South Cemetery

South Cemetery

Town of Cazenovia, Madison County

On E side of No. Nine Rd 700 ft S of East Rd

The South Cemetery is an alphabetical list. A few handwritten notes were attached to the list and I added them to the census in brackets. I have one ancestor buried in the cemetery and her name is Frank (?). I am sure of the name from a will that I looked at at the Surrogate Court.

The cemetery is almost 200 years old and in very good shape.

672 Names - (1814 - Present)

Abell, Anna, died Jan, 11, 1833, aged 70 years.
Abell, Aurilla Whitney, wife of Horatio Abell, died Jan. 20, 1895, ae 94 yr.
Abell, Elizabeth Sanford, wife of Jabez Abell, born Portmouuth, R.I. Oct. 17, 1762 - died Cazenovia, N.Y. Feb. 21, 1846.
Abell, Eunice, died April 3, 1814. aged 50 years.
Abell, Horatio, 1802-1852, died May 30, 1852, aged 49 yrs.
Abell, Jabez, born Franklin, Conn. Oct. 17, 1759- died Cazenovia, N.Y. March 3, 1833.
Abell, Jaber W., died July 22, 1920, 78.
Abell, Jaber W.Jr, Nov 19, 1870- May 8, 1954.
Abell, Josenh, died July 21, 1840, aged 42 years.
Abell, Mary A. Jones, wife of Jabez W. Abell, died Aug. 4, 1899 - 60.
Abell, Sarah Dix Wheeler, wife of Jabez Abell, Jr., Feb 4, 1874 - May 13, 1944
Abell, WIlliam (Dr.), died June 30, 1835, at 38 years0
Alexander, Calvin - died May 12 or 17, 1862. aged 63 years.
Alexander, Nary J.,-daughter of C. & A.S.Alexander; stone sunk, dates obliterated.
Alden. Fanny Andrews, wife of Samuel Alden, died Dec0 1, 1874, aged 53 years.
Alden. Samuel, died Jan. 17, 1854, aged 60 years.
Alden. Infant son of S. Alden, no dates.
Allen, Alma Holmes, wife of William Allen, died April 23, 1864, aged 68 yrs-17 days.
Allen, Nelen M., 1870-1908.
Allen, William, died Nov. 3, 1865, aged 62 yrs.-3mos.-18 days.
Andrew, Ross E., Oct. 4, 1887-Aug. 16, 1951. W.W.I.
Andrew, Ethel R., 1904-

Bachus, Ebenezer - died Jan. 2,1828, aged 84 years.
Bachus, Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Bachus, died May 1, 1831, aged 82 yr..
Bachus, Hattie N., died Aug 19,1865, ae. 2 yrs,6 mo., 17 days, dau. of Azel and Sarah P. Bachus.
Bachus, Maria L., died Aug. 4, 1852, ae. 3 mos.,dau. of Azel & S.P.Bachus.
Bachus, Nancy, wife of Talcott Bachus, died Oct. 2, 1875, aged 84 yrs.
Bachus, Talcott, died Feb. 16, 1847, aged 56 years.
Bachus, infant of E.& N. Bachus, died Sept.20, 1818.
Bachus, infant of E.& N. Bachus, died Feb.12, 1821
Bachus, infant of E.& N. Bachus, died Feb.17, 1821
Bachus, infant of E.& N. Bachus, died Aug. 24,1827
(Note: a long space without stones where some may have disappeared, due to age, in this oldest part of cemetery.)
Baker, Almon, 1825-1909.
Baker, Caroline A., wife of Almon Baker, died April 25, 1866, ae.42 yrs.
Baker, Mary N. Putnam, wife of Almon Baker, 1825-1912
Barber, Emily Flora, 1920-1967
Barber, Robert Luclan, 1921-
Barrett, Maryette M., wife of Joel Barrett, died April 5, 1860, ae. 34 yrs.
(see Nancie Matthews; two stones, matching, side by side)
Bates, Angeline, daughter of David Bates, died June 3 or 7, 1829,ae.27 yrs.
Bates, Nahetable, daughter of David Bates, died May 7, 1826 (or 1836) ae. 30 yrs.
Bates, Minerva, daughter of David Bates, died May 25, 1845 (age obliterated by settling of stone)
Bates, Rebecca, wife of David Bates, died May 5, 1831, aged 52 yrs.
Beale, Jane Rayburn, 1912-
Beale, Harry Newell, 1908 - 1963
Bedford, Betsey, died Dec. 20, 1844, aged 19 yru. (on or next Peter deClerq lot)
Bennett, Edith N., 1866 - 1953
Bennett, John F., 1853 - 1927
Bennett, Palmer, 1898 - 1944
Berthrong, Abraham, died Nay 9, 1835 as. 41 yr..
Berthrong, Charles, died February 24, 1839, aged 10 yrs.
Billings, Charles, died Dec. 9, 1820, in the 34th year of his age.
Billings, David, died Oct. 27, 1840, aged 75 yru, 9 mos.,26 days.
Billings, Edna Benedict, 1854-1903
Billings, Fletcher, died Feb. 6, 1869, aged 80 years.
Billings, George C., 1842-1918. Serg. Co.K 114 NY Vol.
Billings, Hannah, wife of David Billings, died June 17, 1823,ae.53 yrs., 24 days.
Billings, Isabella Pollard, wife of Fletcher Billings, died Oct.8,1866, aged 82 years.
Billings, Margaret Van Tine, 1839-1912.
Billings, Susan Ayers, wife of Fletcher Billings, died Oct.20,1821,ae. 34 yrs.
Billings, Susan Isabella, 1883-1904.
Bissell, Abel S., born in Hebron, Conn., Jan. 15,1799- died in Cazenovia N.Y. July 20, 1877
Bissell, Amelia L., wife of Abel S. Bissell, born in Holland,Mass. March 29, 1806 - died in Cazenovia April 3, 1879.
Bissell, Laura, wife of Abel S. Bissell, died March 23, 1840,ae. 42 yrs.
Bissell, Malindia, 2nd. wife of Abel S. Bissell, died Sept. 3,1848, ae.46 yrs.
Black, Esther E. Service, wife of James Black, died Apr.16,1877,ae.47 yrs.
Black, Jennie C., died Aug. 18, 1880, aged 21 yrs.
Blackman, Mrs., died Sept.18,1832, in the 74th year of her age. (see Davenport)
Borden, Electa, wife or T.E.Borden, died July 4, 1833,ae.30 yrs. 11 days.
Borden, Joseph, died Dec. 16, 1814 in the 39th year of his age.
Borden, Joseph, died Oct. 11, 1863, aged 49 years
Borden, Oliver E son of Mr. Joseph and Sally E. Borden, died Mar.24,1822.
Borden, Prudence, wife of Stephen Borden, died June 2?, 1833, age 27 yrs.
Borden, Prudence E., dau. or Thomas F. & Electa Borden, died May 3,1863 aged 42 years.
Borden, Sarah E., wife of Joseph Borden, (stone broken and reset; dates not visible.)
Bradley, Elisha R., 1865-1943
Bradley, George S., 1871-1950
Bradley, Lida S., 1871-1950
Bradley, Margaret R., 1900-1958
Breese, Evan, died July 12, 1879,aged 62 years.
Breese, Jane Hughes, wife of Evan Breese, died Jan. 17, 1892,ae. 77 yrs.
Brockway, Betsey, died Feb. 16,1827, aged 31 yrs.
Broughton, Jeremiah, died Sept. 22,1847, aged 53 yrs.
Buell, Almira S.,wife of Timothy Buell, 1826-1909
Buell, Timothy F., 1818-1884
Burden, George, died June 25,1888, aged 52 yrs.

