Adonjiah Bond

Adonjiah Bond

Adonjiah Bond

Contributed July, 2001 by Jim Markle who states:

Back ten or twelve years ago I attended an auction here in Vermont. A small pen and ink drawing caught my eye, it was not a professionally done drawing, but very folksy, something a child or aspiring artist would have done. It was old, and nothing was said specifically about it when it went on the auction block. I really liked it, so I bought it.

Once I got it home I took it out of its frame and was surprised to see an inscription had been written on the back of the drawing. The age and appearance of the inscription would indicate it was put on about the time the drawing was done, possibly by the artist (unknown). The following is the inscription:

Adonijah Bond
of Sullivan
C of Madison
S of NewYork
His likeness

When I first got the drawing, I send a photocopy to the National Archives in Washington inquiring of him. They did respond that he served in the Revolution, I believe from MA. I will have to look up the information again to be sure. They mentioned he was listed on the pension rolls, possibly his wife drew the money.

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