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FEBRUARY 7, 1890; Friday

COMBS-RIDER-At the F. M. Parsonage, Rockville Centre, Jan. 29, by Rev. S. K. Spahr, Mr. Carman P. Combs to Miss Amelia Rider, both of East Rockaway.

PADGETT-MORSE-Baldwins, Jan. 26, by Rev. J. S. Serene, Mr. Eben Padgett, of Freeport, to Miss Lottie May Morse, of Baldwins.

The marriage of Mr. John Sprague to Miss Katie Hart, of Jamaica, occurred on Wednesday last. Mr. Sprague is a popular brakeman on the Rockaway branch, and we trust in this 'coupling' he may find much happiness.

GRAFING-Freeport, Feb. 4, Phebe, wife of Diedrich Grafing, aged 73 years.

POWELL-At Brockville, Ont., Feb. 3, Charles W Powell of Amityville, aged 43 years.

(14)HEALY-Far Rockaway, Jan. 31, Frances L. Healy, the beloved wife of John J. Healy.

MCFARLAND-Smithville South, Jan. 29, Elizabeth McFarland, aged 95 years and 4 months.

(15)BETTS-Smithville South, Feb. 1, Wesley W. Betts, aged 65 years.

WALTERS-Farmingdale, Feb. 1, Samuel B. Walters, aged 56 years, 11 months and 15 days.

PETTIT-New Brunswick, N. J., Jan. 31, Robert Pettit, aged 80 years, 2 months and 11 days.

LENOX-Glenford, N.Y., Jan. 20, Louis J. Lenox, son-in-law of the late Chas. P. Hicks, of Ocean Point, aged 36 years.

(16)SPRAGUE-Inwood, Feb. 2, Phebe Jane, wife of Freeman C. Sprague, aged 57 years.

Jamacia- Miss Louisa Hickey, adopted daughter of John Remsen, died last week after a short illness. She was a loveable young lady and will be much missed.

Long Island-Thomas Madden, a tramp who was sent to Riverhead from Huntington died in the jail there.

Mr. Samuel Walters of Farmingdale died on Friday las, aged 65 years.

Inwood- Augustus Wanzer is happy over the arrival of a young daughter.

Inwood Irving Davenport is again a papa-a petite daughter having appeared upon the stage of life on Saturday.

FEBRUARY 14, 1890; Friday
Marriage: Rockaway The marriage of Mr. James Powers, of Brooklyn, and Miss Louise Bailey, daughter of Wm. Trist Bailey, occurred on Monday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Zimmer at the parsonage of St. Mary's Star of the Sea. The many warm friends of the bride wish her all manner of good things in her new relations.

Mr. Augustus Shipley and Miss Saddie Twombly were quiety married last Sunday.

EVANS-Hempstead, Feb. 2, Lily, daughter of Vandy Evans, aged 2 years.

LUDLUM-Elmont, Feb. 5, Nicholas Ludlum, aged 73 years.

POWERS-Hempstead, Feb. 5, William H. Powers, aged 4 years, and 4 months.

THURSTON-Hempstead, Jan. 30, Franklin Thurston, aged 23 years.

(17)MCGUIRL-Far Rockaway, James McGuirl, in his 56th year.

DOUGHTY-Rockville Centre, Feb. 9, Susan Amelia, daughter of William O and Susan Doughty, aged 3 months, and 5 days.

HINGLE-Baldwins, Feb. 5, Arthur, son of Albert and Amanda Hingle, aged 1 month and 3 days. Death: Rockaway

Death: Inwood Mrs. Hiram Pearsall died of diabetes on Thursday morning, aged about forty-one years. The funeral took place at the Lawrence M.E. Church on Sunday. A husband and eight children survive her.

East Rockaway Mrs. Ann Denton Carman, wife of Thomas D. Carman, died at her home, 3 Poplar Street, Brooklyn, on Monday, in her 83d year. She was a daughter of Oliver Denton late of this place. For the past twenty-six years Mr. and Mrs. Carman have passed their summers on the experiment farm of the Rural New Yorker here. Mrs. Carman leaves two children, Elbert S. Carman of River Edge, New Jersey, editor of the Rural New-Yorker, and Mrs. Snedeker, the wife of D. Snedeker of Brooklyn. Funeral services were held on Wednesday.

Death: Lawrence Mr. Pierson, father-in-law of Samuel B. Wood, died in New York, and the remains were interred in Lawrence Cemetery on Wednesday.

The two-year old child of Gilbert Leake, of Little Neck, was found drowned in a spring near the house.

Jamaica-Mrs. Mary Mulligan, wife of James Mulligan, the builder, died suddenly Saturday afternoon. She leaves six children.

