/1887 E. Syracuse d. 3/15/1948 E. Syracuse bro/o Mrs. Florence Owens

Haar, Elizabeth (lot 26-II) b. 9/18/1864 Minoa d. 5/1944 E. Syracuse m/o T.

Haar, Florence (lot 26-II) b. 3/20/1888 d. 8/28/1893 f. Jacob m. Elis.

Haar, Georgius (lot 116-I) b. 10/14/1839 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/9/1904 Main Rd., town of Manlius (north) h/o Marianna

Haar, Jacob (lot 115-I) b. 5/27/1814 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 5/10/1888 Man. Sta. h/o Mary Anne

Haar, Jacob (lot 26-II) b. 8/15/1861 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/1/1937 Minoa h/o Eliz. Granis(?) Haar

Haar, John W. (lot 102-II) b. 4/9/1867 Germany d. 9/19/1915 E. Syr. Kin: mo., sisters

Haar, Joseph b. 9/7/1907 E. Syracuse d. 9/10/1907 E. Syra. Premature.

Haar, Lawrence Arthur (lot 115-I) b. 5/2/1886 Man. Sta. d. 6/6/1886 Man. Sta. f. Louis m. Mary

Haar, Louis (lot 115-I) b. 9/14/1857 Germany d. 8/27/1907 E. Syr. Kin: wife & ch.

Haar, Marianna (lot 116-I) b. 6/5/1840 Minoa d. 11/2/1921 E. Syr. Kin: sons, dau

Haar, Mary Anne Burgun (lot 115-I) b. Mar. 1817 Mont Bronne, Loraine d. 8/9/1902 m/o Jacob, et. al.

Haar, Mary E. (lot 115-I) b. 10/1852 Minoa d. 5/7/1935 Oxford, MA sis/o Peter Shandorf

Haar, Mathias (lot 3-A) b. 4/20/1871 Minoa d. 12/19/1921 Syracuse. Kin: wife, ch.

Haar, Nicholas (lot 103-II) b. Minoa d. 4/12/1917 Syracuse. Kin: dau, sisters

Haar, Raymond J. (lot 26-II) b. 4/13/1892 E. Syr. d. 8/23/1893 E. Syr. f. Jacob m. Elis.

Haar, Rose G. (lot 1e-A) b. 11/17/1885 Minoa d. 12/30/1918 Minoa. Kin: hu, 4 ch.

Haas, Caspar (lot 62-I) b. 1806 d. 8/25/1890 Minoa

Haas, Mary Anna (lot 62-I) b. 1808 d. 11/27/1892 Man. Sta. widow/o Caspar

Hackett, Bridget (lot 110-I) b. 8/20/1814 Ireland d. 2/24/1908 Collamer. Kin: 2 sons

Hackett, Catherine (lot 110-I) b. 1856 d. 4/25/1875 f. Martin m. Bridget

Hackett, John E. (lot 110-I) b. 2/12/1857 town of Cicero d. 8/3/1949 E. Syracuse uncle/o Martin Hackett

Hackett, John F. (lot 110-I) b. 1895 town of Dewitt d. 2/1/1919 while serving with American Expeditionary Forces in France, former res. Collamer f. Martin

Hackett, Martin (lot 110-I) b. 1806 d. 1/14/1892 town of Cicero (town line) h/o Bridget

Hackett, Martin J. (lot 110-I) b. 3/31/1844 Ire. d. 7/15/1938 E. Syracuse R.F.D. 1, h/o Rose

Hackett, Rose A. (lot 110-I) b. 12/3/1861 Minoa d. 1/20/1945 Minoa m/o Martin

Halsey, Roy D. (lot 30-U) b. 9/21/1896 Great Bend, NY d. 7/21/1947 E. Syracuse h/o Ethel Oot Halsey

Handlin, John L. (lot 48-A) b. 2/24/1899 Malone d. 6/20/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Francis

Handlin, Nellie M. (lot 48-A) b. 7/14/1897 Ellenburg, NY d. 2/7/1951 E. Syracuse w/o John

Hanley, Albert W. (lot 101-I) b. 6/12/1905 d. 6/24/1905 town of Geddes (Solvay) f. William m. Catherine

Hans, Mary E. (lot 115-I) b. Oct. 1852 Minoa d. 5/7/1935 Oxford, MA sis/o Peter Shandorf

Harmon, Peter J. (lot 116-I) b. 10/20/1877 New Boston, NY d. 12/5/1931 Clay, RFD #2, h/o Rose

Harper, Albert (lot 57-I) b. 8/31/1866 Victor d. 1/9/1897 E. Syracuse h/o Frances

Harris, Mary Greiner (lot 102-I) b. 2/3/1870 Man. Sta. d. 10/3/1894 E. Syracuse w/o John

Harrison, Frederick W. (lot 16-U) b. 12/15/1871 Lowell, NY d. 10/10/1940 Rome bro/o George

Harrison, Grant A. (lot 16-U) b. 4/2/1895 E. Syracuse d. 8/28/1928 114 Nicholas Ave., E. Syracuse h/o Louise

Harrison, Howard (lot 16-U) b. 9/23/1896 E. Syracuse d. 7/27/1928 E. Syracuse f. Fred Harrison

Harrison, Louise (lot 16-U) b. 10/21/1876 town of Cicero d. 9/24/1938 E. Syracuse w/o Fred

Harter, Ida (lot 17-II) b. 12/26/1862 Syracuse d. 7/29/1946 Minoa m/o Mrs. Irene Richarch

Harter, Willis (lot 3ext-U) b. 1/6/1886 Minoa d. 1/14/1934 h/o Ruth

Haverly, Catharine L. (lot 42-B) b. 9/8/1946 Syracuse d. 9/8/1946 E. Syracuse. Mr. & Mrs. Clair Haverly, parents

Hay, Rose (lot 16-A) b. 5/10/1860 Canada d. 5/13/1924 Eastwood. Kin: dau.

Hayes, Maria M. (lot 5-U) b. 3/17/1873 Ireland d. 2/26/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: Philo Hayes, hu.

Hayes, Nate (lot 4-U) b. 3/7/1949 d. 3/7/1949 premature. Kin: father

Hayes, Philo (lot 5-U) b. 1866 Vails Mills, NY d. 10/8/1937 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. Myrtle Dingman

Healy, James M. (lot 50-B) b. 11/17/1894 Oswego d. 3/2/1939 Syracuse h/o Mrs. James Healy

Healy, Jeremiah (lot 50-B) b. 2/23/1869 King Williamston, S. Africa d. 2/23/1937 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. James F. Ray, 118 West Ave., E. Syracuse

Heffley, Jane b. 10/22/1854 N. Manlius d. 8/15/1930 Minoa, sis/o Mrs. M. Paltz

Heigle, John N.(?). (lot 55-II) b. 1/30/1844 Alsace-Loraine d. 8/12/1936 Syracuse f/o Louis

Heigle, Mary Anna (lot 55-II) b. 6/22/1844 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/7/1937 Minoa m/o Louis

Heigle, Mary Magdalene (lot 55-II) b. 4/1/1917 stillborn Minoa. Kin: parents

Heigle, Ollie (lot 55-II) b. 8/8l/1881 Minoa d. 6/2/1916 Minoa. Kin: parents

Heigle, Veronica M. (lot 32-A) b. 2/14/1890 E. Syracuse d. 3/29/1954 Minoa w/o Eugene

Hein, William F. (lot 31-I) b. 5/17/1868 Germany d. 7/16/1950 Syracuse h/o Mrs. Hein

Helfer, Albert (lot 28-II) b. 2/28/1862 Minoa d. 6/13/1945 Ohio University Hospital f/o


Helfer, Anastasia (lot 28-II) b. 1/1/1868 Cleveland, NY d. 12/18/1935 Minoa w/o Albert J.

Helfer, Andrew (lot 32-I) b. 9/2/1849 Germany d. 10/24/1865 Man. Sta. s/o Catharine, b/o Joseph, Henry, Elis. et al. Transferred from old cemetery.

Helfer, Anna Emma (lot 28-II) d. 1889 bur. 10/8/1889. Transferred from lot 98, I in 1891

Helfer, Anthony (lot 32-I) b. 4/28/1846 Man. Sta. d. 5/15/1892 Ogdensburg asylum m. Catharine, b/o Joseph, Henry, et al.

Helfer, Catherine Uth (lot 32-I) b. 5/24/1824 Loraine d. 5/6/1893 Man. Sta. Children: Joseph, Martin, Henry, Elisabeth, et. al.

Helfer, Elizabeth (lot 33-I) b. 8/22/1854 Minoa d. 1/22/1940 Minoa. Nephew; C. F. Schwartz

Helfer, Henry (lot 33-I) b. 2/10/1856 Minoa d. 6/12/1918 Minoa. Kin: sibs Joseph

& Eliz.

Helfer, Joseph (lot 27-II) b. 1825 d. 1/8/1896 Minoa. Children: Albert and Mary Helfer, Mrs. J. Shandorf, Jr.

Helfer, Joseph (lot 33-I) b. 9/7/1843 Minoa d. 12/25/1927 Minoa. Kin: Eliz. Helfer, sis.

Helfer, Mary (lot 27-II) b. 8/21/1853 U.S. d. 7/10/1910. Kin: bro & sis

Helfer, Nellie Paltz (lot 28-II) d. 1889 bur. 8/4/1889. Transferref from lot 98, Sec. I in 1891.

Hengen, Chas. (Rev.) (lot 76-I) b. 1837 Luxembourg d. 7/11/1875 Man. Sta. Rector

Henry, William b. 1917 E. Syracuse d. Aug. 1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Henson, Bradley Mark (lot 6w-A) b. 7/30/1954 Syracuse d. 8/3/1954 E. Syracuse

f. Lammert

Herbener, Charles Henry (lot 3-I) b. 5/14/1839 Bridgeport d. 10/4/1868 N. Manlius

f. Henry m. Mary A.

Herbener, Francis Henry (lot 3-I) b. 12/14/1979 Germany d. 12/28/1884 N. Manlius f/o Mrs. N. Schepp

Herbener, Joseph (lot 3-I) b. 5/30/1841 Bridgeport, Madison Co. d. 3/17/1872 N. Manlius h/o Elisabeth

Herbener, Mary Anne (nee Schratz) (lot 3-I) b. 3/11/1798 Europe d. 6/5/1875 N. Manlius w/o Henry

Herus, James B. (lot 3-A) b. 7/8/1854 Brasher Falls, NY d. 4/17/1930 Syracuse, h/o Anna Keller, 1322 Oak St., Syracuse

Hill, Aurel L. (lot 21-B) b. 5/19/1931 Syracuse d. 10/31/1931 E. Syracuse. Kin: Robert & Lillian Hill

Hilt, George (lot 30-II) b. 6/19/1882 Nancy, France d. 3/31/1894 E. Syracuse f. John

Hinds, Gladys M. (lot 11-I) b. Aug. 1904 Syracuse d. 11/7/1905 Syr. f. John

Hirsch, child (lot 113-I) bur. 7/27/1888 f. Conrad

Hocy, Martin (lot 5-B) b. 3/27/1920 E. Syracuse d. 5/15/1920 E. Syracuse, 321 East Ave., f. Michael m. Anna

Hoffman, Agnes (lot 22-II) b. 5/17/1891 E. Syracuse d. 1/4/1911 Buffalo. Kin: father

Hoffman, Agnes Keller (lot 22-II) b. 10/22/1862 E. Syracuse d. 5/17/1891 E. Syracuse w/o Mathias

Hoffman, Frances Othilia (lot 22-II) b. 7/31/1902 E. Syracuse d. 7/3/1904 E. Syracuse f. Matthew m. Mary

Hoffman, Mary D. (J. written in also) (lot 22-II) b. 5/22/1870 Minoa d. 3/15/1950 Baldwinsville m/o Wm.

Hoffman, Mathias (lot 22-II) b. 8/1/1862 Germany d. 6/26/1945 Baldwinsville f. Wm.

Hoffman, Merle (lot 20-A) b. 9/30/1932 Syracuse d. 11/17/1932 Syracuse f. Leo J.

Hoffman, Merton Charles (lot 20-A) b. 7/20/1931 Syracuse d. 1/14/1932 Syracuse f. Leo

Holly, Mrs. (lot 104-I) d. Feb. 1875

Holy, Edward J. (lot 5-B) b. 11/30/1872 Cayuga d. 5/13/1944 E. Syracuse bro/o Stephen

Hooper, Catharine (lot (?)-A) b. 2/23/1867 Morrisville d. 9/19/1940 219 Kinne St., E. Syracuse, m/o Anna Heseltine

Hooper, Jacob (lot 19-II) b. 1861 Minoa d. 10/1/1914 Mass. Kin: sister, bros.

Hooper, John (lot 19-II) b. 5/11/1862 Syracuse d. 12/19/1934 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. Nich. J. Ring, sister

Hooper, Joseph (lot 19-II) b. 12/4/1856 Cicero d. 6/13/1922 E. Syra. Kin: wife

Horton, Susan A. (lot 34-A) b. 2/10/1888 Binghamton d. 12/26/1943 64 Frederick St., E. Syracuse w/o Harry

Hotalen, Arthur Ray (lot 40-U) b. 6/15/1915 E. Syracuse d. 3/9/1951 E. Syracuse h/o Mrs. D. Ditch Hotalen

House, Lizzie bur. 6/9/1899. Transferred to Woodlawn cemetery, Syracuse

Hubbard, Charles (lot 55-I) b. 2/2/1916 Syracuse d. 2/4/1916 Syracuse. Kin: parents

Hubbard, Grace D. (lot 55-I) b. 5/15/1911 E. Syracuse d. 6/16/1911 Syr. Kin: parents

Huber, Christina (nee Deining) (lot 19-II) b. 1826 Munich, Bavaria, Ger. d. Jan. 1894 town of Sullivan, w/o Matthew

Huber, Mathias (lot 19-II) b. 1824 Straben, Bavaria d. 1/25/1895 town of Sullivan . Children: John and Theresa

Hughes, infant (lot (?)-U) stillborn 3/28/1932 E. Syracuse f. Marshall m. Madeline

Hughes, Charles E. (lot 1-U) b. 6/25/1872 Syracuse d. 12/7/1929 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Frances Hughes. Remarks: Buried in unconsecrated ground.

Hughes, Frances A. (lot 1-U) b. 1/1/1874 Minoa d. 11/1/1943 E. Syracuse sis/o Mrs. Sara Snyder

Hullar, Albert (lot 5-I) b. 7/18/1880 E. Syracuse, R.F.D. d. 7/18/1927 E. Syracuse R.F.D. Kin: 5 sis., 3 bros.

Hullar, Barbara Maurer (lot 7-II) b. 5/8/1821 Alsace-Loraine d. 7/16/1898 Minoa, children: John, Nicholas et al.

Hullar, Bert (lot 7-II) b. 6/14/1865 Germany d. 4/15/1948 Minoa uncle/o Mrs. Arthur Peters

Hullar, Catharine (lot 132-I) b. 2/7/1862 Minoa d. 1/21/1939 Syracuse, aunt/o Eva Gor___(?)

Hullar, Christina (nee Schoepp) (lot 38-I) b. 1785 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 5/3/1874 N. Manlius. Children: George Hullar, Mary Marte, Emma Bruck

Hullar, Edith (lot 82-II) b. 8/12/1912 Eyls(?) NY d. 7/7/1941 Baldwinsville w/o Bernard

Hullar, Emma Carhart (lot 38-I) b. 11/25/1830 d. 3/1/1904 Minoa, Silver St. wid/o George

Hullar, Emma (Seibert) (lot 120-I) b. 1801 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 12/10/1878 Fayetteville w/o John

Hullar, Francis Lee (lot 86-II) b. 1/13/1951 Syracuse d. 1/14/1951 E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hullar

Hullar, Frank (lot 7-II) 9/16/1861 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 6/9/1893 E. Syracuse h/o Margaret

Hullar, George (lot 38-I) b. 6/4/1824 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 11/23/1894 Man. Sta., h/o Emma

Hullar, Helen (lot 132-I) b. 2/7/1862 Minoa d. 1/21/1939 Syracuse. Kin: Eva Gorson(?), niece

Hullar, Henry (lot 119-I) b. 1823 Wolmuenster, Alsace-Loraine, d. 2/19/1896 Minoa, brothers: Peter, Mrs. Mary Marte

Hullar, John (lot 120-I) b. 1806 Alsace-Loraine d. 9/4/1881 N. Manlius, f/o Mrs. Nich. Oot

Hullar, John (lot 23-II) b. 9/2/1852 France d. 3/31/1938 Cicero h/o Rose(?)

Hullar, John F. (lot 7-II) b. 2/27/1888 Albany d. 11/27/1890 Man. Sta. f. Frank m. Margaret

Hullar, John H. (lot 82-II) b. 12/9/1875 France d. 6/4/1926 Eastwood. Kin: wife, ch.

Hullar, Joseph (lot 19-B) b. 5/10/1849 France d. 5/25/1929 519 S. Wilbur, Syracuse. Kin: Frank, son

Hullar, Mary Bullion (lot 49-II) b. 12/25/1854 Engenburg, Loraine d. 3/25/1903 Minoa

w/o Nicholas

Hullar, Myrtle (lot 86-II) b. 1/13/1951 Syracuse d. 1/14/1951 E. Syracuse s/o Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hullar

Hullar, Nicholas (lot 120-I) b. 1843 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 10/13/1879 Fayetteville f. John m. Emma

Hullar, Nicholas (lot 7-II) b. 5/8/1817 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 2/2/1894 Man. Sta., h/o Barbara

Hullar, Nicholas (lot 49-II) b. 6/29/1848 Alsalce-Loraine d. 8/3/1924 Minoa. Kin: children

Hullar, Peter (lot 132-I) b. 9/29/1859 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 1/16/1890 E. Syracuse h/o Catherine

Hullar, Peter (lot 7-II) b. 3/6/1892 Minoa d. 11/21/1921 Minoa. Kin: father, bros.

Hullar, Rose (lot 23-II) b. 2/17/1856 N. Syracuse d. 10/2/1952 Warners m/o E. J. Hullar

Hullar, William L. (lot 23-II) b. 4/18/1888 E. Syracuse d. 4/3/1891 E. Syracuse f. John m. Rosa

Huller, Mary E. (lot 74-II) b. 2/4/1883 town of Cicero d. 5/10/1953 Miinoa w/o Richard

Iannarelli, Alfred (lot 3w-A) b. 5/5/1933 Minoa d. 5/5/1933. Kin: parents

Ineich, Constana (lot 14-A) b. 9/16/1866 Alsace-Loraine d. 10/7/1945 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. James Flynn

Ineich, Emma (lot 50-B) b. 2/28/1877 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/6/1950 Sidney, NY m/o Paul

Ineich, Julius (lot 14-A) b. 12/11/1866 Alsace-Loraine d. 11/4/1940 h/o Constancia

Ineich, Nicholas (lot 50-B) b. 6/8/1874 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/26/1948 Sidney, NY

m. Mrs. Emma Ineich

Ineth, Rosa (lot 5-II) b. 1871 town of Manlius d. 5/27/1944 Syracuse m/o Leonard

Ingraham, Regina (lot 78-II) b. 2/11/1872 Minoa d. 5/18/1942 Fayetteville bro/o Fran A.

Ingraham, Samuel (lot 78-II) b. 10/7/1888 d. 10/20/1918 Minoa. Kin: wife

Jackson, Edward (lot 29-B) b. 12/4/1930 E. Syracuse d. 7/14/1934 E. Syracuse f. Edw.

