1868 - 69 Madison County Business Directory - Errata




    Brookfield. - Since the sketch of Brookfield was printed, we have received some additional items of interest: --
    Capt. Brown, the first settler, removed from Connecticut, with an ox team, performing the journey in twenty-one days. He had ten daughters, each six feet in height. -- Stephen Hoxie, the first supervisor, was also the first man elected to the Legislature from this town. He died in 1839, aged 101 years and four months. Elisha Johnson built the first frame house in the town in 1803, and drew the lumber from near the Unadilla River, a distance of ten miles. The first church was organized in 1804, by Rev. Nathaniel Marsh; his son Samuel Marsh, kept the first store on the hill, southeast of N. Brookfield in 1796. He was subsequently elected County Judge. He was unsuccessful in business, became deeply involved, and was imprisoned for debt in Whitestown Jail, where he committed suicide by cutting his throat. Joseph Clark, after whom Clarkville was named, was the first postmaster, and held the office for thirty-one years; he was justice of the peace twenty years and supervisor 10 years.
    Leonardsville contains one of the largest horse-rake manufactories in the state, besides several other manufactories. This place is noted for being the place where the first horse-rake was made, also where the first fork drawn by machinery was made.
    The following incident shows some of the trials of the early settlers and their exciting contests with denizens of the forests. Thomas Keith, an early settler, went to the pen one morning, and found a huge bear, which had killed his hog and partly devoured it. Mr. K. immediately attacked the bear with the only weapon he had, a small knife, and after a severe contest, killed the beast and saved a part of his pork.

    Lebanon. -- Randallsville p. o. has recently been established at Smith Valley, in the east part of the town, on the Chenango River.

    Sullivan. -- On page 59, "Bolivar is a hamlet on the Canal, west of center," should have been added.


    Brookfield. -- "CONGER, EPHRAIM, (North Brookfield,)" should have been capitalized as a subscriber.

    D. C. & C. A. JEWETT have dissolved partnership, and the business is now conducted by C. A. JEWETT.

    Cazenovia. -- "Douglass, A., (Cazenovia,) coroner," was omitted.

    "Forte, Lute A. Miss, (Cazenovia,) teacher of select school, has established her school since our canvass.

    "*PHELPS, JARED F., (Cazenovia" should have been starred as an advertiser.

    DeRuyter. -- "McClellan, ___, (DeRuyter,) physician," has commenced practice since our canvass.

    BLODGETT & ANNAS, of DeRuyter, have sold their interest in the stove and tin trade to Henry S. Walker and Truman Webber since our canvass.

    "Spear, Lyman F., (DeRuyter,) harness maker," has opened business since our canvass. "

    Eaton. -- "BICKNELL, H. C., (Morrisville,) is a farmer.

    "Booth, R. T., (Morrisville,) hair dresser, "has opened business since our canvass.

    "CRITCHLEY, JOSEPH, (Pratt's Hollow,)" has 90 acres.

    "FERREY, R. E., (West Eaton,) eclectic physician and surgeon," received too late for insertion in proper place.

    "French, Andrew J., (Morrisville,) sheriff of county" was omitted.

    "McKEREGAN, JOHN, (Morrisville,)" is a blacksmith, instead of farmer as printed.

    "PHILPOT, E.C.,(Pratt's Hollow,)" is also justice of sessions.

    "POTTER, THOS. P., (Morrisville,) has 100 acres.

    "ROCKWELL, F. F., (Pratt's Hollow,) has 80 acres.

    "RUNKLE, HENRY, (Morrisville,)" has 250 acres.

    "SLOCUM, LEWIS, (Morrisville,)" has 90 acres.

    "TITCHENER, AMOS, (Pine Woods,)" leases 250 acres.

    "TOOKE, GEO. W., (Pratt's Hallow,)" has 70 acres.

    "WHITE, ASA P., (Pratt's Hallow,) has 121 acres.

    "Wiser, Henry S., (Morrisville,) deputy county clerk," was omitted.

    Georgetown. -- Wharton D. Utter has sold his farm to John Daily.

    Hamilton. -- "Brown, A. L. (Hamilton,) excise commissioner," was omitted.

    James Severance, of Hamilton, has sold out his business to W. H. Brown, since our canvass.

    "COAN, A. & J., (Hamilton,) props. of livery stable," have sold out to Malany & Palmerton, since our canvass.

    "*INGALLS & HARMON, (Hamilton,) have established a coal yard since our canvass.

    Rev. Dr. Eaton has resigned the presidency of Madison University, and is succeeded by Rev. Dr. Dodge.

    "WHITMORE, CHAS. E., (Hamilton,) photograph artist," has sold out to Fred Rice.

    Lebanon. -- "LAMB, EDWIN M., (Lebanon,) is also supt. of poor.

    Lenox. -- "Brush, A. B., (Canastota,) excise commissioner," was omitted.

    Collier, Kate M. Miss, (Canastota,) music teacher, 5 Beecher Block, since our canvass.

    Jarvis, T. N., (Canastota,) director Canastota and Cazenovia R. R. Co.

    Montross, John, (Canastota,) director Canastota and Cazenovia R. R. Co.

    "White, Edwin R., (Canastota,)" is also justice of sessions.

    "STIMSON, HENRY D., (Canastota,) has sold his vinegar establishment to F. C. Fiske and W.T. Northrup.

    Madison. -- "Curtis, Anson S., (Madison,)" is also supt. of poor.

    Benjamin Gillson has purchased the hotel of Joseph M. Kellogg, at Madison, since our canvass.

    Mr. Lucas, of Madison, has sold out to Robert B. Lane, since our canvass.

    Sullivan. -- "Hall, J. W., (Chittenango,) principal Yates Polytechnic Institute," received too late for insertion in proper place.

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