History of Chenango and Madison Counties - Contributors

Names of Citizens

Who assisted and contributed toward the publication of the History of Chenango and Madison counties, with personal statistics.


Avery, George, p o Leonardsville, cheese manufr and school teacher, b. Columbus, Jan. 6, 1851, s. 1871; father, James W. Avery, b. Greene Co., 1838; wife Jennie Taber, deceased.
Avery, Abel, p o South Brookfield. farmer and creamery, 180 acres, b. Columbus, 1849, s. 1876; father, James W. Avery; wife, Mary A. Crandall, b. Brookfield.
Austin, William L., p o Brookfield, res. lot 76, farmer, dairyman and carpenter, 103 acres, b. Bridgewater, Dec. 13, 1835, s. 1841; parents, Lewis and Betsey Austin, who were early settlers; wife Harriet J. Bush, b. June 22, 1836; married May 5, 1861; children 4---Allena F. Aldia N. Andrew O. William E.; parents Uri and Sally Bush.
Brown, Stephen, p o Brookfield, farmer and dairyman. 90 acres, b. Brookfield, Oct. 28, 1824, has been assessor two years; parents Justus H. and Susanna Brown, early settlers; wife Lucinda Ellison, b. Herkimer Co.; children, 3---H. Clift, Cora J., Addie L.
Brown, Simeon, p o South Hamilton, dairy and grain farmer, 350 acres, b. on this farm Nov. 12, 1848; parents, Simeon and Emily Brown; grandfather, Elder Simeon Brown; wife, Mary Beecher, married 1876; children, 2---Linnie and an infant.
Brown, Charles, p o Leonardsville, farmer and dairyman, b. Brookfield, May 28, 1856; wife, Anna Slade; father, Samuel Slade, married Nov. 1, 1876; children, 1---Lydia.
Brown, Adin, p o Unadilla Forks, farmer and dairyman, 165 acres, b. Brookfield, March 22, 1818; has been captain of rifle company; father, Nathan Brown; grandfather, Nathan Brown, who settled in 1792; first wife, Mariette Clarke; second wife, Eliza S. Clarke; children, 1---Clarke N.
Brown, Oliver T., p o Unadilla Forks, farmer and dairyman, 180 acres, b. Brookfield, May 16, 1822; father, Nathan Brown, b. Connecticut, s 1794 on lot 74; grandfather was first settler on lot 74; has been supervisor, superintendent of Sabbath school 7 years, and deacon of church 7 years; wife, Armenia B. Beckwith, married Oct. 3, 1849; children, 1---Minnie B.; father, Samuel Beckwith.
Brown, Heman A., p o Leonardsville, grain and dairy farmer, 160 acres, b. New London, Conn., 1804, s. on this farm 1812, has been assessor, road and school commissioner; father, Amos Brown; grandfather, Amos Brown, brother of Captain Daniel Brown; wife, Lydia Brown, died Oct. 18, 1877, aged 72 years; children, Maria, Emily, Elvira and Altana.
Brown Justus R., p o Brookfield, farmer and dairyman, 73 acres, b. Brookfield, Oct 25, 1807; father, Justus H. Brown, who settled 1795; first wife, Philura Miner, second wife, Ellen Main, third wife, Harriet S. Randall; children, 3---Susan, Almon J., Henrietta; grandfather, Simeon Brown, who founded the Baptist Church at Five Roads in this town.
Brown, Daniel M., p o Brookfield, dairy farmer and cheese factory, 240 acres, b. Brookfield, March 13, 1827; father, Justus Brown; wife, M. Nettie Cole, b. Marshal, Oneida Co., married 1858; children, 3---Dennie M., Ada G. Lottie E.
Baldwin, Nathan, p o Brookfield, grain and dairy farmer, 80 acres, b. Stonington, Conn., 1796, s 1819; wife, Phoebe Brown, b. Connecticut; children, 5---Nathan W., Asa B., Simeon D., Phoebe M., Ruth S.
Birdsall, Gilbert, p o North Brookfield, physician and surgeon, 2.5 acres, b. Otego, Otsego Co. Oct. 30, 1839, s. 1863, studied medicine with Dr. E. Guy, of Harpersville, Broome Co., attended lectures at the Albany Medical College and was graduated at the University of Buffalo, served one year in Fairfax M. S. A. Hospital; wife, Mary O. Green, married Nov. 1863.
Brand, Roswell E., p o Leonardsville, farmer and dairyman, 300 acres, b. Oct. 26, 1818, parents, Barton and Charlotte Brand; grandfather, Roswell Brand; wife, Elmira Jane Crandall; parents Kenyon and Mary Crandall; children, 2---Eli and Nathan B.
Burch, Paul B., p o Brookfield, farmer, 130 acres, b. Brookfield, Sept. 15, 1808, has been overseer of poor and deacon of Seven-Day Baptist church; wife, Cynthia Randall, b. Brookfield, married Jan. 13, 1835; children, Cornelia, b. Feb. 6, 1836, William C. b. Nov. 4, 1837, Demaris, b. May 2, 1840?, Mary, b. Feb. 1, 1843, E. Randall, b. Jan. 16, 1848, Calvin H. b. Jan. 14, 1850.
Burdick, Corydon B., p o Brookfield, farmer, 62 acres, b. Lincklaen, Sept. 10, 1815, s. March, 1834, has been justice of the peace nine years, supervisor two years and town clerk one year; wife, Adeline V. H. Clark, b. Brookfield Oct. 24, 1814, married Jan. 14, 1837; children, Clara L., b. Jan. 25, 1842, Joseph W. C., b. April 18, 1843, Ettie A., b. Sept. 27, 1852.
Burdick, Joseph H., p o Brookfield, farmer, 96 acres, b. Brookfield, April 12, 1828; wife, Maraina Carrington, b. Steuben Co., Aug. 1, 1832, married in Cleveland, O., Oct. 13, 1858; children, Inez E., b. in Wisconsin, July 27, 1859, Lucius P., b. Oct. 27, 1861, in Wisconsin, Halbert J. b. Sept. 4, 1864, in Wisconsin, Lydia A., b. Wisconsin, Nov. 8, 1866, Clyde C. b. N. Y. Feb. 4, 1870.