Jackson, Edward F. (lot 29-B) b. 7/31/1883 Avoca(?), PA d. 9/2/1953 E. Syracuse h/o Mae

Jacques, Henry G. (lot 6e-A) b. 5/9/1910 N. Bangor, NY d. 10/4/1935 E. Syracuse f. Charles McKenna

Jarvis, Leo W. (lot 38-U) b. 7/13/1904 CAN d. 12/21/1954 Massena, NY h/o Lucille Field Jarvis

Jarvis, P. Walter, Sr. (lot 42-U) b. 7/25/1893 Lion Mountain, NY d. 7/18/1953 E. Syracuse, h/o Harriet O'Brien Jarvis

Jenkins, infant (lot 26-A) b. 11/10/50 Crouse Irving Hospital d. 11/10/1950 premature f. Kenneth, E. Syracuse

Jenkins, Paul S. (lot 34-U) b. 4/23/1900 Glen Falls d. 3/12/1946 141 N. Midler Ave., Syracuse h/o Mabel

Joa, Barbara (lot 62-I) b. 3/11/1851 Germany d. 9/28/1932 Collamer w/o George

Joa, Edward (lot 41-A) b. 6/28/1884 town of Dewitt d. 8/30/1954 Syracuse h/o Anna

Joa, John (lot 27-U) b. 10/10/1891 E. Syracuse d. 7/2/1950 Syracuse h/o Emma

Jock, infant d. 10/25/1923 stillborn Minoa. Kin: parents

Jock, Elista C. (lot 57-A) b. 7/16/1886 Bangor d. 4/9/1952 E. Syracuse w/o Charles L.

Jock, Victoria (lot 5-U) b. 9/25/1903 Malone d. 4/19/1943 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. John Dixon

Johnson, Mary A. Connor (lot 26-U) b. 9/17/1896 Buffalo d. 4/12/1942 Buffalo m/o Milton

Johnson, Mary E. (lot 32-B) b. 11/26/1884 E. Syracuse d. 2/12/1951 E. Syracuse, m/o Francis T.

Johnson, Milton C. (lot 26-U) b. 5/23/1896 Buffalo d. 10/17/1952 E. Syracuse

Joyce, Florence A. (lot 11-A) b. 9/26/1908 E. Syracuse d. 2/9/1921 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Kalin, John E. (lot 88-II) b. 5/24/1881 E. Syracuse d. 3/9/1916 E. Syracuse. Kin: wife

Kalin, Mary E. (lot 88-II) b. 12/24/1841 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/7/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin:


Kanaley, Cecelia (lot 30-B) b. 6/13/1881 Brockville, CAN d. 2/7/1950 Syracuse m/o James D.

Kanaley, Harold M. (lot 30-B) b. 11/30/1905 E. Syracuse d. 5/30/1943 Chicago, IL son/o Mrs. Cecilia Kanaley

Kanaley, James A. (lot 30-B) b. 11/25/1874 Jordan, NY d. 3/23/1933 E. Syracuse h/o Cecilia

Kanaley, William R. (lot 33-A) b. 8/17/1876 Jordan, NY d. 6/22/1949 E. Syracuse h/o Anna

Kavaley, John C. (lot 22-B)b. 6/12/1954 Jordan d. 7/28/1954 E. sSyracuse, f/o J. Russell Kavaley

Kavaley, Margaret Meyer (Weyer?) (lot 22-B) b. 11/26/1880 E. Syracuse d. 6/28/1954 E. Syracuse, w/o John

Kean, Anne Kerin (lot 113-I) b. 11/1/1796 d. 2/16/1872

Keller, Catharine (lot 3ext-U) b. 6/4/1875 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/22/1934 Minoa w/o Frank

Keller, Eugene (lot 3-B) b. 10/5/1868 town of Sullivan d. 5/31/1930 E. Syracuse, RD #4 h/o Phillipina

Keller, Frank (lot 47-II) b. 1/21/1867 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/16/1936 Minoa. Kin: Stephen Wm. Millis(?) stepson

Keller, infant (lot 36-II) b. 9/18/1906 stillborn Minoa f. Eugene

Keller, Leo (lot 47-II) b. 9/18/1873 Man. Sta. d. 9/27/1901 Minoa, Silver St. m. Mary

Keller, Magdalene (lot 47-II) b. 1836 Germany d. 8/31/1909 Minoa. Kin: 2 sons, 2 daus.

Keller, William (lot 36-II) b. 3/26/1872 Port Byron, NY d. 8/19/1945 E. Syracuse

Kelley, Matthew (lot 88-I) b. 1815 Co. Westmeath, Ire. d. 7/23/1875 E. Syracuse, f/o M. Weir

Kelly, Mary Elizabeth (lot 44-U) b. 5/10/1932 Syracuse d. 10/30/1949 Minoa. Parents:

Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Kelly

Kelsey, Robert A. (lot 41-U) b. 2/22/1888 Fulton d. 1/19/1948 E. Syracuse h/o Harriet

Kenaley, David R. (lot 31-II) b. 11/15/1886 Jordan d. 4/4/1918 E. Syr. Kin: wife

Kendall, Anna (lot 61-II) b. 12/10/1865 U. S. d. 11/16/1874 Onondaga Valley. Removed from St. Mary's, Syr. to mother's grave

Kendall, Mary Kearns (lot 61-II) b. 1833 Ballyhaunis, Mayo Co., Ire. d. 9/19/1902 town of Manlius m/o Stephen & Mrs. Peter Thomas

Kendall, Stephen (lot 61-II) b. 6/6/1864 Dewitt d. 12/27/1946 Minoa bro/o Mrs. Peter Thomas

Kenneth, Evelyn (lot 6-A) b. 6/7/1895 Buffalo d. 6/14/1927 Buffalo w/o Edwin

Kerg, Franz (lot 90-I) b.1812 d. 11/3/1892 h/o Magdalene

Kerg, Magdalene (lot 90-I) b. 1801 Germany d. 3/12/1892 Man. Sta. w/o Franz

Kerg, Nicholas (lot 90-I) b. 12/24/1842 France d. 7/15/1865 Syracuse, transferred 1867

Kershaw, Katharine (lot 8-A) b. 8/2/1871 town of Manlius d. 1/8/1935 Fayetteville m/o Mrs. James Kinsella

Keville, Irving Thomas (lot 30-II) b. 7/27/1918 Canastota d. 2/28/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Kiley, James (lot 36-U) b. 1864 Schenectady d. 10/28/1946 E. Syracuse f/o James

Kiley, Mary P. (lot 6-U) b. Schenectady d. 4/14/1942 E. Syracuse w/o James

Kimberly. Stillborn 10/16/1938 E. Syracuse f. Homer m. J.

Kinney, Patrick (lot 20-U) b. 2/11/1876 Utica d. 3/26/1940 S. Main, Minoa, h/o Pearl

Kipple, Antonius (lot 1-I) b. 3/19/1843 Minoa d. 3/26/1909 Minoa. Kin: widow, son

Kipple, Irving (lot 20-II) b. 8/12/1893 Minoa d. 4/12/1910 E. Syr. Kin: mother

Kipple, Magdalene (nee Friess) (lot 1-I) b. Dec. 1843 north end, town of Manlius d. 4/3/1881 Man. Sta. w/o Anthony

Kippley, Aloysius, Jr. (lot 29-I) b. 3/1/1861 d. 4/27/1891 f. Aloysius m. Jane

Kippley, Andrew (lot 2-I) b. 1825 Alsace-Loraine d. 10/5/1904 Minoa f/o Mrs. Peter Greiner, Mrs. J. Snyder et. al.

Kippley, Charles Roy (lot 20-II) b. 8/13/1888 E. Syr. d. 1/2/1903 E. Syr. f. George m. anna

Kippley, Conrad (lot109-I) b. 9/6/1866 town of Manlius d. 6/3/1936 Minoa. Kin: wife

Kippley, Elisabeth (nee Gerthoffer) (lot 2-I) b. 5/30/1824 Oberburn Amt, Alsace d. 2/21/1898 w/o Andrew

Kippley, George F. (lot 20-II) b. 12/20/1901 E. Syracuse d. 12/23/1948 Minoa h/o Cecilia

Kippley, George Wm. (lot 20-II) b. 2/15/1865 town of Manlius d. 8/4/1904 E. Syr. h/o Anna

Kippley, Jane (lot 92-I) b. 10/22/1854 N. Manlius d. 8/15/1930 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. M. Paltz, sister, 1700 S. State St., Syracuse

Kippley, Jane Schneider (lot 29-I) b. 6/1/1836 d. 2/25/1890 town of Manlius, Saw Mill Rd., w/o Aloysius

Kippley, Jennie (lot 109-I) b.10/5/1872 Manlius Center d. 2/9/1946 301 N. Main (Minoa?)

m/o Willis

Kippley, Joseph A. (lot 1-I) b. 4/20/__ Manlius d. 4/6/1918 Utica. Kin: stepmother

Kippley, Oliver (lot 29-I) b. 12/17/1830 France d. 5/5/1923 Minoa. Kin: son, daus. Margaret, Mitilda

Kirsch, Catherine (lot 64-I) b. 1818 Ger. d. 5/21/1898 at Little Sisters of the Poor, Albany widow/o Frederic

Kirsch, Frederic (lot 64-I) bur. 1/30/1896

Kittel, Adam (lot 99e-II) b. 12/27/1870 Minoa d. 11/18/1946 N. Manlius bro/o Mrs. Agatha Doyle

Kittel, Casper J. (lot 99ext-II) b. 12/8/1865 Switzerland d. 7/28/1951 Minoa Nursing Home. Kin: Mrs. Simon Kittel, Mrs. Agatha Doyle

Kittel, Mildred (lot 103-II) b. 5/9/1881 town of Manlius d. 6/11/1935 Minoa sis/o Joseph Burgan

Kittell, Katharine (lot 99-II) b. 10/16/1837 Switzerland d. 5/25/1915 Minoa. Kin: dau.

Klapp, Sophia (lot 35-II) b. 1841 d. 10/21/1895 Onondaga Co. asylum

Knox, Ellen (lot 114-I) d. 11/19/1877

Koch, Charles Pius Louis (lot 57-I) b. 8/12/1875 Man. Sta. d. 5/27/1876 Man. Sta. f. Frank m. Catharine Koch (Cook)

Koch, Joseph (lot 57-I) b. 4/30/1868 (1863?) d. 12/4/1870 Polkville (near Minoa) f. Franz, m. Cath.

Kohler, Emma Mohr (lot 66-I) b. 2/20/1858 Saintsville Rd., town of Manlius d. 8/10/1905 Syracuse w/o Stephen

Kohler, Maude Mary (lot 66-I) b. 9/27/1885 E. Syracuse d. 9/14/1886 E. Syracuse f. Stephan m. Emma

Kohler, Stephen (lot 66-I) b. 1/1/1851 Germany d. 9/1/1926 Syracuse. Kin: wife

Kolb, Marjoie (Kenyon) (lot 48-U) b. 5/5/1920 E. Syracuse d. 8/14/1954 E. Syracuse, w/o Charles

Kraft, Anthony (lot 69-I) b. Oct. 1828 d. 8/18/1880 N. Manlius, kin: Frances

Kraft, child (lot 69-I) b. 1871 bur. 9/18/1881 f. Anthony

Kueppele, Catharine (lot 1-I) b. 9/8/1800 Alsace-Loraine d. 3/14/1880 Manlius wid/John Sr.

Kueppele, Catherine (lot 109-I) b. 1803 d. 3/11/1874 widow/o Sebastian

Kueppele, John (lot 1-I) b. 1801 Alsace d. 10/23/1870 Man. Sta. h/o Catherine

La Clair, Sophrona Mary (lot 27-U) b. 9/22/1887 Stockbridge, NY d. 11/7/1941 Minoa w/o Elmer

La Vaucher, Joseph (lot 5-U) b. 1867 Redwood, NY d. 7/19/1926 Jamesville. Kin: brother

Lachance, Charles Matthew (lot 113-I) b. 5/15/1887 Manlius d. 8/5/1887 Manlius f. William m. Rosa

Lafayette, Fred A. (lot 40-A) b. 8/21/1880 Chateaugay, NY d. 12/22/1952 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. Stanley Lamory(?)

LaFayette, Lena E. (lot 40-A) b. 3/8/1881 Burke d. 11/16/1946 E. Syracuse w/o Fred

Lally, James (lot 30-B) b. 8/17/1871 Syracuse d. 10/27/1933 Syracuse. Kin: widow

LaManche, baby girl (lot 6w-A) b. 6/16/1953 Syracuse d. 6/16/1953 E. Syracuse . Parents: Wm. & Dorothy

Lamm(?), Virginia Mary (lot 4w-A) b. 4/23/1933 E. Syracuse d. 7/11/1934 E. Syracuse f. Michael J.

Lang, Henry S. (lot 51-II) b. 10/10/1865 Germany d. 10/4/1906 Minoa h/o Anna Greiner

Langenmagr(?), Kenneth (lot 46-A) b. 7/26/1921 E. Syracuse d. 6/25/1948 N. Syracuse h/o Mrs. Ad.(?) Langenmye(?)

Laning, Leroy (lot 44-II) b. 3/16/1899 Syracuse d. 7/14/1899 Syracuse

Lanning, Amelia (lot 44-II) b. 8/1/1874 d. 2/13/1908 Syracuse. Kin: hu.

Lanning, Arlene (lot 44-II) b. 1916 Syracuse d. 12/26/1923 Syracuse. Kin: mother

Lanning, Irene (lot 44-II) b. 2/15/1908 Minoa d. 8/13/1908 Syracuse. Kin: father

Lanning, Mrs. (Mary Ann) bur. 4/2/1878

Lanning, Raymond J. (lot 44-II) b. 7/27/1893 E. Syracuse d. 6/21/1954 Canandaigua, NY

Larkin, Matthew B. (lot 13-B) b. 8/18/1891 Salamanca, NY d. 11/22/1927 306 N. Center St., E. Syracuse h/o Lena

Lasher, Hilda P. (lot 18-I) b. 4/11/1889 Syracuse d. 12/26/1918 Minoa. Kin: hu.

Lassche, Erma Clementia (lot 5-U) b. 1/19/1884 Belgium d. 1/16/1925 E. Syr. Kin: hu.

Latsch, Charles (lot 3e-A) b. 9/17/1854 Syracuse d. 4/25/1924 E. Syr. Kin: sister

Latsch, Eliz. M. (lot 76-II) b. 1/6/1869 Utica d. 1/7/1941 E. Syracuse m/o Frank

Latsch, William (lot 76-II) b. 8/26/1858 Syracuse d. 12/25/1913 E. Syr. Kin: widow, son, dau

Laubach, Clara (nee Altenbrandt) (lot 132-I) b. 8/12/1831 Germany d. 8/16/1887 Man. Sta. children: Conrad, Catharine, et al.; widow of Matthew

Laubach, Clarence A. (lot 10-U) b. 9/22/1886 E. Syracuse d. 5/4/1932 E. Syr. h/o Ruth

Laubach, Conrad (lot 132-I) b. 3/20/1854 Minoa d. 3/12/1930 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Kath. Hullar, 229 W. Colvin, Syracuse

Laubach, Elizabeth (lot 40-II) b. 1/1/1859 Minoa d. 2/16/1909 E. Syr. Kin: 2 daus., l son

Laubach, George (lot 40-II) bur. 4/4/1900 h/o Libbie

Laubach, Herman J. (lot 40-II) b. 5/20/1883 E. Syr. d. 7/25/1903 E. Syr. h/o (blank)

Laubach, Margaret (lot 27-I) b. 9/12/1784 Germany d. 1/28/1883 Man. Sta.

Laubach, Matthew b. 11/5/1821 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/16/1863 Man. Sta. h/o Clara. Transferred from old cemetery 10/3/1887.

Laughing, Thomas (lot 7e-A) b. 1887 Kansas d. 9/13/1937 Syracuse bro/o Eugene Phillips

Lavola, Joseph (lot 5w-A) b. 1873 Italy d. 12/2/1944 Syracuse

Lawler, Martin Elmer (lot 34-U) b. 10/10/1901 Auburn d. 11/12/1946 Pennellville R.D., NY h/o Lucy

Le Clair, Melvina (lot 20-U) b. 3/26/1867 Potsdam d. 4/7/1941 506 1/2 W. Yates St., E. Syr. w/o Lewis

Leise, Julia (lot 18-A) b. 1/18/1871 Meridien, CT d. 2/2/1932 E. Syracuse. Kin:

Herbert Leise, 209 Nelson St., E. Syracuse

Lell, child (lot 113-I) bur. 4/18/1891 f. Jacob

Levere, Henry d. 5/15/1907 E. Syracuse

Lieby, John (lot 34-B) b. 1883 Alsace-Loraine d. 7/9/1938 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Lillis, Ida C. (lot 31-U) b. 7/24/1887 Kirkville d. 4/13/1948 Rotnour Bridge sis/o Ray Nolta(?)

Lillis, Thomas (lot 31-U) b. 5/27/1887 Jersey City, NJ d. 512/21/1942 Rotnour Bridge, R.F.D., E. Syracuse, h/o Ida

Limbeck, Charles Joseph (lot 113-I) b. Aug. 1885 d. 9/28/1893 E. Syr. f. Charles

Lise, Anthony (child) (lot 64-I) d. Minoa bur. 2/20/1920

Lisi, Domenico (lot 13-U) b. 1/9/1864 Veroli, Italy d. 1/10/1950 Kirkville f/o Joseph

Liston, John R. (lot 28-B) b. 3/22/1880 Oil City, PA d. 9/20/1934 E. Syracuse h/o Nellie, 114 West Ave.

Litchison, Catharine (lot 38-II) b. 4/30/1848 Verona d. 7/23/1933 Bridgeport w/o Joseph

Litchison, Frank (lot 98ext-II) b. 12/9/1880 town of Cicero d. 2/20/1932 Minoa h/o Alice

Litchison, Joseph (lot 38-II) b. 2/7/1842 Cleveland, NY d. 6/27/1936 Bridgeport f/o Mrs. E. Taffner

Lobdell, Francis Douglas (lot 6w-A) b. 9/5/1943 Syracuse d. 4/11/1952 E. Syracuse

Logan, Thomas J. (lot 72-I) b. 1/5/1884 Brooklyn d. 9/27/1948 Brooklyn h/o Jennie

Lynch, baby (lot 114-I) b. 2/4/1947 Syracuse General Hosp. d. 2/4/1947 f. Edw. F., E. Syracuse

Lynch, Cornelius (lot 64-II) b. 3/3/1870 Syracuse d. 12/16/1928 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. James Donnelly, sis.

Lynch, James (lot 64-II) b. 4/13/1879 Syracuse d. 12/20/1948 Syracuse h/o Mrs. J. Lynch

Lynch, Jennie V. (lot 56-A) b. 4/19/1873 Syracuse d. 7/1/1951 E. Syracuse w/o Dan. M.

Lynch, John (lot 64-II) b. 1848 Ireland d. 9/4/1913 E. Syr. Kin: dau.

Lynch, Margaret (lot 64-II) b. 2/24/1870 Syracuse d. 5/6/1947 Loretto Rest sis/o Mrs. Anna Donnelly

Lynch, Mary (lot 64-II) b. 1840 Ireland d. 9/21/1909 Dewitt. Kin: hu., daus, sons

Lycett, Barbara Bullion (lot 11-I) b. 3/12/1854 Minoa d. 8/24/1942 Syracuse sis/o Anna Fries

Lysett, Henry (lot 11-I) b. 1860 d. 8/10/1918 Syracuse

Main, Margaret M. (lot 13-I) b. 4/8/1865 Minoa d. 12/5/1952 Syracuse m/o Leon

Manion, Laura (lot 52-II) b. 9/16/1900 E. Syracuse d. 5/8/1930 E. Syracuse w/o Charles

Marcely, infant (lot 130-I) b. 1/16/1916 d. 1/16/1916 E. Syr. Kin: parents

Maringer, Barbara Mayer (lot 135-I) b. 12/12/1838 Metz, Alsace-Loraine d. 1/26/1884 Man. Sta. w/o Simon

Maringer, Mary Schneider (lot 135-I) b. 1858 Dover, Ohio d. 12/30/1906 Minoa w#2/o


Maringer, Simon (lot 135-I) b. 4/25/1840 Bavaria, Ger. d. 3/30/1903 Minoa h/o Mary, wife #2

Markle, Catherine (lot 96-I) b. 3/16/1870 Fayetteville d. 3/26/1870 Fayetteville, f. Matthew m. Mary A.

