Cemetery 17

Cemetery 17

Cemetery (No.17.) on the Bingley Road near Edward Wilson's farm, about 2 miles west of the Fenner Four Corners, dedicated July 4,1832, C. Cushing, surveyor.

The Cemetery 17 also needs to be compared with the Town of Fenner Cemeteries. There are several cemeteries in the Town of Fenner that I have seen on the way to Wampsville/Oneida that I have located but not yet visited. This cemetery is probably one of them. I am quite sure that the this is the Munger Cemetery in the Farm Cemetery listing (doing a quick comparison).

One of the peculiarites of travel in Madison County is that a road can change name when it crosses an intersection. This confused me for a time but I have became used to name changes.

At one time Ingalls Corners Road was Palmer Road. Ingalls Corners Road becomes Tuttle Road on crossing Oxbow Road. Ingalls Corners is at the intersection of Buyea Road and Eddy Road since that is where the first Ingalls farm was located.

A serious researcher needs the 1853 map, the 1875 map, and the present day map. The latter is free at the Highway Deaprtment and the MCHS can help with the former. Copies of the 1875 Atlas can also be found at the Oneida Public Library.

Cook, little David, only son of B.B.and S.P., d.May 5, 1854.

Fay, Locretia E. wife of John P., d. Nov.21, 1813, ae 33 yrs.
Fay, Electa, wife of John P., d. Oct.30, 1842, ae 50 y.11 m.
Fay, Benjamin, d. Dec.10, 1873, ae 90 yrs.
Fay, Annah, wife of Benj.,d. Feb.2, 1853, ae 69 y,4 m. 17 ds.

Gillett, Richard E., d. Jan.29, 1855, ae 42 yrs.
Gillett, Delia Cook, wife of Richard E., d. Nov.14, 1884, ae 77 yrs.
Gillett, Rosa J., dau. of R.E.and D., d. July 6, 1865, ae 15 yrs.
Gillett, Jedediah P., d. Mch.4, 1881., ae 43 yrs.

Keeler, Estella G., wife of Clayton, d. June 10, 1880, ae 23 yrs.

Lounsbuny, James, d. Oct.1, 1868, ae 86 yrs.
Lounsbuny, Sally, wife of James, d. Apr. 17 ,1862 (on ground).
Loomis, George, d. May 22, 1876, ae 70 yrs.
Loomis, Mary Stafford, his wife, d. Feb.26, 1876, ae 64 ye. (on ground)

Marshall, Frederick H., b. Apr.6, 1839.
Marshall, Fannie Stoker, his wife, d. June 23, 1845, d. Oct.1, 1883.
Marshall, Frederick H., b.June 4, 1868, d. June 28, 1877.
Munger, Elizabeth, wife of Jonathon, d.Oct.26, 1839, ae 51 yrs.
Munger, Mary J., d.Feb.27, 1842. ae 27 yrs.
Munger, Linus d. Aug.18, 1842, ae 29 yrs.

Phillips, Peter, d.Feb.15,1854, ae 42 yrs. (st.on ground).

Smith, Horace S., son of Herman and Julia, .d.1846 ae 8 yra.

Wilson, Edward, d.Apr.4, 1860, ae 71 yrs.
Wilson, Betsey, wife of Edward, d.May 26, 1861 , ae 71 yrs.
Wilson, Thomas, d.June 25, 1844, ae 68 yrs.
Woodworth, Albert H., d.Dec.I2, 1860, ae 84 yrs , 10 mos.
Woodworth, Esther C. Barrett, his wife, d. Sep.11, 1857, ae 25 yrs.
Woodworth, Luther G. d.May 18,1841, ae 31 yrs.
Woodworth, Sarah, wife of Luther, d.Feb.5, 1835, ae 21 yrs.
Woodworth, Harriette L., wife of Luther, d. June 7, 1846, ae 33 yrs.
Woodworth, Mary Alice, eldest dau. of Hiram G.and Sarah W., d.Jan.15, 1866.

Copied by Mrs.George A.Page, Skenandoah Ch., Oneida, N.Y.
Mrs.Clinton R.Baker, Skenandoah Ch., Oneida, N.Y.
Scanned and edited by the late (1999) Douglas J. Ingalls
29 October 1997
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