Burdick, Samuel H., p o Brookfield, farmer, 150 acres, b. Brookfield, June 13, 1815; wife, Abigail Huntley, b. Brookfield, April 4, 1821, married Jan. 18, 1838; children---Audelia S. b. May 26, 1844, and married Nov. 11, 1868, to Charles H. Burdick; their children are---Samuel H. b. April 21, 1870, Ichabod E. b. March 22, 1873, Christie A. b. Jan 14, 1876.
Burdick, Stanton, p o Brookfield, farmer, 154 acres, b. R. I. Dec. 2d, 1799, s. 1802, was captain of militia; wife, Eliza Ann Hoxie, b. Connecticut; married March 8, 1821; children, Eliza Ann, b. Oct 28, 1821, Cornelia, b. Feb. 22, 1823, Almira b. Oct 12, 1824, John H. b. Sept. 14, 1826, Joseph H. b. April 12, 1828, Lucy M. b. April 10, 1831, John S. b. June 14, 1833, Mary L., b. May 31, 1835, Emily J. b. April 22, 1837, George A. b. May 20, 1839, Catharine O., b. Aug. 1, 1841, Hannah. M., b. Jan. 24, 1844, Norman L., b. Nov. 8, 1847.
Blanding, J. H., p o North Brookfield, farmer, 105 acres, b. Richmond, N. H., Sept. 22, 1814, s. 1825, has been highway commissioner; 1st wife, Mary J. Sweet, b. Brookfield, 1816, married March, 1837, children, Mary M. b April 2, 1839, Joseph M. b. Dec. 27, 1841; 2d wife, Lucy M. Beebe, b. Brookfield, Oct. 10, 1828, married Jan. 1, 1845; children, Cyrus, b. Jan. 1, 1846, died Feb. 17, 1846, Cyrus F. b. March 5, 1847, died 1851, Oscar M. b. April 29, 1850, died 1864.
Collins, Stephen H., p o Leonardsville, farmer and dairyman, 244 acres, b. Brookfield, Feb. 24 1838, father, Hoxie Collins; grandfather, Hezekiah Collins, who settled lot 14, 1804; wife, Louisa B. Keith, b. Edmeston, married 1857, children, 5.
Crandall, W. D., p o West Edmeston, farmer and dairyman, 175 acres, b. Brookfield, Dec. 8, 1845; father, William H. Crandall, died Aug. 18, 1872; grandparents Kenyon P. and Mary Crandall, who settled at an early day from R. I., wife, Elizabeth Burdick, b. Truxton, Cortland Co., married, 1869.
Chesebrough, Harry, p o South Brookfield, farmer, dairyman and hop grower, 170 acres, b. Brookfield, March 20, 1825; father, Harry Chesebrough; 1st wife, Phoebe A. Nichols; 2d wife, Emma A. Keeler, children 1---Harry, Jr.
Clarke, Wait, p o Brookfield, b. R. I., March 24, 1798, s. 1810, retired, has been captain of militia, justice of the peace 16 years and supervisor; 1st wife, Mercy Miner, b. Brookfield, Oct. 8, 1798, married Jan. 28, 1819, died Sept. 16, 1845; 2d wife, Bersheba D. Mott, b. Aug. 7, 1811, married Aug. 19, 1847; children---Albert, b Feb. 23, 1821, Harriet, b. Jan. 20, 1823, Mary J. b. Dec. 31, 1826, Mariette b. Sept. 18, 1827, Eliza S. b. Oct 27, 1829, Ray, b. Aug. 25, 1833.
Clarke, Samuel, p o Brookfield, farmer, 50 acres, b. Brookfield, Feb. 14, 1807; wife, Mercy Greene, b. Brookfield, Oct. 18, 1814, married Dec. 29, 1836; children, Mary J. b. Aug. 13, 1837, Ray G. b. Dec.19, 1838, Albert C., b. Sept. 6, 1840, Alied D. b. Oct. 10, 1842, Emily A. b. June 2, 1845, G. M. b. April 8, 1847, Amos, b. March 23, 1850, Willard M. b. Dec. 28, 1852, Herman S. b. Jan. 26, 1854, Edwin W. b. June 4, 1856, Cora E. b. July 13, 1857, Charlie D. b. Sept. 5, 1859.
Coon, Henry B., p o Bridgewater, farmer and live stock dealer, 335 acres, b. Plainfield, Otsego, Co., 1850, s. Nov. 1869; father, Benjamin C. Coon, a live stock dealer of New York city; wife, Josephine McGuire, b. Buffalo; children 5.
Faulkner, Alonzo, p o North Brookfield, dairy farmer, and hop grower, 600 acres, b. Brookfield, Feb. 15, 1823; father, Lyman Faulkner; mother, Azuba Fisk, s. from Connecticut 1800, wife, Rebecca Mattison, b. Vermont, married April 29, 1871; children 2---Adeline, Helen.
Fitch, Patton, p o Brookfield, farmer, 80 acres, b. Dover, Vt., June 18, 1803, s.1806, has been road commissioner; wife, Polly Clark, b. Brookfield, June 16, 1809, married March 3, 1825, children, Aurilius D., b. Jan. 29, 1827, Philarmon, b. August 5, 1829, William G., b. May 8, 1833, Arminda N., b. Sept. 3, 1840, and died Dec. 11, 1858, Phebe L., b. Feb. 18, 1845, and died Nov. 2, 1859, Truman D., b. Dec. 8, 1848.
Fuller, S. M., p o North Brookfield, farmer 99 acres, b. Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 25, 1841, s. 1865; wife, Loretta A. Marsh, b. Brookfield, July 8, 1848, married August 11, 1868, children---Allen C., b. May 14, 1870, Alanson S., b. April 26, 1873, Fay M., b. Feb. 21, 1876.
Frink, Luther, p o Brookfield, farmer and hop grower, 114 acres, b. Brookfield, June 7, 1845; parents, Louis and Ann Frink; wife, Mary Lines, married 1856, children 3---Delma J., Jennie A., Esther M.
Fisk, Hon. David L., p o North Brookfield, farmer, dairyman and hop grower, 220 acres, b. Brookfield, Jan. 1, 1829, was in Assembly the winters of 1870-'71, and has been justice of peace; parents, Denison and Polly J. Fisk; father, b. on Fisk farm, lot 10, s. by David Fisk; wife, Frances E. Greene, married Feb. 24, 1880.