Markle, Christian John (lot 96-I) b. 3/16/1870 Fayetteville d. 6/23/1871 Dry Hill (near Fayetteville)

f. Matthew m. Mary

Markle, Edward D. (lot 96-I) b. 6/3/1876 town of Manlius d. 4/19/1944 Chittenango h/o Cora

Markle, Mary (lot 96-I) b. 1/30/1837 Germany d. 12/1/1911 Fayetteville. Kin: 3 sons, l dau.

Markle, Matthew (lot 96-I) b. 1/23/1820 Germany d. 1/13/1897 Fayetteville, h/o Mary

Marte, Ernest Michael (lot 119-I) b. 7/15/1887 E. Syracuse d. 9/15/1888 E. Syracuse f. Joseph m. Helen

Marte, Florence J. (lot 77-II) b. 10/21/1891 Syr. d. 5/3/1914 E. Syr. Kin: hu., child

Marte, Gerald W. (lot 43-B) b. 12/14/1946 Syracuse d. 1/4/1947 Billington's Bay, NY

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Marte, parents

Marte, Helen (lot 77-II) b. 7/31/1857 town of Manlius d. 2/18/1920 Minoa. Kin: hu., son

Marte, Joseph (lot 119-I) b. 1820 Wolmuenster, Loraine) d. 9/9/1878 Man. Sta., h/o Mary children: Michael, Anna, et. al.

Marte, Joseph (lot 77-II) b. 11/9/1853 Alsace-Loraine d. 2/15/1928 Minoa. Kin: Glenn, son

Marte, Mary (lot 77-II) b. 7/30/1827 France d. 1/20/1917 Fayetteville. Kin: sons, daus.

Marte, Mary (lot 119-I) b. 1829 Minoa d. 9/26/1917 Minoa. Kin: parents, bro.

Marte, Peter J. (lot 119-I) b. 1862 Alsace-Loraine d. 12/2/1943 111 W. Corning, bro/o Anna Marte 111. W. Corning Ave. Syracuse

Martellaccio, Dominic (lot 128-I) b. 3/7/1910 U.S. d. 7/18/1910 Kirkville. Kin: parents,


Martin, Anna (lot 128-I) b. 4/17/1912 stillborn Kirkville. Kin: parents

Martin, Anna (lot 36-A) b. 3/8/1872 Ire. 3. 12/28/1942 E. Syracuse m/o Regina Carroll(?)

Martin, Frank (lot 36-A) b. 9/16/1866 Syracuse d. 12/24/1937 E. Syracuse h/o Anna

Martin, Helen (lot 35-II) b. 8/1/1830 Ireland d. 4/29/1908 E. Syr. Kin: 4 sons, 4 daus.

Martin, Roger (lot 35-II) b. 1815 d. 8/11/1903 E. Syracuse h/o Helen

Martin, Thomas (lot 128-I) bur. 5/17/1897

Masucci, Michaelangelo (lot 13-U) b. 7/8/1882 Italy d. 5/18/1944 Kirkville. Survived by: Michael Peterrelli, friend

Maturzewski, Bruno (lot 13-U) b. 1892 Poland d. 1/25/1946 E. Syracuse. Kin(?): Mrs. Nellie Schaffner

Maxwell, E. John (lot 3-A) b. 3/16/1891 Ireland d. 12/19/1950 Minoa h/o Myrtle

Maxwell, Francis J. (lot 11-B) b. 12/25/1879 Taunton, MA d. 2/27/1923 NYC. Kin: wife

Mayer, Anna M. (lot 44-I) b. 1802 Alsace-Loraine d. 11/26/1877 Manlius w/o Peter, Sr.

Mayer, child (lot 25-I) bur. 1/31/1890 f. Nicholas

Mayer, Helen (lot 25-II) b. 1865 Minoa d. 10/12/1937 Syracuse sis/o Fred Burgun

Mayer, Jacob (lot 75-I) b. 1832 d. 1/14/1897 h/o Mary

Mayer, John (lot 25-I) b. 7/29/1867 town of Manlius d. 7/29 1867 town of Manlius, 6 hours f. Nicholas m. Mary

Mayer, Joseph (lot 25-II) b. 11/1/1860 Syr. d. 9/29/1922 Syracuse h/o Helen

Mayer, Mary (lot 25-I) b. 1838 d. 5/31/1894 E. Syracuse wid/o Nicholas

Mayer, Nicholas (lot 25-I) b. 4/18/1816 d. 3/2/1893 Man. Sta. h/o Mary

Mayer, Peter (lot 44-I) b. May 1800 d. 3/10/1882 town of Manlius f. Leo Meyers (sic)

McCann, Patrick (lot 135-I) b. 1839 Ireland d. 1/13/1909 Utica. Kin: 1 dau.

McConville, Bernard (lot 1-II) b. 4/6/1872 Minoa d. 2/15/1915 Minoa. Kin: fa., brothers

John and Dave

McConville, Elisabeth (nee Lavery) (lot 1-II) b. 10/20/1837 Parish of Inch, Wigtown Shire, Scotland d. 8/12/1889 Man. Sta. w/John

McConville, James (lot 1-II) b. 10/1/1828 Co. Down, Ire. d. 7/17/1895 E. Syr. brother of John; f/o Mrs. P. Quirk

McConville, John (lot 1-II) b. 5/10/1830 Ireland d. 2/10/1921 E. Syr. Kin: niece

McConville, Thomas (lot 1-II) b. 12/1/1875 Man. Sta. d. 4/19/1896 Minoa f. John

McDonel, Thomas A. (lot 49-A) b. 4/25/1873 Brookline, MA d. 12/26/1940 209 Cutler St., E. Syr. h/o Anna

McDonald, Anna M. (lot 49-A) b. 7/4/1893 Ireland d. 5/22/1954 E. Syracuse m/o Mary

McDonald, baby girl (lot (?)-A) b. 5/15/1934 d. 5/15/1934 premature St. Mary's Maternity, Syracuse. Kin: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McDonald, Syracuse

McDonald, baby girl (lot (?)-U) b. 10/26/1935 Syracuse d. 10/26/1935 Syracuse f. Wm.

McDonald, Elisabeth b. 10/1/1919 E. Syr. d. 10/26/1919 E. Syr. f. Thomas A. m. Anna

McEvoy, infant (lot 51-II) b. 8/4/1906 E. Syr. d. 8/4/1906 E. Syr. f. Frank

McGarity, Howard B. (lot 42-A) b. 3/20/1888 New Berlin d. 7/30/1940 E. Syracuse h/o Lilian

McGann, Patrick (lot 135-I) b. 1839 Ireland d. 1/13/1909 Utica. Kin: 1 dau.

McGarrety, Walter T. (lot 42-A) b. 5/4/1925 E. Syracuse d. 11/10/1944 E. Syracuse son/o Mrs. William McGarrety

McGinn, Sarah Joyce (lot 55-A) b. 2/24/1885 Chittenango d. 10/6/1953 E. Syracuse w/o Leo L.

McGinnis, James J. (lot 86-I) b. 9/23/1871 Claire, Ireland d. 2/28/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. Wm. Argus

McGinnis, Mary Agnes b. 9/19/1907 E. Syracuse d. 5/21/1932 E. Syracuse f. John

McGinnis, William E. (lot 95-II) b. 1/31/1912 E. Syracuse d. 6/18/1937 E. Syracuse f. John

McGonegal, Hiram A. (lot 119-I) b. 10/2/1870 Nebraska d. 4/8/1951 Syracuse bro/o Jennie M. Ward

McGonegal, Jennie (119-I) b. 2/10/1859 France d. 12/21/1940 111W. Corning, Syracuse. Kin: K. McGonegal

McGuiness, Mary Jane b. 5/1/1886 Ireland d. 4/26/1929 E. Syracuse w/o John McGuiness (I-86)

McGuiness, Patrick (lot 86-I) b. 1909 NYS d. 12/2/1914 E. Syracuse f. John

McHale, Betty Ann (lot 5w-A) b. 1/16/1944 Oswego d. 7/12/1950 E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. G. McHale

McLaughlin, Margaret E. (lot 41-A) b. 2/13/1879 town of Dewitt d. 9/16/1948 Syracuse w/o James

McNally, Daniel (lot 65-II) b. 1848 NYS d. 4/26/1909 E. Syra. Kin: dau.

McNally, Daniel (lot 65-II) b. 8/28/1878 U.S. d. 8/24/1912 E. Syr. Kin: sister

McNally, John (lot 65-II) b. 8/8/1884 U.S. d. 7/24/1910 E. Syr. Kin: sisters, bros.

McPhillips, Anna Catherine Wilhelm (nee Burgun) (lot 16-I) b. 1/17/1869 town of Sullivan d. 9/7/1906 E. Syr. w/o John, widow/o Christian Wilhelm

McPhillips, Anna S. (lot 34-A) b. 2/22/1870 Ire. d. 3/2/1948 E. Syracuse m/o James

McPhillips, John (lot 16-I) b. 1864 Ireland d. 12/18/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: brother

McQuillan, Frank (lot 4-A) b. 8/12/1876 Ire. d. 1/20/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Nellis

Meehan, Edward (lot (?)-II) b. 2/6/1933 Minoa d. 7/7/1934 Minoa f. John

Meehan, infant b. 9/11/1926 Minoa d. 9/11/1926 premature birth. Kin: parents

Mengrlkamp, Otto (lot 20-U) b. 10/30/1903 Staunton, IL d. 4/7/1952 E. Syracuse, bro/o Harry

Menikheim, Geo. (lot 22-U) b. 10/18/1872 Syracuse d. 6/11/1946 Syracuse h/o Sophia

Menikheim, Sophia (lot 22-U) b. 3/18/1872 Minoa d. 12/3/1949 Syracuse m/o Laura & Irene Ring-Murray

Meyers, Anna R. (lot 79-II) b. 11/25/1865 Ireland d. 11/2/1949 Syracuse m/o Hugh

& Clement

Meyers, Mary (lot 75-I) b. 1828 U.S. d. 10/24/1910 Kirkville. Kin: dau.

Meyers, Nicholas (lot 25-I) b. 10/4/1865 Minoa d. 9/4/1939 Onondaga Co.Hospital bro/o Gertrude Meyers

Meyers, Otho b. 8/2/1905 Minoa d. 8/25/1916 Minoa. Kin: parents

Meyers, Theodore (lot 79-II) b. 12/9/1865 Minoa d. 5/5/1928 711 S. Beach St., Syracuse

h/o Anna

Michael, Richard (lot 13-A) b. 7/24/1931 Memorial Hosp., Syracuse d. 7/24/1931 premature birth. Kin: Thomas Michael

Michaels, Robert Francis b. 6/30/1929 St. Joseph Hosp. d. 7/1/1929 f. Thomas, 114 Garland Ave.

Michel, Hazel (Hullar) (lot 49-U) b. 9/25/1918 Minoa d. 1/26/1938 Syracuse f. Nicholas Hullar

Miller, Charles (lot 1ex-U) b. 5/5/1928 E. Syracuse d. 5/19/1947 E. Syracuse m. Mrs. Mary Miller

Miller, Edward (lot ?-I) b. 5/7/1913 Syracuse d. 2/3/1914 E. Syr. Kin: parents

Miller, Elizabeth (lot 59-II) b. 5/13/1890 Fulton d. 7/9/1906 Fulton f. William m. Mary. Died at the home of her aunt, Mrs. John P. Snyder after 2 days illness; only a visit.

Miller, Ellen (lot 65-II) b. 4/20/1888 NYS d. 4/11/1913 e. Syr. Kin: 3 sis., l bro.

Miller, Mary (lot 59-II) b. 8/10/1855 Syracuse d. 6/11/1932 Fulton w/o William

Miller, Maria (lot 50-II) b. 11/10/1889 Germany d. 6/17/1907 Collamer. Kin: parents

Miller, Margaret Elizabeth (lot 64-II) b. 6/20/1919 Syracuse d. 9/20/1919 Syracuse

Miller, Mary B. (lot 50-II) b. 2/13/1861 Germany d. 8/31/1914 Collamer. Kin: hu.

Miller, Mary Elizabeth b. 6/21/1920 Syracuse d. 4/5/1921 Syracuase. Kin: parents

Miller, Nellie (lot 3e-A) b. 1877 Poland d. 6/5/1925 E. Syr. Kin: hu.

Miller, Victor (34-U) b. 3/1894 E. Syracuse d. 6/5/1950 E. Syracuse h/o Anna

Miller, W. Charles (lot 55-A) b. 5/2/1906 Beelfort, PA d. 5/7/1954 E. Syracuse, bro/o Mrs. Jos. L. Lowe

Miller, William (lot 1-U) b. 6/21/1889 E. Syracuse d. 6/17/1930 E. Syracuse h/o May

Miller, William B. (lot 59-II) b. 8/19/1885 Syracuse d. 2/6/1944 Fulton bro/o Miss Bertha Miller

Miller, William F. (lot 64-II) b. 5/28/1924 E. Syracuse d. 12/7/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Mitchell, Irvin (lot 11-U) b. 11/9/1871 Perryville d. 4/8/1937 N. Syracuse bro/o Fred

Mitchell, Jennie (lot 21-II) b. 2/15/1866 Chittenango d. 1/4/1909 E. Syra. Kin: hu., son, mother

Mitchell, Raymond (lot H-21) b. 1/9/1898 E. Syracuse d. 7/15/1926 Minoa. Kin: fa.

Mitchell, Serena (lot 11-U) b. 4/17/1868 Mahomet, IL d. 7/22/1951 Minoa. Kin: Mrs.

Don Davis

Mohr, Elizabeth (lot 107-I) b. 5/26/1833 Germany d. 1/5/1923 Syracuse. Kin: children

Mohr, George (Moore) (lot 107-I) b. (?) d. 5/14/1948 Onondaga H., Syracuse bro/o

Mrs. Floyd

Mohr, Henry (lot 107-I) b. 5/6/ 1822 Hess-Darmstadt, Ger. d. 10/10/1883 Kirkville h/o Elisabeth

Monroe, Francis (lot 129-I) b. 12/10/1925 Eastwood d. 12/10/1925 Eastwood. Kin: parents

Monroe, Raymond (lot 129-I) b. 1/23/1924 Clayton d. 6/12/1926 Eastwood. Kin: parents

Morrow, Howard P. (lot 14-II) b. 10/28/1886 Benton Harbor, MI d. 1/12/1953 E. Syracuse, h/o Flora

Morsheimer, Frances (lot 29-U) b. 6/10/1886 E. Syracuse d. 6/13/1946 Syracuse sis/o Wm. P. McNally

Morsheimer, John A. (lot 29-U) b. 1/13/1878 Galan, NY d. 12/25/1941 h/o Frances McNalley

Muhl, Carver Florence (lot 27-U) b. 5/13/1891 Syracuse d. 8/19/1950 E. Syracuse w/o George

Muller, Bernard (lot 20-B) b. 7/19/1870 Germany d. 9/11/1948 Syracuse h/o Mrs. B. Muller

Muller, Maria Frances (lot 20-B) b. 6/19/1931 Crouse Irving Hosp., Syracuse d. 6/19/1931 premature f. George

Muller, Mary (lot 20-B) b. 10/29/1865 Germany d. 6/4/1937 Syracuse w/o Bernard

Mulvey, Anna (Edgel) (lot 112-I) b. 8/8/1812 Kings Co., Ire. d. 9/15/1876 Fayetteville w/o Patrick

Mulvey, Patrick b. 3/14/1816 Tipperary Co., Ire. d. 7/18/1887 Syracuse child: Mrs. Adam


Mundschenk, Harriet L. (lot 71-II) b. 6/30/1910 d. 9/7/1911 Bridgeport. Kin: par., bro, sis

Mundschenk, Harry (lot 71-II) b. 2/20/1896 Lowville d. 7/21/1917 Collamer. Kin: parents, sisters

Murphy, Francis Henry (lot 73-II) b. 1907 d. 9/27/1914 E. Syr. Kin: parents

Murphy, Henry L. (lot 73-II) b. 8/6/1877 Holley, NY d. 4/20/1940 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Eva Murphy

Murphy, Mary (lot 73-II) b. 1/13/1879 Palmyra, NY d. 6/9/1936 E. Syracuse w/o Henry G.

Murphy, Thomas J. (lot 14-II) b. 10/9/1904 Syracuse d. 10/21/1947 Syracuse h/o Eileen

Murphy, William H. (lot 45-A) b. 7/4/1878 Oswego d. 7/25/1945 Syracuse h/o Florence

Murray, child (lot 114-I) b. 12/11/1896 E. Syracuse d. 12/12/1896 E. Syracuse f. Frank

Myers, Carrie (lot 94-II) b. 5/16/1871 Man. Sta. d. 8/25/1918 Ogdensburg. Kin: hu., 3 children

Myers, Mary E. (lot 41-I) b. Sept. 1845 Germany d. 8/21/1910 Syracuse. Kin: dau

Myers, Peter (lot 116-I) b. 4/24/1864 Minoa d. 5/16/1917 Minoa. Kin: mo, bros., sis.

Myers, Sylvester (lot 94-II) b. 12/1/1867 Minoa d. 4/15/1920 Minoa. Kin: 2 sons, 1 dau.

Na__, Seraphine (lot 1-A) b. 1884 Italy d. 11/4/1918 Minoa

Neumayer, Caroline (lot 17-I) b. 1819 Oberweiler, Baden, Germany d. 3/19/1871 w/o Paul (see Newmayer, Paul)

Newmayer, Paul (lot 17-I) b. 1821 d. 8/20/1891 E. Syracuse f/o C. Suiter

Newmeyer, Frances (lot 69-I) b. 3/11/1836 Germany d. 1/30/1911 Bridgeport. Kin: dau, bro

Nichols, Anthony (lot 6-II) b. 1851 Germany d. 5/20/1911 Minoa. Kin: wife, sister

Nichols, Jane (lot 6-II) b. Aug. 1841 U.S. d. 10/13/1911 Minoa. Kin: 2 bros., 2 sisters

Nichols, Thomas (lot 43-I) b. 4/11/1830 France d. 6/8/1916 Minoa. Kin: widow, sons

Niles, Seagfrid Helen (lot 17-U) b. 4/1/1907 E. Syracuse d. 7/22/1938 E. Syracuse w/o William

Niver, James A. (lot 57-A) b. 6/22/1858 Elmira d. 11/3/1952 E. Syracuse h/o Francis

Nolan, Dennis P. (lot 43-A) b. 1887 Troy, NY d. 10/4/1949 Albany. Kin: son & daughter

Nolan, infant (lot 9-II) b. 1/17/1930 St. Joseph Hospital, Syr. d. 1/17/1930 f. Dennis Nolan, Minoa

Nolan, Rose (lot 34-A) b. 6/22/1894 E. Syracuse d. 9/12/1938 Minoa w/o Dennis

Norman, Hilde May (lot 5-II) b. 7/14/1896 U.S. d. 11/19/1910 Minoa. Kin: parents

O'Brien, Dorothy (lot 12-B) bur. 10/24/1920 Minoa. Body removed to St. Mary's Cemetery, Minoa

O'Brien, infant b. 1/9/1930 d. 1/9/1930 E. Syracuse f. James O'Brien

O'Brien, John Jr. (lot 12-B) b. 7/10/1922 Syracuse d. 2/26/1923 State Hosp., Kings Park, NY f. John J.

