Pease Cemetery


Town of Pompey, New York

Surveyed May 12, 1998 by Kathy Crowell

Additional names at the end and notes come from "Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Onondaga Co." taken from notes of William Martin Beauchamp.

Allen, Dorastus d. 7/8/1813 in the 18th yr. of his age, s/o (Maj.) Daniel
Andrews, James d. 11/25/1846, ae. 76-10-3
Benton, Amanda d. 6/21/1856, ae. 57, w/o Eber - "Our Sister" (Holbrook lot)
Benton, Eber d. 2/17/1865, ae. 80y 7d
Benton, Sally d. 5/19/1836,  w/o Eber (unable to read age; Beauchamp has ae. 47-2-9)
Burr, Ozias (Esqr.) d. 2/20/1813, ae. 54
Cook, Albert  d. 10/16/1865, ae. 63
Cook, Asenath,  w/o William (unable to read death date; Beauchamp has d. 7/25/1856)
Cook, Blendelta L. d. 9/15/1846, ae. 6m 15d, d/o Alfred & Betsey (unable to read first  name; Beauchamp has Blendelta L.)
Cook, Cornelia d. 2/8/1843, ae. 17, d/o Albert & Mary
Cook, Laura, d/o Albert & Mary Cook (unable to read last part of name & date;  Beauchamp has Laura, d. 1/5/1848, ae. 24)
Cook, Mary d. 5/20/1872, ae. 66y 16d, w/o Albert
Cook, William d. 2/22/1841, ae. 80
Cowl, (Mrs.) Sarah H. Wadsworth d. 7/8/1848 in the 58th yr. of her age, w/o Adonijah  (Beauchamp has in the 53rd yr. of her age)
Cowls, Millie d. 12/5/1834 (unable to read age; Beauchamp has d. 2/3/1834, ae. 68-1-18)
Cutting Hulon(?) d. 11/1/1833, ae. 25
Cutting, Joanna (unable to read most of stone; Beauchamp has d. 12/13/1829, ae. 66, w/o  Zachariah)
Dean, Abigail T. d. 9/30/1862, ae. 69, w/o Anson
Dean, Anson d. 3/15/1861, ae. 73
Dean, Cora E.d. 1/29/1869, ae. 4y 4m, d/o Henry G. & Susan S.
Dean, Eleanor d. 4/1/ 1825, ae. 66, w/o Isaiah
Dean, Elisha d. 8/13/1816, ae. 22
Dean, Elisha A. d. 11/25/1854, ae. 27y 6m
Dean, Ella d. 8/8/1863, ae. 9y 4m, d/o Henry G. & Susan S.
Dean, Emma R. d. 1/28/1869, ae. 2m 17d, d/o Henry G. & Susan S.
Dean, Frank T. d. 1/30/1869, ae. 5y 8m, s/o Henry G. & Susan S.
Dean, Henry G. 1828-1888
Dean, Isaiah (Deac.) d. 8/4/1818, ae. 66
Dean, Isaiah d. 1/14/1873, ae. 75y 10m
Dean, Nancy J. d. 4/25/1866, ae. 68y 8m
Dean, Seymour J. d. 4/20/1861, ae. 2-3-20, s/o Henry G. & Susan S. (Beauchamp has  4/29/1861)
Dean, Susan S. Thompson 1831-1912, w/o Henry G.
Draper, Alice d. ae. 66y 11m (unable to read rest.  Beauchamp has d. 1/18/1832, w/o  Samuel, also "wife of Pliny" in pencil)
Eaton, Martha M. d. 6/9/1867, ae. 38, w/o Henry A. (Beauchamp has 6/19/1867)
Forbes, John J. b. 7/24/1797 d. 9/23/1844 (Beauchamp has b. Jan.)
Fox, Lyman d. 8/4/1872, ae. 52, Co. G, 2 NY Cav.
Hanchett, Joseph b. 5/4/1810 d. 7/5/1884
Hanchett, Mahala E. Pease b. in Pompey 6/22/1816 d. ___, w/o Joseph
Hill, Asa d. 2/22/1828, ae. 12, s/o Elijah & Tirza (Beauchamp has 1823)
Hill, Charles R.  b. 3/1812, d. 4/1885
Hill, Elijah d. 3/29/1863 in the 89th yr. of his age
Hill, Elijah d. 8/12/1802 in the 3rd yr. of his age, s/o Elijah & Tirza
Hill, Freddy H. d. 11/29/1878, ae. 5y 6m, s/o H. & Emma
Hill, Leo A. d. 12/8/1878, ae 2y 10m, s/o H. & Emma
Hill, Ozina d. 2/29/1807, ae. 8m, d/o Elijah & Tirza
Hill, Roysas d. 12/9/1803, ae 1y, s/o Elijah & Tirza
Hill, Sally Gardner b. 1817 d. 1881, w/o Charles R. (cannot read month and day;  Beauchamp has b. 4/7/1817 d. 7/26/1881, ae. 64-3-19)
