Davison Family

Onondaga County

Original Owner: Mrs. R. Davison Current Owner: Charlotte Davison Vogel, 2227 Syfrette Rd., Cottondale, FLA 32431

Inscription: Mrs. R. Davison, May 16th, 1853

Francis Wilson Davison, son Reuben Wilson Davison and Mary Elizabeth Ewers born in Union City Michigan Jan 7 1858 came to Manlius New York in 1860. Baptized May 7, 1882 by Rev. Thomas B. Berry, Rector of Christ Church. Confirmed by Rev. F. D. Huntington, Bishop of the diocese. Married Eva Elizabeth Fitch June 1, 1903 by Rev. George B. Ashley rector of Christ Church. A member of Co. F Fifty First Regiment, Syracuse, N.Y.

Eva Elizabeth Fitch daughter of William Taylor Fitch weds Eliza Cynthia Kinney. Born in the town of Pompey state of New York April 11, 1873. Moved to Manlius in 1887. Married Francis Wilson Davison June 1, 1903 by Rev. George B. Ashley and confirmed by Bishop Olmstead May 20, 1907.

Edgar Ewers Davison first son of Frank and Elizabeth Davison. Born in the township of Pompey state of New York, October 22, 1903. Baptized June 1905.

Francis Kinney Davison second son of Frank and Elizabeth Davison. Born in Manlius, NY December 26, 1905.

Charles Henry Davison, third son of Frank and Elizabeth Davison. Born July 29, 1908 in Manlius, NY -- (new page in bible)

Reuben Wilson Davison father of Francis Wilson Davison was a son of Peter and Thankful Davison pioneer residents of Southern Central, Michigan.

Mary Elizabeth Ewers, wife of Reuben Wilson Davison was a daughter of Henry Willard Ewers and Sarah Gridley Tillotson the former being a native of Massachusetts and the latter of Connecticut. Mr. Ewers was one of the promoters and owners of the pioneer state lines running from Albany to Buffalo

Edgar E. Ewers a kinsman and former County Clerk of Onondaga cty resides in Nyack-on-the-Hudson. Elizabeth Ewers Eaton only remaining daughter of Dr. Henry Ewers lives in Burlington, Pa. Mrs. C. E. Williams(Williamson?) half sister of Frank Wilson Davison resides in Los Angeles, Calif. --

I, Maggie Davison, transcribed the above as it was written in the Davison Family Bible now owned by Charlotte Davison Vogel. November 1, 1996.

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11 April 1997