O'Denn, Mary (lot 35-II) b. 1823 Switzerland d. 1/6/1903 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. Wohnhart

O'Donnell, baby girl (lot 84-II) b. 2/12/1952 Syracuse d. 2/14/1952 premature m. Ellen

O'Grady, Joseph (lot 11-B) b. 5/22/1875 Canandaigua d. 1/24/1937 Syracuse f/o Mrs. G. Shea, 219 Court St. Syracuse

O'Hara, Mark (lot 62-I) b. 1867 Ire. d. 3/2/1930 E. Syracuse. Kin: John Yohr

O'Herin, Sarah L. (lot 29-U) b. 11/19/1874 d. 5/30/1943 w/o James

O'Herin, T. James (lot 29-U) b. 8/31/1874 Syracuse d. 7/11/1951 Minoa f/o Mrs. E. Kalin

O'Herin, William (lot 65-II) b. 9/23/1911 U.S. d. 5/3/1912 E. Syr. Kin: parents

Oot, Adam Jacob (lot 34-I) b. 3/22/1877 Minoa d. 2/20/1924 Syracuse. Kin: wife, children. Body transferred from vault in Syracuse

Oot, Albert (lot 52-II) b. 8/20/1875 town of Manlius d. 3/22/1946 E. Syracuse f/o Genevieve

Oot, Alice M. (lot 52-II) b. 4/7/1885 E. Syracuse d. 10/24/1938 E. Syracuse w/o Albert

Oot, Barbara (Friess) (lot 34-I) b. 1841 d. 1/12/1905 town of Manlius (north end=Court St.) w/o Joseph, Sr.

Oot, child (lot 18-II) b. 12/19/1902 stillborn N. Manlius f. Joseph m. Mary

Oot, Christian J. (lot 30-I) b. 1831 d. 11/15/1904 h/o Mary

Oot, Elvira May (lot 34-I) b. 6/1/1910 Minoa d. 3/26/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Oot, Francis A. (lot 52-II) b. 7/19/1902 E. Syr. d. 8/20/1902 E. Syr. f. Albert

Oot, Frederica A. (lot 52-II) b. 7/19/1902 E. Syr. d. 8/12/1902 E. Syr. f. Albert

Oot, Frederick S. (lot 19-B) b. 1/7/1885 N. Manlius d. 10/4/1950 Syracuse h/o Alice

Oot, Joseph (lot 34-I) b. 9/29/1873 Man. Sta.d. 1/22/1880 Man. Sta. f. Joseph m. Barbara

Oot, Joseph (lot 18-II) b. 4/17/1860 NYS d. 6/20/1914 N. Manlius. Kin: widow & 11 children

Oot, Joseph (lot 18-II) b. 3/22/1877 Minoa d. 2/20/1924 Syracuse. Kin: wife, children

Oot, Joseph (lot 34-I) b. 5/18/1838 Minoa d. 3/6/1926 Minoa. Kin: daus. & sons

Oot, Laura (Cahill) (lot 52-II) b. 11/17/1875 Brockville, Can. d. 2/14/1906 E. Syr. w/o Albert

Oot, Lawrence William (lot 18-II) b. 8/8/1893 N. Manlius d. 9/10/1893 N. Man f. Joseph m. Mary

Oot, Magdalene Mayer (lot 34-I) b. June 1801 Mont Cronne, Loraine d. 5/26/1884 north end, town of Manlius, m/o Joseph, Christian

Oot, Maria (lot 30-I) b. 6/11/1837 U.S. d. 3/22/1912 Minoa. Kin: dau & son

Oot, Mary (lot 76-II) b. 12/5/1912 Manlius d. 1/3/1914 Sullivan. Kin: par, sister

Oot, Mary A. (lot 18-II) b. 7/11/1859 town of Dewitt d. 6/30/1932 N. Manlius m/o Leonard

Oot, Raymond (lot 18-II) b. 3/20/1901 N. Manlius d. 6/22/1901 N. Manlius f. Joseph

m. Mary

Osborn, Allen J. (lot 36-I) b. 10/14/1895 d. 8/24/1912 Fulton. Kin: parents

Osborn, Augusta Helen (lot 36-I) b. 12/7/1866 Minoa d. 9/14/1936 E. Syracuse w/o J. Elmer

Osmond, Mary (lot 13-U) b. 1863 Oswego d. 8/3/1940 E. Syracuse

Oswald, child (lot 133-I) bur. 9/15/1884 f. Nicholas m. Mary

Oswald, Mary Theresa (lot 133-I) b. 7/28/1850 Baden, Ger. d. 4/13/1900 E. Syr. w/o Nicholas

Oswald, William (lot 133-I) b. 1805 Alsace-Lorraine d. 6/3/1884 Manlius Station, f/o Nicholas and Mary

Ott, William (lot 34-I) b. 4/4/1868 Minoa d. 5/17/1940 644 South Ave., Syracuse h/o Carrie

Owens, Anna (lot 125-I) b. 8/19/1870 Syracuse d. 4/15/1937 Syracuse sis/o Louis Tschann

Owens, Mark J. (lot 125-I) b. 3/18/1863 Brockport, NY d. 9/2/1922 Syracuse. Kin: wife

Owens, Theresa (Burns) (lot 52-A) b. 7/1871 Syracuse d. 2/27/1953 E. Syracuse m/o Bill & Jim

Owens, William E. (lot 52-A) b. 1/22/1860 Carthage, NY d. 10/2/1948 East Syracuse h/o Mrs. W. Owens

Owens, Mark J. (lot 125-I) b. 3/18/1863 Brockport d. 9/2/1922 Syracuse. Kin: wife

Paltz, Conrad (lot 91-I) b. 12/13/1843 Loraine d. 4/24/1919 Syracuse h/o Margaret

Paltz, Margaret (lot 91-I) b. 4/1848 Alsace-Loraine d. 7/6/1933 Utica m/o Clarence

Paltz, Rosalia Shandorf (lot 108-I) b. 8/5/1873 Man. Sta. d. 5/5/1905 Syr. Died suddenly on trip to Chittenango, w/o Nicholas, Jr.

Pandozzi, Louisa Cretaro (lot 35-A) b. 1886 Italy d. 3/16/1948 Syracuse w/o Martin

Pardy, Lee Patrick (lot 43-II) b. 12/30/1945 Syracuse d. 12/31/1945 St. Joseph Hosp., Syracuse. Kin: f. Edward; Mr. & Mrs. John Shanahan

Pardy, Lucille Shanahan (lot 43-II) b. 3/22/1922 Minoa d. 12/30/1945 Syracuse. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Shanahan

Pass, John (lot 13-U) b. 1/10/1890 d. 1/12/1944 Rotnour Bridge, E. Syracuse h/o Anna

Patrosluskt, child (lot 114-I) b. 8/30/1942 Crouse Irving d. 8/30/1942 prematurity f. Pariosluskt

Pendall, Frank A. (lot 47-II) b. 10/12/1889 Scranton, PA d. 12/5/1924 Syracuse. Kin: wife, ch.

Perry, Felicia (lot 35-A) b. 1/21/1885 Ciciano, Italy d. 10/11/1939 Minoa h/o Nick

Perry, Howard (lot 99-II) b. 8/20/1893 Canada d. 9/2/1934 Syracuse h/o Eliz.

Perry, Mason H. (lot 41-A) b. 1896 d. 2/8/1954 Brooklyn h/o Gertrude

Pesick, John d. 4/24/1916 E. Syracuse

Peters, --- (lot?-I) d. 7/12/1914 stillborn Minoa. Kin: parents

Peters, baby (lot 6-U) b. 5/27/1941 Syracuse d. 5/27/1941 Syracuse f. Bernard

Peters, Gella(?) (lot 39-B) b. 4/1/1907 Burke, NY d. 8/25/1945 Minoa w/o Donald

Peters, infant (lot 5-I) b. 1/11/1940 Syracuse d. 1/11/1940 E. Syracuse premature f. Donald

Peters, Suzanne (lot 5-I) b. 9/29/1953 Syracuse d. 10/1/1953 Minoa. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. R. Peters

Petterelli, Joseph Anthony (lot 64-I) b. 2/21/1934 Kirkville d. 11/29/1935 Kirkville f. Michael

Pfeiffer, Sarah (lot 44-II) b. 1865 Manlius d. 2/9/1926 Syracuse. Kin: hu., dau.

Phillip, Elizabeth (lot 18-A) b. 4/24/1867 Dunmore, PA d. 5/1/1930 Syracuse w/o Edward

Philipp, Joseph (lot 105-I) b. 3/19/1802 Alsace d. 10/13/1888 Bridgeport f/o Joseph, et al.

Philipp, Joseph (lot 15-U) b. 1842 France d. 12/12/1930 Syracuse h/o Magdalen

Philipp, Mary Anna (lot 105-I) b. 5/2/1838 Bibelsheim, Loraine d. 11/11/1892 Bridgeport

sister of Joseph

Philipps, George (lot 15-U) b. 3/19/1875 Bridgeport d. 6/3/1932 Bridgeport. Kin: Ella Philipps

Phillipp, Frances (nee Hildenbrandt) (lot 105-I) b. 3/10/1809 Bibelsheim, Alsace d. 6/13/1882 Bridgeport w/o Joseph, Sr.

Phillipps, Joseph (lot 15-U) b. 1842 France d. 12/12/1930 Syracuse, h/o Magdalene

Phillips, Israel Edward (lot 18-A) b. 9/22/1856 Onondaga Hill d. 6/15/1931 Syracuse f/o Alfred

Phillips, Magdalene (lot 15-U) b. Oct. 25, 1850 Minoa d. 1/12/1932 Bridgeport. Kin: Ella George and Evelyn Phillips

Phoenix, ___ b. 12/12/1928 premature birth d. 12/12/1928. Kin: parents

Pichette, Mary Eliz. (lot 26-U) b. 4/26/1884 Albany d. 9/15/1941 Damon Point, NY w/o Edward

Pickard, Margaret b. 1883 d. 4/14/1915 E. Syracuse

Pierot, Frederica Latich (lot 127-I) b. 1848 Germany d. 9/3/1904 E. Syracuse

Pilchen, Josephine (lot 35-II) b. 12/17/1881 Lowville, Lewis Co. d. 5/1/1902 N. Manlius f. Nicholas m. Mary

Pilchen, Nicholas (lot 6-A) b. 3/23/1851 NYS d. 4/28/1920 Minoa h/o Julia

Pindle, see Purdle

Pindle, Catharine (lot 94-I) b. 3/23/1865 town of Sullivan d. 7/3/1868 town of Sullivan, Madison Co. f. Joseph m. Walburga. Remark: should be Buendel

Pindle, Elias (lot 94-I) b. 5/23/1858 Man Sta. d. 9/2/1880 town of Sullivan, Madison Co. brother of Joseph, Michael, John

Pindle, John (lot 73-I) b. 2/29/1856 town of Sullivan d. 6/24/1939 Kirkville h/o Susan

Pindle, Joseph (lot 94-I) b. 1/6/1817 Bavaria d. 3/1/1870 Sullivan h/o Walburga

f/o Joseph, John, Michael. Remark: should be Buendel

Pindle, Michael (lot 94-I) b. 10/31/1860 NYS d. 4/7/1913 Bridgeport. Kin: wife, son, bros.

Pindle, Nellie (lot 94-I) bur. 10/15/1881 f. Michael

Pindle, Rose (lot 19-A) b. 1/29/1863 Manlius Center d. 1/23/1946 Bridgeport m/o Francis and Edward

Pindle, Walburga Eick (lot 94-I) b. 2/28/1833 Bavaria, Ger. d. 2/8/1888 town of Sullivan m/o Joseph, Michael, John, et al.

Pindle, Susan (lot 73-I) b. 7/4/1873 Minoa d. 10/9/1945 Bridgeport Rd., Collamer m/o

Mrs. Albert Lomirs(?)

Pindle, William (lot 94-I) b. 11/10/1862 Bridgeport d. 8/9/1872 Bridgeport f. Joseph m. Walburga. Remark: should read Buendel

Piper, child (lot 94-I) buried 4/26/1879 f. Charles

Piper, child (lot 95-I) buried 8/13/1884 f. Charles

Piper, Herman E. (lot 45-II) b. Schwerin, Germany d. 2/6/1920 ae. 73. Kin: wife, ch.

Piper, Karl (lot 45-II) bur. 2/23/1901 f. Charles

Piper, Catharine V. (lot 45-II) b. 5/25/1855 Minoa d. 9/26/1937 Syracuse m/o Mrs. B. Quinn

Piston, Paul (lot 64-I) b. 7/23/1917 town of Manlius d. 12/6/1922 town of Manlius. Kin: father

Platz, Andrew (lot 68-I) b. 11/26/1825 Eibengen, Wurttemberg, Ger. d. 6/26/1905 Minoa h/o Mary

Platz, Edith Mary (lot 68-I) b. 8/22/1911 d. 8/22/1911 Minoa. Kin: parents

Platz, Henry (lot 68-I) b. 3/13/1852 Minoa d. 4/27/1911 Buffalo. Kin: bros., sisters

Platz, Joseph (lot 77-I) b. 6/12/1855 Minoa d. 10/28/1932 136 E. Brighton Ave., Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. J. Platz, wife

Platz, Katherine (lot 77-I) b. 10/16/1859 Syracuse d. 1/19/1934 Syracuse m/o John J.

Platz, Lillian (lot 77-I) b. 8/18/1878 Syracuse d. 6/11/1946 Minoa w/o Julius

Platz, Mary Schaefer (lot 68-I) b. 2/9/1828 Sigmanirgen, Germany d. 8/28/1906 Minoa w/o Andrew

Polasky, John (lot 99-II) b. 12/24/1869 Poland d. 2/19/1939 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Pollock, Grace Mary (lot 14-U) b.8/30/1897 Palmyra d. 7/4/1954 Minoa, w/o Ronald

Post, Franklin J. (lot 23-U) b. 9/23/1861 Montezuma d. 4/4/1940 E. Syracuse h/o Katharine

Pratt, Albertina J. (lot 17-II) b. 7/1/1859 Syracuse d. 10/7/1907 Man. Center. Kin: hu and child, etc.

Prentice, Catherine b. 3/8/1919 Minoa d. 9/25/1919. Kin: parents

Prentice, Frances Elizabeth b. 3/8/1919 d. 9/15/1919. Kin: parents

Prue, Henry Joseph (lot 25-A) b. 10/19/1953 Syracuse d. 10/19/1953 Syracuse f. Richard m. Hazel

Purcell, Edward J. (lot 29-A) b. 1/3/1876 Ontario, CAN d. 12/25/1935 Syracuse h/o Mrs. M. Purcell

Purcell, Lawrence (lot 37-A) b. 8/14/1918 E. Syr. d. 4/17/1937 Syracuse m. Melissa

Purcell, Margaret (lot--(?)-A) b. 4/15/1923 Syracuse d. 4/15/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Purdle, John (lot 73-I) b. 7/7/1907 Sullivan d. 7/8/1931 Bridgeport. Kin: parents & brothers Chittenango

Purdle, Joseph (lot 19-A) b. b. 9/2/1853 Bridgeport d. 11/2/1931 Bridgeport w/o Rosa f/o Edward & Francis

Quattrociocki, Archle(?) b. 4/1/1882 Italy d. 3/22/1919 Kirkville. Kin: wife, 5 ch.

Quigley, Catherine (lot 78-I) b. 3/22/1876 Man. Sta. d. 5/13/1891 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, Michael (lot 78-I) b. 3/1/1871 Man. Sta.d. 11/22/1884 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, Ned (lot 78-I) b. 5/16/1866 Man. Sta. d. 7/16/1888 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, Patrick (lot 78-I) b. 3/14/1853 England d. 8/10/1902 Minoa f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, Sarah (lot 78-I) b. 5/28/1859 d. 3/1/1878 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, Sarah (lot 78-I) b. 1835 d. 2/1/1919 Minoa. Kin: 2 daus.

Quigley, Thomas (lot 78-I) b. 8/9/1874 d. 1/22/1887 f. William m. Sarah

Quigley, William (lot 78-I) b. 5/15/ 1825 Tipperary, Ire. d. 10/24/1894 h/o Sarah

Quigley, William Jr. (lot 78-I) b. 5/16/1864 Man. Sta. d. 8/10/1890 Man. Sta. f. William m. Sarah

Quinn, baby (lot 10-U) b. 6/15/1947 Syracuse d. 6/15/1947 Eastwood

Quinn, Bernard (lot 45-II) b. 7/19/1883 Oswego d. 9/2/1948 Syracuse h/o Mrs. B. ---(?)

Quinn (female) (lot 10-U) b. 8/1950 36 hours Syracuse d. 8/30/1950 Syracuse premature

Quirk, Anna Elisabeth (lot 2-II) b. 5/2/1887 Man. Sta. d. 8/18/1889 E. Syracuse f. Patrick m. Catherine

Quirk, Catherine (lot 2-II) b. 10/1/1860 Scotland d. 12/14/1951 E. Syracuse f/o Frank

Quirk, Catherine E. (lot 2-II) b. 1/18/1889 E. Syr. d. 12/19/1903 E. Syr. f. Patrick m. Catherine

Quirk, infant stillborn 2/4/1929 E. Syracuse f. John, 116 W. Ellis St., E. Syracuse

Quirk, infants (twins) (lot 130-I) d. 3/2/1924 stillborn E. Syr. Kin: parents

Quirk, James F. (lot 2-II) b. 3/7/1883 E. Syracuse d. 10/6/1904 E. Syr. f. Patrick m. Catherine

Quirk, Mary (lot 2-II) b. 1832 Ireland d. 11/13/1910 E. Syr. Kin: son

Quirk, Patrick (lot 2-II) b. 7/19/1862 Roxbury, MA d. 8/17/1930 209 W. Yates, E. Syracuse h/o Catherine

Quirk, Thomas (lot 2-II) b. 1823 Ireland d. 2/20/1903 E. Syr. h/o Mary

Radley, Robert J. (lot 42-A) b. 9/10/1931 Syracuse d. 11/27/1947 E. Syracuse son/o Mr. & Mrs. M. Radley

Ranger, George A. (lot 38-B) b. 8/21/1901 E. Palermo, NY d. 9/22/1945 E. Syracuse h/o Margaret

Ray, Anna F. (lot 49-B) b. 5/1/1854 Fayetteville d. 1/7/1940 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Ray Burnley

Ray, Charles (lot 49-B) b. 6/27/1858 Fulton d. 11/2/1932 E. Syracuse, h/o Anna

Ray, Clara (lot 13-II) b. 9/13/1882 E. Syracuse d. 4/17/1945 E. Syracuse w/o William J.

Ray, Daniel H. (lot 49-B) b. 7/26/1920 Syracuse d. 6/16/1940 E. Syracuse m. Mary

Ray, Emma (lot 108-I) b. 8/28/1904 Minoa d. 4/7/1953 Syracuse m/o Mrs. Marion Danforth

Ray, (infant) b. 2/2/1953 Syracuse d. 2/2/1953 Damon's Point, f. John M. Ray

Ray, James F. (lot 49-B) b. 12/13/1887 E. Syracuse d. 3/14/1925 E. Syr. Kin: wife

Ray, Mary (infant) (lot 13-II) b. 5/7/1950 Syracuse d. 5/7/1950 Damons Point f. John

Raymond, Claude M. (lot 17-B) b. 8/23/1882 Fish Creek, NY d. 4/25/1953 E. Syracuse h/o Rose

Raynor, Charles (lot 25-II) b. 11/10/1904 E. Syra. d. 11/20/1904 E. Syr. f. Howard

Raynor, Howard W. (lot 12-A) b. 2/1/1870 Syracuse d. 3/21/1924 E. Syracuse h/o Elizabeth

Reals, Amelia (lot 25-I) b. 1867 d. 9/30/1902 E. Syracuse

Reibel, Ernestine (lot 14-A) b. 8/20/1859 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/4/1927 E. Syracuse. Kin:

Mrs. Julia Ineich, sis.

