1868 - 69 Madison County Business Directory - Publisher's Notices

Publisher's Notices

Moore & Allen's Millinery Rooms are No. 1 Chapman Block, first door north of Roberts & Warner's at Canastota. They have a new store with a fine assortment of goods, and are constantly receiving supplies from New York of whatever is new and desirable. They are prepared to do all kinds of work in their line of business - bleaching, dyeing, bronzing, making and repairing. They are determined to keep a first rate establishment. See card, page 19.

Manfred J. Dewey, Professor of Music at Oneida, is an expert practitioner, is a leader of the Brass Band, and will give musical instruction to each as apply to him. He is also acting as agent for the sale of some of the best instruments in the country. See card, page 19.

Chittenango Springs, Madison Co. NY., so long noted for their medicinal qualities, is a delightful resort for those in search of health or recreation. the Hotel has been refitted and furnished with all the mordern improve-ments, and the Cottage, in a beautiful grove upon the opposite side of Chittenango Creek, afford facitilities for health and recreation seldom equaled. Dr. Backus, the proprietor, is determined to spare no pains to give satisfaction to his patrons. the beautiful drives, water-falls, and the facilities for boating and fishing, must be enjoyed to be appreciated. For particulars see the Doctorıs advertisement of pages 218 and 219.

Campbell's Hotel and Eating House, known as the Central Hotel, Canastota, is a good place for a hungry man to go, for the proprietor Mr. Campbell will be sure to have something that will suit his taste, at all hours and at all seasons. Alex. is a good fellow and bound to make friends. See card, page 222.

H. C. Priest, of Georgetown, Madison Co., N. Y., keeps on hand a large stock of saws of every description, which he will sell at the lowest living prices. Saws repaired in the best manner, and all work warranted. See card, Page 222.

The Democratic Union, published by W. H. Bakder, Oneida, Madsion Co., N. Y., has a very large circulation, and correspondents in every town in the County, who report all local matters of interest in their localities. In politics, it is decidedly Democratic, and those who enjoy a mental pabulum of that kind, will find something to their taste in every number. An extensive Job office is connected with the establishment, where all work is executed in good style and at reasonable rates. See card, page 224.

W . D. Downer, of Cazenovia, has a delightful situation on the shore of the lake, where he is prepared to take in strangers and all pleasure seekers, and send them out with boats, fishing tackle, and everthing else necessary for their happiness. Pic-nic parties and others will do well to give him a call. His card will be found on page 226.

Howeıs Never-Ending Ague Cure and Tonic Bitters, and Howeıs Concentrated Syrup, are prepared under the personal supervision of Dr. C. B. Howe, the proprietor, at Seneca Falls, N. Y., for ague and fever, and all periodic diseases, rheumatism, paralysis, etc. The "Ague cure" has produced wonderful cures. The "Syrup," for the blood, liver, skin, digestive and uterine organs, has cured many cases of scrofula, cancer, tumors, goiter, salt rheum, scaldhead, and many other diseases too numerous to mention in this place. See Card, page 20.

Dodge & Lord, manufactureres of Melodeons and Reed Organs, at Ithaca, N. Y., were formerly connected with Syracuse manufactories. They have since moved their business where lumber is cheap, and expenses less than in the larger cities, like New York, Boston, Albany or Syracuse. The styles of their organs are particularly their own, possessing all modern improvements, and some unknown to other manufacturers. They have found market for their instruments in every county of the State, and in Northern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and have an increasing trade with the West, in all of which places they are brought into successful competition with the first Eastern manufacturers. .They are both practical men, and have secured workmen of long experience and tried abilities. Situated midway between the Erie and N. Y. C. railroads, they can ship conveniently to all parts of the country. Mr. A. M. Williams, No. 25 Warren street, Syracuse, is agent for Onondago county. See card, page 14.

Warren Wight, Propagator and dealer in the celebrated Seneca Black Cap and Davisonıs Thornless Raspberries, Grape Vines, Strawberries, and other small fruits, at Waterloo, Seneca Co., publishes a card on page 14. His experience in the business is large, and his soil is excellent, probably no better can be found in the State for the purpose he uses it. We advise our friends to peruse his advertisement and purchase their supplies of him. He uses great care in packing for shipment, and send out none but first-class plants. It would do no harm to address him for a circular, and might be the means of affording you an abundance of his delicious fruits.

