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Because Niagara County is at the northwestern tip of New York State, it only really borders two other counties, with a slight corner touch of a third. For a complete list of county sites in New York State, see the NYGenWeb Project's New York Counties Selection List. For Niagara County's immediate neighbors in New York State, see:

When searching for records, you should be aware that Niagara County was formed from Genesee County in 1808, so very early records may still be in Genesee.

To make things even more interesting, Niagara encompassed the current Erie County until Erie broke away in 1821 — taking the county seat, Buffalo, with it — so if you have early Niagara County ancestors (1813-1821) you should probably check Erie records as well. (Because British troops burned down the Buffalo courthouse in 1813, you almost certainly will find nothing earlier than the fire.)

Note that despite its name, Ontario County, New York, is not actually adjacent to Niagara County — or the Lake or Province whose name it shares! However, these Ontario links may be helpful:

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