Farm Cemetery Town of Eaton
Eaton Farm Cemetery

Located between the "Stone School" and Eaton

BAITS, Jonathan                 d. 20 Apr 1827 ae 72yr       REV. SOLDIER 
       Elizabeth, wife          d. 25 Apr 1827 ae 77yr 
         (Graves marked by James Madison Chapter D.A.R.) 

[Elizabeth Baits was the 1st white woman in the town of Lebanon]

BATES, Jay, son of Hory B. & Electa P. d. 22 Sept 1825 ae 8days

GILLET, Simeon d. 19 Jan A.D. 1796 ae 52yr Rebecca, wife d. 6 Oct 1826 ae 82yr

MACE, Judson Jerritt, son Wm. S Thankful d. 14 May 1822 ae 2y7m9d

WHITCOMB, Justus d. 1 Apr 1813 ae 36yr

Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 10:40 AM

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