Card, Adeline Moochler, 1855-1930
Card, Claude D., 1875-1958
Card, Elizabeth Martens,1882-1928
Card, John, 1850-1930
Castro, M. Edward, 1911-1963
Churchiand or Churchlast (?)(very illegible), Mary Augusta, dau. of died March 6, 1839, ae. 2 yrs 6mos.
Clark, Edwin P., 1853-1954
Clark, Golda B., 1887-1970
Coin, Betsey Peet, 2nd wife of Sylvester Coin, died Sept. 10,1872, aged 58 years.
Coin, John S., born June 20, 1845 aged 9 mc. (stone down)
Coin, Margaret A. Speers, wife of Sylvester Coin, died July 4, 1845, aed 32 years.
Coin, Sylvester, died Dec. 18, 1881, aged 72 years.
Coin, Thoinas, son or S. & M.A. Cain, died March 15, 1839,age 3 years.
Coleman, Harlin, son of Asa and Betsey Coleman, died Feb. 10, 1814, aged 5 years.
Coleman, Ora M., 1900-1941
Coleman, Russell L., 1895-1965
Coleman, Temperance, died Sept. 15, 1517, aged 19 (?) years.(age illegible)
Coleman, William, died June 10, 1850, aged 53 years.
Colgrove, W.A..- Co. C, 122 D NY inf., died Jan. 22, 1864. (stone sunk, no age visible.)
Four adjacent small stones with initials H.H.-R.M.-C.M.W.-H.W.
Cossitt, Bernard R., New York 721 Eng. Depot Co., W.W.II - Oct. 6, 1922-Nov, 26, 1964. (Stone on Lombard Lot)
Coulter, Andrew, 1845-1899
Coulter, Grace Goodfellow (wife of Scott W.) 1884-1936
Coulter, John, 1820-1890
Coulter, Mary B. (wife of Andrew) 1847-1904
Coulter, Rosie Scott (wife of Wm. Jay) 1855-1937
Coulter, Sarah A. Salsbury (wife of John) 1816-1896
Coulter, Scott W., 1888-1961
Coulter, William Jay, 1850-1910
Crandall, Henry, died Aug. 14, 1829, aged 82 or 87 years.
Crandall, Nary, wife of Henry, died June (?), 1840, aged (?),
Crowell, Birney A., 1897-1897
Crowell, Edith May, 1890-
Crowell, Frank A., 1862-1947
Crowell, Lella H,, 1868-1937
Curtis, Daniel, 1783-1865
Curtis, Daniel, Jr., 1810-1891
Curtis, Dorcas Holbrooks, wife or Daniel, 1790-1873
Curtis, GeorNe, son of Abel and Sally Curtis, died July 20,1853 aged 10 years 17 days.
Curtis, Hattie E., dau.. of Abel and Sally Curtis, died May 25,1870 aged 6 years
Curtis, Lucinda, 1818-1863
Curtis, Willie H., son of Abel and Sally Curtis, died July 5, 1853,- aged 2 years 4 mos,
Curtis, Baby Lynn Stephen, 1951