The Reynoldıs Steel Tempering Works, Reynold,s Barber & Co., Pro rietors, at Auburn are largely engaged in the manufacture of Reaper and Mower Knives, Plane Irons, Chisels, &c. The process by which they temper steel is a peculiar one, and, as patented by Mr. Reynolds, is the result of over forty years labor. This gentleman always worked on the plan that tempering steel was simply changing it from a fibrous to a granular state. He certainly has succeeded in producing a finer granulation (temper) than has ever before been produced. Messrs. Reynolds, Barber & Co. control the patents for these processes, and are applying them succssfully in all their manufactures.- Their establishment is capable of turning out an immense amount of work, yet their orders are now, and have been for some months, accumulating far in advance of their present ability to supply; a circumstance which they will not long allow to be the case. We predict that the time is not far distant when all Mower and Reaper Factories and farmers will use their improved sections. See their advertisement on page 6, fronting the Introduction.

Mothers, Read This! - So says Dr. G. T. Taft & Co., of Seneca Falls. In their advertisement on page 20, they desire to inform you of the wonderful qualities of their "Oriental Syrup," for children. We have heard of many cases where this valuable medicine has given great relief. They are also proprietors of "Rosenberger's Balm of Gilead Ointment, " for old sores, ulcers, rheumatism, burns, chilblains, piles, &c., and for galls, or wounds on horses, it is unsurpassed.

Eugene Eastman, Carriage Maker, at Canastota, employs only first class workmen and uses the best of timber and iron in the manufacture of is work. We cheerfully recommend those in want of a durable and elegantly made carriage, of any kind, to select from his stock. As his work is intended for a home market, he will spare no efforts to give entire satisfaction to his customers. See card, page 168.

Hayden Brothers, proprietors of the Retail Woolen Mills, at Port Bryon, have long been celebrated as being manufacturers of desirable and reliable goods. The establishment was started in 1824 as a small custom mill. Since then the greatly increased business has called for extensive additions and improvements, which have been made; and to-day their cloth is known and worn in every county in the State and every State in the Union. They use only the best qualities of wool, entirely free of waste or shoddy, and employ only experienced and careful workmen, who strive to maintain the reputation their goods have ever borne among their retail customers. A few months since they opened a store at No. 29 Warren street, Syracuse, here they keep full lines of all goods of their manufacture. Farmers and mechanics of Madison county, as well as business men generally, can make good bargains by calling at the store, where Mr. J. W. Gates, the manager, will be pleased to give them good goods at advantageous terms. See card colored page 150.

The National Hotel, Oneida, N. Y., only a few rods from the Railroad, is now under the management of Mr. B. D. Moot, who is prepared to entertain his patrons in the best manner. Mr. M. is a gentlemanly landlord, sets a good table, and knows how to make his guests feel at home. We can recommend the National to all who may have occasion to stop in Oneida. See card, page 226.

Bramer & Pierce, manufacturers of the celelbrated Young Warrior Mower, at Fabins, Onondaga Co., are also quite extensively engaged in the manufacture of other agricultural implements. The Mower, however, is their speciality, and we are pleased to know that it is a general favorite with those farmers who have used it. At several mowing machine trials, where it was placed in competition with several other machines, the Young Warrior has been declared by the judges as being superior to others; it has very light draft and does its work well. See advertisement on page 234.

Burke, Fitzsimons, Hone & Co., Importers, Jobbers and Retailers of Dry Goods, Fence Goods and Woolens, No. 53 Main street, Rochester, publish a card on page 183. This House was established in 1849, since which time its success has been uninterrupted, each year increasing its amount of business. Their annual sales amount to the enormous sum of near $1,500,000, their trade extending from the Eastern portions of the State to the "Far West." Occupying, as they do, fully 25,000 feet of flooring in actual business departments, every portion of which is crowded with immense piles of goods from foreign countries, as well as of domestic manufacture, renders the facilities of this house for Jobbing equal to any in the country. the firm are also proprietors of the "Genessee Falls Woolen Mills," where they manufacture 100,000 yards of good annually. See advertisement, colored page 149.