Remlinger, Ada Clarke (lot 121-I) b. 2/6/1880 Minoa d. 12/3/1928 Kinne St., E. Syracuse. Kin: Katherine, dau.

Remlinger, Elizabeth (lot 121-I) b. 4/20/1845 Minoa d. 8/16/1911 N. Manlius. Kin: 3 sons, l dau.

Remlinger, Elizabeth (lot 6-I) b. 12/25/1842 Auburn d. 4/16/1922 N. Manlius. Kin: children

Remlinger, Frank (lot 6-I) b. 8/10/1877 Manlius Center d. 12/1/1945 N. Manlius bro/o Frank

Remlinger, John A. (lot 121-I) b. 9/18/1877 N. Manlius d. 3/13/1920 Minoa. Kin: wife, 2 ch.

Remlinger, John N. (lot 128-I) b. 1/5/1838 France d. 12/23/1908 N. Manlius. Kin: wife,

3 sons

Remlinger, Nicholas (lot 6-I) b. 1833 France d. 12/25/1917 N. Manlius. Kin: sons, daus.

Remlinger, William A. (lot 121-I) b. 6/14/1879 N. Man. d. 3/30/1880 N. Manlius f. John Nich.m. Elis.

Renahan (lot 2-U) stillborn 6/2/1935 Syracuse f. John

Rentz, Mary (lot 12-I) b. 12/6/1854 town of Manlius d. 4/6/1890 Binghamton

Renz, George (lot 12-I) bur. 9/5/1877

Renz, George (lot 87-I) b. 8/15/1881 Minoa d. 12/25/1924 Minoa. Kin: mother, bros.

Renz, Jane (lot 21-II) b. May 1840 Germany d. 1/17/1927 Elmira. Kin: Albert, son

Renz, John (lot 87-I) b. 9/19/1873 Minoa d. 2/8/1926 Onon. Co. Home. Kin: mo., bros.

Renz, Joseph (lot B-87) b. 1/10/1869 Minoa d. 3/22/1948 Warners, NY bro/o Albert

Renz, Josephine (Colbert) (lot 19-B) b. 8/18/1869 Minoa d. 1/11/1945 Saintsville (near Minoa) f/oWilliam Colbert

Renz, Mary A. (Meyer) (lot 12-I) b. 1815 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/14/1903 E. Syr. m/o Anthony

Renz, Mathias (lot 21-II) b. 4/6/1838 Fischenden, Germany d. 3/28/1899 Minoa h/o Jane

Revellenski, Joseph (lot 13-U) b. 12/25/1910 New York d. 10/7/1950 Minoa Nursing Home

Rice, Lawrence T. (lot 42-A) b. 9/20/1879 town of Dewitt d. 1/11/1948 E. Syracuse bro/o Mrs. Mary Marvin(?)

Rich, Herman Joseph (lot 57-B) b. 2/19/1920 d. 2/19/1920 Syracuse m. Julia

Rich, Howard H. (lot 57-B) b. 9/29/1895 N. Manlius d. 2/24/1952 Syracuse h/o Julia

Rich, Jane b. 10/29/18-- NY d. 10/26/1913 Syracuse

Richard, Marjorie Elizabeth (lot 18-B) b. 12/31/1921 Minoa d. 5/2/1923 Minoa f. Richard m. Irene

Richardson, Mary (lot 79-I) stillborn 5/16/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Richmond, Doris (lot 31-II) b. 6/20/1915 E. Syr. d. 11/17/1918 E. Syr. Kin: fa, bros., sisters

Richmond, Mary Ella (lot 31-II) b. 4/27/1882 E. Syr. d. 5/26/1918 E. Syr. Kin: Mrs. Delong?

Richmond, Robert (lot 31-II) b. 5/12/1918 Syracuse d. 7/14/1918 Syracuse

Riegel, Grace Mary (lot 75-II) b. 12/19/1912 d. 1/8/1914. Kin: parents

Ring, Ambrose (lot 34-B) b. 6/11/1898 town of Manlius d. 3/13/1937 town of Manlius son of Emma

Ring, Anthony R. (lot 37-II) b. 6/6/1871 Cicero d. 2/14/1927 Kirkville R.D. 1 h/o Emma

Ring, Bertha H. (lot 82-I) b. 2/12/1878 d. 6/29/1878 Manlius f. Nicholas m. Magdalene

Ring, Carl (lot 37-II) b. 1/8/1906 Kirkville d. 6/1/1947 Kirkville h/o Irene

Ring, Elmer (lot 82-I) b. 12/7/1881 town of Cicero d. 7/24/1937 Kirkville bro/o John

Ring, Emma (lot 37-II) b. 4/7/1877 Kirkville d. 5/17/1945 Kirkville m/o Florence Seagfried

Ring, infant (lot 82-I) stillborn 2/26/1905 f. Nicholas

Ring, Jane Schneider (lot 82-I) b. 7/2/1839 d. 11/10/1891 w/o Nicholas, Sr.

Ring, John (lot 91-II) b. 1/26/1876 Bridgeport Rd. 11/7/1945 Polkville (near Minoa)

h/o Julia

Ring, Nicholas (lot 82-I) b. 9/4/1893 town of Cicero d. 9/25/1893 town of Cicero (n. of Schepps Corners) f. Nicholas

Ring, Nicholas (lot 82-I) b. 2/24/1831 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/4/1903 town of Manlius, Manlius Rd., 2 miles n. of church, f/o John, Nich, Anthony, et. al.

Ring, Nicholas (lot 26-B) b. 7/11/1866 town of Manlius d. 7/20/1936 Minoa h/o Theresa

Ring, Theresa K. (lot 26-B) b. 10/6/1865 Kirkville d. 11/9/1942 316 Edgerton St., Minoa m/o Hilda

Robey, John (lot 136-I) b. 8/10/1861 N. Manlius d. 12/13/1883 town of Sullivan, Black Creek Rd. m. Mary Wells (Waltz), f. Robey

Robinson, Mary A. (lot 13-II) b. 10/27/1881 d. 6/17/1907 E. Syr. Kin: fa., etc.

Roder, Jennie (Hoyt) (lot 38-I) b. 7/8/1877 Fayetteville d. 1/27/1948 Kirkville w/o John

Roder, John C. (lot 38-I) b. 6/8/1870 Rochester d. 8/15/1948 Kirkville R.F.D. 2, bro/o Bernard Memphis

Roe, Mary A. (lot 40-I) b. 4/22/1863 Minoa d. 9/26/1952 Syracuse m/o Mrs. Mary Haress(?)

Roe, Richard A. (lot 40-I) b. 9/17/1867 Memphis, NY d. 5/16/1946 Syracuse f/o Mrs. Marie Havens

Roe, Stanley F. (lot 41-I) b. 9/17/1902 Syracuse d. 2/23/1934 Syracuse h/o Agatha, 717 Kirkpatrick

Roe, William (lot 40-I) b. 3/17/1897 d. 10/3/1897 Syracuse f. Richard m. Mary A.

Romcier, Dione C. (lot 44-B) b. 7/27/1941 E. Syracuse d. 1/19/1947 N. Syracuse.

Kin: Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Romcier

Rothballer, Albert Jos. (lot 6-B) b. 11/28/1870 Bridgeport d. 11/8/1932 627 S. Crouse Ave., Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. A. Rothballer, wife

Rothballer, Barbara (lot 48-II) b. Germany d. 11/15/1909 E. Syr. Kin: dau.

Rothballer, Emma (lot 48-II) b. 3/3/1872 Bridgeport d. 7/14/1953 E. Syracuse aunt/o Mrs. Paul Brennan

Rothballer, Joseph (lot 48-II) b. 12/31/1827 Regensburg, Bavaria, Ger. d. 7/17/1902 town of Sullivan, Black Cree Rd., h/o Barbara

Rula, Joseph (sic) (lot 29-A) b. 9/5/1862 Ottawa, Can d. 1/18/1944 Park St., Syracuse f/o Joseph C. Ruley (sic)

Russel, Joan Lucy (lot 36-B) b. 5/7/1940 Rotnour Bridge d. 11/30/1943 E. Syracuse f. Leo F.

Russell, Cecilia (Skarke) (lot 42-U) b. 1/2/1908 Galveston, TX d. 3/23/1953 E. Syracuse w/o Robert

Russell, M. Thomas (lot 20-U) b. ?/10/1897 Syracuse d. 7/5/1953 Bridgeport, bro/o Ph. Russell

Russell, Veronica (lot 1-A) b. 11/21/1917 Clifton Park d. 12/31/1918 Minoa. Kin: parents

Russet, infant stillborn 12/23/1920 E. Syracuse

Russett, Clarence (lot 10-B) b. 8/19/1913 Cohoes d. 12/31/1923 E. Syr. f. Arthur m. Eva

Ryan, Caroline (lot 16-II) b. 2/10/1895 Syracuse d. 8/24/1895 Syracuse

Ryan, child (lot 16-II) b. 1/6/1891 d. 1/27/1891 Syracuse f. George W.

Ryan, child (lot 129-I) d. 9/7/1897 stillborn m. Elizabeth

Ryan, Clarence (lot 78-II) b. 7/10/1879 Philadelphia d. 10/14/1949 nephew/o Mrs. Agnes Brady

Ryan, Elisabeth (lot 16-II) b. 7/16/1892 Syracuse d. 8/9/1892 Syracuse, 206 Vine St.

Ryan, Elizabeth C. (lot 16-II) b. 3/13/1858 N. Manlius d. 4/23/1908 Syracuse. Kin: mo.

Ryan, John William (lot 129-I) b. 9/8/1886 Syracuse d. 10/15/1886 Syracuse, 3 Vine St.

Sachok b. 10/5/1928 E. Syracuse d. 10/5/1928 E. Syracuse premature birth f. Sam

Sachok, Frederick M. (lot 48-A) b. 6/1/1925 E. Syracuse d. 6/1/1951 E. Syracuse h/o Celia

Sachok, infant. Stillborn 2/10/1930 E. Syracuse f. Sam, 135 Clinton St., E. Syracuse

Salesbury, Anna May (lot 114-I) b. Jan. 1902 E. Syracuse d. 2/6/1902 E. Syracuse f. Arthur

Sampogna/Sampo, Nicholas (lot 21-A) b. 9/3/1922 Minoa d. 3/10/1924 Minoa. Kin: parents

Sampo, Nicholas (lot 21-A) b. 10/8/1929 Minoa d. 10/8/1929 Elm St., Minoa. Kin: Nicholas Sampo

Sanson, Gerald F. (lot 5w-A) b. 10/27/1941 E. Syracuse d. 8/1/1949 E. Syracuse f. Frank

Sansone, Rosa (lot 43-A) b. 8/10/1877 Sicily d. 5/4/1939 E. Syracuse w/o Salvadore

Sansone, Salvadore (lot 43-A) b. 5/20/1869 Sicily d. 10/30/1947 E. Syracuse R.F.D. 3 f/o John

Sanzone, Edna (lot 8-I) b. 4/23/1914 Cicero d. 2/28/1915 Cicero. Kin: parents

Satterle, Belle (McConville) (lot 1-II) b. 5/2/1864 Inch, Wigtownshire, Scotland d. 4/11/1888 Man. Station w/o (blank). Transferred from lot 114, Gr. 4, Sec. I May 6, 1895.

Schaefer, Anthony (lot 77-I) b. 7/3/1799 Germany d. 11/11/1867 Man. Sta. h/o Catherine

Schaefer, August F. (lot 18-I) b. 5/30/1863 NYC d. 3/28/1898 Syracuse h/o Martha

Schaefer, Catharine (lot 77-I) b. 1803 d. 8/2/1887 Kirkville

Schaefer, Emma Mary Wilhelm (lot 107-I) b. 1806 Hess-Darmstadt, Ger. d. 6/9/1882 Kirkville, m/o Elis. Mohr

Schaefer, Norbert (lot 18-I) b. 5/1/1887 Syracuse d. 7/24/1888 Syracuse, 305 Merriam Ave.f. August m. Martha

Schaefer, Peter (lot 107-I) b. 1806 Hess-Darmstadt, Ger. d. 5/30/1881 N. Manlius h/o Emma

Schaefer, Martha (lot 18-I) b. 9/19/1862 Minoa d. 5/11/1952 Minoa m/o Raymond

Schaff, Adam (lot 60-II) b. 9/18/1830 France d. 11/23/1913. Kin: son

Schaff, Alma G. (lot 60-II) b. 7/9/1867 N. Manlius d. 10/2/1954 N. Manlius, m/o Edwin

Schaff, Henry (lot 60-II) b. 7/6/1863 town of Cicero d. 8/14/1952 Minoa h/o Mrs. H. Schaff

Schaffe, Mary Anne (nee Mistler) (lot 60-II) b. 3/25/1835 Liederschied, Departement la Mosel (France) d. 5/17/1903 N. Manlius w/o Adam

Schall (see Shawl)

Schall/Shawl, Joseph (lot 98-I) b. 4/5/1846 Canada d. 1/15/1902 Syracuse f/o Joseph, Oscar, et al.

Schall, Catherine Zimmer (lot 98-I) b. 3/24/1847 Bavaria, Ger. d. 8/2/1877 Dewitt w/o Joseph

Scheid, Frances (lot 34-II) b. 7/16/--(?) Germany d. 7/30/1939 Canastota m/o Mrs. Mason

Scheid, John B. (lot 34-II) b. 2/4/1859 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/31/1937 Canastota h/o Mrs. F. Scheid, Canastota

Scheid, Joseph (lot 34-II) b. 9/12/1892 Canastota d. 8/13/1894 Canastota f. John m. Mary

Scheid, Mary M. Keller (lot 34-II) b. 7/31/1866 Alsace d. 5/13/1905 Canastota w/o John B.

Scheid, Mary M. (lot 34-II) b. 1905 Canastota d. 7/11/1905 Syracuse f. John B. m. Mary

Schepp, Anna (lot 103-I) b. 6/30/1863 Minoa d. 1/3/1921 Minoa. Kin: mo, bro.

Schepp, baby boy (lot 61-I) b. 11/27/1946 St. Joseph Hosp. Syr. d. 11/27/1946 f. Russell

Schepp, Barbara Sutter (lot 46-I) b. 12/25/1841 N. Manlius d. 11/19/1883 N. Manlius w/o Mark

Schepp, Bertha May (lot 75-I) b. 8/16/1893 town of Sullivan d. 8/27/1895 town of Sullivan f. Henry m. Euphemia

Schepp, Delphine (lot 48-II) b. 6/1/1869 N. Manlius d. 9/14/1921 E. Syr. Kin: hu, dau.

Schepp, Edward Jr. (lot 14-B) b. 3/23/1924 Syracuse hospital d. 4/22/1924 Kirkville f. Ed. m. Ethel

Schepp, Elizabeth (lot 103-I) b. 9/9/1837 Buffalo d. 10/28/1926 Minoa. Kin: son

Schepp, Emma Anna Mary (lot 46-I) b. 4/14/1873 N. Manlius d. 11/7/1874 N. Manlius f. Mark m. Barbara

Schepp, Emma L. N. (lot 75-I) b. 8/18/1896 town of Cicero d. 3/14/1897 town of Cicero f. Henry m. Euphemia

Schepp, Ernest Fred. (lot 37-B) b. 5/11/1878 Minoa d. 6/28/1942 Canastota h/o Ada

Schepp, Fannie (lot 75-I) b. 1/10/1867 Minoa d. 6/11/1917 Minoa. Kin: children

Schepp, Frank M. (lot 48-II) b. 9/21/1868 Minoa d. 4/25/1954 E. Syracuse . Kin: Mrs. Paul Brenner

Schepp, Frederic (lot 45-I) b. 11/13/1844 N. Manlius d. 3/20/1931 Canastota f/o Ernest & Herman

Schepp, Frederic Floyd (lot 45-I) b. 4/29/1902 Kirkville d. 2/4/1906 Kirkville f. Ernest m. Ida

Schepp, Frederick (lot 6-B) b. 1866 Minoa d. 12/22/1919 E. Syracuse h/o Margaret

Schepp, George (lot 48-I) b. 5/8/1875 d. 7/8/1875 N. Manlius f. Peter m. Viola

Schepp, Hannah Klein (lot 48-I) b. 1812 Hoehlinger, Loraine d. 8/21/1887 N. Manlius

children: Nicholas, Mark, Fred

Schepp, Henry (lot 75-I) b. 8/1/1866 Snyder Crossing (near Minoa) d. 5/30/1915 Minoa. Kin: widow

Schepp, infant (lot 14-B) stillborn 10/27/1932 Syracuse. Kin: Edw. Schepp & wife, E. Syracuse

Schepp, Irving Geo. A. - see Sutter

Schepp, Joseph (lot 46-I) b. 8/1/1883 N. Manlius d. 9/29/1883 N. Manlius f. Mark m. Barbara

Schepp, Joseph (baby) (lot 61-I) b. 6/9/1949 Syracuse d. 6/11/1949 Minoa f. Russell

Schepp, Julia Ann (baby) (lot 61-I) b. 1/20/1953 Syracuse d. 1/20/1953 Minoa f. Russell

Schepp, Marcus (lot 46-I) b. 4/4/1837 Minoa d. 6/11/1921 Minoa. Kin: wife, etc.

Schepp, Marcus (lot 38-A) b. 8/6/1877 town of Manlius d. 9/30/1936 Kirkville h/o Gurtha

Schepp, Margaret E. (lot 6-B) b. 4/9/1851 NY d. 2/5/1922 Syracuse. Kin: sisters

Schepp, Marion (lot 40-A) b. 3/11/1901 Burke, NY d. 1/2/1945 E. Syracuse w/o Leonard

Schepp, Mark (lot 48-I) b. 1/10/1800 Uhrbach, Loraine d. 4/12/1876 N. Manlius h/o Hannah, children: Nicholas, Fred, Mark, et al.

Schepp, Mary Sutter (lot 45-I) b. 8/8/1855 Man. Sta. d. 4/19/1885 town of Manlius (north end) w/o Frederic

Schepp, Nicholas (lot 103-I) b. 10/1/1835 France d. 11/21/1910 Minoa. Kin: widow,

3 daus., son

Schepp, Peter (lot 48-I) b. 2/13/1847 N. Manlius d. 12/19/1881 N. Manlius, h/o Viola

Schepp, Peter Henry (lot 103-I) b. 6/7/1870 Manlius d. 11/7/1884 N. Manlius f. Nicholas m. Elisabeth

Schepp, Theodore (lot 46-I) b. 1875 Kirkville d. 9/4/1928 Kirkville. Kin: Mrs. Ralph Our, Syracuse

Schepp, Viola (lot 48-I) b. 12/5/1853 Minoa d. 6/16/1929 Minoa. Kin: Mrs. Leonard Oot, dau.

Schepp, Wilbur Wm. Henry (lot 48-I) b. 6/8/1874 town of Manlius d. 4/8/1904 town of Manlius beyond N. Manlius, f. Peter m. Viola

Scheuerman, Harold (lot 4-II) b. 12/5/1891 Minoa d. 2/15/1936 Minoa m. Jennie

Scheuerman, Jennie (lot 4-II) b. 2/22/1863 Minoa d. 4/10/1946 Minoa sis/o Mrs. Ch. Shandorf

Scheuermann, Barbara (nee Dippold) (lot 4-II) b. 11/1/1847 Germany d. 12/14/1889 Syracuse w/o Philipp. Transferred from St. Joseph's Cemetery, Syracuse

Scheuermann, John (lot 4-II) d. 3/28/1920, ae. 33 Minoa. Kin: mo., bros., sisters

Scheuermann, Philip (lot 4-II) b. 1848 (1843?) Syracuse d. 5/18/1917 Minoa. Kin: wife, sons, dau.