Dadari., Flora B.
Dadari., Nicholas A., 1914-1967
Damon, Fanny R., dau. of Lewis & Susan Damon, died June 3, 1844,ae.1y.9m.
Damon, Pamelia, wife of Archelaus Damon, died May 14, 1849, in 69th yr.
Davenport, Achsah, wife of Benjamin Devenport, died Sept. 25,1860, aged 60 years. (stone broken)
Davenport, Benjamin, died Dec. 29, 1848, aged 60 years.
Davenport, Infants of B. & A. Davenport who died 1820 & 1823.
(See Mrs. Blackman, stone on this lot.)
Davis, Abby Shapley, wife of Joseph Davis, born April 14, 1809 - died Nov. 11, 1876
Davis, Harriet L.,1881-1890, dau.(probably or Henry, whose name she follows, but possibly of Ward and second wife)
Davis, Henry W., 1859-1901
Davis, Joseph, born Nov. 20, 1800- died Sept. 28, 1856
Davis, Lucy S, Johnson, wife of Ward A. Davis, 1837-1872
Davis, Maria S. Jones, wife of Ward A. Davis, 1836-1915
Davis, Mary Adams, wife of Joseph Davis, born July 26,1803 - died Oct. 22,1846
Davis, Seymour W., son of Joseph end Mary Davis, Sergeant,Coe El 6th Mich Reg't, born Nov. 8, 1841- died Oct. 30. 1862. buried in Marshall Mich.
Davis, Ward A., 1835-1912
Davis, William A. Davis, M.D., 1865 (?)- 1890
of the above Ward, Lucy, Maria, William, Henry, Marriet, all on one large monument.
Day, William, Co. K, 16 Reg't NY Vol. Inf. died April 18, 1892,ae. 75 yrs.
de Clercq, Alexander M., 1841-1913 (son of Youngs deClercq)
de Clercq, Allie, eldest son of H. & A. deClercq, died May 25, 1854, as. 9 yr:. 2 mos, 2 days. (stone next to Henry Kinning)
de Clercq, Arthur M., 1873-1937 (Son of Alexander deClercq)
de Clercq, Austin S., 1844-1912 (son of Youngs deClercq)
de Clercq, Chester M., 1869-1917
de Clercq, Elizabeth, died April 19, 1844, aged 33 yrs.(dau. of Hendrick & M.)
de Clercq, Gysbert, born Nov. 22,1826- died Apr. 21,1908 (son of Peter & Laura)
de Clercq, Hendrick, died Nov. 7,1850, aged 74 yrs.
de Clercq, Hannah, wife of Youngs deClercq, died Sept.27,1864, ae. 55 yrs.
de Clercq, Hannah H. Kinning, wife of Austin S. deClercq, 1845-1919
de Clercq, Hattie, ae. 6 mos. (dau. ff Gilbert)
de Clercq, Howard A., 1883-1854
de Clercq, Jennie E. Clayman, wife of Arthur M., 1876-1970
de Clercq, Julia C., dau. of Peter & Laura deClercq, died Aug. 14,1842, aged 4 yrs,-7 mos.-22 days
de Clercq, Julia Smith,died Feb. 3, 1674,ae. 53 yrs. (on Hendrick & Mary monument) probably not dau, as Julia deClercq married Kingsbury.
de Clercq, Laura Mason, wife of Peter deClercq, died June 21, 1872. aged 65 yrs.-7 mos.-25 days
de Clercq, Louisa,(dau of Hendrick & Mary,)died July 23,1845
de Clercq, Mary, wife of Hendrick, died Feb. 2,1869, aged 88 years. (born Ledyard)
de Clercq, Mary E., dau. of Peter & Laura deClercq, died Jan. 21, 1854, aged 11 yrs.-8 mos.-5 days
de Clercq, Mary T., died May 26,1843, ae. 37 yrs. (dau. of Hendrick & Mary}
de Clercq, Peter, died June 16, 1873, aged 72 yrs.-10 mos.-27 days (son of Hendrick & Mary)
de Clercq, Rebecca, died June l8,1881,ae.63 yrs.(dau. of Hendrick & Nary)
de Clercq, Sarah L., born Nov. 5,1829- died Feb, 24,1891 (dau. of Peter & Laura)
de Clercq, Sarah V. Kinning, wife of Alexander M. deClercq,1842-1922
When parentage is given in parenthesis, it is added note of copyist, from county history & C.V.R.
[Written on census According to Lorenzo Niles Sarah (1842-1922) and Hannah Kinning (1845-1919) were sisters]
Dodge, Emily D., died April 19,1846 aged 32 years.
Dodge, Charles B, died Sept. 21, 1826, aged 17 years (Stone down)
Dodge, Charles, Co.K, 114th NY Inf., died Nov 7, 1864,(No age)
Dodge, Mary S., died Feb. 5, 1824, aged 24 yrs.
Dodge, Mehitabel, wife of Stephen Dodge, died April 22,1861 aged 81 years.
Dodge, Stephen, died Feb. 20,1845, aged 73 years
Dodge, Stephen, died Nov. 14, 1822, aged 25 years
Dutten, Buelah, wife of Samuel Dutten, died May 9,1851 aged 70 years,
Dutten, Elcena, died June 29 th, 1827, in 24th year of her age- her death was caused by a fall from a wagon.
Dutten, Samuel, Col., died Oct. 9, 1815, in the 40th year of his age.

EhIe, David, died April 26,1839, aged 20 years.
Elmore, Helen E., 1841-
Elmore, John W., 1844 - 1845
Elmore, Selah P., 1810 - 1892

Flickinger, Dorothy Jean, 1924 - 1932
Flickinger, Olive B., 1891 -
Flickinger, William J. - 1889 - 1930
Freeborn, Nary L., wife of David T. Freeborn, died Sept. 3, 1834, Aged 26 yrs. (dau. of David Billings)

Geymonat, Joseph, 1864-1931
Geymonat, Marie, 1864-1943
Geymonat, Marie, Louise, 1896-1954
Grace, Edna M. Ward, wife of George W. Grace, Jr., 1892-
Grace, George W.,Sr. 1853-1936
Grace, George W.,Jr. 1884-1945
Grace, G. Ward, infant son of Geo. & Edna, 1915-1916
Grace, Louisa Randall, wife of George W.Grace, Sr., 1858-1917
Gleason, George Edward, Jr., 1936-1957. (On Baker Lot)
Goodwin, James S., son of J.D. & M.P.Goodwin, died Dec. 1, 1861, Aged 16 yrs. (On Sims Lot)