Gates, Amos, p o Brookfield, farmer, 25 acres, b. Brookfield Sept. 7, 1803, has been road commissioner, 1st wife, Emma Dye, b. Brookfield, 1795, married March 28, 1830, died Dec. 28, 1847, 2d wife, Betsey York, b. Brookfield, Oct. 14, 1809, died Oct. 10, 1873; children---James H., b. Jan. 1, 1831, Fidelia, b. July 20, 1832, Hiram D., b. July 7, 1834, Harrison, b. August 3, 1840.
Garrett, J., p o North Brookfield, farmer, 150 acres, b. Brookfield, April 5, 1820; wife. Satira Mason, b. Stockbridge, Madison Co. Oct. 31, 1824, married May 5, 1847; children---Hattie, adopted, b. Michigan, April 4, 1863.
Greene, Samuel M., p o South Brookfield, farmer and dairyman, b. Brookfield, Jan. 2, 1845; father, Robert Greene, grandfather, Robert Greene; wife, Louisa Start, b. Oneida Co., children 3---R. Darwood, Alice M., Nellie L.
Gustin, A. D., p o Sherburne, farmer, 8 acres, b. Brookfield, June 8, 1843, was private in Co. A. First N. Y. Artillery, in later war; parents, Amasa and Betsey Gustin; wife, Mary Perkins, b. Sherburne; children, 5---David, Lucelia, Freddie, Olivia, Nettie.
Hall, Charles S., p o Unadilla Forks, farmer and dairyman, 240 acres; father, Samuel Hall; grandfather, Samuel Hall, who was the first settler on this lot and one of the first in town.
Halligan, B. A., p o Brookfield, hop grower, 25 acres, s. 1863; husband, Thomas Halligan; parents, James and Annie Sloan.
Hill, H. A., p o Brookfield, farmer, 43 acres, b. Brookfield, Feb. 26, 1822; has been highway commissioner; wife, Maria Hinkley, b. Brookfield, married Nov. 20, 1845; children---Ida V., b. May 13, 1851, died 1861, Lilla May, b. Sept. 3, 1860, died 1861, Bertha M., b. May 10, 1862.
Hoxie, Rowland K., p o Brookfield, farmer, 46 acres, b. Richmond, Washington Co., R. I., April 1, 1811, s. 1835; wife, Ruth E. Knowles, b. Rhode Island, married April 27, 1847; children---Eliza, b. Jan. 25, 1848, and died March 13, 1862, George, b. June 10, 1850, and died Feb. 28, 1862, Nettie A., b. Oct. 16, 1853, Flora A. b. Aug. 19, 1855, and died March 11, 1862, Perry A., b. Aug. 8, 1863.
Higgins, Aldin, p o North Brookfield, farmer, 103 acres, b. East Haddam, Conn., March 12, 1822, s. 1843; wife, Betsey Marsh, b. Otselic, Chenango Co. Oct. 23, 1825, married Oct. 24, 1844; children---Henry O., b. June 2, 1852, and married August 15, 1875, Melvin G., b. July 15, 1859, married Jan. 30, 1877, and died Aug. 25, 1879.
Hinkley, D. A., farmer, 170 acres, b. Brookfield, Jan. 30, 1833, died July 8, 1868; wife, Jennie Keith, b. Otsego Co. Aug. 22, 1833, married Oct. 11, 1855; children---Hattie A., b. Nov. 1, 1857, Mary A., b. March 28, 1860, Julia D., b. June 15, 1866, died Dec. 25, 1868.
Jackson, Ira D., p o Brookfield, farmer, 487 acres, b. Otsego Co., Aug. 4, 1806, s 1824, first wife, Caroline Coats, b. Brookfield, Aug. 15, 1812, married Dec. 31, 1833, children---Laura J. b. Feb. 9, 1836, Charles D. b. Nov. 2, 1838, Lucy M. b. Dec. 8, 1841, Mary E. b. Jan. 9, 1845; second wife, Amy O. Crandall, b. Aug. 24, 1810, children---Caroline O. b. Sept. 17, 1848, Julia M. b. June 29, 1849; third wife, Martha H.__________, b. Rhode Island, April 22, 1800, married May 1, 1853.
Jones, Richard, p o Unadilla Forks, farmer, b. Herkimer Co. 1832, s. 1862; parents, Richard and Mary Jones; wife, Freedom Lasher, b. Oneida Co.; children, 5.
Jennings, John W., p o Brookfield, grain and dairy farmer and hop grower, 200 acres, b. Brookfield, March 22, 1827; parents, Samuel and Louisa Jennings, b. Rhode Island, s. 1822; wife, Mariette Stanbro; children, 2---Wm. C., Peleg.
Judge, David, p o Leonardsville, farmer dairyman and hop grower, 62 acres, b. England, Jan. 15, 1823, s.1854; parents, James and Alexandra Judge; wife, Ann Nower, b. April 8, 1829, married Nov. 28, 1852, died Aug. 11, 1877;---children, 4---James, Hannah William, Elizabeth, deceased.
Keith, Ambrose, p o North Brookfield, grain and dairyman and hop grower, 92 acres, b. Brookfield, May 8, 1827, has been highway commissioner 6 years; parents, John and Sarah Keith, who settled 1812; wife, Eleanor Maine, b. Brookfield, married 1851; children,2---John I., Sarah.
Langworthy, Nathan, p o Brookfield, farmer, 90 acres, b. Brookfield, is deacon of Free-Will Baptist church; wife, Lucy Ann Dye, b. Brookfield, Oct. 13, 1808, married Nov. 26, 1826; children, 7---Nathan T. b. May 5, 1828, John, b. March 6, 1831, Phebe Ann, b. March 21, 1833, Elmer, b. Sept. 12, 1840, Francena, b. March 1, 1845, Eslie A., b. Jan. 15, 1853.
Loomis, Russell, p o North Brookfield, farmer, 240 acres, b. Brookfield, Nov. 26, 1826, has been road commissioner; wife, Lovema Lawson, b. Cattaraugus Co. July 4, 1829, married Nov. 9, 1848; children, Adna, b. Nov. 2, 1849, and died Oct. 19, 1862, S. Imogene, b. June 2, 1853, died 1862, Alvin, b. Nov. 9, 1856, Clara, b. Oct. 20, 1858, and died Sept. 2, 1862, Carrie, b. Feb. 22, 1862, Eugenia, b. Jan. 19, 1866, Minnie C., b. Sept. 8, 1868, Una L., b. April 20, 1871.