Hill, Tirza H.  d. 2/13/1828 in the 57th year of her age, w/o Elijah (Beauchamp has  Sackett as Tirza's maiden name)
Holbrook, Adolphas W. d. 9/18/1842, ae. 49y 15d
Holbrook, Caty d. 4/24/1835, ae. 35y 5 (9?)m, w/o Adolphas W.
Holbrook, Josiah b. 1714 Bellingham, Mass. d. Sept. 1798, ae. 84
Holbrook, Josiah Jr. d. Nov (unable to read; Beauchamp has 11/16/1831, ae. 76
Holbrook, Mary Maffit b. at Sturbridge in 1732 d.1813 ae. 81, w/o Josiah
Holbrook, Rachel Wright, d.  ae. 64, w/o Josiah, Jr. (can't read date - Beauchamp has d.  10/20/1821)
Johnson, Lucy E. d. 3/29/1832, ae. 27y 23d, w/o N.C.
Jones, L. M. d. 11/8/1880, ae. 74
Jones, Eliza A. d. 1/2/1881, ae. 72, w/o L. M.
Jones, Evie E. d. 4/25/1865, ae. 13, d/o Luther M. & Eliza A.
Jones, Mary d. 12/20/1878, ae. 38(?), d/o Luther M. & Eliza A.
Jones, Willie H.  d. 1/4/1859, ae. 1y 7m, s/o Marcus & Lucia
Lewis, Benjamin d. 4/14/1823 in the 76th yr. of his age.
Lewis, Surviah d. 1/19/1802 in the 54th yr. of her age, w/o Benjamin
Moseley, Daniel T. d. 7/27/1866, ae. 41
Pease, Juliaette 1823-1899, d/o William & Obedience
Pease, Marcia C. 1820-1908, d/o William & Obedience (Beauchamp has d. 1918)
Pease, Obedience, w/o Wm., b. in Columbia Co., NY d. 2/23/1863, ae. 75
Pease, William b. in Columbia Co., NY d. 9/20/1868, ae. 87-6-16
Pease, William G. d. 7/23/1870, ae. 78-?-15
Pickett, Gerlett d. 1/10/1852(?), ae. 1-3-6, ch/o Henry H. & ___ (Beauchamp has d. 183?,  mother as Jane)
Pitts, Ama d. 3/21/1803, ae. 32y 10m, w/o Noble
Pitts, Ama b. 4/10/1805 d. 5/27/1887, ae. 82-1-17
Pitts, Charles E. d. 4/8/1845, ae. 31
Pitts, John W. d. 7/31/1828, ae. 9y, 2m, s/o Noble & Martha
Pitts, Martha d. 1/5/1827, ae. 40y 8m,  w/o Noble
Pitts, Noble d. 2/6/1848, ae. 73-6-4
Remson, Rhoda Messinger Burr d. 5/29/1826 in the 59th yr. of her age, second wife of  Ozias, after which she married Simon Remson
Richards, Frank F., an infant son, d. 4/19/1857
Richards, Mary Ann d. 1857, ae. 38-11-20, w/o David (broken stone)
Seamans, Elvira E. Dean d. 11/28/1863, ae. 29, w/o E. G. Seamans, d/o Isaiah & Nancy  Dean
Seamans, Nettie d. 9/10/1864, ae. 2y 9m, d/o Ezra G. & Elvira E. Seamans.  Orphan child.
Sperry-Jepson, Emeline Pitts d. 8/27/1883, ae. 63
Squire, Salmon (only able to read Squire; Beauchamp has Salmon d. May 18, 1802, ae.  30-0-16)
Tillotson  (Mrs.) Lodema Cowl d. 12/20/1814, w/o Ephraim (reads Mrs. Lo___ Cowl,  w/o Ephraim ___son; Beauchamp has Cowell)
Van Buren, James H. d. 2/3/1822, ae. 2y 7m, s/o John & Laura
Van Buren, Lucretia d. Apr. 1826 (Beauchamp has 4/18/1826, ae. 17, d/o Peter &  Elizabeth)

Additional Names from Beauchamp

Andrews, Betsey d. 11/7/1850, ae 76-10-3, w/o James
Andrews, Adeline A., d/o Lewis & Lucy
Cook, Alfred (with ?)
Cook, Betsey, w/o Alfred (with ?)
Cutting Malomos L. d. 12/13/1829, ae. 66
Cutting, Zachariah (Dr.) d. 6/15/1808, ae. 52
Fox, Burr d. 12/16/1813, ae. 23-10-7
Gilmor, Thomas d. 11/12/1814, ae. 19-3-9, s/o John & Rachel
Pease, G. Lewis d. 9/29/1852, ae. 9m 10d, s/o Wm.G. & Marcelia
Reed, Rachel d. Nov. 18, 1846, ae. 58-6-7, w/o Joseph W.
Van Buren, Elizabeth Upham d. Feb. 15, 1829, ae. 60-6
Van Buren, Peter d. Feb. 19, 1860, ae. 91-8

Submitted 12 May 1998