City of Oneida, NY pictures
Oneida, NY Pictures

Kenwood: Oneida Community "Big House" (Mansion House) *
Kenwood: Mansion House c. 1940
Kenwood: Mansion House 1950
Kenwood: Oneida Community Silk Mill *
Kenwood: Oneida Community Silk Mill - pre-1911
Kenwood: Oneida Community Store *
Kenwood: Oneida Community Trap Factory - 1915
Kenwood: Sunset Lake
Oneida: Allen Park 1930
Oneida: Broad St. Hospital *
Oneida: Broad St. Hospital c. 1913
Oneida: Broad St. Hospital 1922
Oneida: Borad St. & Washington Ave. c. 1919
Oneida: Canal feeder, Main and Elizabeth Streets
Oneida: Canal feeder, Main St. c. 1906
Oneida: Centennial Parade 1906
Oneida: Chappell, Chase, Maxwell & Co. Billing Head 1882 - Undetaking supplies
Oneida: City Park c. 1910
Oneida: Crystal Lake sunrise c. 1908
Oneida: C.W. Chappell residence c. 1913
Oneida: Drake Block
Oneida: Eagle Hotel - pre 1915
Oneida: E. J. Sturdevant fruit & confectionary store
Oneida: Elizabeth St. school
Oneida: Elks Club c. 1917
Oneida: Episcopal Church c. 1908
Oneida: Fire Station
Oneida: Fire Station c. 1910
Oneida: First Baptist Church c. 1909
Oneida: First Methodist Church c. 1943
Oneida: General/Grocery store interior c. 1910
Oneida: Golf Clubhouse c. 1910
Oneida: High School c. 1905
Oneida: High School c.1917 - Located on Elizabeth St.; currently standing but vacant
Oneida: Hotel Oneida - Main Street and Lenox Avenue
Oneida: Hotel Oneida ca. 1940
Oneida: Indian Church formerly on Route 46 between Oneida and Stockbridge *
Oneida: Indian Church & School Rt. 46 - pic/notes provided by Myrtle Hollingsworth Weeks
Oneida: Madison Street celebration c.1910
Oneida: Madison Theater, Madison St.
Oneida: Madison Street
Oneida: Main St. - Business section - 1941
Oneida: Main St. - Business section - 1950s
Oneida: Main St., looking south
Oneida: Main St., snowbound c. 1909
Oneida: Main Street Trolley Stop #21
Oneida: Main and Cedar Streets
Oneida: Main Street, Madison Street (to the left of horses in street) - winter
Oneida: Main Street - c. 1905
Oneida: New York Central Railroad Depot
Oneida: New York Central Railroad Depot
Oneida: New York Central Railroad Depot c. 1908
Oneida: New York Central Depot c. 1909
Oneida: New York Ontario & Western Railroad Depot - c.1909
Oneida: North Broad Street school - c. 1920
Oneida: Old Ladies Home, c. 1917
Oneida: Oneida City Hospital - c. 1954
Oneida: Oneida National Casket Factory - pre-1907
Oneida: Post Office Main St.; now located on Ferrier Ave.
Oneida: North Broad Street school - c. 1920
Oneida: Savoy Apartments c. 1912
Oneida: Spring Street canal feeder
Oneida: St. Patricks Church
Oneida: State Police Troop D barracks - 1950s
Oneida: Telephone Co. offices - Lenox Ave. - c.1930
Oneida: Train Wreck c.1911
Oneida: Train Wreck c.1911 - Eagle Hotel in background
Oneida: Triangle Park c. 1932
Oneida: Upper Broad St. - c. 1930
Oneida: Warner Bldg. fire, Vanderbilt Ave. (I'll find the date)

 Note:  * - provided courtesy of D. Porter

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