Loomis, Hiram, p o North Brookfield, farmer, 80 acres, b. Brookfield, Jan. 14, 1842; wife, Amelia Ferris, b. Bellisle, Onondaga Co., July 7, 1850, married May 17, 1873; children, Jesse M., b. Nov. 2, 1874, Frank H., b. July 15, 1876, Lydia May, b. May 7, 1878.
Lamb, E. D., p o Unadilla Forks, cheese manufacturer and farmer, 34 acres, b. Plainfield, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1838, s. 1865; parents, Russel and Martha Lamb; wife, Mary B. Rogers, b. Plainfield, N. Y.; children, 1---Eugenia May.
Morgan, John, p o Brookfield, farmer, 83 acres, b. Norwich, Conn., May 14, 1796, s. 1797; wife, R. A. Harrison, b. Essex, N. J., May 22, 1809, married Feb. 14, 1826; children, Ann E., b. Nov. 23, 1827, Olivia, b. July 26, 1829, Willard, b. Feb. 4, 1831, John M. b. May 17, 1832, Adelia S., b. Feb. 19, 1834, Charles M., b. March 14, 1836, John. W., Jan. 30, 1838, William H., March 15, 1840, Emory D., b. May 10, 1842, Laura O., b. May 14, 1845, Henry C., b. May 18, 1847, Annette E., b. June 25, 1850, Milton H., b. Sept. 10, 1854.
Marsh, Mott M., p o South Hamilton, teacher and cheese maker, 2 acres, b. Clayville, N. Y., March 28, 1855, s. Nov. 13, 1878; wife, Samantha Brown, b. Brookfield, N. Y., married Oct. 23, 1878.
Maxson, LeRoy, p o Unadilla Forks, farmer, 40 acres, b. Brookfield, Jan. 2, 1827; father, Captain John Maxson, who was born 1794, is highway commissioner, sixth year; wife Elizabeth Coon, b. West Edmeston; children, 1---Ora A.
Mott, S. Henry, p o Leonardsville, res. lot 90, grain and dairy farmer, 72 acres, b. Brookfield, Dec. 24, 1850; father, Samuel Mott, b. Feb. 23, 1801; wife, Sarcy Dye, b. Brookfield, 1853; married 1872; children, 2---Eva and Elbert.
Marsh, Joseph P., p o Brookfield, farmer and teamster, 15 acres, b. Hamilton, March 16, 1820; father, Nathaniel Marsh, b. Brookfield, 1800; grandfather, Nathaniel Marsh, one of the first settlers and church elders; wife, Sarah Bennett, daughter of Daniel Bennett, married 1842; children, 6.
Nelson, Isaac, p o Bridgewater, hop grower, 12 acres, b. Lysander, Onondaga Co., April 13, 1845, s. 1877; parents, Samuel H. and Eliza Nelson; wife, Lucy Bennett, b. Oneida Co., Dec. 30, 1844; children, 1---Frederick L.
Palmer, Mary P., p o Brookfield, grain and dairy farmer, 100 acres; the house was the first frame house in the town, and built by Grandfather Lawton Palmer; parents, Elias and Maria Palmer; Uncle Lawton Palmer was the first white male child born in town, b. about 1793; Great Uncle Elias Button taught school in town for many years.
Palmer, Ira, p o Sherburne, dairy farmer, 490 acres, b. Massacchusetts, April 14, 1820, s. 1830; parents, Daniel and Eunice Palmer; wife, Roxania Brown, married 1849; children 5---Emma, Susan, Daniel, George, Ida; father, John Brown.
Parks, W. S., p o North Brookfield, prop. Parks' Hotel, b. Hamilton, April 8, 1836; hotel, billiard parlor, opera house and livery; 1st wife, Rosetta Sawdey, 2d wife, Lavantia Greene; children 2---Genevia R., H. L.
Palmiter, A. G., p o Brookfield, farmer, 200 acres, b. Brookfield, May 15, 1809; has been school commissioner; wife, Mary Curtiss, b. Albion, Montgomery Co., Feb. 2, 1814, married Jan. 10, 1835; children---Cynthia, b. March 3, 1836, Fanny O., b. May 14, 1838, George C., b. March 29, 1840, Huldah, b. Jan. 29, 1842, Mary E., b. June 27, 1845, Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1846, Minerva, b. Sept. 29, 1849, Belma, b. Jan. 26, 1852.
Palmer, Lawton L., p o Brookfield, farmer, 111 acres, b. Allegany Co., April 13, 1821, s. 1827; 1st wife, Matilda F. Evans, b. Virginia, Aug. 26, 1829, married Dec. 28, 1845; children---Amy M., b. March 24, 1847, Loami E., b. March 22, 1849, Mary L., b. Jan. 10, 1852, James A., b. July 10, 1854, Hattie A., b. April 11, 1857, Catharine M., b. Nov. 25, 1859, Rosetta, b. April 12, 1852, William L., b. May 7, 1865; 2d wife, Ella Carter, b. May 7, 1836, married Oct. 30, 1877.
Perry, J. A., p o North Norwich, farmer, 55 acres, b. St. Lawrence Co., Oct. 4, 1846, s. 1878; wife, R.R. Abbey, b. Brookfield, Dec. 25, 1849, married March 19, 1871; children, Lula E., b. Jan. 22, 1875, Lillie May and Rosa Maud, twins, b. August 21, 1877.
Rogers, James, p o Leonardsville, dairy farmer and hop grower, 90 acres, b. Oswego Co. 1841, s 1842; parents, Denison and Hannah Rogers, who settled 1830; wife, Berintha A. Babcock, b. Brookfield, married 1876; parents, William and Catharine Babcock.
Rogers, C. W. Jr., p o South Brookfield, dairy farmer and hop grower, 185 acres, b. Plainville, Otsego Co., Sept. 9, 1851, s. March 1, 1880; parents, C. W. and Rhoda Rogers; wife, Laura Wheeler, b. Brookfield, married Nov. 5, 1879.
Scott, Welcome, p o Bridgewater, grist, saw and cider mill, 8 acres, b. Brookfield, Sept. 26, 1811, has been collector; parents, Levi and Catharine Scott; grandfather, Amos Scott was b. Middlebury, Conn. March 2d, 1732, s 1796, died March 22, 1823; grandmother, Louisa Scott, was born Connecticut, August 13, 1735, died Oct. 4, 1819; wife, Martha L. Alexander, b. Oct 24, 1818, married Feb. 8, 1844.