Hackley, Nary, died Sept. 8, 1839, aged 76 yr..
Hackley, Charles Addison, youngest son of M.& M.Hackley was killed by the bursting ef a cannon May 12th 1847, in the 19th yr. of his age
Hall, Fannie H., wife of Reuben Hall, & daughter of Stephen & Mehitebel Dodge, died May 30, 1855?, aged 41 yrs.
Hamlin, Fanny Evelina, 1823-1855
Hamlin, Flora, 1853-1912
Hamlin, Romeyn, 1820-1908
Hamilton, M. Homer, 1845-1924
Hamilton, Inez R., 1872-1958
Hamilton, Kaura E. Brown, wife of Homer, 1844-1917
Hamlin, Duane B, Nov.13,1922-May 10, 1955. W.W.II
Hannum, Helen Loomis, wife of Henry A. Hannum, 1841-1920
Hannum, Henri Ansel, 1833-1912
Harter, Henry J., 1872-1945
Harter, Margaret A., 1872-1937
Hayward, Betsey, consort of Samuel Hayward, died Oct. 31,1841,ae.71 yrs.
Hayward, Betsey, died Sept. 16,1853, aged 45 yrs.
Hayward, Fanny, consort of Samuel Hayward, died Dec. 11,1806, ae.36 yrs.
Hayward, Samuel, died Nov. 24, 1844, aged 79 yrs.
Hebard, Clarinda, wife of J.G. Hebard, died March 21,1572, aged 71 yrs.
Hebard, J.G., died Mar. 19,1883,aged 87 yrs.
Holmes, Richard C. Feb. 1,1946.-Nov. 16,1968
Holmes, Roswell, died Feb. 20,1854, aged 90 yrs, A soldier of the Rev.
Hopkins, Frances Celestia, dau. of Elijah & Charlotte Hopkins, died Aug. 28, 1847, aged 2 yrs-1 mo.-21 days
Heslyk, John, 1894-1957
Heud, Mrs.Amy, wife of Mr. Samuel Heud, died Nov. 24,1819 (stone broken and reset, obliterating age.)
Houghten, Doretta Ann, Jan.1,1781- April 20, 1866,ae.85 yr.-3mos.- 20 days.
Hubbard, Jonathan, who died July 13th,1831 in the 82nd. yr. of his age
Hubbard, Hannah, wife of Jonathan Hubbard, died Feb.22,1836, ae.81 yrs.
Hyatt, Katherine Webster, 1888 - 1926
Hyatt, Malcolm P., 1915 - 1953

Ingersoll, Eldad W., died July 30,1865,aged 50 years.
Ingersoll, Irena, relict of Isaac Ingersoll, died April 30,1942, in her 65th year.
Ingersoll, Isaac, died Nov. 30,1836, in his 63rd. year.
Ingersoll, Jane E., wife of Albert K. Ingersoll,died Sept.28,1845,ae.25 yrs.
"In Memory of", a broken stone reset te show these words only, between stones of Jane E. & Irena Ingersoll.
Ingersoll, Laura, wife of S.C.Ingersoll, died April...18...(illegible)
Ingersoll, Mary M., wife of Eldad W. Ingersell, died Oct.1,1846 ae.30 yrs.-2 ms
Ingersoll, Mary Man (?), wife of E.W.Ingersell, died April 1,1860, ae.44 yrs.
Ingersoll, Sam'l C., died Oct. 17,1871, aged 66 yrs.
Ingersoll, Sarah Ann, wife of S.C.Ingersoll, died July 3, 1844, in the 28 y'r of her age.
Ingersoll, Savilla Maria, dau. of Samuel C. & Laura Ingersoll, whe died March 15, 1832, aged 2 yrs.-2 mon.

Johnson, Electa Maria, dau. of H.A. & L.I. Johnson, died Aug.26,1829, ae. 17 dys.
Johnson, Henry A., died Aug.9,1870, aged 71 years.
Johnson, Lydia, wife of H.A.Johnson, died Dec.29,1850,aged 48 yrs.
Johnson, Mary J., wife of Wm. H. Johnson, 1838-1924.
Johnson, William M., 1832-1901
Johnson, Zilphia M. Crocker, wife of Henry A. Johnson, born Aug.28,1812 - died April 17,1883.
Judd, Augustus B., 1803-1869.
Judd, Huldah Lyon, his wife, 1812-1891
Judd, Norman C., 1836-1906
Judd, Sara A. Knollin, his wife, 1838-1912.

Keeler, Lewis, died Nov.4,1846, aged 58 years.
Keeler, T. Sarles, who departed this life July 16,1835,aged 21 yrs.-8 mos.
(between these two graves a long stretch with no stones)
Kellogg, Abner, died at Colchester, Conn., July 24,1821, aged 75 yrs.
Kellogg, Lucy, died March 1835, aged 49 years.
Kellogg, Lydia, wife of Abner Kellogg, died at Cazenovia, March 1831,ae.80 yrs
Kellogg, Mary W., wife of Otis Kellogg, died March 28,1855, aged 59 yrs.
Kellogg, Otis, died July 2,1854, aged 60 or 65 years.
Kenyon, Lloyd C., 1921-1971
King, Charles, died April 4,1843,aged 53 years.
King, Phebe, wife of Charles King, died Feb.23,1845, in her 19th year.
King, Ruby, relict of Charles Ling, died April 8,1843,aged 49 years.
Kinning, Henry, died Jan.20,1866,aged 72 years.
Knollin, Emily J., died Jan.21,1865,aged 21 years - 3 months.
Knollin, Susannah Pulford, wife of Thomas R. Knollin, born in Devonshire Co.,England, died Jun.18,1876, aged 67 yr..-8 mos.
Knollin, Theodore F., 22nd.NY Co.Vol., died March 11, 1861,aged 17 yrs. - 3 mos.
Knollin, Thomas H., born: in Devonshire,England, died Mar.25, 1885, aged 52 years-8 mos.

