Mycenae Cemetery


Tombstone inscriptions from a family cemetery a short distance west of the village of Brewerton, Onondaga County, NY.  It is near the New York Central tracks on a knoll on the north side of the road leading from Washington Street, Brewerton.

EMMONS, J.  Died Aug. 28, 1840.  Age 39 years, 2 months

EMMONS, Eli.  Died Oct. 15, 1837.  Age 41 years, 4 months.

HASKINS, Lydia, wife of Gurdon HASKINS.  Died Dec. 2, 1856.  Age 65 years, 3 mo. 2 da.

HASKINS, Gurdon.  Died July 3, 1844.  Age 61 yrs. 8 months.

HASKINS, Henry H., son of B. and C. E. HASKINS.  Died Dec. 29, 1840.  Age 5 months

KINNE, Ethal.  Died Jan. 30, 1857.  Age 84 years.

KINNE, Betsey, wife of Ethal.  Died April 2, 1843.  Age 66 yrs. 8 months.

Source:  Daughters of the American Revolution Cemetery Records, Vol. 9, pg. 255.  Copied from stones by Mary Edith Carter Johnson, Regent Abigail Fillmore Chaper, Buffalo, New York.

Submitted 1 May 1998