Scheuermann, Philipp (lot 4-II) b. 6/28/1875 Syracuse d. 8/3/1900 Minoa f. Philipp m. Barbara

Scheurer, Henry (lot 4e-A) b. 7/27/1856 Trenton, Can d. 9/21/1927 202 West Ave., E. Syracuse h/o Louise

Scheurer, infant (lot 4-I) b. 9/26/1906 d. 9/26/1906 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Scheurer, Mary Louise (lot 4e-A) b. 2/4/1860 Syracuse d. 5/28/1940 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Martin, E. Syracuse

Schmidt, Anna Theresa (lot 2w-A) b. 12/23/1917 E. Syracuse d. 3/3/1922 E. Syracuse. Kin: father

Schneider, Barbara (lot 27-I) b. 1/10/1842 Man. Sta. d. 4/14/1871 Man. Sta. m. Mary Anne

Schneider, Catherine (nee Friess) (lot 79-I) b. 9/29/1800 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 10/14/1870 Man. Sta. children: Peter; Mrs. Joseph Balsley, et. al.

Schneider, Conrad Leopold (lot 23-I) b. 5/12/1872 d. 3/3/1873 Man. Sta. f. Peter m. Catharine

Schneider, Emma (lot 40-II) b. 5/17/1869 Minoa d. 6/11/1909 Corning. Kin: hu., ch.

Schneider, John Nicholas (lot 27-I) b. 1813 Alsace-Loraine d. 3/27/1866 Manlius Sta. h/o Mary Anne. Transferred from old cemetery.

Schneider, Mary A. (lot 27-I) b. 8/14/1816 Germany d. 4/3/1895 Collamer w/o John

m/o Peter, Mat., John, et. al.

Schneider, Mary Anne (nee Phillip) (lot 80-I) b. 8/19/1840 Mont Broune, Loraine

d. 12/26/1874 Manlius w/o Anthony, Sr.

Schneider, Nicholas (lot 79-I) b. 1791 Mont Broun, Loraine d. 8/25/1874 Manlius f/o Jacob, Nicholas, et al.

Schneider, Peter S. (lot 80-I) b. 12/9/1866 Man. Sta. d. 6/24/1867 Man. Sta. f. Anthony m. Marianne

Schosger, Ottilia (lot 26-II) b. 3/6/1859 France d. 10/10/1949 Corning m/o Mrs. Scheb

Schramp, Erskin (lot 114-I) b. 11/29/1904 e. Syracuse d. 11/30/1904 E. Syracuse

Schramp, Josephine (lot 13-B) b. 10/15/1874 Minoa d. 9/19/1926 Minoa w/o George

Schramp, William (lot 98-II) b. 3/3/1877 Cregan, NY d. 12/20/1934 E. Syracuse, h/o Ethel

Schuler, Marie (lot 15-A) b. 9/7/1903 Geneva, NY d. 8/19/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: hu

Schwartz, Edmund (lot 26-I) b. 5/5/1850 Germany d. 3/14/1928 Minoa. Kin: Carl, son

Schwartz, Henry L. (lot 26-I) b. 1869 Minoa d. 1/13/1911 E. Syracuse. Kin: wife

Schwartz, Joseph (lot 26-I) b. 1826 d. 4/12/1889 Man. Sta. h/o (blank)

Schwartz, Magdalen (lot 26-I) b. 9/26/1827 d. 12/20/1915 Minoa. Kin: hu.

Schwartz, Mary (Greiner) (lot 22-I) b. 1862 Manlius d. 11/10/1942 E. Syracuse w/o Fred

Scouten, Anna (lot 19-II) b. 9/20/1859 Syracuse d. 6/11/1925 Minoa. Kin: bro., sister

Seagfrid, Anthony (lot 24-B) b. 9/25/1856 Minoa d. 10/22/1932 Minoa h/o Marg. H., Kirkville

Seagfrid, Clarence I.(?) (lot 17-U) b. 7/2/1885 E. Syracuse d. 9/1/1932 E. Syracuse h/o Edna

Seagfrid, Edna Redder (lot 17-U) b. 6/8/1886 Savannah d. 1/28/1952 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Spoov(?) & two brothers

Seagfrid, Julia (lot 12-I) b. 7/14/1871 Elbridge d. 7/26/1929 441 E. Yates St., E. Syracuse. Kin: John McGlynn, brother

Seagfrid, Nicholas (lot 12-I) b. 8/12/1854 Minoa d. 12/23/1928 441 E. Yates, E. Syracuse h/o Julia

Seagfried, Margaret (lot 24-B) b. 11/12/1858 Minoa d. 8/8/1947 Canstota m/o Claude

Seagfried, Mary (lot 15-I) b. 1821 Alsace-Loraine d. 1/4/1890 E. Syracuse wid/o Nicholas

Seagfried, Nicholas (lot 15-I) b. 1818 d. 3/22/1885 h/o Mary

Sears, Anthony B. (lot 27-U) b. 4/28/1885 N.Y. State d. 8/7/1943 Kirkville h/o Eva

Sears, Cathy Ann (lot 27-U) stillborn 6/18/1954 Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Wellington Sears, Minoa

Sears, Eva M. (lot 27-U) b. 2/6/1888 New York State d. 8/6/1949 Kirkville m/o Wellington

Seibert, John (lot 87-I) b. 1800 Germany d. 9/7/1882 Man. Sta. h/o Mary

Seibert, Mary (lot 87-I) b. 5/20/1805 Prussia d. 12/16/1882 Man. Sta. wid/o John

Seibert, Mary Oswald (lot 133-I) b. 3/?/1843 Loraine d. 2/27/1890 Syracuse

m/o Nicholas, Louis

Seibert, Nicholas (lot 133-I) b. 5/26/1830 d. 9/26/1886 Syracuse, 238 Burnet Ave. h/o Mary

Semiensyk, Mary (lot 49-A) b. 4/6/1911 Yonkers, NY d. 8/5/1948 Minoa w/o John

Senfert, Anna C. (lot 22-U) b. 11/2/1889 Cicero d. 1/13/1937 Kirkville w/o Charles

Senfert, Charles F. (lot 22-U) b.12/3/1882 Ohio d. 3/16/1951 Rochester f/o Mrs. Marjorie O'Mara & Mrs. Phyllis Taylor

Seraphine, Hare(?) (lot 1e-A) b. 1884 Italy d. 11/4/1918 Minoa

Sereno, infant stillborn 1919 Minoa

Serens, Emily (lot 41-U) b. 5/10/1885 Shortsville, NY d. 12/16/1947 E. Syracuse w/o Phillip

Serens, infant b. 11/6/1924 E. Syracuse d. 11/6/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Serens, John Francis (lot 41-U) b. 10/17/1907 Newark, NY d. 5/11/1947 263 Homecroft Rd., Syracuse h/o Jeanette

Serens, Philip (lot 41-U) b. 3/15/1878 Holland d. 5/26/1948 E. Syracuse f/o Louisa Hullar

Sester, Mary Anne Balsel (lot 89-I) b. 2/25/1810 Baden, Ger. d. 10/9/1888 Man. Sta. m/o John, Frank, et al.

Sester, Sebastian (lot 89-I) b. 1/21/1801 Baden, Ger. d. 2/5/1881 Man. Sta. h/o Mary Anne, f/o John, Frank, et al.

Seymour, see also Zimmer

Seymour, Charles Zimmer (lot 43-I) b. 4/24/1852 Germany d. 11/7/1912 Tully. Kin: C. Thomas, sister

Seymour, Joseph (lot 52-I) b. 6/20/1880 Minoa d. 10/24/1927 E. Syracuse. Kin: Vict. Gerthoffer, cousin

Seymour, Silvia (lot 53-I) b. 7/16/1851 Germany d. 8/28/1943 Syracuse

Shanahan (see Pardy)

Shanahan, Michael (lot 93-II) b. 8/15/1883 Listoli(?) Ireland d. 2/26/1935 Boonville h/o Eleanor

Shandorf, Albert J. (lot 11-II) b. 11/18/1886 Minoa d. 6/30/1940 140 Chester St., Cathedral parish (village blank) Kin: Mrs. Augusta Shandorf

Shandorf, Catharine (lot 108-I) b. 5/29/1836 Germany d. 10/14/1913. Kin: 2 sons, 4 daus.

Shandorf, Charles (lot 12-II) b. 8/2/1866 Minoa d. 5/14/1934 Minoa. Kin: widow, Mrs. M. Shandorf

Shandorf, Clara A. (lot 14-I) b. 6/28/1871 Minoa d. 2/19/1954 Syracuse sis/o Alice Gott

Shandorf, Emma M. (lot 108-I) b. 4/12/1884 Minoa d. 3/4/1948 Minoa w/o Peter

Shandorf, Frank (lot 10-II) b. 12/7/1857 Man. Sta. d. 12/25/1891 Man. Sta. f. John m. Pauline

Shandorf, Jacob (lot 108-I) b. 12/10/1831 Alsace d. 12/13/1899 Minoa h/o Catherine

Shandorf, John (lot 10-II) b. 3/18/1834 France d. 9/5/1908 Minoa. Kin: 2 sons, 2 daus.

Shandorf, John (lot 11-II) b. 1860 Minoa d. 8/6/1918 Minoa. Kin: wife, ch.

Shandorf, Louis (lot 14-I) b. 7/2/1869 Minoa d. 7/15/1926 Kirkville. Kin: bro. & wife, sisters

Shandorf, Pauline Kraemer (lot 10-II) b. 1838 d. 8/9/1905 town of Manlius (near Minoa) w/o John Sr.

Shandorf, Mary M. (lot 12-II) b. 12/30/1868 Syracuse d. 5/21/1951 Minoa m/o Dorothy

Shandorf, Susan (lot 11-II) b. 5/10/1859 Syracuse d. 3/16/1934 Minoa m/o Mrs. J. W. Snyder

Shane, Edna May (lot 58-II) b. 12/14/1909 Syracuse d. 12/15/1945 Syracuse w/o Earl

Shawl, Ida C. (lot 98-I) b. 4/30/1869 d. 9/23/1895 Manlius

Shawl, Joseph August (lot 98-I) b. 8/5/1873 Manlius d. 4/3/1919 Manlius. Kin: wife

Shea, Fay F. (lot 48-B) b. 3/1896 N.Y. State d. 5/18/1949 Syracuse h/o Helen

Sheuer(?) (lot 4-I) d. 9/26/1906 premature birth, E. Syr. Kin: parents. Remarks: "unblessed ground"

Sheurer, M. (lot 4-I) b. 1/13/1913 d. 1/3/1913 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Shoemaker, Ida May (lot 96-II) b. 9/18/1890 E. Syracuse d. 8/18/1925 E. Syracuse. Kin. mo, and hu, Harry

Shoemaker, Ronald (lot 96-II) b. 8/22/1911 U.S. d. 4/28/1912 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Shuart, Edward James (lot 2-U) b. 11/29/1895 Syracuse d. 8/26/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Hazel Mahar Shuart

Shuler, Henry Michael (lot 15-A) b. 9/5/1854 Elba, NY d. 5/10/1931 E. Syracuse h/o Lena

Shuler, John (lot 130-I) b. 7/16/1923 town of Dewitt d. 7/16/1923 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Siegfried, Helena (lot 122-I) b. 9/10/1851 NYS d. 9/1/1914 E. Syr. Kin: hu.

Sigsbee, Margaret (lot ?-II) b. 1876 Ireland d. 8/18/1914 e. Syracuse. Kin: hu.

Silberman, Ida (lot 69-I) b. 5/20/1864 Manlius Center d. 1/25/1943 Syracuse sis/o Ada Hite (Hill?)

Silbermann, Joseph S. (lot 69-I) b. 2/27/1861 Peru, Indiana d. 10/6/1915 Syracuse h/o Ida

Simmons, Chamlatto P. b. 1885 d. 2/25/1950 Euclid, OH w/o Floyd

Simon, Albert F. (lot 47-B) b. 5/12/1885 town of Cicero d. 3/27/1949 E. Syracuse h/o Genevieve

Simon, Anna (Staub) b. 1813 Loraine d. 12/23/1893 town of Cicero (town line) m/o Anthony, George, John, et. al.

Simon, Anthony (lot 74-II) b. 8/22/1852 Germany d. 1/29/1914 town of Cicero. Kin: widow, son, 4 daus.

Simon, Anthony C. (lot 74-II) b. 8/6/1884 E. Syracuse d. 4/18/1950 E. Syracuse h/o Theresa

Simon, Caroline E. (lot 74-II) b. 3/27/1857 Black Creek d. 5/27/1924 town of Cicero. Kin: son, daus.

Simon, Christopher (lot 93-I) b.1812 Loraine d. 11/20/1889 town of Cicero (town line) f/o Anthony, George, John, et al.

Simon, George (lot 93-I) b. 3/23/1855 W. Leyden, NY d. 4/27/1930 E. Syracuse, f/o George

Simon, Mary (lot 17-U) b. 2/10/1862 Alsace d. 8/9/1929 E. Syracuse w/o George

Simon, Mary Catherine (lot 93-I) b. 3/22/1881 town of Cicero d. 9/28/1881 town of Cicero f. Anthony m. Caroline

Simon, Norbert (lot 47-B) b. 1923 E. Syracuse R.F.D. d. 6/28/1944 buried 6/28/1948 f. Albert. Killed in action overseas

Simon, William Albert (lot 93-I) b. 12/6/1891 town of Cicero (town line) d. 8/23/1893 town of Cicero f. Anthony m. Caroline

Simonaitis, Anthony (lot 41-U) b. Lithuania date unk. d. 4/19/1947 Syracuse bro/o Charles

Slank, Bessie Fry (lot 32-U) b. 4/11/1896 N. Manlius d. 5/17/1954 E. Syracuse w/o Henry

Slank, Bridget D. (lot 32-U) b. 12/14/1861 Mayo, Ireland d. 3/24/1951 E. Syracuse m/o Henry

Slater, Albert J. (lot 87-I) b. 12/25/1902 E. Syracuse d. 4/16/1904 E. Syracuse f. James m. Susan

Slater, Susan Rentz (lot 87-I) b. 3/10/1877 town of Manlius d. 6/3/1906 E. Syr. w/o James

Slattery, Mrs. (lot 113-I) bur. 1/24/1874

Slocomb, Mary E. (lot 46-II) b. 6/6/1874 Minoa d. 9/11/1926 Minoa. Kin: son, dau.

Smith, Alice (lot 23-A) b. 3/31/1877 town of Cicero d. 1/11/1925 town of Cicero. Kin: hu., children

Smith, Barbara (Staub) (lot 92-I) b. 9/9/1843 Hautevillier, Loraine d. 2/4/1902 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. A. Kippley, sister

Smith, Breen Anna (lot 29-A) b. 2/13/1874 Ogdensburg d. 11/23/1940 408 Nelson, E. Syracuse w/o Leo T.

Smith, Catharine (lot 46-II) d. 5/30/1907 E. Syracuse, premature birth

Smith, Catherine (lot 9-I) b. 5/9/1874 town of Cicero (town line) d. 10/20/1893 town of Cicero f. Stephen m. Catheirne

Smith, Catherine (lot 46-II) b. 1829 d. 8/21/1901 Minoa w/#2/o Levi

Smith, Catherine (lot 9-I) b. 5/14/1831 Alsace-Loraine d. 7/10/1919 E. Syr. Kin:

2 sons, l dau.

Smith, Charles (lot 9-I) b. 5/27/1868 town of Cicero d. 11/17/1898 town of Cicero f. Stephen m. Catherine

Smith, Charles A. (lot 6-U) b. 11/26/1870 Henderson Harbor d. 4/20/1953 Minoa. Kin: May Smith, H. Smith, Harvey Smith

Smith, Charlotte (lot 55-I) b. 2/28/1870 Canada d. 3/23/1929 205 W. Yates St., Syracuse. Kin: Charles Gott, son

Smith, Ella A. (lot 27-A) b. 12/20/1892 Ire. d. 5/31/1942 E. Syracuse R.F.D. #3, w/o Fred

Smith, Elizabeth (lot 41-II) b. 6/24/1865 Minoa d. 1/13/1949 (also has 1950 with a question mark) Syracuse m/o Clarence

Smith, Frank (lot 23-A) b. 1/19/1867 town of Cicero d. 10/10/1934 E. Syracuse f/o Charles

Smith, Fred (lot 100-I) b. 9/24/1861 town of Cicero d. 2/25/1949 Minoa f/o Mrs. Arthur Housman

Smith, Frederic N. (lot 9-I) b. 7/16/1917 town of Manlius d. 1/20/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Smith, George M. (lot 9-I) b. 12/9/1887 Galveston, Texas d. 11/17/1918 E. Syr. Kin: wife, dau.

Smith, Joann (lot (?)-A) b. 3/5/1939 Auburn d. 10/12/1939 Syracuse f. Harold

Smith, John H. (lot 14-A) b. 6/4/1866 Minoa d. 8/12/1937 E. Syracuse h/o Katheirne

Smith, Levi (lot 46-II) b. 12/25/1830 NY d. 6/5/1907 Minoa. Kin: 2 daus., l son

Smith, Mary (lot 28-U) b. 1874 Manhatten, NY d. 12/28/1952 New York City sis/o Mrs. Dominick Manual

Smith, Peter (lot 21-II) b. 2/21/1857 town of Cicero d. 3/28/1891 E. Syracuse h/o Libbie

Smith, Ray F. (lot 16-A) b. 4/10/1892 E. Syracuse d. 3/4/1938 Syracuse h/o Jane

Smith, Rose E. (lot 100-I) b. 6/19/1867 town of Manlius d. 11/19/1940 Kirkville R.F.D., w/o Fred

Smith, Stephan (lot 9-I) b. 2/22/1820 Loraine d. 4/16/1892 Cicero h/o Catherine

Smith, Stephen (lot 41-II) b. 11/12/1858 town of Cicero (town line) d. 8/16/1897 E. Syracuse h/o Elisabeth

Smith, William Albert (lot 23-A) b. 9/14/1941 E. Syracuse d. 7/17/1941 Rome State Hosp., bro/o C. Smith

Snyder, Albert (lot 112-I) b. 5/5/1874 Minoa d. 9/27/1932 E. Syracuse h/o Emma

Snyder, Albert John (lot 51-A) b. 4/3/1907 Rome, NY d. 2/7/1948 Oakland, CA f. John

Snyder, Aloysius (lot 83-II) b. 5/26/1885 E. Syracuse d. 7/16/1915 Minoa. Kin: parents

Snyder, Anna (lot 51-I) b. 1/2/1837 NYC d. 9/17/1920 Minoa m/oHerman

Snyder, Anna B. (lot 8-A) b. 2/22/1870 Minoa d. 8/27/1948 Fayetteville w/o Herman

Snyder, Anna M. stillborn 12/29/1907 Minoa. Kin: parents

Snyder, Anthony (lot 80-I) b. 6/2/1829 Mont Boune, Alsace-Loraine d. 10/24/1891 town of Manlius h/o Anna f/o Anthony, et al.

Snyder, Anthony (lot 8-A) b. 5/22/1863 town of Manlius d. 8/19/1930 town of Manlius bro/o Herman L.

Snyder, August (lot 17-B) b. 4/20/1830 Germany d. 12/11/1920 E. Syracuse h/o Genevieve

Snyder, Barbara A. (lot 8-A) b. 9/29/1865 town of Manlius d. 9/27/1918 Fayetteville. Kin: Toby, brother; Katherine, Anna, sisters

Snyder, Carl J. (lot 15-I) b. 6/4/1887 d. 10/21/1918 E. Syracuse

Snyder, Caroline (lot 83-II) b. 9/23/1857 Syracuse d. 4/26/1936 Minoa w/o Raymond

Snyder, Catherine (lot 81-I) b. 8/15/1842 Minoa d. 6/7/1929 Minoa. Kin: Frank, son

Snyder, Catharine (lot 23-I) b. 7/29/1836 Germany d. 2/23/1913 Minoa. Kin: son, dau.

