Old West Eaton Cemetery (aka Taynter)
Old West Eaton Cemetery
(aka Tayntor)

1-1/2 miles west of West Eaton. School District #3. This is a very old cemetery in an orchard on the hill above West Eaton, toward the old Jessie & Rob Jones place.
OMANS, George Riley             d. 9 Apr 1849 ae 21yr 

The following stones have all fallen- FOSTER, Samuel d. 30 Jan 1848 ae 60yr

HOPKINS, Cornelia, dau Parley & Sally d. 11 Nov 1827 Elizabeth dau same d. 9 Apr 1823 ae 1y1m19d Sally, dau same d. 1 Fob 1821 ae mn21d

stone broken - Mr. RLHY KINS (probably Parley Hopkins)

TAYNTOR, Margaret E, , dau Lomzo Louisa d. 10 Apr 1852 ae 2y7m8d

PARKER, Adolphus, son Win. L. Y Hannah d. 2 July 1843(8) ae 13yr WESTCOTT, Salem, son Paul & Elizabeth d. 12 Oct 1848 ae 18y6m Paul d. 17 Aug 1847 ae 57yr Jeremiah J., son Jeremiah & Julia A. d. 1 July 1824 ae 16(?) Jeremiah d. 18 Mar 1852 ae 56yr

Following on two halves of broken stone:

TAYNTOR, Joseph J. Dec 22, 1846 - H. Tayntor (Rufus H.?) aged 75yr died Abigail, his wife 1847 d. June 18, 1838 aged 57yr

Rufus H., son John (Joseph) & Abigail d. 21 Aug 1841(7) ae 21yr. This stone beside the broken one above.

HATCH, Ira L. (B) d. 21 May 1849 ae 38yr [b. Egremont. Mass. 1790. Son of Benj.]

BENNETT, David d. 11 Nov 1852 ae 78yr Amy, his wife d. 30 Mm- 1852 ae 78yr

BUCKLEY, Joseph F. son Dwight & Orpha (stone broken before date) Another son, matching design of above, as follows: Albert E. (must be Buckley) 3 May 1848 (no age)

HUTCHINS, Asa V. son Horace & Lucretia d. 22 July 1841 ae 4yr

HOPKINS, G. Addiner (?) son Isaac & Jerusha d. 28 Feb 1840 ae 6yr

Emmarett, dau Daniel & Mary Jane d. 27 Aug 1852 ae 3y4m21d William d. 26 July 1855 ae 90yr Patience, wf d. 6 Sept 1839 ae 63yr

This cemetery has grown up to apple trees, and there is no fence, thus the farmer's cattle roam through it at will.

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