Ballou Cemetery

Ballou Cemetery, (abandoned.)

South of Perryville, Madison Co., N.Y. near Fenner Four Cor., on Chittenango Road to Nelson. Right hand side, and in very bad shape.

Ballou, Col. Arnold,b.Mch.26,1772, Smithfield, R.I. d.Oct.10, 1833, ae 61 yrs, 6 mo, 13 days. He was son of Moses Ballou and was Col. in the American Army and served in the late War, Also large monument repeats inscription.
Nancy Cook,his wife, dau of Judge David Cook, b. Jan.20, 1784, in Adams, Mass., d.May 31, 1857, ae 73 yrs, 4 mos. 11 days, Town of Fenner, Mad. Co., NY.
Ballou, Arnold, d. Mch. 27, 1851, ae 33 yrs 2 mos.
Ballou, Arnold, son of Quincy A.and Mary J., d.Jan.9, 1868, ae 13 yrs.
Ballou, Diana C., dau. of Welcome and Susan, d. Nov 1822 (stone on ground)
Ballou, Eva Lillian, inf.Dau.of Quincy and Mary J., b. June 3, 1849 d. Sep.12, 1850.
Ballou, Fenner,son of Arnold nd Nancy,-- rest of Inscription under ground
Ballou, Monterey, b. Oct 10, 1821, d. Aug 9, 1824.
Ballou, b. Oct.10, 1821, d. Aug.9, 1824. Shevalier and Monterey were twin sons of Arnold and Nancy.
Ballou, Quincy, d.Jan.29, 1858, ae 23 yrs, 16 days.
Ballou, Quincy, b.Oct.30, 1866. (rest illegible.)
Ballou, Welcome, son or Wm. and Ruth, d.Mch 9, 1826, ae 27 yrs. 6 mos.,
Gillett, Clinton Ballou ,son of Miner and Carolin, d.June 23, 1844 ae 5 yrs.
Gillett, David M. 1804 - 1872.
Haight, David B., d.Feb.5, 1890, ae 88 yrs.
Orvilla B., dau.of Col. Arnold Ballou, d.Dec.26, 1866, ae 62 yrs, 4 mo, 28 days.
Haight, Lettie, dau.of A.D. and Mariam, d.Feb.2, 1866, ae 2 yrs.
Whipple, Samuel H.
Arminia Ballou, his wife, Fenner, Nov.20, 1847, ae 39 yrs.
Woodworth, Miner G., son of L. and F., d., May 24, 1876, ae 3 yrs. (stone broken.)
Copied by Mr.George A. Page, Historian & Chmn.Gen.Com.
Mrs.M.S.Markham, Vice Regent,
Mrs.C.R.Baker, Registrar,
Compiled by Mrs. G. A. Page
Skenandoah Chapter D.A.R.
Oneida, N.Y.
Scanned and edited by the late Douglas J.Ingalls
25 October 1997
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