Snyder, Catherine E. (lot 10-A) b. 2/2/1876 Batav. d. 8/24/1919 E. Syracuse w/oJoseph

Snyder, Charles (lot 1-A) b. 11/24/1869 E. Syracuse d. 5/10/1921 Syracuse h/o Emma

Snyder, Charles Peter (lot 67-I) b. 11/18/1882 E. Syracuse d. 10/18/1888 E. Syracuse f. Peter m. Theresa I.

Snyder, child (lot 65-I) d. 3/20/1901 stillbirth, E. Syracuse f. Henry m. Ida

Snyder, Clara M. (lot 81-I) b. 1/23/1881 Minoa d. 9/23/1907 Minoa. Kin: parents

Snyder, Clement Joseph (lot 40-II) b. May 1898 d. 11/16/1898 f. Jacob m. Emma

Snyder, Edmund (lot 40-II) b. Apr. 1896 d. 2/10/1897 f. Jacob m. Emma

Snyder, Edward (lot 79-I) b. 2/23/1886 Minoa d. 2/25/1908. Kin: parents, etc.

Snyder, Emma (lot 13-II) b. 12/7/1843 Minoa d. 1/3/1931 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. W. Ray, E. Syr.

Snyder, Emma (lot 1-A) b. 1865 Gloversville d. 3/9/1934 Gloversville. Kin: son George & sister Mrs. Ecker

Snyder, Eulalin (lot 51-A) b. 9/20/1884 Minoa d. 10/28/1946 Minoa w/o John

Snyder, Euleana C. (lot 7-A) b. 2/16/1899 Bridgeport d. 9/21/1948 E. Syracuse w/o Herman

Snyder, Frances (lot 80-I) b. 3/9/1874 d. 9/23/1895 Manlius f. Anthony m. Mary

Snyder, Francis J. (lot 20-II) b. 9/25/1906 E. Syr. d. 12/24/1906 E. Syr. Kin: parents

Snyder, Frank (lot 65-I) b. 6/8/1898 E. Syracuse d. 1/11/1917 Cazenovia f. Henry

Snyder, Frank (lot 25-A) b. 3/29/1865 Minoa d. 11/16/1943 Bridgeport Rd., Minoa bro/o John

Snyder, Frank N. (lot 9-A) b. 2/26/1871 Minoa d. 9/16/1937 E. Syr. h/o Clara

Snyder, Frederic (lot 80-I) b. 3/15/1871 d. 12/14/1880 Manlius f. Anthony m. Mary Anne

Snyder, Frederic Jacob (lot 23-I) b. 9/6/1869 Man. Sta.d. 6/27/1870 Man. Sta. f. Peter m. Catherine

Snyder, Frederic L. (lot 23-I) b. 11/6/1863 Man. Sta. d. 9/18/1869 Man. Sta. f. Peter m. Catherine

Snyder, Frederick (lot 10-A) b. 9/27/1907 E. Syracuse d. 11/4/1934 E. Syracuse f. Joseph

Snyder, Genevieve (lot 17-B) b. 8/6/1845 Germany d. 2/13/1930 E. Syracuse. Kin: August Snyder, 104 Bennett St., E. Syracuse

Snyder, George (lot 81-I) b. 7/1/1879 N. Manlius d. 11/19/1880 N. Manlius f. Jacob m. Catherine

Snyder, Henry C. (lot 65-I) b. 3/13/1871 town of Dewitt d. 10/23/1945 Onondaga Co. home, bro/o Mrs. Howard Morrow

Snyder, Henry J. (lot 80-II) b. 9/2/1873 Minoa d. 4/27/1916 E. Syr. Kin: parents, wife

Snyder, infant (lot 65-I) stillborn 8/21/1901 E. Syracuse f. Henry m. Emma

Snyder, Isabel B. (lot 23-I) b. 10/4/1873 Man. Sta. d. 1/25/1874 Man. Sta. f. Peter m. Catharine

Snyder, Jacob (lot 81-I) b. 3/3/1835 U.S. d. 2/14/1911 Minoa. Kin: wife, dau., 4 sons

Snyder, Jacob F. (lot 80-I) b. 6/10/1858 d. 1/18/1886 f. Anthony m. Mary

Snyder, John (lot 23-I) b. 1/23/1862 d. 11/15/1878 Man. Sta. f. Peter m. Catherine

Snyder, John E. (lot 10-A) b. 8/24/1910 E. Syracuse d. 1/27/1935 E. Syracuse f. Joseph

Snyder, John M. (lot 15-I) b. 1/28/1885 E. Syracuse d. 4/26/1929 E. Syracuse. Kin: Dr. Snyder, bro.

Snyder, John P. (lot 83-II) b. 6/10/1856 Ind. d. 5/28/1916 Minoa. Kin: mother

Snyder, Julius P. (lot 25-A) b. 9/30/1885 Minoa d. 10/20/1952 E. Syracuse h/o Catherine

Snyder, Lillie May (lot 65-I) b. 3/1/1896 d. 9/7/1896 E. Syracuse f. Henry m. Ida

Snyder, Magdalen (lot 79-I) b. 10/17/1846 France d. 9/27/1928 Minoa. Kin: George, son - Minoa

Snyder, male infant (lot 20-II) b. 8/4/1905 E. Syr. d. 8/5/1905 E. Syr. f. Joseph m. Cath.

Snyder, Margaret (lot 15-I) b. 9/27/1852 Minoa d. 10/21/1928 E. Syracuse. Kin:

Dr. M. T. Snyder

Snyder, Mark (lot 81-I) b. 4/19/1868 N. Manlius d. 4/12/1874 N. Manlius f. Jacob m. Catherine

Snyder, Martha (lot 81-I) b. 6/29/1877 N. Manlius d. 12/4/1880 N. Manlius f. Jacob m. Catherine

Snyder, Mary (lot 10-A) b. 6/1/1874 d. 5/15/1953 E. Syracuse w/o Jos.

Snyder, Mary A. (lot 112-I) b. 3/8/1847 New York City d. 12/26/1930 E. Syracuse m/o Frank

Snyder, Mary L.E. (lot 65-I) b. 1/4/1893 E. Syracuse d. 8/18/1893 E. Syracuse f. Henry m. Ida

Snyder, Mathias (lot 15-I) b. 4/30/1849 Min. d. 1/8/1913 E. Syracuse h/o Margaret

Snyder, Mathias (lot 62-I) b. 8/10/1854 Minoa d. 10/18/1928 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs.

Helen E. McCarthy, E. Syracuse

Snyder, Mathias (lot 26-A) b. 5/28/1871 E. Syracuse d. 1/22/1943 E. Syracuse h/o Rose

Snyder, Mathias F. (lot 59-B) b. 2/1/1895 E. Syracuse d. 3/4/1954 E. Syracuse h/o Celia

Snyder, Nicholas (lot 79-I) b. 8/24/1842 Minoa d. 7/27/1924 Minoa. Kin: wife

Snyder, Nicholas (lot 13-II) b. 4/6/1845 town of Salina d. 12/10/1898 E. Syracuse h/o Emma

Snyder, Nicholas (lot 13-II) b. 2/8/1876 NYS d. 11/21/1911 Syracuse. Kin: wife

Snyder, Nicholas (lot 71-I) b. 6/1/1873 Minoa d. 11/3/1946 Minoa bro/ Thos.

Snyder, Peter (lot 81-I) b. 3/6/1872 N. Manlius d. 4/10/1874 N. Manlius f. Jacob m. Catherine

Snyder, Peter (lot 23-I) b. 9/14/1835 Manlius d. 8/16/1908 Minoa. Kin: widow, dau,

4 sons

Snyder, Peter (lot 67-I) b. 3/11/1846 Man. Sta. d. 12/20/1903 E. Syr. h/o Theresa

Snyder, Raymond (lot 83-II) b. 3/6/1882 Minoa d. 6/15/1942 Minoa. Kin: Henry Greiner, cousin

Snyder, Theresa (lot 67-I) b. 2/28/1853 Syracuse d. 4/7/1942 E. Syracuse m/o M. J. Snyder

Snyder, William (lot 23-I) b. 7/28/1860 town of Manlius d. 10/17/1936 Syracuse f/o John

Spendle, George (lot 86-I) b. 2/2/1933 Minoa d. 10/29/1952 Minoa m. Eva

Spendle, Michael (lot 86-I) b. 1/15/1929 Minoa d. 2/27/1950 Syracuse

Spiers, infant male (lot 3-B) stillborn Good Shepherd Hospital, Syracuse 10/7/1928 f. Charles

Staley, Claude H. (40-A) b. 12/29/1886 Syracuse d. 12/29/1949 Kirkville h/o Pearl C.

Staley, infant stillborn 9/25/1925 Syracuse. Kin: parents

Staub, Joseph (lot 92-I) b. 6/12/1858 town of Manlius d. 7/21/1883 Man. Sta. f. Michael m. Jane

Staub, Joseph H. (lot 70-II) b. 9/12/1861 Minoa d. 4/14/1940 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Wm. Temple

Staub, Magdalene Burger (lot 92-I) b. 1819 Hautevillier, Alsace-Loraine d. 11/17/1868 Man. Sta.

Staub, Michael (lot 92-I) b. 1816 Hautevillier, Alsace) d. 11/13/1895

Staub, Regina (Heitel) (lot 92-I) b. 1827 Germany d. 9/10/1895 Man. Sta., 2nd w/o Michael

Stearns, Frank A. (lot 3e-A) b. 6/26/1870 Utica d. 3/20/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: daus.

Stein, Agnes Balsley (lot 31-I) b. 4/12/1871 Minoa d. 4/22/1951 Syracuse m/o Wm.

Steinberger, Frank X. (lot 19-U) b. 10/1/1887 Bavaria, Ger. d. 11/19/1940 Hartwell St., E. Syracuse h/o Frances

Stevens, William C. (lot 65-B) b. 12/30/1883 Herkimer Co., NY d. 3/15/1954 Minoa h/o Lillian

Stevens, Paul (lot 51-II) 5/10/1910 Minoa d. 5/16/1933 E. Syracuse m. Mrs. Sullivan, E. Syracuse

Sticht, Ada Agnes (lot 63-II) b. 7/15/1907 U.S. d. 8/8/1910 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Sticht, Asa (lot 63-II) b. 1873 E. Syracuse d. 3/29/1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: hu., ch.

Stiebel(?), Albert (lot 63-II) b. 10/6/1872 St. Johnsville, NY d. 12/12/1929 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Gertrude Stiebel(?) 207 E. Yates, E. Syracuse

Storer, Charles M. (lot 13-II) b. 2/26/1866 Mexico, NY, d. 12/17/1896 Solvay h/o Clara

Storier, Charles (lot 13-II) b. 5/21/1896 E. Syracuse d. 7/18/1917 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Stowell, Lillian C. (lot 18-A) b. 10/25/1884 PA d. 12/9/1953 Eastwood

Strasser, Frances (lot 68-I) b. 6/24/1857 Minoa d. 11/12/1907 Syracuse w/o George

Strasser, George (lot 67-I) b. Germany d. 7/29/1909 Syracuse. Kin: son

Straub, Anna (lot 70-II) b. 4/25/1864 Minoa d. 2/1/1928 302 N. Center St., E. Syracuse w/o Joseph

Straub, Anthony Jr. (lot 3-II) b. 1/17/1830 Wurrtemberg, Germany d. 4/30/1899 Saintsville Rd., town of Manlius h/o Frances

Straub, Anthony Jr. (lot 3-II) b. 8/11/1863 Man. Sta. d. 9/14/1889 E. Syracuse f. Anthony m. Frances

Straub, Frances (lot 3-II) b. 6/13/1836 d. 4/7/1925 E. Syracuse. Kin: children

Straub, Joseph H. (lot 70-II) b. 9/12/1861 Minoa d. 4/14/1940 E. Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Wm. Temple

Straub, William (lot 100-II) b. 6/24/1859 Germany d. 1/13/1946 E. Syracuse h/o Mary

Strodel, Carrie M. (lot 20-I) b. 6/7/1880 Minoa d. 11/13/1935 Minoa w/o Joseph

Strodel, Joseph (lot 20-I) b. 3/4/1873 Syracuse d. 2/8/1937 Minoa cousin/o Albert Helfer

Strodel, Mary T. (lot 20-I) b. 3/26/1827 Alsace d. 9/25/1909 Minoa. Kin: son

Sturick, John (lot 35-U) b. 7/3/1911 Sayre, PA d. 9/8/1952 Kirkville h/o Mrs. Sturick

Suiter, Anna (lot 37-I) b. 7/1/1844 Minoa d. 10/7/1902 Man. Sta. Kin: siblings George, Mathias, Mary

Suiter, Frank M. (lot 17-I) b. 1882 E. Syracuse d. 8/4/1922 Syracuse. Kin: wife

Suiter, George (lot 37-I) b. 1/10/1856 town of Manlius d. 2/24/1937 Kirkville. Guardian Earl Gerthoffer

Suiter, Mathias (lot 17-I) bur. 4/30/1904 Syracuse

Suiter, Mary G. (lot 37-I) b. 8/12/1850 Manlius d. 9/16/1929 Manlius w/o George

Sullivan, Matthew J. (lot 36-I) b. 2/24/1875 S. Cambridge, NY d. 3/12/1944 Minoa h/o Anna

Sutter, Anna (lot 36-I) b. 4/19/1830 France d. 10/6/1916 Minoa. Kin: children

Sutter, Anna Hullar (lot 37-I) b. 1816 Wolmuenster, Loraine d. 3/14/1902 Minoa. m/o George, Anna, Mary, Mathias, etc.

Sutter, Christina (lot 17-I) b. 1850 Alsace-Loraine d. 2/19/1893 Syracuse w/o Mathias

Sutter, Clara (lot 17-II) b. 6/14/1872 Man. Sta. d. 4/1/1895 Syracuse f. Mathias m. Christina

Sutter, Frank (lot 37-I) b. 4/2/1877 d. 4/29/1881 f. Mathias m. Christina

Sutter, George (lot 36-I) d. 4/16/1915 Minoa. Kin: children

Sutter, George (lot 17-I) b. 4/19/1875 Man. Station (Island) d. 4/27/1905 Syracuse. Kin: siblings Julia, Frank

Sutter, George P. (lot 36-I) b. 11/21/1852 d. 1/1/1875 Man. Sta. f. George m. Anna

Sutter, Irving Geo. (son of Frederic Schepp "but known as Sutter") (lot 45-I) b. 4/10/1885 town of Manlius d. 5/2/1905 Minoa. Kin: George Sutter, grandson of George Sutter, Sr.

Sutter, Julia (lot 17-I) b. 1877 Minoa d. 2/1/1919 Syracuse

Sutter, Mathias (lot 37-I) b. 2/11/1810 Baden, Germany d. 4/3/1876 Manlius h/o Anna

Sweeney, Ellen (lot 104-II) b. 12/10/1868 Ireland d. 1/14/1953 E. Syracuse m/o Mrs. Ludwig Schneider

Sweeney, John (lot 104-II) b. 4/13/1858 N. Syracuse d. 11/27/1917 Collamer h/o Ellen

Taffner, Chester A. (lot 38-II) b. 6/21/1883 Minoa d. 10/27/1945 Bridgeport h/o Bertha

Taffner, George (97e-II) b. 7/1/1878 town of Manlius d. 3/14/1939 Minoa h/o Laura

Taffner, Margaret (lot 97-II) b. 1/12/1849 town of Manlius d. 9/30/1916 town of Manlius. Kin: children

Tassani? (Passani?), Fortunato (lot 6-U) b. 1/4/1875 Italy d. 9/28/1941 E. Syracuse f/o Joseph

Temple, H. William (lot 8-U) b. 5/25/1859 Poughkeepsie d. 12/9/1950 E. Syracuse h/o Martha

Temple, Martha (lot 8-U) b. 1/4/1865 Kingston d. 6/21/1953 E. Syracuse m/o Wm.

Temple, Mary P. & Margaret A. (twins) (lot 8-U) b. 1/6/1953 Syracuse d. 1/9&10, 1953. Parents. Mr. & Mrs. J. Temple

Thomas, Anna (lot 15-II) b. 1871 Syracuse d. 8/29/1937 Syracuse w/o Peter

Thomas, Anthony (lot 95-I) b. 5/24/1824 Loraine d. 11/10/1893 Sullivan h/o Elisabeth

Thomas, Caroline (lot 43-I) b. 10/20/1841 Germany d. 11/23/1930 Minoa m/o Frank & Peter

Thomas, Carrie Catherine (lot 43-I) b. 2/20/1871 Man. Sta.d. 4/16/1880, Lewis Rd. Man. Sta. f. Nicholas m. Caroline

Thomas, Catherine (lot 15-II) b. May 1837 d. 4/5/1892 Syracuse w/o Peter

Thomas, Elisabeth (lot 124-I) b. 5/7/1857 Metz<Hauteville, Alsace d. 5/31/1883 Black Creek Rd., town of Sullivan f. John m. Elisabeth

Thomas, Elisabeth (nee Beck) (lot 124-I) b. 4/25/1822 Hautevillier, Alsace-Loraine d. 7/15/1901 Black Creek Rd., town of Sullivan m/o Peter

Thomas, Elisabeth S. (nee Zimmer) (lot 95-I) b. 1/15/1831 Rhine-Bavaria, Germ. d. 5/25/1900 Fayetteville m/o Anthony and Mrs. Anthony Simon

Thomas, Florence (lot 2-B) b. 1/8/1895 Minoa d. 3/17/1946 141 N. Midler Ave., Syracuse, m. Nellie

Thomas, Frank (lot 2-B) b. 10/20/1861 Black Creek, NY d. 5/8/1944 Minoa h/o Mrs. F. Thomas

Thomas, Harriet K. (lot 61-II) b. 1871 Onondaga Hill, NY d. 7/25/1948 Minoa. Kin: Marg. Cain

Thomas, John (lot 95-I) b. 9/7/1877 town of Sullivan, Mad. Co. d. 4/21/1879 town of Sullivan f. Anthony m. Elisabeth

Thomas, John Jr. (lot 124-I) b. 8/16/1858 Hautevilier, Metz, Loraine d. 8/2/1884 Sullivan f. John m. Elisabeth

Thomas, John Sr. (lot 124-I) b. 2/17/1817 Hautevillier, Loraine d. 5/15/1890 Black Creek Rd., town of Sullivan h/o Elisabeth

Thomas, Joseph (lot 95-I) b. 7/3/1870 town of Sullivan d. 5/5/1896 Fayetteville m. Elisabeth

Thomas, Mary Virginia (lot 61-II) b. 1/28/1906 Minoa d. 2/24/1906 Minoa f. Peter m. Harriet

Thomas, Nellie (lot 2-B) b. 8/17/1863 d. 1/28/1952 Minoa m/o Emmet

Thomas, Nicolaus (lot 43-I) b. 5/29/1873 d. 8/4/1920 Minoa m. Caroline bro. Peter m. Carolina

Thomas, Peter (lot 15-II) b. 1829 d. 9/1/1892 Syracuse

Thomas, Peter (lot 15-II) b. 11/26/1872 Minoa d. 3/1/1942 Syracuse. Kin: Mrs. Clarence Albright

Thomas, Peter (lot 103-I) b. 2/2/1852 Germany d. 11/11/1917 Black Cr. Kin: wife

Thomas, Peter C. (lot 61-II) b. 5/1/1865 Manlius Station d. 3/18/1947 Minoa h/o Harriet

Thomas, Stephan Paul (lot 61-II) b. 1/28/1906 Minoa d. 4/17/1906 Minoa f. Peter m. Harriet

Thompson, Mary b. 1868 d. 12/21/1927 Syracuse

Thompson, William F. b. 8/8/1865 Collamer d. 8/29/1922 Syracuse. Kin: wife, son

Thorp, Alvin b. 12/20/1929 E. Syracuse d. 1/5/1930 E. Syracuse. Kin: Alvin Thorp, 103 W. Ellis, E. Syracuse

Tibbets, Willie H. (lot 26-I) b. 5/25/1890 Syracuse d. 11/7/1890 Syracuse

Tibbitts, Mabel (lot 26-I) b. 10/12/1887 NYS d. 6/21/1914 Syracuse. Kin: mother

Toomey, Edward F. b. 2/2/1924 E. Syracuse d. 2/5/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

Trimmer, Susan A. (lot 32-U) b. 7/5/1872 Brooklyn d. 1/1/1944 400 Hartwell Ave., E. Syracuse m/o Francis

Tschan, Lawrence (lot 125-I) b. 1839 d. 6/23/1886

Tschann, Mary M. (lot 125-I) b. 2/1/1829 Minoa d. 12/13/1922 Syracuse. Kin: son

Unknown man (lot 113-I) d. Jan. 1876 Fayetteville

Unknown child (Clinton or Quirk?) (lot 74-I) bur. 9/15/1879

Unknown child d. 3/15/1889 E. Syracuse. Stillborn.