J. & F. B. Garrett, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Tissue, Roll and Fancy Papers, Printers' Supplies, Shipping Cards, Blank Books, &c. at No. 3 West Fayette street, Syracuse, have built up a heavy trade in their line, extending from Harrisburg, in Pennsylvania, to the Canadian border. We have dealt considerably with this establishment, and have invariably been gratified in having our orders promptly filled, and always with just the article required. See card, page 226.

W. C. Orcutt, General Agent for Central New York, for the celebrated Florence Sewing Machine, prints a well displayed advertisement on page 235. the Florence Machine makes a beautiful piece of furniture, and as a Sewing Machine, is capable of taking a greater number of stitches than any other. Its work is equal to other first-class machines and its price as low. During the few years that the Florence has been in market its sales have been very large. It is a general favorite. Call and see it when you visit Syracuse. Mr. Orcutt may be found at No. 2 Yates Block.

The Oneida Dispatch, published by E. H. Purdy and D. A. Jackson, a Oneida, N. Y., is one of the best papers in the County. Correspondents in almost every town, report local items for its columns, while the departments of history, romance and polities, are not neglected. Those who wish for a paper that circulates through the whole County, and in the adjoining ones, and advocates sound Republican principles, cannot do better than to subscribe for the dispatch. The publishers have excellent facilities for executing all Job Work intrusted tot heir hands. Subscribe for the Dispatch one year and you will be likely to continue it. See advertisement on page 182.

Jacob Miller, Book Binder and Blank Book manufacturer, in the Journal Building, Syracuse, carries on the most extensive business in this line in Central New York. He is provided with first class machinery and a number of excellent workmen, who understand their business. See card, page 228.

Geo. B. Cady, manufacturer of Woolen Cloths, at Lenox Furnace, set forth the advantages of trading with him in a neat circular on page 167. Mr. Cady has gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer, and his Cloths are universally conceded to by very serviceable by those who have worn them. His mills are extensive, are supplied with the best modern machinery, and are equaled by but few in the State. Farmers, as well as business men and mechanics, will find it greatly to their advantage by purchasing their goods at the factory, as Mr. Cady will sell them only such goods as he can warrant to be durable and well made. He makes no other.

Dr. Kingsley, of Rome, justly celebrated for the many cures he has affected of that most distressing disease Cancer, publishes a notice on page 233. He is prepared to treat all scrofulous diseases, and others of long standing, and assures his patients that they will not be charged a heavy bill and dismissed without receiving any benefit. Persons who cannot conveniently call upon him in person, can address him by letter, and will receive prompt attention. Dr. K. is a graduate, with an experience of over fourteen years in the practice of medicine. Let the afflicted give him a call.

Canastota Herald, published by G. Greenhow & son, is a live paper, devoted to Politics, Literature, Local and General New. The senior member of the firm is a veteran in the newspaper business, and will spare no pains to make the paper a welcome visitor in the family circle. Book and Job Printing of all kinds executed in the best manner. See advertisement on page 200.

J. S. Atwell & Co., wholesale and retail dealers in General Merchandise, Chittenango, N. Y., publish a card on page 186. Their stock of goods is large, and selected with special reference to the wants of their customers. Those who favor Messers. Atwell and Co. with a call will be sure to get their moneyıs worth.

W. Reeder & Son, Millers and dealers in Flour, Meal and Grain, Canastota, N. Y., publish a card on page 108. They are the proprietors of the Canastota Mills, and are prepared to furnish all kinds of grain, flour and feed, for man and beast, in large or small quantities. Messrs. R. & Son manufacture a superior brand of Family Flour. Persons wishing anything in their line will do well to give them a call, as they will find the best quality, at moderate prices.

Samuel L. Conde, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Collecting and Insurance Agent, at Canastota, has also perfect arrangements in Washington whereby he can successfully transact all Patent business entrusted to his care. At least Inventors can determine a a moderate expense whether or not their claims are patentable, and if they are, Mr. Conde will carry it through at the lowest possible rates. See card, page 2.