Leidel, Knute A. 1909 - 1963
Lombard, Ernest A., 1922 - 1952. American Legion.
Lombard, Lucius A., l851-1932
Loomis, Alfred, son of John & Fanny Loomis, died Feb. 12,1829, ae.17 yrs.
Loomis, Alice, wife of Levi Loomis, died March 9,---(Stone embedded)
Loomis, Augustus W., Oct. 17,1859-Feb. 12,1897 (On E.D.Loomis Monument)
Loomis, Charles, son of John & Fanny Loomis, died Nov. 27,1834 in the 19th? years of his age.
Loomis, Edwin D. (Dwight), Apr.25,1821-Jan. 9,1897 (Large monument)
Loomis, Erastus P., son of John & Fanny Loomis, died July 29, 1849, ae.21 yrs
Loomis, Fanny, Mrs., wife of John Loomis, died Sept.28, 1825, in 44th year.
Loomis, Harriet C. Johnson, wife of S.L.Loomis, died Jan. 15, 1900, ae.90 yrs
Loomis, James F.,Corporal, died July 23,1863,ae.33 yrs.(next to Luba)
Loomis, Jerusha Brewster, wife of Seba Loomis,died Apr.3,1864, ae. 54 yrs.
Loomis, Jerusha Brewster, Dec.28,1851-Nov.20,1914 (on E.D.Loomis mon.)
Loomis, John, died April 28,1868, In the 90th year of his age.
Loomis, Judith E., wife of Lorin Loomis, died Feb.15,1884,aged 9? yrs.
Loomis, Julia S., Mar.3,1867-Nov.10,193? (on E.D.Loomis monument)
Loomis, Lewis T., died Nov. 22,1831-- no age given-- (on John Loomis lot)
Loomis, Lorin died Aug. 23,1862, aged 75 years.
Loomis, Luba (?), wife of John Loomis, died Sept.15,1855, aged 66 yrs.
Loomis, Martha C., dau. of Mr. Lorin & Mrs. Mary Loomis, died July 18, 1824, aged 6 years.
Loomis, Nary, wife of Lorin Loomis,...(Stone scaled off and pieces put together to read the name; dates gone.)
Loomis, Mary M., died June 19,1845, aged 36 years. (on John Loomis Let)
Loomis, Mary, dau. of Ira Jerome,Esq. of Pompey, and wife of S.L.Leomis, died Sept.26,1858, aged 47 years.
Loomis, Mary Jane, dau. of Mr. Lorin & Mrs Mary Loomis, died Aug. 27, 1821, aged 6 months.
Loomis, Mary J. Root,, (wife of Edwin Dwight Loomis) July 13,1824 - Oct.20, 1904 (on E.D.Loomis Menument)
Loomis, Pamelia Rice (?). stone broken & inscription obliterated.. (on Seba Loomis lot)
Loomis, Sara Amanda, dau. of Seba & Jerusha Loomis, died July 13,1824, aged 18 months.
Loomis, Sarah I., dau of E. Dwight & Nary Loomis, died Apr.7,1859,ae.4 yrs.
(the above on small separate marker; on E.D.Loomis monument appear dates Apr.11,1855 - Apr.7, 1859)
Loomis, Seba, born Aug.23,1772 - died Feb.8,1870
Loomis, Silas Lathrop, died Nov. 21,1900,aged 91 yrs. (on Seba Loomis lot)
Loomis, Mary, infant dau. of S.L. & M.J. Loomis, died June 19,1844

Mann, Henry V., 1834-1926
Marris, Betty Jane, June 11,1931-Dec. 15,1931
Marshall, Augustus E., died March 29,1965,aged 25 yrs,-7 mos.-26 days. buried in the south.
Marshall, Harrington, July 10 ,1798-Sept.25,1886
Marshall, Laura, wife of Harrington Marshall, July 21,1800-Aug.21,1887
Marshall, Wm. A,, died July 5,1864,aged 23 years-13 days buried in the south (one stone for Augustus & William)
Martin, Dorothy Smith, wife of John Martin, died March 1873,ae. 90 yrs.
Martin, John. died Mar.2,1860, aged 86 yrs. "Dear Father"
Mathews, Nancie P., wife of Ezra Mathews, died April 24,1860,aged 25 yrs.
Ma.?. (might be Matuon). James, son of ...., died Sep.5,1839,ae. 6 yrs.
May, Betsey, wife of Luke May, died Mar. 29,1857,aged 67 yrs.
May, Lettice, wife of Luke May, died Aug. 25,1814, in her 25th year.
May, Luke, born March 1,1782-died May 15,1861
May, Mary, died Sept. 30,1868,aged 7? years
May, Sarah, wife of Luke May, died Jan. 22,1851, ae. 95 (?) years- 5 m.
Miller, Hazel M., 1895-19
Miller, Louis A., son, May 3,1926-Aug.11,1948
Miller, William M., 1893-1964
Mitchell, A.Stewart, 1877-1953
Mitchell, C. Marguerite Shoemaker, his wife, 1890-1941
Morse, John D., 1834- (death date not inscribed)
Morse, Caroline Y., his wife, 1837-1894
Morse, Frank M., 1863-1905
Morse, Fred C., 1866-1880
Moyer, Josephine Geymonat, 1897-1927
Munger, Howard M. 1877-1957
Munger, Alta C., 1883 - 1963
Murdock, Harriet Jane, dau. of Otis and Harriet Murdock, died May 10,1825,aged 1 year-3 months-1 day.
Myrick, Robert, died June 6,1930, aged Z3 years.
Myrick, James E., son of ....illegible...& Jane E. Myrick, who died Oct. 21,192...(illegible) & 4 days.

