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This Web site is part of the USGenWeb Project, which covers every state in the Union, and the NYGenWeb Project. Like the rest of the USGenWeb Project, this site is a work in progress and a team effort.

About your site coordinator

Ellen Seebacher, County Coordinator, has Niagara County ancestry on her maternal grandfather's side: Scots (Glover) and Irish (Perceval) immigrants via Canada, and English immigrants (Clark, Caulton), all of whom settled in Lockport; Germans from New Jersey (Kline), an Englishwoman from Canada (Southerland), and some Pennsylvania Dutch (Witmer, Kauffman), all of whom were among the earliest settlers of the county.

Although she has a deep interest in Niagara history and genealogy, Ellen lives hundreds of miles away from the county (her sole visit so far was a trip to Niagara Falls at the tender age of two), so she can't help you with local lookups! If you have any questions or suggestions about the site itself, please write to Ellen at

Please note that Ellen is not a professional researcher, and cannot, in most cases, answer questions about your Niagara County ancestors. If you can't find an appropriate resource on this site, the best ways to find more information are to (a) post a query or (b) join the county research mailing list. Thanks for understanding!

Site credits

Chris Andrle, later coordinator for our neighboring Erie County, NYGenWeb Project site, created the Niagara County site and was county coordinator until March 1997.

For the next three years, much of the site content was provided by Maureen Higgins Seifert, of Akron, New York. Maureen worked hard to build resources for Niagara County genealogists; thanks, Maureen!

The late Vee Housman, who lived in Niagara County most of her life and was active in local genealogy societies (although her own ancestors were elsewhere) served as co-coordinator for several years, until we lost her in October 2005. Her assistance was immensely valuable and she is very much missed.

Many other folks have contributed content to this site, including:

All these people are appreciated!

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