Wood Cemetery Town of Eaton
Wood Cemetery

2 miles northwest of Pratt's Hollow, near the junction of the towns of:
Smithfield, Stockbridge & Eaton. On Sumner Gill Road.

WOOD, Eli	                     d. 12 Nov 1830  ae 78yr 
       Rhoda, relict of Eli    d. 15 Apr 1841  ae 88yr 
       Naomi, wf Eli Jr.       d.  6 Oct 1845  ae 64yr 

Sacred to the memory of three Sisters - WOOD, Martha d. 14 July 1834 ae 22yr Naomi d. 6 May 1839 ae 2lyr Emily d. 5 May 1839 ae 18yr Daughters of Eli & Naomi Wood

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