Parmelee, Asahel, died May 7, 1870, aged 59 years.
Parmelee, Betsey, (Angier), wife of Asahel Parmeleee, died June 3,1863,ae.85 yr
Parmelee, D. Dexter, died Apr. 30,1870, aged 18 years-10 months.
Parmelee, James A., died Nov. 15, 1854,aged 35 yrs. & 8 mos.
Parmelee, Sarah M. Dexter, wife of James A. Parmelee, died May 26,1894, aged 74 yrs & 5 mos.
Peet, Betsey, wife of Aaron Peet, died April 17,1841,aged 62 years.
Pollard, Naomi E., dau. of David & (illeglble) Pollard, date gone,
Pollard, Otis, died Mar.31,1869, aged 76 yrs- 1 mo.
Potter, Annie N., wife of Henry K. Potter, Sept.14,1849-July 35,1921
Potter, Benjamin, son of Merrit m. & Mary A. Potter, died Aug.31,1839, aged 11 months.
Potter, Carolina, dau. of M.M. & Mary A. Potter, died Nov. 2i,i846, aged 6 years- 4 months- 3days.
Potter, Ethel Ann, daughter of Henry h. and Annie N. Potter, Oct.10?, 1883 - Sept.13, 1960
Potter, Henry Howard, sea of Merritt & Mary Ann Potter, Mar.25,1949- Mar. 25,1934.
Potter, Laura E., dau. of M.M. & M.A. Potter, died Jan. 1, 1860, ae. 23 years- 3 months- 10 days.
Potter, Nary A., dau. of M.M.Potter & M.A.Potter, died Jan. 4,1854. ae. 9 years- 1 month- 16 days.
Potter, Mary A. Root, wife of Merritt M. Potter, died Dec. 18,1884, ae. 94 years-4 months-19 days.
Potter, Merritt M., died Nov. 16,1859, ae. 53 yrs.-9 mos.-2? days.
Puilmain, Antonio - 1885-1970
Puilmain, Rose, 1886-1934

Randall, Avis C. Coulter, wife of William H. Randall, 1844-1931
Randall, Clayton A., 1874-1936
Randall, Ethel A., 1900-1947
Randall, Jessie A., 1873-1971
Randall, Van Buren, Co.F, 16th Reg't, Conn. Vol., died Feb. 23,1887, aged 52 years.
Randall, William H., Co. D, 20th NY Vol., 1839-1884
Raynor, Mary Skiff, wife of Lewis Rayner, died Oct. 21,1887,aged 85 yrs.
Reynolds, Abigail, wife of Thomas Reynolds, died June 25,1864,ae. 82 yru.
Reynolds, Lydia A., died Oct. 14,1879, aged 70 yrs.
Reynolds, Orrin J., (no dates, and apparently never were any.)
Reynolds, Thomas, died Jan. 18,1862,aged 80 yrs.
Rice, Adeline C., 1809-1885
Rice, Anna W., 1784-1868
Roberts, John H., 1875-1929
Roberts, Raymond J. 1895-1971
Roberts, Grace, his wife, 1872-
Roberts, Rosa J., 1896-
Root, Alathia, wife of Rufus Root, died Oct.18,1835, aged 72 years.
Root, Elcy, wife of Moses Root, died April,1860, in the 83rd of her life.
Root, Julia M., died July 9,1900, aged 77 years.
Root, Laura, dau. of Mr. Moses & Mrs. Elcy Root, died June 23,1818, aged 10 months & 6 days.
Root, Moses, died Nov. 10,1834, in the 61st year of his age.
Root, Rufus, died March 7th,1827, aged 55 years.
Root, Sally J., wife of Dea. Thomas Root, died Jan. 9,1859,ae. 74 yrs.
Root, Sidney, son of Mr. Moses & Mrs. Elcy Root, died Dec. 15,1820, aged 8 years-? months-20 days.
Root, Thomas (Deacon), Sept.15,1863, in the 85th yr. of his age.

