Peck Hill Cemetery

Peck Hill Cemetery

Town of Cazenovia, Madison County
Peck Hill Road District #4 short distance from school

Hesler, Nancy, wife of Henry Hesler d. Feb. 8,(2), 1842 ae 52y
Hesler, ----- wife of Henry Hesler d. Dec, 2, 1852 ae 99 (stone broken and down-rest illegible)

Lovejoy, Albert H,. son of Henry(Harvey) abd Clarissa Lovejoy, d. Aug. 28, 1849 ae 3-8-27

Monk, Casper - d. Aug. 27, 1848, in 58th yr of his age.

Phinney, Huldah, wife of Isaac Phinney, d. July 10, 1853-4 ae 73(79) (?)y-11m-19d
Phinney, Isaac - d. Aug. 5(15), 1860(stone down) (See Phinney or Finney or Gen.)
Preston, Ephraim d. 1845 ae 78y
Preston, Mary Ann, his wife, ae 73- 1846

Rickard(Richards), John d. Aug. 5, 1855 ae 82y-28d
Rickard, Catherine, wife of John Rickard, d. Apr. 28, 1860 ae 79y-20d

Trimback, Catherine, wife of Isaac Trimback d. Mar. 23, 1847 ae 58y
another stone on lot- down and broken- face down

This plot quite large and perhaps are other burial which have become obliterated (Compiled by C.M. Gallup-1950)

Transcribed and contributed by Doug Ingalls, 1998.
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