Located about two miles west of Brewerton, NY on the south bank of the Oneida River.

Submitted by Ruth Sweeting from the files of Elet Milton.

The Fancher cemetery was comprised of a rectangular plot about 24 paces east and west, and about 17 paces north and south, enclosed with a substantial woven wire fence, with a gateway to the southwest.

A highway leads to this plot on the Fancher Farm from the concrete highway leading from Caughdenoy to the State Highway (Rte. 11).

This cemetery was laid out by and for the use of two brothers: Lewis and Ira Fancher, Sr. who were born in Connecticut, Lewis in 1789 and Ira in 1794. They came to Brewerton in 1827. Ira was a drummer in the War of 1812. They settled on the farm on the south bank of Oneida River, where the cemetery is located. Here Winfield, son of Lewis, was born, and here his descendants now live in the old house, built by the first Fancher settlers, and located west of the cemetery. In the burial plot rest the remains of Lewis, Ira, Sr., and a number of their descendants, also a few who may not be members of the family.

The following list of inscriptions, gathered by the writer (J. Elet Milton) December 19, 1938 comprise all the available data. It is known, however, that many burials occurred there for which there are no memorial stones, among the latter might be mentioned the burials of Ira and Lucilla Fancher Ladd and H. C. Boughton. Ira Ladd was a great uncle of the writer. His wife, Lucilla Fancher was a daughter of Ira Fancher, Sr. H. C. Boughton was the husband of the great-grandmother of the writer, by a subsequent marriage.

This is another abandoned family cemetery. Information given in parentheses were added by Elet Milton.

Boughton, Charles J. d. 6 May 1879, 19y 9 m 28d

Boughton, Henry Clark 24 July 1817 - 19 April 1893 (2nd husband of gr. grandmother of J.E.M.)

Boughton, Peter d. 20 Aug. 1882, 63y 4m 20d (hung himself)

Burcher, Unrech d. 7 Dec. 1849, 7m s/o S. & T. Burcher

Campbell, Alexander d. 17 Jan. 1866, 35y 6d

Campbell, Joseph d. 13 Oct. 1878, 75y 10m 21d

Campbell, Lewis d. 22 Mar. 1842, 7y 6m 2d s/o Joseph & Nancy

Campbell, Zephaniah d. 18 Mar. 1842, 5y s/o Joseph & Nancy

Fancher, Amanda J. (Merritt) 1840-1923, w/o Ira (prob. last burial in this cemetery)

Fancher, Anna d. 8 Dec. 1886, 87y 10m 22d

Fancher, Arza 11 Nov. 1808 - 1 May 1865

Fancher, Charley d. 6 June 1862, 5y 7m, s/o I. D. & M. Fancher

Fancher, Georgie A. d. 24 March 1877, 6m 27d d/o Winfield & Mary Ann

Fancher, Idas d. 7 June 1867, 40y, 11d

Fancher, Idas M. d. 18 June 1867, 5m 28d

Fancher, Ira 1831-1916

Fancher, Ira Sr. d. 10 Dec. 1879, 80y 20d

Fancher, Isaac M. d. 26 May 1862, 4y 7m 4d s/o I. D. & M. Fancher

Fancher, J. Wilford d. 15 June 1862, 3y 3m 15d s/o Ira & Amanda J.

Fancher, Jasper P. d. 18 May 1862, 3y 7m 14d, s/o I. D. & M. Fancher

Fancher, Juventa d. 20 July 1862, 6y 9m 2d, d/o Winfield & Mary Ann

Fancher, Lewis d. 11 June 1874, 85y 9m 14d

Fancher, Rachel d. 21 Oct. 1879, 79y 9m 5d w/o Lewis Fancher

Fancher, Rhoda 22 June 1832 - 19 June 1868, w/o Idas

Fancher, Mary Ann 14 Aug. 1837 - 24 Nov. 1906 w/o Winfield

Fancher, Winfield S. 7 July 1822 - 20 Feb. 1899

Ladd, Ira 16 May 1815 - 31 Oct. 1893 (great uncle of J.E.M.)

Ladd, Lucilla (Fancher) 1817 - 24 April 1893 w/o Ira Ladd

McKinley, Duncan d. 4 May 1849, 81y

McKinley, Rachel d. 17 Dec. 1851, 83y, w/o Duncan

Merritt, Nellie d. 17 May 1890 (d/o A. R. Merritt)

Quick, Perunelia d. 29 May 1874, 41y 2m 23d w/o S. J. Quick

VanLieu, Maryette d. 30 Jan. 1849, 4y 8m d/o Cornelius & Laura VanLieu

Submitted 11 January 1998
Updated 12 June 1998