Town of Cazenovia, Bethel Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery - Lot 39 Pompey Hollow
Extreme western edge of Town of Cazenovia
Earliest Burial - 1829 Last Burial - 1859

Coburn, Infant dau. of Loran and Julia Ann Coburn, d. Sept. 20, 1830 ae 11d
Coburn, Stephen d. Mar 13, 1829 ae 52-1-30
Coburn, Polly, wife of Stephen Coburn, d. June 22, 1855, ae 80-2-6
Coburn - see Pease

Lewis, Thomas J. - d. Mar 27 1850, ae 63y
Lewis, Mariete L., dau of Thomas and Lucinda Lewis d. May 20, 1859 ae 21y-4m
Lewis, Nancy E., wife of Sanford Lewis d. July 18, 1844 ae 27y-18d
Lewis, Benjamin D., Esq. - d. July 5, 1847 ae 65y
Lewis, William R. - d. Mar 1, 1837 ae 28y
Lewis, Thomas d. Jun 27, 1837 ae 83y
Lewis, Hannah, wife of Thomas Lewis, d. June 28, 1830 ae 83y
Lewis, H. no more inscription - stone down

Marker with no inscription

Pease, William G. - d. Jun 29, 1850 ae 38-4-9
Pease, Electa, dau. of Stephen and Polly Coburn and wife of Wm. G. Pease d. May 22, 1836 ae 23y-1m-26d

Seymour, Polly, wife of Harry Seymour, d. May 8, 1843 ae 51y (stone down)

The name Bethel Cemetery is attributed to Daniel H. Weiskotten, historian for the Town of Cazenovia. The cemetery is located on the east side of Pompey Hollow Road about a mile before its intersection with Route 92.
Transcribed by Douglas J. Ingalls
10 August 1998
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