Scott, Charles, died Oct.12,1881, aged 57 years.(with S.Scott family)
Scott, Clarence H., son of Cyrus & Cordelia Scott, died May 13,1875, aged 5 yrs.-8 mos-11 days.
Scott, Clarence H., 1886-1953. American Legion. [must be 1963]
Scott, Cordelia Hebard, wife of Cyrus Scott, 1835-1922
Scott, Cyrus, died Dec. 17,1875 aged 44 years.
Scott, Fannie A., wife of Fred J. Scott, 1864-1959
Scott, Fred J., 1857-1952
Scott, Hattie, (with Willis,1858) 1860-1919
Scott, Helen L., dau. of Samuel & Rozina Scott, born Feb.3,1819 - died Sept.17,1821
Scott, John, son of Samuel & Rozina Scott, born June 2,1820 - died Sept.11,1821
Scott, Lucinda, (beside Charles) 1827-1902.
Scott, Merrill, son of F.J. & Fannie Scott, died Apr.15,1892,ae.20 days.
Scott, Rachel D., wife of Clarence R., 1890-1946
Scott, Hozina, wife of Samuel Scott, died Aug.1,1871,aged 77 yearu.
Scott, Samuel, died May 15,1876 aged 86 years.
Scott, Walter, son of Samuel & Rozina... stone broken,reset,dates gone..
Scott, Willis, son of Samnel & Rozina, born May 22,1817-died Sept.17,1821 (stone broken, top lying nearbye)
Scott, Willis, 1858-1925
Service, Elizabeth, died Aug.26,1892, aged 74 yr..
Service, Jane, wife of John Service, died Aug.8,1873
Service, Jennie C., wife of John Service, Jr., 1832-1912
Service, John, died May 14,1877, aged 94 years.
Service, John, Jr., 1820-1901.
Service, Mary, dau. to John & Jane Service, died Feb.22, 182...,aged 18 mos.
Service, Caroline A. Sims, wf. of John Service,Jr.-dau. of J.& S.Sims,1830 - 1860
Severance, Apollos, born May 20,1802- died Jan.16,1883
Severance, Charles, died Nov. 18,1837
Severance, Elihu, died March 7,1834,aged 60
Severance, Helen, died July 11,1839,aged 4 yrs.-8 mos.
Severance, Tryphenia, (next to Elihu), died April 17,1854?, aged 79 yrs.
Shapley, Anna, wife of Henry Shapley, died April 2,1850
Shapley, Hanry, died Jan.20,1842,aged 61 yrs.
Shapley, Mary E., dau. of John & Mary Shapley, died Feb.3,1852,ae.3 yrs.-3mos.
Sherman, Abraham L. 1865-1919 (on Levi Sherman Monument)
Sherman, Carrie C.. Tracy, wife of Abraham Sherman, 1865-1929
Sherman, Elisha, son of Wm. & Lydia Sherman, died Feb.15,1820,ae.2 mos.-11 days.
Sherman, Eliza A., wife of Levi Sherman, 1831-1909- small marker,"Born in Bennington, Vt."
Sherman, Levi S., 1827-1907. small marker, "Born in Pownal,Vt."
Sherman, Lydia, wife of William Sherman, died Jan.18,1842,ae.41 yrs-8 mos-1d.
Sherman, Maria, wife of William Sherman, died Apr.30,1977 ae. 74 years.
Sherman, Mary A., dau. of L.E. & E.A. Sherman, died Sept.4,1865,ae.6 yr.-7 mos.
Sherman, William, born at Pownal, Vt., Aug.18, 1796- died Aug.12,1875.
Sherman, Infant son of William & L. Sherman, died Nov.25,1821,aged 2 days.
Sibley, Arthur P., 1864-1940
Sibley, Isabelle G. MitchelI, wife of Arthur Sibley, 1873-1948
Silco, Christina M., 1956-1964
Sims, Angelica Hicks, wife of John W.Sims, born Jun. 1,1815 - died July 31,1876.
Sims, Deborah,died Feb19,1859,aged 80 years. (On Wm. Sims Monument)
Sims, Ftancis A.,"Little", (on Wm. Sims Monument, no dates)
Sims, James, July 9,1802-Jan.4,1904
Sims, John W., died Dec.1,1874, aged 63 years. (on Wm.Sims mon.)
Sims, Louisa M.,1832-1862, (on James Sims monument)
Sims, Nary, 1842-1907. (on Wm. Sims monument)
Sims, Nary P. Goodwin, wife of James Sims, born Nov.5, 1818-died May 1,1887
Sims, Sabrah Blodgett, wife of James Sims, Dec 28.,1803-March 9, 1859.
Sims, Sarah A., dau. of James & wife of E.B.Beers,1833-1908
Sims, S. Josephine, 1846-1904. (on James Sims monument)
Sims, William, died Dec.30,1864, aged 95 yrs.
Skiff, Almira, died Sept.1,1887,ae. 80 yrs. (next to Justus Skiff)
Skiff, Almira, died May 13,1873,aged 65 yrs.-3 mon. (next to Caleb S.)
Skiff, Arvin, died March 2 or 3,1850, in his 81st year.
Skiff, Caleb, died Oct.11,1868,aged 66 yrs.-7 mos.
Skiff, Francis A., died Sept.20,1849,aged 11 mos. (next to Caleb & Almira)
Skiff, John C., son of Arvin & Sally Skiff, died Sept.16,1831, aged 20 years-8 mos.-4 days.
Skiff, John C., died Oct.l1,1556,aged 25 years. (with Caleb & Almira)
Skiff, Justus, died Jun. 16,1835,aged 31 years. (with Arvin & Sally S.)
Skiff, Sally, wife of Arvin Skiff, died Nov.17,1845,aged 74 or 84 yrs.
Skiff, S.Seymour, died Jan.19,1853,aged 24 yrs. (with Caleb & Almira S.)
Skiff, Walter C., died Sept.27,1870,aged 36 yearn. (next to Justus)
Smith, Earl H., 1884-1936
Smith, Lena Hyatt, 1883-1967
Snow, Henry J., son of Ira & Pamelia Snow, died Aug.21,1864,aged 5yr-6m-11d
Soule, Aura Winchester, wife of G.L. Soule, died Jan.28,1875,aged 65 yrs.
Soule, Catherine, died Dec.30,1859,aged 83 yrs. (next to Nathan Soule)
Soule, Charles L.,1850 - (never filled in)
Soule, Georgia, 1846-1925 (with Charles L.)
Soule, Gilbert L., died Dec.14,1894,aged 80 yr..
Soule, James M., Co.G2,NY Cav., died July 17,1891,ae.47 years.
Soule, Julia Ann, died Mar.1,1878,aged 72 years.
Soule, Nathan, died April 19,1850,aged 75 yrs-8 mos.
Spaulding, George A., 1853-1936
Spaulding, Lydia M., ... -1887
Spaulding, M.Ward, 1886,aged 4 months
Stephens, Lucy A., Apr. 20, 1815-Apr.29,1899,aged 84 years.
Stern, Richard H., 1939-1957
Stiles, Emily, wife of J.D.Stiles, died Oct. 4 (?),1539 (?) illegible
Stiles, James, son of Lamon & Martha Stiles, died Sept,27,1846,age i 3 yrs.- 4 mos.- 9 days.
Stiles, Lamon.H., died Feb.28,1852,aged 31 years.
Stiles, Martha, wife of Lamon Stiles, died Apr.18,1861,aged 40 years.
Stiles, Ralph W.,son of J.D.Stiles, died July3,1831,aged 14 years.
Stone, Benjamin, died July 5,1839,aged 76 years.
Stone, Mary S., died Dec.20,1846,aged 43 years.
Sweetland, Caleb, died June 15,1803, in the 35th year of his age.
(This was the first burial in what became South Cemetery, being on Caleb Sweetland's farm)
Sweetland, E.Wells, died June 29,1844,aged 36 years. (next to Samuel S.)
Sweetland, Eleazer,Col.,died Sept.2,1845,aged 73 years (?)(stone down)
Sweetland, James, son of H. S. Sweetland, died June 23,1822,aged 7 days.
Sweetland, Jane, dan. of Harry (?) & Sophronia Sweetland, died March 24th,1819, aged 2 days. (stone down and scaled off; assembled fragments to read).
Sweetland, Jerusha, wife of Samuel Sweetland, died Sept.15,1848, in 69th yr.
Sweetland, Sarah, wife of Col. E. Sweetland, died March 4,1865, in 88th yr.
Sweetland, Samuel, died Feb. 3,1824, in his 44th year.
Sweetland, Samuel E., son gf Samuel & Jerusha Sweetland, died Oct.27,1847,ae.34
Two more Sweetland stones , one scaled off and illegible; the other face down.

