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Northway-Hoyt Family Bible

Onondaga County

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Bible 1832 Stereotyped, Printed and Published by H&E Phinney Original Owner: Josiah Tuller NORTHWAY b. 28 Jan 1808 d. 18 Feb 1896 Transcribed by: Pamela A. F. Priest

Page One

Josiah T. Northway To Lauretta A. Hoyt Married January 3d A.D. 1833

Josiah Northway To Ruth Branch Married Febu'y 25th A.D. 1807

Aaron Hoyt To Sophia Brooks Married Febru'y 27 1805

Adelbert Whitford To Lillian Northway Married March 3 1894

Ernest Charles L. Cole Born Nov. 15th 1910

Rosalina S. Northway To Joseph B. Longstreet Married May 23d 1861

Hiram T. Northway To Eve Nettie E. Seaver Married August 20th 1873

Edson J. Cole To Rosa S. Northway Married Dec 15 1896

Sterling Hoyt Cole Born March 7, 1900

Gladys Marie Cole Born February 11th 1904

Ruth Mae Cole Born September 15th 1906

Page Two

Josiah Northway born State of Conn't Sept 6th A.D. 1781

Ruth Branch born in Vermont State July 22d A.D. 1784

Josiah T. Northway born NY Jan'y 28th A.D. 1808

Corydon C. Northway born NY April 11th 1810

Ralph H. Northway born NY April 12th A.D. 1812

Truman Northway born NY April 24th 1814 and died August 20th A.D. 1814

Sophronia E. Northway born NY Aug 30th 1815 and died March 4th 1824

Betsy A. Northway born Nov 4th 1817 and died May 30th A.D. 1824

Ozias B. Northway born Nov 20th A.D. 1819

Hiram K. Northway born Oct 8th 1822

Henry F. Northway born April 3 A.D. 1826

Sarah A. Northway born April 16th A.D. 1830 Died March 7th 1856

Aaron Hoyt born Dec 30 1778 Died Sept 20 1847

Sopia Hoyt born April 26 1787 Died August 26 1872

Eve Nettie E. Seaver born dec 28th 1851 town of Layfayette Co of Onondaga NY

Rosalina Sophia Northway born April 8th 1875 in the town of Onondaga County of Onondaga State of New York

Lilly Northway born January 30th 1878 in the town of Onondaga Co. of Onondaga State of New York

Mary Daisy Northway born Dec 29 1879 in the town of Onondaga Co. of Onondaga NY Page Three

Page Three

Josiah T. Northway born in the town of Pompey NY State January 28th 1808 Died Feb 18 1896

Lauretta A. Hoyt born in the town of Spafford Co. of Onondaga NY State June 8th 1808 Died May 20 1898

Mirbel W. Northway born in the town of Onondaga Co. of Onondaga NY State June 10th A.D. 1834

Rosalina Zerlina Sophia Northway born September the 26th A.D. 1836 Town of Lafayette County of Onondaga New York

Her child James Oliver Longstreet Born Nov 8th 1862 LaFayette

George W. Northway born April 24th A.D. 1840 Town of Lafayette Co. Onondaga NY

Aaron H. Northway born August 17th 1843 Town of Lafayette Co. Onondaga NY

Hiram T. Northway born June 14th A.D. 1847 Town of LaFayette Co. Onondaga NY

Adelbert L. Northway born June 22nd A.D. 1851 Town of LaFayette Co. Onondaga NY

Page Four

Mirbel W. Northway Died May 8 A.D. 1835

George W. Northway Died Sept 7th A.D. 1840

Aaron H. Northway Died March 13th A.D. 1844

Adelbert L. Northway Died February 3rd A.D. 1852

Rosalina S. Northway Died Oct 15th 1864

Hiram Northway died Feb 7th 1882

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