Stillman, G. W., p o Brookfield, farmer and dairyman, 150 acres, b. Newport, Herkimer Co., Nov. 12, 1820, s. 1871; parents, Ezra and Polly Stillman, b. Rhode Island, s. 1830; wife, Sophia Rogers, children 5---Anna N., Samuel L., Frederick F., Clark R., Clarence.
Stanbro, Peleg, p o Brookfield, farmer, 202 acres, b. Cortland Co., Feb. 12, 1817, s. 1825, has been highway commissioner 12 years; wife, Bathshebe Kenyon, b. Hopkinton, R. I., Feb. 19, 1814, married Dec. 5, 1841.
Searle, John R., p o Leonardsville, farmer and hop grower, 115 acres, b. Brookfield, 1835, has been assessor two years, and is a member of the board of education of schools; parents, William N. and Eliza Searle; wife, Mary B. Clark, born Plainfield, married 1855, children 3---Clarence J., Clayton T., Florence A. and Matie J., an adopted daughter; father, Reynolds Clark.
Sisson, J. Gorton, farmer, dairyman and carpenter, 97 acres, born Plainville, Otsego, Co., Feb. 13, 1822, died July 20, 1879, has been deputy sheriff and constable; parents, Joshua C. and Catharine Sisson; wife, Louisa Clark, b. Brookfield, July 12, 1826, married Dec. 12, 1849, died Nov. 23, 1870; children 4---Alice L. Hall, Hallie L, Arthur C., Mattie J.
Scott, Giles, p o Bridgewater, grain and dairy farmer, and hop grower, 220 acres, b. Brookfield, Oct. 13, 1818, has been assessor; father, Marvin Scott, b. 1787, s. on lot 89, died April 17, 1846, mother, Julia Ives, b. 1796; children 6, all living; wife, Elizabeth Babcock, b. Bridgewater, married March 19, 1845; children 2.
Tuttle, J. O., p o Brookfield, farmer 86 acres, b. Columbus, Chenango Co., Dec. 9, 1833, s 1863, has been school trustee and collector; wife, Rebecca Ramsdiel, b. Brookfield, Oct. 10, 1835, married Jan. 1, 1856; children, Nellie L., b. August 27, 1861, Nettie G., b. Dec. 4, 1867, Gertie F., b. May 14, 1869, Everett D., b. April 26, 1871.
Talcott, Samuel, p o North Brookfield, farmer, 100 acres, b. Madison, Nov. 6, 1816, died April 11, 1874; wife, Ann M. Crofoot, b. Madison, June 10, 1824, married Jan. 18, 1854, children; Luella C., b. Jan. 18, 1855, Charles W., b. Feb. 9, 1859, Daisy M. A., b. July 2, 1855 (1865?) and died Jan. 22, 1867.
Todd, L. E., p o Brookfield, undertaker and furniture dealer, b. Erie Co., Penn., August 28, 1846, and s. 1858, is an adopted son of Elder F. M. Todd; wife, Azelia B. Satterlee; children, 1---Hattie.
Tuttle, Edwin O., p o Sherburne, grain and dairy farmer,and hop grower, 125 acres, b. Columbus, Nov. 9, 1837, s. 1858; parents, Stephen H. and Polly Tuttle; wife, Mary Pugh, b. Oneida Co., children 4---Mary C., Jennie S., Emma C., Arthur J.
Vidler, James, p o Brookfield, farmer, 50 acres, b. England, Nov. 25, 1818, s. 1843, wife, Eliza Curtis, b. Schoharie Co., Dec. 20, 1817, married Feb. 1, 1841; children---Edward H., b. Sept. 4, 1842, Arthur B., b. Kirkland, Oneida Co., July 20, 1844, M. Arvilla, b. July 3, 1846, Mary Ann, b. May 18, 1848, James V., b. Aug. 15, 1856.
Whitford, Clark M., p o Brookfield, farmer, b. Brookfield, July 5, 1808; has been assessor six years; parents, William and Hannah Whitford, who settled 1795; wife, Phoebe Whitford, b. Brookfield, Nov. 11, 1825, married Feb. 12, 1863.
Whitford, William J., p o Brookfield, farmer and dairyman, 86 acres, b. Brookfield, Sept. 26, 1844; parents, Silas and Mary Whitford; wife, Hattie E. Holmes, b. Preston, Chenango Co., children, 1---Genevieve H.
Wheeler, Luther, p o West Edmeston, farmer and dairyman, 301 acres, b. Brookfield, Jan. 8, 1814; father, Josiah Wheeler; grandparents, Amos and Catharine Wheeler; first wife, Joanna M. Hoxie; second wife, Catharine E. Rogers; children, 3---Laura F., Herbert L., Cora A.
Welch, C. M., p o Leonardsville, farmer and dairyman, 80 acres, b. Brookfield, Nov. 20, 1828; father, Charles Welch; grandfather, Charles Welch, an early settler; wife, L. J. Crawford, b. Illinois; children, 7.
White, Daniel D., p o Brookfield, farmer, 30 acres, b. Hopkinton, Washington Co., R. I., 1800, s. 1807; has been school inspector and captain of militia; wife, Mary Bates, b. Paris Hill, Oneida Co., Jan. 4, 1817; children---Anna E., Henry, Albert, Myron P., George L., John L., Rosamond I., Cyrus T., Francis W.
Wilcox, Rueben P., p o Brookfield, grain and dairy farmer and hop grower, 220 acres, b. Plainfield, Otsego Co., May 18, 1819, s. 1855; father, Ephraim Wilcox, one of the first settlers; wife, Sarah A. Clark, b. Bridgewater.
York, Oliver B., p o Brookfield, farmer, 44 acres, b. Columbus, Chenango Co., Sept. 14, 1823, s. 1824; wife, Mary Lines, b. Susquehanna Co., Pa., Dec. 3, 1821, married March 4, 1846; children---Henry, b. Feb. 25, 1847, Gracia G. b. Jan. 29, 1849, Hattie O., b. Oct. 26, 1850, Charlie O., b. March 17, 1852, Frank H., b. July 17, 1854.