Important to Everybody. -- Printing is an art by itself, and what would the world amount to without it. No business man can succeed and thrive in his occupation unless he speculates freely in printersı ink; and the place where you can procure Wedding, Visiting and Business Cards, Bill Heads, Receipts, Checks, Notes, Envelopes, Headings in all styles, and in fact anything in the line of Plain or Ornamental Printing, is at Geo. W. Silcoxıs, 65 South Salina St., Syracuse. Work executed exceedingly cheap, and as for neatness we defy competition, and only ask and urge you to give him a call to prove that our assertion is everything but false. Orders by mail solicited and promptly attended to. Bronze work executed in all its branches. Send in your orders to him and we will warrant you a good job, and one from which you will derive a benefit.-- Donıt forget the place, 65 South Salina St., Syracuse. See card, page 222.

Mr. Ira R. Hill, of Hubbardsville, as a Harness maker and finished mechanic, is worthy of public notice. The public may rest assured that all work intrusted to his care will be executed with neatness and dispatch. The Patent Safety Rein manufactured by Mr. Hill, should be taken into careful consideration by every one who had vicious or unmanageable horses. Those who patronize Mr. Hill will not be left dissatisfied. See card, page 132.

The Madison Observer, published at Morrisville, by E. Norton , is the oldest newspaper in Madison County. For more that forty years it has been a welcome visitor to many homes in the County, bringing its weekly contribution of new items, stories for the fireside, and political essays, to amuse, instruct and prepare the sovereigns of the County for their duty in the various crises through which our country has passed. Advertisers will find it a valuable medium for communicating with the public. All kinds of Job Printing executed with neatness and dispatch. See advertisement on page 170.

Charles A. Spencer, A. M., Optician, at Canastota, publishes an advertisement on colored page 1. It may not be generally known, yet it is a fact, that the discoveries and inventions of Mr. Spencer have entirely revolutionized the science of Optics. Under his powerful lenses much that has heretofore been admitted as truth, has been clearly shown to have been far from the truth. Interested optical instrument makers in Europe, who had not yet been able to produce Microscopic instruments of such great powers, were pleased to advance the idea that the improvements were impracticable and valueless for the study of natural sciences; but the great naturalists of the world were not fully satisfied with their statements, and after sufficient trials by some of the wisest savans in the old world, as well as the new, the old theory has been quashed, and today Mr. Spencerıs reputation stands unrivaled. Without entering into any kind of details, we advise all person who contemplate purchasing a telescope or microscope to consult Mr. Spencer.

Musical. -- Music is necessary everywhere. We quote with pleasure the following well-deserved notice of Redington & Howe--a house we have known for several years as of unimpeachable honor and the best business facilities.

"THE IMMENSE MUSICAL ESTABLISHMENT OF REDINGTON AND HOWE.--The enterprising wholesale Music Dealers of our city, Messrs. Redington & Howe, have just closed a most successful business year. Their sales have been immense- something entirely unparalleled in the history of the music trade in Central New York and Chicago. Their stock would supply a dozen ordinary city music stores. They are the only strictly wholesale music house in the State, outside of New York city. The have even some advantages over the Metropolitan houses. Our Syracuse wholesale store keeps constantly on hand the Pianos, Organs and Melodeons of several different makers, (a total of eighteen, with over fifty different varieties,) while New York Houses keep only makerıs instruments of each kind. Besides, business expenses in Syracuse are much less that in New York; consequently, Redington & Howe are diverting much wholesale trade from New York and building up for themselves a mammoth business in supplying dealers. The question is sometimes asked, whether other dealers cannot buy in New York as cheaply as Redington & Howe. The dealers have thoroughly satisfied themselves that they cannot, for there is not a house in Central New York that will agree to take the great quantities of musical goods that Redington & Howe buy. Consequently, others have to buy on a higher tariff. It is on the same principal that Stewart of New York forced a neighboring house to withdraw. He could sell at a profit cheaper than his competitor could buy. Messrs. Redington & Howe have similar purchasing facilities. Indeed, that can be justly called the "Stewarts" of the music trade in Central New York.

