Town of Cazenovia, Farnham Cemetery

Farnham Cemetery

(aka: Atwell, O. M. Edwards Farm)
Off Grassy Lane Rd 2300 ft W of int. of NY 20, 40 names (*1946 Infant).
Town of Cazenovia - Off Route 20

Buell, Joseph N., son of W. and B. Buell, d. Aug, 21, 1853 ae 9y

Cunningham, Emmons L., son of William and Sally- died Aug. 19, 1846 ae 13y

Farnham, Jonathon - d. July 11, 1851 ae 71y
Farnham, Martha, wife of Jonathon, d. May 21, 1826 ae 45y
Farnham, Sylvia Pease, wife of Jonathan, and former wife of Joseph Norton d. Sept. 29, 1862 ae 78y
Farnham, Abby, wife of Preston Farnham-d. Jan. 27, 1882 ae 49y
Farnham, Peston J., d. Dec. 14, 1858 ae 47y (stone down)
Farnham, Polly, wife of Preston J. Farnham-d. Jume 1, 1848 ae 38y (stone down)
Farnham, Laura, dau. of Jonathon and M. Farhnam-d. May 3, 1824 ae 4m-17d
Farnham, Polly Martha, dau. of Jonathon and M.- d. Oct. 23, 1828 ae 12y-1m-24d
Farnham, Polly, dau. of Jonathon and M.- d. Aug. 27, 1816 ae 12y-6m
Farnham, Peter(Farham) - d. July 7, 1847 ae 46y
Farnham, Caleb (Farham) - d. Feb. 28, 1852 (rest illegible)
Fish, Eliza, wife of L. Fish- d. Aug. 18, 1826 ae 24y
Froman, Anna, wife of John Froman- d. Feb. 24, 1832 ae 38y

Hays, Zenas - d. Jan. 7, 1837 ae 77y- Rev. Soldier
Hays, Sarah, wife of Zenas- d. May 17, 1865 ae 89y

Markers only- R.L.; E.T.; R.T.; L.T.; S.T.

Marsh, Lovisia, wife of William Marsh- d. Aug. 23, 1847 ae54y
Miner, Albertie, dau. of Leslie and Francelia Miner- d. Dec. 1, 1878 ae 12y

Norton, Philo - d. Oct. 30, 1857 ae 48y
Norton, Marta Eltor, wife of Philo Norton- d. Dec. 6, 1858 (rest illegible-stone down)
Norton, Elbertine Frances, dau. of Philo and Martha-d. Sept. 26, 1841 (?) ae 3y-6m-12d

Another stone face down on lot

Norton, Joseph - d. Oct. 9, 1823 ae 71y

Potter, William Delos, son of Elery and Maria Potter-d. Jan. 17, 1844 ae 17y
Potter, Harriet - d. Feb. 2, 1855 ae 34y
Potter, Elery - d. Nov. 29, 1872 ae 78y

Reed, John M. d. Oct. 26, 1845 ae 70y
Reed, Sally, wife of John N. - d. Feb. 1, 1844 ae 66y
Reed, Sally, wife of John Reed - d. July 1, 1827 ae 24y

35 burials- 1st Polly Farnam 1816 - last Abby Farnam 1882

These listings courtesy of the late Doug Ingalls..

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