York, William D., p o Brookfield, farmer, 21 acres, b. Brookfield, June 1, 1825; first wife, Mary A. Crumb, b. Brookfield, April 24, 1823, married Sept. 22, 1845, died June 14, 1867; second wife, Phebe T. Ladd, b. Rhode Island, June 13, 1826, married March 9, 1868; children---David T., b. Sept. 18, 1848, and died Aug. 1, 1850, Lawson D., b. May 29, 1852, Elbert L., b. Aug. 11, 1854, J. C., b. Dec. 28, 1860, Lillia N., an adopted daughter, b. April 6, 1866, and died Jan. 17, 1875.



Alling, James, p o Lebanon, farmer, b. Madison, June 15, 1858, his fathers in Madison, in 1841, removed to Smyrna in 1873.
Armstrong, F. W., p o Randallsville.
Brown, Alfred L., p o Hamilton, farmer and hop grower, 110 acres, b. Brookfield, 1815, has been commissioner of highways of Lebanon, was supt. of Madison County House 12 years; 1st wife, Martha Green, b. Brookfield, 1822, married 1841, died 1870; children 4, living --- Freddie E.; 2d wife, Sarah Fulkerson, b. Hamilton, 1841, married 1877; father, John Brown, b. Brookfield, 1793, died 1870; mother, Susan Greenman Brown, b. Brookfield, 1795; children 8 --- William B., Morris E., Roxana, Benjamin G., Eunice E., Newell, Mary H., Alfred L.
Ballard L., p o Lebanon, farmer, 300 acres, b. Lebanon, March 16, 1836, has been supervisor and justice of peace, lives on homestead with parents who settled 1825; grandfather, s. 1805.
Baker, Truman, p o Earlville, farmer and stock grower, 300 acres, b. New Lisbon, Otsego Co., N. Y. March 17, 1820, s. April 1, 1854, has been assessor, justice of peace and other minor offices; wife, Lucia Cone, b. New Lisbon, married June 2, 1845; children 4 --- parents, settled in Otsego Co. 1804.
Clarke, Whitman, p o Earlville.
Fisk, P. R., p o Lebanon, farmer and dairyman, 260 acres, b. Lebanon May 15, 1852; wife, Hattie A. Billings, b. Lebanon, married Sept. 26, 1872, one child; grandfather, Squire Seymour, was one of the first settlers in Lebanon.
Gray, Jerome M., p o Hamilton, patentee Gray's weather strips, road scrapers and snow plows for side walks, has been trustee of village of Hamilton, b. Lebanon, 1817; wife, Harriet Barrett, b. Georgetown, 1835, married 1854; children, 1; father, of Mrs. Gray, Samuel Barrett, b. Vermont; mother, Eleanor Payne Barrett, b. Georgetown, Mr. Barrett was the eldest of a family of 15 children of James and Sarah Barrett.
Gilbert, John B., p o Lebanon.
Hartshorn, Asa, p o Lebanon, farmer, 231 acres, b. Lebanon, Jan. 14, 1829, has been highway commissioner; 1st wife, Sarah A. Howes, b. Madison Co. May 28, 1836, married Sept. 28, 1864, died Aug. 29, 1866; 2d wife, Brunette Morgan, b. Smithfield, Feb. 6, 1835, married Oct. 1, 1867; children 4.
Kinney, Thomas H., p o Earlville, farmer, 100 acres, has been constable 7 years, and collector. b. Hamilton, 1810, s. 1839; wife, Ruth Clark, b. Rhode Island, 1812, married 1835; children 4, living 2 --- Clark H., Hoyt B.; father, Thomas Kinney, b. Connecticut, 179?, s. 1805, died 1865; mother, Prudence Howe Kinney, b. Connecticut, died 1874.
Lamb, Edwin M., p o Lebanon, farmer, 84 acres, b. Lebanon, Nov. 20, 1821, has been overser of poor, supervisor and town clerk; wife Mary C. Benedict, b. Lebanon, married May 28, 1845; children 5; father, Ira Lamb, b. Massachusetts, s. 1816.
Newton, Francis B., p o Hamilton, livery stable and farmer, 12 acres, has been constable, collector and deputy sheriff, b. Madison, 1842; wife, Margaret Wahn, b. Canada, 1849, married 1868; children 5.
Parsons, Nancy D., p o Randallsville, 5 acres, b. Lebanon, 1819, s. 1873; husband, Horace A. Parsons, b. Smyrna, Chenango Co. 1809, married 1853, died 1876, was a farmer in Smyrna, 100 acres, was a prominent citizen, a kind husband, and loved by all who knew him, died of a disease contracted during the centennial exhibition.
Pike, L. B., p o Lebanon, merchant, b. Smyrna, N. Y., June 16, 1846, s. 1871; wife, Almeda C. Sornberger, married Jan. 26, 1870; children 1.
Swift, Justus G., p o Hamilton, farmer, 92 acres, been assessor in Lebanon three years, b. Hamilton, 1819, s. 1865; wife, Sarah A. Shattuck, b. Hamilton, 1819, married 1841; children 2 --- Charles L, Willie B., both deceased; father, Elisha Swift, b. Sharon, Mass. 1779, s. 1800, died 1851; mother, Lydia Snow Swift, b. Plainfield, Mass. 1785, died 1858; children 9, living --- Lydia, David, Lucinda, Abijah, J. G., Florinda; Justus Shattuck, b. Massachusetts, 1785; Polly Robinson Shattuck, b. 1786; children 11, living --- Lucy, Venilia, Mary, Sarah, William J., James F. Orville J., Harriet D.
Smith, Sidney D., p o Randallsville, merchant and postmaster, b. Hamilton, Oct. 5, 1849, supervisor, postmaster and notary public; wife, Mary M. Hopkins, b. Georgetown, S. C., married Jan. 16, 1872; children 2. The land now occupied by him was formerly a plantation owned by Mrs. McMasters who kept slaves.
Shapley, Lewis, p o Randallsville, farmer, 160 acres, b. March 18, 1807; wife, Jenette Church, b. Jan. 1, 1812, married Oct. 18, 1831; children 8; parents came into the town in 1803 and were Shakers.
Stowell, Horace, p o Eaton, farmer, 150 acres, b. Lebanon, Nov. 29, 1811; wife, Anna Andrews, b. Eaton, Madison Co., married May 16, 1833; children 6, living 3; father, Enoch Stowell, s. 1788; grandfather was a revolutionary soldier, captain and preacher.