We are glad, also, to notice that Redington & Howe do a first-class business in the Pianos, Organs and Melodeons they furnish. Their principal stock is composed of first-grade instruments. These they advertise and recommend, because they know their reliability. This house can furnish second-class instruments cheaper that any other establishment in Central New York (for the reason of buying cheaper), so that if purchasers want a low priced instrument, Redington & Howeıs is the place to procure it. We advise our readers not to by any instrument without first seeing or writing to Redington & Howe. They will also tell honestly the quality of the goods. Another point: this house is financially responsible for all they recommend. Besides having the largest capital in the music business in Central New York, they are backed by as much more as they choose to call upon. For everything in the musical line, go to Redington & Howe, No. 2 Wieting Block, Syracuse."

See their advertisements on the map and the inside page of first cover.

W. P. Lewis & Co., Harness manufacturers and dealers in Saddlery Hardware and Leather, Morrisville, publish a card on page 108. Lewis & Co. are prepared to furnish all sorts of trimmings for carriages and harnesses. Persons who are in want of a good article, for beauty and durability, will do well to Œcall on them. We can recommend them as worth of patronage.

L. N. Combs & Son, Chittenango Falls, dealers in Cut Stone, Building Stone, and manufacturers of Lime, prepared to furnish, at short notice, stone, in the rough or cut to order. Lime from their quarry is unsurpassed in quality. See card on page 222, and give them a call.

The Democratic Republican, published at Hamilton, N. Y., by E. D. Van Slyck, is devoted to politics, literature, news and the general interests of the County. Being the official paper of the County, and designated to publish Bankrupt Notices renders it a valuable medium for advertising, as well as recommends it to the patronage of the general reader. The Job Printing Department of the office is furnished with materials for executing all kinds of work in the best manner and at low rates. See card on page 112.

Wm. Van Wagenen, wholesale dealer in Eggs, Butter, Cheese, and all sorts of Country Produce, North Brookfield, publishes a card on page 116. Mr. V. is prepared to pay the highest price for all kinds of produce. Farmers will do well to give him a call before disposing of their surplus products to other parties.

L. J. Worden, undertaker, Leonardsville, keeps constantly on hand Metallic Burial Cases, Coffins of all kinds, Shrouds &c. Funerals promptly attended and charges moderate. See card on page 116.

Chas. F. Keeler, manufacturer of Waterlime, Quicklime and Plaster, is located about a mile and a half north of Chittenango Falls, where he keeps constantly on hand a good supply of the above articles, which he will furnish at short notice. Give him a call. His card is on page 116.

Blodgett & Annas, dealers in Hardware, Iron and Steel, Stoves, Tinware &c.,DeRuyter. In addition to their variety of stoves of the best and most improved patterns, they keep a choice lot of Family Groceries. B. & A. are determined to be up with the times, and there is no occasion to go out of town for anything in their line. They are agents for Mowing Machines. See card, page 124.

Chas. H. Fry, Fashionable Restaurant, opposite the Court House, Morrisville, N. Y. Persons in want of a good meal at a moderate price, can procure it at short notice. See card on page 148, and call at first door west of Exchange Hotel.

J. H. Crumb, manufacturer and dealer in Cabinet Furniture and Chairs of all kinds, DeRuyter. Everything to be found in a first class furniture establishment can be found here. Mr. C. is also the proprietor of a Foundry and Machine Shop, where orders are promptly attended to. His card will be found on page 132.

Isaac N. Smith, Bookseller and Stationer, DeRuyter, N.Y., keeps constantly on have a variety of school and miscellaneous books, together with a great variety of fancy articles. Newspapers and Magazines of all kinds furnished to order. Mr. Smith is agent for some of the best Insurance companies in the country, and will insure your life, property or live stock on reasonable terms. See card, page 134.

D. T. Coon, manufacturer of Horse Rakes, Fork, Hoe and Broom Handles, DeRuyter, publishes a card on page 134. Sawing, Turning and Planing done to order. All work done in the best manner, and the best of materials used. His Horse-Rakes are second to none in the estimation of those who use them. Call and see for yourselves.

