Brigham Family Burying Ground
Brigham Family Burying Ground

Located on Solsville-Augusta Road near Madison.

BRIGHAM, Reuben        d. 4 June 1842 in his 73rd yr 
         Betsey, wf    d. 7 Feb 18__  ae 83yr   (hard to read) 
         Perinella     d. 16 Apr 1895 ae 23yr (In Memory Of) 
RICHARDS, Electa, dau Reuben Brigham  d. 4 Jan 1876 ae 75y9m17d 
          Aaron        d. 23 Mar 1869 ae 70y3m17d 
          Warren A., son Aaron & Electa d. B Sept 1833 ae 2y6m 
 (Correspondence with Marian Porter Olin gives Aaron Richards as Aaron 
  Brigham and adds 2 foot stones - G.B. and A.B.  This cemetery was 
  copied in Jan 1981 by Anita M. Peckham, Historian of the Town of Madison 
  and she gives the location as one mile north on Solsville-Augusta Rd, 
  from Solsville on left hand side of the highway behind the home of 
  Penny Echrich; formerly the home of Leo Burback. 
  Anita Peckhamam gives the year 1878 as Betsey Brigham's death date.  js) 
          Cemetery Inscriptions of Madison County 
          Volume 3 Joyce Scott and Mary K. Meyer 
          Onondaga County Public Library 
     Copied by: 
          Douglas J. Ingalls 
          23 January 1999 

Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 09:51 AM

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