Seymour, Alfred, p o Lebanon, farmer and dairyman, 200 acres, b. Lebanon, Jan. 8, 1817, has held various minor offices in town and church, has records of Lebanon agricultural society; wife, Rhoda H. Green, b. Brookfield, Madison Co. married Jan. 1, 1846; children 7; father came from Hartford, Conn., and settled on homestead in 1803.
Willcox, Bradford B., p o Earlville, farmer, 140 acres, b. Norwich, Chenango Co., Jan. 31, 1835, s. 1863; wife, Sophronia Ingalls, b. Hamilton, Oct. 11, 1839, married June 19, 1862; children 3, --- Charlie B., George E., May L.; father Whitman Willcox, b. Rhode Island, 1795, s. 1800, died 1845; mother, Lucinda Parker Willcox, b. Massachusetts, May 9, 1799, s. 1804, died March 6, 1878; children 7.

De Ruyter.

Allen, Benjamin, p o Shed's Corners, farmer, 75 acres, b. Madison Co., May 26, 1842, s. 1870. Has been justice of peace.
Ames, F. W., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 130 acres, b. Plymouth, Chenango Co., Feb. 19, 1820, s. Dec. 1, 1846; has been school director; wife, Electa E. Ray, b. Nelson, Feb. 25, 1822, married Sept. 6, 1843; children 8.
Burdick, H. W., p o DeRuyter, jeweler, b. Lincklaen, 1812, s. 1848, has been constable; wife, Eliza Estes, b. Madison.
Brown, Timothy G., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 90 acres, b. Georgetown, Madison Co., Aug. 20, 1825; wife Melvina Peavy, b. Allen, Alleghany Co., Jan. 17, 1852; children 9.
Burdick, Albert G., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 255 acres, b. DeRuyter, March 23, 1807; has been supervisor and captain; wife, Eunetia Y. Wheeler, b. Nelson, Madison Co., married Feb. 28, 1841; children 5.
Cone, Monroe, p o DeRuyter, manufacturer of cheese boxes and farmer, 50 acres, b. Chenango Co., 1843, s. 1861, married 1876; children 1.
Clark, Silas S., p o DeRuyter, physician, 30 acres, b. Brookfield, Madison Co., 1824, has been trustee of academy, village trustee, member board of education, assessor; wife, Mary Jane Champlain, b. Hopkinton, R. I., married 1848; children 3.
Crumb, J. H., p o DeRuyter, supervisor.
Carey, James, p o DeRuyter.
Clarke, J., p o DeRuyter.
Godfrey, F. M., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 134 acres, b. 1827, s. 1863, wife, Harriet Gardner, married 1857, children, 2.
Gage, Edwin L., p o DeRuyter, farmer, is a breeder of Spanish and Merino sheep, and a dealer in stock, 200 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1832; wife, Jane Arnold, b. DeRuyter, married 1861; children, 1---Carrie E.
Gardner, D. Foster, p o Shed's Corners, farmer, 215 acres, b. DeRuyter, March 5, 1838, has been inspector of election and assessor two terms; wife, Clarissa A. Smith, b. Cazenovia, Madison Co., Jan. 28, 1864; children, 3.
Hamlin, J. E., p o New Woodstock, carriage painter, b. Berlin, Conn., Aug. 30, 1829, s. Sept. 1837; wife, Ann P. Gale, b. Elbridge, Onondaga Co., married Sept. 21, 1857.
Hull, George, p o DeRuyter.
Jenks, E. D., p o DeRuyter, clerk and farmer, 127 3-10 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1844, has been school director; wife, Susan M. Delemater, b. Oneida Co., married 1870; children, 4.
Maxson, L. P., p o Shed's Corners, sheep farmer, 193 acres, b. Nelson, 1825; wife, Susan Corniss, b. Orange Co., Vt., married 1849; children, 2.
Merchant, B. F., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 500 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1825; wife, Nettie Johnson, b. Otselic.
Maxson, Charles H., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 117 acres, b. Washington Co., R. I., 1816, s. 1836; wife, Lena Ann Enus, b. DeRuyter, married Sept. 29, 1839; children, 2---Charles B., Henry D., graduate Amherst College.
Mason, G. S., p o DeRuyter, builder, 30 acres, b. May 13, 1833, s. 1833, has been justice of peace; wife, S. Newett, b. DeRuyter, married, 1873; children, 1.
Merchant, Morris R., p o DeRuyter, general merchandise, 810 acres, b. Sept. 25, 1833; wife, Mary A. Randall, b. Harlem City, married Nov. 12, 1863; one adopted daughter.
Nix, Thomas, p o DeRuyter.
Pulford, Nancy M., p o DeRuyter.
Reeve, Newel, p o DeRuyter, farmer, 60 acres, b. Cazenovia, Nov. 6, 1819, s. 1819; wife, S. M. Lewis, b. ____, Oneida Co., married Sept. 29, 1840; children, 3; has been road and excise commissioner.
Rigby, David, p o DeRuyter, farmer, 85 acres, has been assessor, b. Oxford, Chenango Co., May 17, 1817, s. 1838; wife, Betsey A. Ray, b. Nelson, April 28, 1820, married Sept. 14, 1842; children, 4.
Stanton, Alvin, p o DeRuyter, farmer, 52 acres, b. Cazenovia, Madison Co., 1809, s. 1809, has been school director; wife, Polly Dye, married 1836; children, 6.
Smith, S. E., p o Shed's Corners, farmer, 223 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1833; wife, ____ Hunt, married Jan. 16, 1862; children, 2.
Sperry, S. S., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 75 acres, b. Pompey, 1834, s. 1853, has been school director; wife, M. Brennenstuhl, b. Cortland Co., married 1862; children, 4.
Scott, Horace, p o DeRuyter.
Smith, Patrick, p o DeRuyter.
Tripp, Henry, p o DeRuyter, farmer, 32 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1821; wife, Chloe C. Eaton, married 1855; children, 3.
Wells, Jason B., p o DeRuyter, teacher and farmer, b. DeRuyter, 1817; wife, Maria Stilman, b. Unadilla, married 1834; children, 3; has been school commissioner, justice and assessor.
