Cow and Great Neck separate from Hempstead

(33)Cow and Great Neck separate from Hempstead

At a meeting of us, the freemen, freeholders and other inhabitants of Great Neck, Cow Neck and all such as lately belonged to the company of Captain Stephen Thorne, in Queens county, being duly warned on Saturday, Sept. 23d, 1775, and taking into our serious consideration our distressed and calamitous situation, and being convinced of our total inability to pursue proper measures for our common safety, while we in all cases are considered as a part of the township of Hempstead, and being conscious that self-preservation, the immutable law of nature, is indispensable, do therefore,
1.Resolve, That during the present controversy, or so long as their general conduct is inimical to freedom, we be no further considered as par of the township of Hempstead than is consistent with peace liberty and safety; therefore in all matters relative to the Congressional plan, we shall consider ourselves as an entire, separate and independent beat or district.

2.Resolve. That Mr. Daniel Kissam, Henry Stocker, W. Cornwell, John Burtis, Daniel Whitehead Kissam, Adrian Onderdonck, Wm. Thorne, John Cornwell, Simon Sands, Benj. Sands, John Mitchell, Sen., Martin Schenck, Peter Onderdonck, and Thomas Dodge, be a committee for this beat or district. True copy, attested.
John Farmer, Clerk of the Meeting

In Committee for the District of Cow Neck, Great Neck, &c., in Queens county, Oct. 4, 1775.
Present, John Cornwell, William Cornwell, Thos. Dodge, Simon Sands, Adrian Onderdonck, Daniel Whitehead Kissam, Peter Onderdonck, John Burtis, Benj. Sands.
Then proceeded and chose Benj. Sands, Chariman. The adjourned to 7th instant.
In Committee according to adjournment;
Present, John Cornwell, Wm. Cornwell, Benj. Sands, Simon Sands, Peter Onderdonck, Adrian Onderdonck, Thomas Dodge, Daniel Whitehead Kissam, Martin Schenck, when the following resolutions were passed nem con.:

1.Resolved, That the proceedings of the meeting of the 23d of September, for enabling this part of the county to purse Congressional measures, and the committee chosen in consequence, be immediately laid before the Honorable the Provincial Congress, or in their recess, the Committee o Safety, for their approbation.

2.Resolved. That the following gentlemen having signed the General Association, and being duly elected as officers of the militia company, lately formed in this district, agreeably to the recommendations of the Honorable Provincial Congress of this colony, are hereby returned according:
John Sands, Captain; Henry Allen, first Lieutenant; Thomas Mitchell, second Lieutenant; Aspinwall Cornwell, Ensign.
Signed by order,
Benjamin Sands, Chairman
True copy, attested.
John Farmer, Clerk of Committee
The Provincial Congress were highly pleased with these proceedings, and replied as follows:

In Provincial Congress, at New-York, Oct. 12, 1775

Sir: --The Congress have received the state of the proceedings of the inhabitants of Great Neck, Cow Neck, &c., relative to the choice of a committee and of officers for that district, and highly approve of their conduct therein. The commissions are enclosed to the officers agreeable to the choice made; and the Congress doubt no that your committee and the other associators, will, in their conduct, manifest a due attention to the important interests of their country in its present alarming and critical situation.
We are, your humble servants
P.S. You are requested to return a list of the Associators as soon as may be convenient.
To Benjamin Sands, Esq.,
Chn of Com. of Great and Cow Neck.