Jamaica-ALBERT SNEDEKER, a well known character of this village, was found dead on Tuesday morning outside of a little shanty which he occupied on the premises of the late Harry Conklin. At one time Mr. Snedeker was well off, but for years has eked out a miserable existence, and never had a place worthy the name of home. He sold a liniment which he valued highly, and recently refused $300 for the prescription.

FEBRUARY 21, 1890; Friday
BROUWER-COTTE-Baldwins, Feb. 19, by Rev. Wm. M. Downey, Mr. Jacob Brouwer to Miss Kittie Cotte, both of Baldwins.

BROWER-VERITY-Baldwins, Dec. 22, by Rev. Geo. Filmer, Mr. William P. Brower, of East Rockaway to Miss Alice Verity, of Baldwins.

WILLMARTH-SEALEY-Ridgewood, by Rev. H. T. Widdemer, Mr. Alfred Willmarth to Mrs. Phebe Sealey all of Ridgewood.

Elmont-There were two marrige ceremonies in the St. Boniface Church on Tuesday evening. The principals were Joseph Hartman and Miss Karman, John Seidler and Miss Kraff

Nicholas Krumanacker and Miss Oswald were married in the St. Boniface Church on Monday.

Rockaway-Mr. Philip T. Scott has embraced matrimony, selecting as his companion for life Miss Josie H. Mott, daught of Cyrus Mott. The nuptial knot was tied Monday evening by Rev. Mr. Sayres.

Jamaica-Miss Jennie M. Wilkinson was married to Mr. Theodore F. Archer, youngest son of Auctioneer Archer, by Rev. Edwin B. Rice, at Grace Church, on Wednesday afternoon, in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives. Miss Hester Boyd acted as bridesmaid and Mr. D. K. Morell, Jr., as best man. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents on Union Hall Street.

SMITH-East Meadow, Feb. 10, Joseph Smith, aged 74 years.

Rockville Centre-BEDELL-Mrs. Margaret Bedell, widow of the late William Bedell, of Brooklyn, died on Friday last, aged 85 years. She was a daughter of the late Hendrick Hendrickson of this village and was the last surviving member of the family, numbering twelve. Mrs. Bedell was born on the old Hendrickson farm in this village, now, known as Riverside Park. Her last surviving brother was the late William Hendrickson who died in 1888.

Freeport-BEDELL-We regret to learn of the death of MISS MATTIE BEDELL, daughter of Mr. Moses A. Bedell of Sheepshed Bay formerly of this place. Mattie was in her 19th year and is remembered here as a bright and amiable girl. We extend sympathy to the bereaved parents \ and friends.

Jamaica-The youngest child of Mr. George Spillett died on Sunday last of pneumonia, after an illness of a few hours only.

Mr. Peter Gantier, a German baker, died at his residence in this village on Sunday morning, at the age of 59 years. He leaves a wife and three children.

Long Island-Eliphalet Oakley, of Babylon, was found dead in his bed on Tuesday morning. His death is supposed to have been caused by heart disease.

FEBRUARY 28, 1890; Friday
Births: Inwood
George Fosdick feels good all over at the arrival of a daughter,the first offspring.

Woodsburgh-The marriage of Mr. Lewis Henderickson and Miss Ella Soper was solemnized at the Episcopal parsonage one evening last week.

(18)SPRAGUE-Freeport, Feb. 27, Abby Jane, wife of S. Foster Sprague, aged 47 years. Funeral at the Presbyterian Church, Freeport, on Saturday, at 2 P.M.

Mr. James Francis, an old resident of Jamaica South, died at his home on Saturday last. He was in his 80th year.

Death: Springfield Joseph Shaw lost his only child, aged five months, from croup last week.

Deaths: Springfield Joseph Delallo and wife, visitors at James Vantre's, lost their only child of seven months from pneumonia on Monday. Also Sidney Thorne, aged 25 years, died from the same disease on the same day These in addition to the death of James Francis, aged 50 years, makes it a week of bereavement.

Woodsburgh-The death of John Fyfe occurred on Saturday, after a long illness of consumption. The funeral took place at the Episcopal Church on Monday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Martin officiating. A wife and five children survive him.

Long Island-Mrs. Annette Willis, the wife of Valentine Willis, proprietor of the Lakeside Stock Farm, East Williston, died at that place Wednesday, 74 years old. She was an aunt of Naval Officer Theodore B. Willis. Two sons, Eugene Willis, of Brooklyn, and Oscar B. Willis of Queens, survive her.

Mr. Mary Peterson died suddenly at her home in Jamaica village on Saturday. She was 74 years of age.

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