Taylor, G. Washington, 1824-1909
Taylor, Caroline Loomis, his wife, 1833-1911
Thresher, Almena E., wife of James Thresher, died Nov.2,1849, in 58th yr.
Thresher, James (probably), stone down and illegible, died Nov.20,1870, in his 84th year
Tillotson, Margaret Kellogg, died Nov.19,1862, aged 52 years.

VanTine, Frederick P., New York,Sgt.,Air Service, Dec.Z1,1888-April 15, 1944

Wagoner, Henry J., 1852-1910
Ward, C. Edgar, 1861-1949
Ward, C. Edgar, 1898-
Ward, Lilian E., 1868-1944
Ward, Clara C., 1904-
Warren, Adlbert R., 1851-1927
Warren, Ellen M., 1856-1939
Warren, Lena M., 1882-1941
Webber, Julius, died May 4,1832, ( dates embedded in ground)
Webber, Nary E., dau. of Julius & Phebe Webber, died March 8,1833, aged 10 years- 2 months.
Webler, Elizabeth, born June 4,1756- died March 4,1857, aged 101 y.-9 m.
Webster, Eldad, (born 1773) died Sept.6,1851,aged 78 yrs.
Webster, Hattie Jepson, 1864-1955,(wife of Pillsbury)
Webster, Helen Davidson, 1899-1932
Webster, Paul Amos, 1902-1955
Webster, Pillsbury Amos, 1855-1934
Webster, Lydia, wife of Eldad Webster, died Jan.12,1832, aged 58 yrs.
Webster, Nary, died March 3,1866,aged 89 yrs.
Wells, Addie, dau. of W.P. and Nary Wells, died Apr 17, 1859, aged 7y 8m.
Wells, Asa G., of Granby, Vt., died March 8, 1964, aged 26 yrs.
Wells, Nary Wells, born Aug.30, 1817, died June 21,1879.
Wells, William P., born March 2, 1810, died Feb. 3, 1877.
White, Eliza, died Oct. 9,1886, aged 65 years. (dau. of Joel)
White, Frank I.Lamb, wife of Thomas White, May 24, 1852-May 11,1924
White, Harriet, died June 2, 1888, aged 68 years. (dau. of Joel)
White, Jeannette T., 1863-1954, dau. of J.Perry & Caroline T. White.
White, Joel, died Sept.6, 1855, aged 6? yrs.
White, John, Nov. 3, 1815 - Apr.10, 1889.
White, Libbie P., 1865 - 1956, dau. of J.Perry & Caroline T. White.
White, Ruth,(Perry) wife of Joel White, died Dec.28, 1873, aged 84 yrs.
White, Sarah Ann, dau. of Joel & Ruth White, died June 10, 1823, aged 12y 2m 12 days.
White, Sarah A. Holt, wife of John White, Nov.27, 1824 - Jan.10, 1906
White, Thomas H., May 20, 1851 - June 25, 1926. (son of John & Sarah White)
White, Infant dau, of Joel & Ruth White, (stone embedded)
Wilcox, Alice E., died Nov. 2, 1862, aged 10 days.
Williams, Ann Eliza, dau. of Horace & Naomi...(Illegible)
Williams, Amanda, wife of Horace Williams, died June 6, 1832, aged 31 yrs.
Williams, Bethiah, wife of James Williams, died Nov.24, 1855, aged 91 yr.
Williams, Charles, son of Horace & Amanda Williams, died .... 1842(?)
Williams, Dorcas, wife of Jas. Williams, died May 24, 1830, ae. 61 years.
Williams, Elisha, one of the first settlers of this town, died Apr. 27, 1846, aged 81 yrs.
Williams, Eunice, wife of Joseph Williams, died Oct.12, 1829, ae. 82 yr.
Williams, George M., son of Horace & Amanda Williams, died Oct.16, 1847, aged 19y 9 m.
Williams, Hannah, Mrs., wife of Joseph Williams, Jr., died May 6, 1822 in the 55th year of her age.
Williams, James, died May 23, 1849, aged 83 year..
Williams, Joseph, Lieut., a Veteran of the Revolution for Independence in the U.S. of America, died Nov 11, 1837, ae 93y 10 m.
Williams, Joseph, Jr., died July 20,1850, aged 88 yrs.
Williams, Kyron, 1875-1949
Williams, Naomi, wife of Horace Williams, died Oct.11, 1844, aged 42 (?) yrs.
Williams, Pamelia, dan. of Horace & Naomi Williams, died June 6,1843, aged 7y 2m 4d.
Williams, Robert E., 1905-1969
Woodworth, Rosena N., dau.... illegible, died Oct. 21, 1877, ae 1y 8m.

    In the older part of this well kept cemetery there are several places where room for several markers exist between stones of the same family. It seems that all burials made here are not on this list, but only those of remaining markers. Some have fallen or been broken and removed.

Transcribed and contributed by Doug Ingalls, 1999.
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