Taber House, DeRuyter, is a good place to shop when you are weary or hungry. Dr. G. Taber, the proprietor, "knows how to keep a hotel." Stages leave for Chittenango and Apulia, daily. A good Livery is connected with the hotel. The Doctor will furnish you with a box of his "All Healing Balm" for twenty-five cents, which is pronounced excellent for man or beast. See card, page 140.

B. Tillinghast & Son, Leather manufacturers, Morrisville, N. Y., have a large establishment, and are turning out some of the best leather ever manufactured in this part of the State. Special attention given to the manufacture of Harness-Leather. Their card is published on page 148.

Excelsior Photography Gallery, West Eaton, is in the hands of Newell J. Miller, an artist from New York, whose experience and success in the art of picture making is a sufficient guaranty that the most fastidious may be suited. Call and see his specimens, and have your picture taken. Secure the shadow before the substance passes away. See card, page 148.

Dr. J. F. Phelps, of Cazenovia, one of the best Dentists in the County, publishes a card on page 158, announcing that he is prepared to perform all operations connected with his profession, in the best manner. Those who wish Teeth, from one to a full set, that will not ache, and at the same time perform the function of the natural ones, will consult their own interest by calling Dr. Phelps, on Mill street. Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver or Rubber, in the most substantial manner.

The Cazenovia Republican, published by Forte Brothers, is one of the best advertising medium in the County. The publishers are young men who are determined to make the paper second to none in the County, in circulation and in the variety of its contents. Job Printing, in all its forms, neatly and promptly executed. See card on page 118, subscribe for the paper, and keep posted as to local matters, as well as in regard to the general news of the day.

J. Smith, Undertaker, Waterville, N. Y., is prepared to furnish Burial Cases, Coffins, Shrouds, and everything usually kept in a first class Undertaking establishment. A new and elegant Hearse has recently been procured, and will be in readiness at short notice. See card, page 134.

Charles A. Hull, proprietor of the DeRuyter Harness Manufactory, keeps constantly on hand one of the largest and best assortments of Harness-ware to be found in this part of the State. If you want a nice, heavy, fancy plated, or plain Harness, call on Charles A. Hull. If you want Blankets, Currycombs or Brushes, call on Hull. If you want anything usually kept in a first-class shop, see card on page 134, and call on Chas. A. Hull.

Farmersı Exchange Factory, West Eaton, N. Y. Messrs. Barnes & Mitchell manufacture a superior quality of Woolen Goods, consisting of Cassimeres, Doeskins, Flannels, and other goods for family use. Persons wishing any of their Cloths can procure them at moderate prices. Wool received in exchange for cloth.- Messrs. B. & M. keep constantly on hand a large assortment, from which their customers can select. See their advertisement on page 152.

C. L. Cotton, dealer in Drugs, Groceries and Hardware, Earlville, N. Y. Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes constantly on hand. Mr. Cotton keeps a fine assortment of all goods in his line, and offers them at a fair price. Special attention given to the selection of the various kinds of Teas. His advertisement appears on page 166.

The Owners of Horses may rest assured that J. J. Bixby, of Poolville, holds the highest rank among the Mechanics of the country as a Horse Shoer. for nice and tasty Shoeing, he claims to have no equal. In the management of bad and crippled feet, if he has any equals, he certainly has no superiors. those owning Horses with split or cracked feet, will find it greatly to their advantage to give him a call, and be convinced of his skill. He refers to Nathan Brownell, County Clerk, and Henry Beny, Poolville. See card on page 124.

Whitneyıs Hotel, Chittenango, N. Y., formerly the Bassett House, has recently been purchased the the proprietor, M. L. Whitney, who will spare no pains to make his guests comfortable. The table is furnished with the delicacies of the season, and those who put up at Whitneyıs Hotel will be likely to call again. Good starling on the premises. Stages leave for the depot to connect with every train, and for Cazenovia and all points south. See card on page 186.

B. Jenkins & Son, dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, and all kinds of merchandise usually found in a first class store, Chittenango, N. Y. Jenkins & Son keep a very large assortment of Cloths for ladies' and gents.' wear. In fact everything that a person would be likely to want, can be found here at prices that cannot fail to please. For particulars see their advertisement on page 192. Large sales and small profits is their motto.