Unknown Hungarian (lot 114-I) d. June 1883 Man. Center. Worker on the Erie Canal

Vail, Lawrence (lot 41-B) b. 1/8/1924 Syracuse d. 6/7/1924 Syracuse. Kin: mother

Valenti, Catharine (lot 6-U) b. 7/1/1879 Italy d. 3/1/1939 E. Syracuse m/o Frank

Valenti, Matthes (lot 5-U) b. 1867 Italy d. 4/5/1926 E. Syracuse. Kin: no near relatives

Van Antwerp, Jean Leona (lot 5-A) b. 1/20/1927 Syracuse d. 7/25/1931 E. Syracuse m. Leona

Vedder, baby boy (lot 86-I) b. 1/30/1954 Syracuse d. 1/30/1954 E. Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. A. Vedder

Vester, Delia Haar (lot 103-II) b. 7/23/1893 E. Syracuse d. 2/27/1946 Syracuse w/o Charles

Vogt, child stillborn 4/4/1901 north end town of Manlius f. John

Volz, Julia Heizsman (lot 54-B) b. 4/5/1880 Hamilton, Ont, CAN d. 11/22/1952 E. Syracuse w/o August J.

Vona, Tony b. 1/20/1901 Italy d. 4/2/1928 Minoa. Kin: Enrico, brother

Voodre, Mary (lot 114-I) b. 10/21/1947 Syracuse d. 10/27/1947 E. Syracuse

Wachtchein(?), Elmer (lot 46-B) b. 4/10/1926 Milwaukee, WI d. 10/31/1947 Syracuse h/o Kath. Hall Waschtshein

Wack, Andrew (lot 122-I) b. 8/29/1807 d. 2/16/1883 Knapp Cr. f/o Helen Siegfried

Wack, Margaret (lot 122-I) b. 2/17/1810 d. 2/20/1882 Manlius, m/o Helena Siegfried, w/o Andrew

Wager, Anthony (lot 97-I) b. 12/27/1831 St. Gall, Switzerland d. 2/15/1896 Fayetteville h/o Barbara

Wager, Barbara (lot 97-I) b. 1/1/1838 Germany d. 1/20/1914 Fayetteville. Kin: son, dau.

Wager, John (lot 97-I) b. 6/23/1872 E. Syracuse d. 8/7/1873 Fayetteville f. Anthony m. Barbara

Wager, Joseph Anthony (lot 97-I) b. 6/9/1867 Fayetteville d. 5/21/1934 Cazenovia. Kin: Mrs. Jos. A. Wager

Wack, Margaret (lot 122-I) b. 2/17/1810 d. 2/20/1882 Manlius w/o Andrew

Wager, Mary Elisabeth (lot 97-I) b. 12/1/1864 Fayetteville d. 3/10/1880 Fayetteville f. Anthony m. Barbara

Wager, Philipp Peter (lot 97-I) b. 8/13/1860 Fayetteville d. 8/31/1876 Fayetteville f. Anthony m. Barbara

Wager, Vincent (lot 113-I) b. 1816 St. Gall, Switzerland d. 10/26/1876 Fayetteville

h/o Anna f/o Hattie. Veteran of the War of 1860, U.S.A.

Wagner, Albert J. (lot 89-II) b. 1/5/1922 town of Salina d. 4/11/1923 town of Salina. Kin: father

Wagner, Rosella Ball (lot 89-II) b. 7/16/1883 E. Syr. d. 2/13/1922 town of Salina. Kin: hu., ch.

Waldkirch, Robt. A. (lot 4-A) b. 12/17/1916 Syracuse d. 4/10/1923 Eastwood. Kin: parents

Walter, Albert L. (lot 25-B) b. 11/20/1866 town of Cicero d. 9/28/1947 town of Cicero f/o Albert

Walter, Caroline (lot 127-I) b. 12/19/1828 d. 9/30/1888 w/o John

Walter, John (lot 127-I) b. 1828 d. 8/23/1895 Syracuse

Walters, Edith A. (lot 40-U) b. 12/26/1891 E. Syracuse d. 1/30/1952 E. Syracuse, R. 3 #1 w/o Albert

Walters, Linnie E. (lot 25-B) b. Minoa d. 8/13/1938 Collamer w/o Albert

Waltz, Catherine Geiger (Wells) (lot 99-I) b. 11/24/1826 Wurttemberg, Germany d. 8/29/1870 Sullivan w/o Jacob. Remarks: usually called Wells

Waltz, Mary Alice (lot 9-U) b. 4/18/1913 Newbridge, NY d. 3/5/1926 E. Syracuse f. Anson m. Emma

Waltz, Mary Garrity (lot 136-I) b. 11/8/1831 Ireland d. 12/30/1903 Black Creek Rd., town of Sullivan, widow of ?, w/o Jacob. Remark: commonly called "Wells"

Walzm Chas. (lot 99-I) b. 6/6/1865 Kirkville d. 1/11/1918 Auburn. Kin: brother John

Walz, John (lot 99-I) b. 1864 d. 6/20/1930 G. Meadows, Comstock, NY. Kin: Otto Dayharsh

Walz, Jacob (lot 99-I) b. 1831 Wurrtemberg, Ger. d. 5/8/1905 Black Creek Rd., town of Sullivan, widower of Mary

Wanderwater, Theresa Susan (lot 5e-A) b. 10/3/1949 Syracuse d. 2/21/1952 Baldwinsville. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wanderwater

Ward, Edward P. (lot 28-A) b. 1/15/1928 E. Syracuse d. 4/29/1928 102 E. Manlius St., E. Syracuse f. Patrick

Ward, Kathryn (Lennon) (lot 28-A) b. 2/14/1896 town of Skaneateles d. 4/8/1940 E. Syracuse w/o Patrick

Weber, Theresa (lot 19-I) b. 1795 d. 2/5/1884 aunt of Pius Ball

Weir, Margaret (lot 88-I) b. 5/15/1848 Ireland d. 8/21/1912 Syracuse. Kin: son

Weisenbacher, Catharine (lot 127-I) b. Germany d. 11/12/1908 Syracuse w/o John

Weisenbacher, Chloe (lot 98-II) b. 7/10/1869 town of Lee, Oneida Co. d. 1/24/1934 E. Syracuse. Kin: John N. Weisenbacker

Weisenbacher, Francis (lot 127-I) b. 9/29/1833 Germany d. 1/13/1907 Minoa. Kin: wife, 2 sons, 5 daus.

Weisinbacher, Gulielmus (lot 8-II) b. 3/30/1908 Minoa d. 3/31/1908 Minoa. Kin: parents

Weisinbacher, John (lot 127-I) b. 1831 d. 11/19/1910 Ogdensburg insane asylum

Weisenbacher, John (lot 98-II) b. 5/24/1864 Alsace-Loraine d. 5/7/1938 Minoa bro/o Mrs.

Josephine Renz

Wells, see Waltz, Walz

Welsh, child d. 5/22/1893 E. Syracuse stillborn

Werner, Frederick Edw. (lot 15-B) b. 1883 Kirkville d. 9/25/1945 Kirkville h/o Bertha

Weyer, Daniel (lot 25-I) b. 1848 d. 3/23/1881

Whalen, Thomas (lot 42-A) b. 11/25/1874 Cortland d. 6/29/1947 E. Syracuse f/o Mrs. Lillian McCarthy

Wheeler, John (lot 58-II) b.12/13/1870 Minoa d. 11/24/1938 Liverpool, NY f/o Julius

Wheeler, Julia (lot 58-II) b. 2/4/1871 Minoa d. 10/5/1922 Salina. Kin: hu.

Wheeler, Robert (lot 58-II) b. 8/24/1896 Syracuse d. 3/10/1923 Syracuse. Kin: father

Whelan, Anna (lot 42-A) b. 1/19/1874 Utica d. 4/17/1940 E. Syracuse w/o Thomas

Whipple, Frances (lot 6-U) b. 7/28/1872 Tuckahoe, NY d. 10/4/1942 E. Syracuse w/o Robert

Whipple, Horace (lot 55-B) b. 7/3/1882 Constantia d. 7/22/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Ella Hayes Whipple

Whipple, Margaret Mary (lot(?)-II) b. 3/28/1937 Bridgeport Rd., E. Syracuse d. 3/28/1937 Bridgeport Rd., E. Syracuse R.F.D., child/o Mr. and Mrs. E. Whipple

White, Alice Jane (lot 64-I) b. 4/20/1923 Eastwood d. 8/10/1923 Eastwood. Kin: parents

White, John J. (lot 64-I) b. 8/30/1924 Syracuse d. 11/1/1924 E. Syracuse. Kin: parents

White, Lynn Barbara (lot 3-B) b. 7/5/1944 Williston Park, NY d. 9/6/1944 Williston Park. Kin: mother

Whitmore, Francis (lot 18-A) b. 7/19/1922 Minoa d. 7/27/1931 Minoa m. Maria

Whitwell, Ella Fannie(?) (lot 56-A) b. 1886 d. 11/22/1954, w/o Charles

Whonhart, Marcus (lot 70-I) b. 12/22/1865 Dewitt d. 3/28/1931 105 Davis St., Syracuse h/o Elizabeth

Whonhart, Mary (lot 26-B) b.1868 Syracuse d. 12/13/1928 Syracuse. Kin: C. A. Whonhart, son

Whonhart, Nicholas (lot 26-B) b. 8/22/1859 Syracuse d. 2/4/1929 Syracuse. Kin: Charles, son

Wilber, Catharine Theresa (lot 28-A) b. 12/25/1865 Limerick, Ire. d. 12/4/1940 Minoa w/o Edward

Wilber, Edward (lot 28-A) b. 6/12/1865 Chatham d. 3/14/1949 Minoa f/o Edward T.

Wilber, Kathleen (lot 28-A) b. 1/31/1918 Minoa d. 6/2/1945 Hastings, NY f. Edward

Wilbur, Edward Jr. (lot 91-II) b. 8/13/1920 d. 8/13/1920 Minoa. Kin: parents

Wildrick, Frederick J. (lot 58-II) b. 11/28/1882 Buffalo d. 4/15/1949 Phoenix, NY

Wildrick, Mary (Hughes) (lot 58-II) b. 6/15/1889 Syracuse d. 1/10/1940 Mattydale w/o Frederick

Wilhelm, child (lot 53-I) bur.6/25/1883

Wilhelm, Christian (lot 16-I) b. 7/12/1855 Bavaria, Ger. d. 11/5/1902 E. Syracuse h/o Catherine

Will, Vito (lot 7-B) b. 5/24/1874 Syracuse d. 12/30/1940 Ogdensburg bro/o Mrs. Albert Connors (Clara)

Williams, Amy W. (lot 56-A) b. 10/7/1896 d. 11/21/1954 Mattydale, w/o Mr. Williams

Williams, Donald F. (lot 38-B) b. 10/1889 E. Syracuse d. 11/3/1944 E. Syracuse h/o Helen

Winands, Mary (lot 95-II) b. 11/30/1851 Minoa d. 7/1/1931 Cazenovia m/o Wm. Albert

Winans, Albert Jos. (lot 36-B) b. 2/15/1878 Manlius d. 7/1/1941 Cazenovia h/o Helen

Winans, Clara (lot 84-II) b. 9/17/1877 Snyder Corners (near Minoa) d. 3/17/1937 Snyders Corners (near Minoa) w/o William

Winans, Dorothea (lot 16-II) b. 3/9/1913 d. 3/9/1913 Minoa. Kin: parents

Winans, Egbert (lot 95-II) b. 1849 d. 9/4/1915 Minoa. Kin: sons

Winans, Francis E. (lot 15-B) b. 9/6/1910 town of Manlius d. 6/4/1924 Minoa f. Edward

Winans, Lewis E. (lot 12-U) b. 5/6/1907 Kirkville d. 12/23/1935 Manlius h/o Yvonne

Winans, Melvin (lot 84-II) b. 7/23/1902 Minoa d. 7/16/1917 Minoa. Kin: parents, sister

Winans, Vincent Albert (lot 84-II) b. 2/3/1912 d. 4/21/1912 Minoa. Kin: parents

Windhausen, Frederic (lot 15-II) b. 3/18/1902 Syracuse d. 10/14/1922 in China while serving in U.S. Navy. Kin: parents

Windhausen, Mary (lot 15-II) b. 8/16/1866 Minoa d. 3/30/1936 E. Syracuse m/o Joe, Tom, Paul

Windhausen, Nicholas (lot 15-II) b. 1869 Germany d. 11/15/1928 Syracuse. Kin: wife (not filled in)

Windhausen, Paul (lot 49-A) b. 8/4/1906 Syracuse d. 1/19/1949 E. Syracuse h/o Mrs. Paul Windhausen

Wingebach, Catherine (nee Schepp) (lot 101-I) b. 7/22/1843 Germany d. 1/2/1898 Collamer wid./o John Christ-1st husband. w/o John Wingebach, 2nd hu.

Wingebach, John (lot 101-I) b. 1837 Nassau, Germany d. 4/13/1902 town of Cicero, Main Rd., f/o Chas., Mrs. Albert Walter, et al.

Winzens, Mary Agnes (lot 9-II) b. 7/2/1890 E. Syracuse d. 6/30/1932 713 Winton St., Syracuse w/o Edward B.

Wirtz, Cecilia (lot 56-II) b. 3/11/1898 Syracuse d. 9/16/1903 Syracuse f. Anthony m. Magdalene

Wirtz, Magdalen Geib (lot 56-II) b. 1/20/1873 Lewis Rd., town of Manlius d. 10/27/1902 Syracuse w/o John

Wisenbacker, Frank (lot 8-II) b. 2/17/1879 Minoa d. 2/13/1927 Kirkville R.D. 1 h/o


Wisnewski(?), Alex (lot 59-A) b. 8/22/1921 New York d. 12/4/1954 E. Syracuse, h/o Wisnewski(?)

Wittwer, Aurel Genevieve (lot 21-B) b. 11/16/1898 Massena d. 3/1/1929 240 Harding St., Syracuse w/o Elmer

Witz, Leopoldina (lot 16-II) b. 12/10/1854 Syracuse d. 4/3/1931 Manlius Center. Kin: Mrs. Colby(?) Edw., Fayetteville

Witz, Thomas (lot 3-A) b. 2/24/1908 NYC d. 3/5/1922 Minoa m. Mary Blank

Wohnhart, John (lot 70-I) b. 2/6/1883 Syracuse d. 2/13/1883 Oswego St., Syracuse f. Louis m. Jennie

Wohnhart, Mark (lot 70-I) b. 4/15/1825 Alsace-Loraine d. 3/13/1874 Dewitt f/o John, Louis, George, et. al.

Wohnhart, William D. (lot 70-I) b. 3/22/1901 Syracuse d. 10/11/1901 Dewitt Center. f. Nicholas m. Mary

Wombwell, Charles W. (lot 87-II) b. 12/17/1873 Canandaigua d. 11/8/1937 Syracuse

h/o Alice

Worden, Marian b. 4/7/1875 Florence, NY d. 9/5/1936 Minoa w/o E. R.

Wrightmire, Raymond (lot 9-B) b. 3/19/1946 Syracuse d. 3/20/1946 Minoa. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wrightmire

Yates, E. John (lot 35-A) b. 6/3/1875 England d. 7/9/1953 Minoa f/o Mrs. Herbert Walker

Yates, Sarah (lot 35-A) b. 11/8/1874 White Hall, NY d. 10/26/1942 519 Fabius St., Syracuse w/o John

Young, Ethel Cath. (lot 49-I) b. 10/9/1898 town of Manlius d. 11/17/1899 Minoa, Main Rd. f. Rheinhold m. Bertha

Young, Hilda (lot 49-I) b. 12/21/1899 Man. Sta. d. 4/18/1900 Minoa f. Rheinhold m. Bertha

Zeiler, Anthony (lot 55-A) b. 1/5/1900 Germany d. 4/10/1954 Bridgeport h/o A.

Zeiler, Buchele Ursula (lot 74-II) b. ?/3/1865 Germany d. 5/1/1952 Bridgeport m/o Anthony

Zimmer, Anna Mary (lot 52-I) b. 4/3/1876 town of Manlius d. 6/29/1900 town of Manlius, Lewis Rd. f. Anthony m. Caroline

Zimmer, Anthony (lot 52-I) b. 1841 d. 3/27/1904 Lewis Rd., town of Manlius f/o Joseph. Remarks: commonly called "Seymour"

Zimmer, Anthony Jacob (lot 52-I) b. 3/10/1870 Man. Sta. d. 9/25/1887 Lewis Rd. f. Anthony m. Caroline

Zimmer, Anthony Sr. (lot 53-I) b. 1805 Alsace-Loraine d. 4/18/1876 Manlius h/o Mary

Zimmer, Caroline (lot 52-I) b. 3/28/1839 Bavaria, Ger. d. 1/15/1899 town of Manlius, Lewis Rd. w/o Anthony

Zimmer, child (lot 53-I) bur. 11/26/1881 f. Anthony

Zimmer, child (lot 53-I) bur. Aug. 1883 f. Anthony

Zimmer, Mary (lot 53-I) b. 1807 Alsace-Loraine d. 11/18/1877 Manlius w/oAnthony, m/o Anthony, Jr.

Zimmer, Mary Anna Regina (lot 53-I) b. 3/24/1848 town of Manlius d. 7/29/1889 Man. Sta. f. Anthony m. Marianne, sister of Anthony

Zimmer, Peter (lot 53-I) b. 1846 Man. Sta. d. 4/18/1884 Man Sta. h/o Sylvia

Zimmerman, Charles (lot 16-I) b. 2/23/1887 Min. d. 7/17/1913 E. Syr. Kin: mo, sis

Zimmerman, Josephine (lot 71-B) b. 3/5/1860 Minoa d. 2/19/1947 Syracuse sis/o Geo. Gerthoffer

Zinmeister, Philippina Keller (lot 3-B) b. 1/31/1873 Germany d. 11/3/1947 E. Syracuse m/o L. Keller

Zion, Angeline (lot 126-I) b. 12/7/1805 d. 1/7/1887 w/o Stephan

Zion, baby girl (lot 126-I) b. 1/11/1953 Syracuse d. 1/11/1953 Syracuse. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. A. Zion

Zion, Euphemia (lot 123-I) b. 10/14/1839 Germany d. 12/18/1938 Kirkville m/o Helen

Zion, George (lot 123-I) b. 10/8/1831 France d. 8/12/1909 Kirkville. Kin: wife, ch.

Zion, George A. (lot 123-I) b. 4/13/1915 Manlius d. 4/15/1915 Manlius. Kin: parents

Zion, Joseph August (lot 123-I) b. 8/23/1881 north end, town of Manlius d. 2/1/1882 N. Manlius f. George m. Euphenia

Zion, Peter (lot 126-I) b. 2/9/1845 d. 5/22/1917 N. Manlius. Kin: sisters, nephews

17 January 1998