Town of Hamilton, Madison Street Cemetery - Civil War Soldiers

Town of Hamilton
Village of Hamilton
Madison St. Cemetery

Civil War Veterans

Appleford, William
Bassett, Charles B.F 176NYInf11/8/62 Eaton 34-11/16/63 mo/co1827-1911
Bates, Mark N.I 184NYInf9/5/64 Granby 20-6/29/65 mo/co1844-1933
Beckwith, David L. (Capt)E 101NYInf11/16/61 Utica 27-diswds 12/24/62 (subserv.VRC)1834-1879
Beckwith, Samuel Capt11 ILLReg

"Grant's Shadow, military telegrapher and cipher operator to Gen.U.S.Grant 1862-1866. He was the only man at headquarters who was intrusted with the key to the cipher in which dispatches to and from the commanding general were received and sent. He carried with Fidelity the Secrets of the Union."
Brainerd, Frederick
Brown, Benjamin C.A 1NYArt8/20/62 Brookfield 34-3/23/631829-1898
Brownell, Hamilton
Childs, Chauncey E.D 10NYCav1/26/64 Georgetown 18-6/24/65 to 1NYProvCav1847-1909
Chilson, Charles S.(A157NYInf)8/24/62 Hamilton 44-disdis 4/16/63 Flag1817-1868
Clark, John W.B 144NYInf8/30/64 Masonville 25-hospital 12/28/64 dis.nd1839-1916
Cobb, George P.K 2NYArt1/8/64 Utica 18-9/29/65 mo/co1846-1874
Coultis, W. H. (2)LtC 61NYInf8/15/61 Hamilton 28-wia 6/1/62 Fair Oaks,Va.dow1832-1862

dow 6/23/62 Phil.Pa. "Wounded at Fair Oaks,Va.Jun.1 died in hospital Phila.Jun.23,1862 ae 29yrs."
Fisher, Wm. Henry(D26NYInf)5/7/61 Utica 22-kia 12/13/62 Fredericksburg,Va.?

"Died Dec.13,1862 ae 2? yrs. Truly his sun went down at noon"
Given, William C.I 5USCav
Hazeltine,Edward S. Cpl(F)157NYInf8/27/62 Lebanon 33-dod 10/30/62 Fairfax,Va.1829-1862

"Died in Va. Oct.31,1862 ae 33yrs."
Johnson, Chas. J.(F3NYArt)7/31/63 Clinton 22-nfr since 10/29/63 GAR1844-1885
Kingsley, C. B.E 64NYInf8/28/63 Oswego 26-7/13/65 hospitalno date
Lamphere, Charles H.H 121NYInf8/14/62 Fairfield 22-VRC-no date-11/11/651840-1881
Lee, JohnG 78NYInf
Lewis, RichardA 1NYArt9/10/64 Stockbridge 32-6/28/65 mo/co1832-1897
Lloyd, PeterE 81NYInf10/1/61 Waterville 36-VRC 8/8/631819-1896
Mannorman, Geo."Sailor on "Quaker City""
Mathews, Jerome B.H 13NYArt12/17/63 Lebanon 18-trans-7/18/65 6NYArt1846-1918

(I 6NYArt) 7/27/65-8/24/65 mo/co
McGraw, Franklin E.H 13NYArt12/17/63 Hamilton 18-trans-7/18/65 6NYArt1847-1906

(M 6NYArt) 7/18/65-8/24/65 mo/co
Merrifield, Willis A.A 176NYInf11/28/62 Lebanon 25-5/16/63 mo/co1838-1890

1Sgt D 189NYInf8/27/64 Hamilton 28-5/30/65 mo/co
Olmstead, HiramK 5(NY)Art8/9/62 Turin 20-6/26/651843-1917
Plumb, William M.A 176NYInf11/8/62 Hamilton 39-11/16/63 mo/co1825-1875
Riddell, Rudolph R. CaptG 61NYInf10/14/61 NYCity 17-7/14/65 mo/co1846-1912

"Medal of Honor-BvtLtCol USV"
Russell, Henry (Sgt)H 17NYInf5/3/61 Norwich 21-6/2/63 mo/cono date
Sherman, W. C.A 157NYInf8/6/62 Hamilton 21-7/10/65 mo/co1841-1867
Smethurst, RichardOhio Vols
Smith, Henry C.A 157NYInf7/22/62 Hamilton 21-7/10/65 mo/co1841-1886
Smith, LeroyD 26NY(Inf)5/7/61 Utica 20-5/28/63 mo/co1842-1866

2nd enlistment (H 3NYArt)12/28/63 Hamilton 22-6/24/65 mo/co
Smith, Parlay R.H 14(NY)Art11/6/63 Utica 19-8/26/65 mo/co1842-1904
Smith, William H.A 157NYInf8/21/62 Hamilton 42-disdis 11/22/621820-1901
Steinberg, HiramE 22NYCav12/24/63 Madison 18-8/1/65 mo/co1845-1900
Steinburg, ChaunceyM 2NYCav9/8/64 Norwich 30-6/5/65 mo/co1847-1891
Stone, Geo. Harmon
Underhill, Chas. W. CaptG 114NYInf7/22/62 Hamilton 22-6/8/65 mo/co1839-1925
VanNorman, Geo. Sailor (US Navy)"Quaker City"1833-1884
Waldron, George R.F 157NYInf9/5/62 Hamilton 44-disdis 8/21/631814-1893
Warriner, Eugene J.I 3NYCav9/4/64 New Lisbon 18-6/7/651848-1909
Weed, Lafayette L. (Cpl)G 61NYInf10/4/61 NYCity 26-diswds 10/29/621835-1884
Welton, Fred. F. CplC 14RegtCV"Died near Falmouth,Va. March 22,1863 ae 20yrs"1843-1863
Wilber, James W.ILL Inf
Wright, HiramC 53ILLInf
Younglove, FrederickA 176NYInf11/8/62 Hamilton 29-11/16/63 mo/co1833-1892

D 184NYInf8/30/64 Lebanon 30-6/16/65 mo/co

Service records from: NY State Adjutant General Reports

disdis: discharged disability
diswds: discharged wounds
mo/co: mustered out with company/battery
( ): info located from records (I may have left out some abbrev's.

Remember that some stones are difficult to read and some stones may have been missed in the search.
Indexed 6/18/65
These listings courtesy of Charles Shaw, August, 2003.

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