Cornelius C. White, Cabinet Maker and Undertaker, Stockbridge, N. Y., is prepared to furnish all kinds of Cabinet Furniture, Spring Beds and Chairs, at short notice. Coffins, Shrouds, &c., always on hand. Mr. White is prompt and reliable. See card on page 192.

Benedict & Banning, Druggists and Grocers at Hamilton, have a nice store, well filled with goods belonging to their line of trade. they put up prescriptions with care and accuracy. Painters can purchase their supplies of them at satisfactory rates. See card, page 158.

Charles J. Holmgren, Watchmaker and Jeweler, at Hamilton, publishes a card on page 158. Mr. Holmgren keeps a select stock of Watches, Jewelry, &c., from the best manufacturers, and has a first-class Astromomical Clock, with mercury pendulum, equal to any in Central New York.

J. H. Severance, Tobacconist and manufacturer of choice brands of Cigars, at Hamilton, publishes a card on page 132. Lover of "The Weed," in any shape, will find at Mr. Severanceıs store, tip top goods. His pipes, &c., are among the best, and the goods of his own manufacture are from stock carefully selected by himself and put up by experienced and skillful workmen.

Robert Paterson, manufacturer and dealer in Boots and Shoes, at Hamilton, is prepared to supply the inhabitants in his vicinity, or any who may choose to give him their patronage, with superior goods at reasonable prices. He employs first-class workmen, and uses only the best stock in his manufacture. We recommend those desiring a nice fitting Boot or Shoe to call at "Patersonıs." See card on page 140.

Harrell & Sargeant, manufacturers of Saddlery Hardware, Syracuse, N. Y., manufacture the "Cole Patent Wedge tongue Track Buckle." This is a great improvement on all others; has been practically tested and approved, wherever introduced. Manufactured exclusively by Harrell & Sargeant. For the advantages of the Buckle over others now in use, see their advertisement on page 166.

Waldronıs Democratic Volunteer, published by G. R. Waldron & Son, Hamilton, N. Y., is one of the best papers in Madison County, either for news or as an advertising medium. The senior member of the firm has been connected with the Press for more than thirty-six years, and understands how to make a paper entertaining and instructive. for further particulars see card on page 202, and subscribe for the paper.

J. Foster Potter, at Stockbridge, N.Y., manufactures Butter Tubs, cheese Hoops, Wash Tubs, and everything usually made at a general coopering establishment. Those who have used his work will not fail to continue their patronage, and to others who are in want of anything in his line, we would say, give him a call. His card will be found on page 216.

Ransford Button, Merchant Miller, Chittenango, N. Y., pays cash for grain and furnishes his customers with superior grades of flour, manufactured at his own mills. See card on page 216, and give him a call.

Wallace & Loomis, Homeopathic Physicians and Surgeons, Main st., Oneida, publish a card on page 192. They have been in business about ten years, and those who have patronized them need no recommendation from us. They understand their business, and will deal honorably with those who favor them with their patronage. When sick, call on them.

Dixonıs Hotel is conveniently located at Chittenango, N. Y. Mr. Samuel C. Dixon, the proprietor, will spare no pains to render his guests comfortable and to supply their wants. Good stabling is provided, and stages connect with all trains on the railroad and with all places south. See card page 216.

Ingalls & Harmon, dealers in all kinds of Farm Produce and Agricultural Implements, at No. 6 Broad st., Hamilton, are prepared at all times to pay the highest market prices for produce. They issue prices current which may be had on application by mail or otherwise. Customers will find them fair and honorable men to deal with. See card, page 158.

Nye Bros., of Hubbardsville, are prepared to do all kinds of work in their line, from the finest Morrocco Boot to the heavy Stoga. They have worked in all the principal cities in the State, with the most accomplished workmen, and will give entire satisfaction to the most tasty. They use none but the best material. The customers of Nye Bros. will have the advantage of their skill, while their work will cost no more than work preformed by less skillful hands. See card, page 132.

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