Town of Cazenovia, Abandoned Cemeteries

Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY

Compiled by WillamTuttle

Near Town of Sullivan line.

Lovejoy, Adelbert son of Harvey and Clarissa d. Aug.28, 1849 age 3
Preston, Ephraim d. 1845 age 78, wife of Mary Ann d. 1846 age 73
Rickard, John d.8-5-1855 age 82y,28dys. wife Catharine d.Apr.28,1860
Hesler, Nancy wife of Henry d.Feb.8,1842 age 52 age 70y,20dys.
Phinney, Hulda wife of Isaac d. July 10, age -- stone broken.
Trimbook, Catherine wife of Isaac d. Mar.23,1847 age 58.

Peth Cemetery

On S side of Peth Rd 2300 ft W of (aka: Hesler, Peck Hill Road) West Lake Rd, 30 names, 36 burials. Town of Cazenovia.

A more complete census below. Clezzie Gallup visited many cemeteries in Madison County. As usual there are variations between the two lists.

Peck Hill Cemetery
Peck Hill Road District #4 - short distance from School
Town of Cazenovia

Hesler, Nancy, wife of Henry Hesler d. Feb. 8(2), 1842 ae 52y
_____, wife of Henry Hesler d. Dec. 2, 1852 ae 99 (stone down and broken-rest illegible)

Lovejoy, Albert H., son of Henry (Harvey) and Clarissa Lovejoy, d. Aug. 28, 1849 ae 3-8-27

Monk, Casper - d. Aug. 27, 1848, in 58th yr of his age.

Phinney, Huldah, wife of Isaac Phinney, d. July 10,1853-4 ae 73(79)(?)y-11m-19d
Phinney, Isaac - d. Aug. 5(15), 1860 (stone down) (See Phinneyor Finney Gen.)
Preston, Ephraim d. 1845 ae 78y
Preston, Mary Ann, his wife, ae 73- 1846

Rickard (Richards), John d. Aug. 5, 1855 ae 82y-28d
Rickard, Catherine, wife of John Rickard, d. Apr. 28, 1860 ae 58y

Trinback, Catherine, wife of Isaac Trimback d. Mar. 23, 1847 ae 58y
Another stone on lot - down and broken- face down

This plot quite large and perhaps are other burial which have become obliterated. (Compiled by C.M. Gallup - 1950)

On upper road between Chittenango and Cazenovia

Identified by J. Rush Marshall as the Merriam Cemetery (aka: North Cazenovia, Cook)
On W side of Ridge Rd 1200 ft S of Stanley Rd, 32 names, 46 burials.
Town of Cazenovia.

Adams, Edgar O. d.11-5-1864 age 54, wife Maria d.10-14-1840 age 26
Cook, Theodocia wife of Capt.Jesse d.Jan.4,1827 age 79.
Cook, Serad d.10-11-1842 age 79y 8mo. Vet.Rev.War. on Pension roll.
Parmelee, Chas.G. aged 46 Stone broken.
Parmelee, Chas. Jr. d.1-12-1843 age 55. Wife Patty d. 12-20-1872 age 80.

On West side of Cazenovia Lake
(Burr Cemetery)

Andrus, Eveline d. Oct.1,1850 age 44. Wife of Alex.Donaldson.
Andrus, William d.2-4-1835 age 77y 8 mo. wife Roselle d. 10-28-1854 age 90y.
Andrus, Lucretia wife of William d.Mar2,1842 age 43.
Corwin, Phebe wife of Dea.Phineas d.Sep14,1838 age 90.
Gillete, Gertrude dau of D.W. and N.N. d.Mar.5,1848 age 2y 9mo.
Marshall, Ahida d. Sept.28,1842 age 52.
Marshall, Mary d. Jan.11,1854 age 21
Marshall, Ahira Jr. d. May 27, 1854 age 17
Marshall, Susanna d.June 5, 1822 age 90
Marshall, Sarah wife of Someon d. Apr.9,1850 age 83
Taylor, William d. Feb.12,1845 age 72

William Taylor is given in Bracy as being buried on the west side of the lake. There is an error in that Ahida is given in one instance while Ahira is listed later. Bracy's listing for the family suggest that Ahira is the proper name. Furthermore the listing of the family agrees with Bracy.

These listings courtesy of the late Doug Ingalls (1999).

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