Wells, William F., p o DeRuyter, merchant and farmer, 188 acres, b. Aug. 26, 1833, s. 1864, has been commissioner of highways; wife, May J. Coon, married Sept. 4, 1858; children, 4.
Wheeler, Benjamin W., p o Shed's Corners, farmer, 50 acres, b. Chester, N. H., 1807, s. 1817; wife, Eliza Cole, b. Plainville, Otsego Co., married 1832; children, 7.
Wright, Thomas, p o DeRuyter, retired farmer, 200 acres, b. Madison Co., 1832, has been school director and assessor; wife, P. Hunt, b. DeRuyter, married July 22, 1865; children, 2.
Wilcox, John, p o DeRuyter, retired farmer, 90 acres, b. Cortland Co., 1826, s. 1836, has been road commissioner and school director; wife, Esther Newell, married 1856; children, 4.
Wood, Lewis, p o Shed's Corners, farmer, 150 acres, b. DeRuyter, 1809, has been school director; wife Sarah Winslow, b. Truxton, married 1848; children, 7.
Wilbirt, John K., p o DeRuyter, farmer, 288 acres, b. DeRuyter, June 19, 1813, s. 1837, has been highway commissioner 10 years; wife, Martha M. Hawkins, b. Pompey, married Sept. 2, 1835; children, 1.
Wheeler, E. C., p o DeRuyter.
Wight, Wells G., p o DeRuyter.
York, Robert P., p o DeRuyter, dry goods merchant, has been 1st lieut. and captain 114th N.Y. Vols., lieut.-col. and col. 75th N. Y. Vet. Vols., b. Lincklaen, Chenango Co. 1835, s. 1839; wife, Cynthia E., b. Brookfield, Madison Co., married 1857; children 1.


Allard, Eriel D., p o Georgetown, farmer, 240 acres, b Georgetown, March 22, 1832; wife, Mary Johnson, b DeRuyter, Oct. 22, 1832, married Dec. 31, 1856; children 7.
Atwood, H. N., p o Georgetown.
Allen, Milton D., p o Georgetown.
Bliss, E., p o Georgetown.
Bliss, Richard, p o Georgetown.
Brown, Alfred A., farmer, p o Georgetown, Dec. 19, 1820, owns 360 acres, has held offices of supervisor 5 years, justice peace 20 years, loan commissioner, 3 years, and member of assembly 1865; wife, Sarah E. Wagner, born Georgetown, April 12, 1826, married Sept. 7, 1847; 7 children, his father came in Georgetown in 1809, and cleared the farm where he now resides.
Currier, John H., p o Georgetown.
Griffith, George, p o Georgetown.
Hawks, Israel, p o Georgetown.
Harrison, Hannah, p o Georgetown.
Morrow, John B., p o Georgetown.
McCoy, Andrew, p o Georgetown.
Mack, Orville, p o Georgetown.
Stoddard, A. A., p o Georgetown.
Stanton, A. C., p o Georgetown.
Salisbury, Eber, p o Georgetown, farmer and miller, b Waterville, Oneida Co, April 19, 1822, s 1826; wife, Mary d. Atwood, b. Georgetown; children 2.
Utter, D. B., p o Georgetown.
White, C. M., p o Georgetown.
Wagner, C. C., p o Georgetown.
Whitmore, Otis H., p o Georgetown.




Bailey, Asa R., p o Morrisville, farmer and dairyman, 180 acres, b. Nelson, Jan. 22, 1826, assessor from 1878 to '81; wife, Samantha M. Farnham, b. Nelson, Nov. 28, 1829, married Feb. 21, 1849, one child who died Oct. 24, 1877. Father, Anson Bailey. Grandfather, Enoch Bailey, who was one of the pioneers of Nelson and a revolutionary soldier.
Beebe, E. S., p o Nelson.
Brown, Russell, p o Erieville.
Bassett, Silvanus P., p o Erieville.
Booth, E., p o Nelson.
Duffy, P. R., p o Erieville.
Ensign, Thomas, p o Nelson.
English, William E., p o Nelson.
Francis, Rowland C., p o Nelson, farmer, 58 acres, b Llanerfil, Montgomery Co. North Wales, Oct. 3, 1816, s April 1, 1854; wife, Ruth Jones, b. Glassglow, Flint Co. North Wales, March 8, 1815, married Oct. 6, 1841, children, 8.
Greenwood, Len. P., p o Erieville.
Griffin, Henry, p o Erieville.
Hamilton, D. A., p o Nelson.
Hamilton, C. W., p o Nelson.
Moore, F. W., p o Erieville.
Matteson, O. V., p o Nelson.
Richardson, T. M., p o Erieville.
Richardson, Granville, p o Erieville.
Richards, William, p o Nelson, farmer and produce dealer, butter and cheese manufr. 750 acres, b. Wales, Jan. 20, 1819, s 1840, has been assessor three terms; wife, Margaret Roberts, b. Wales, May 12, 1828, married Jan. 1852, children 10, living 8.
Smith, Samuel Allen, p o Nelson Flats, farmer, 105 acres, born on farm now owned by him July 12, 1809, the land was taken up by his father, who came from Massachusetts; is a man noted for his piety and who has been for many years a prominent and active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church; wife, Mary Ann Hotchkiss, b. Canandaigua, N. Y. married June 16, 1847; children, 5.
Smith, William A., p o Nelson.
Smith, H. K., p o Nelson.
Shaffer, William J., p o Erieville.
Stanton, C. B., p o Cazenovia.
Wilson, William H., p o Erieville.


Adams, C. H., gunsmith and farmer, b. Madison Co. 1848, p o Cazenovia; wife, Mary Hammond Adams, b. Herkimer Co., 1851.
Adams, George M., farmer, b. Dutchess Co., 1815, s. 1831, p o Cazenovia; wife, M. Adams, b. Madison Co. 1829.
Alvord, Job, retired farmer, b. Massachusetts, 1800, s. 1805; 1st wife, Sukey Alvord, b. Massachusetts, 1801, died 1864; 2d wife, Susan Alvord, b. Onondaga Co. 1831, died 1871, daughter Susan Alvord Smith, b. Madison Co. 1833.
Atkinson, James, b. Yorkshire, England, 1827, s. 1832, farmer, p o Cazenovia; wife, S. Peck Atkinson, b. Madison Co. 1834; father William Atkinson, b. England, 1799, s. 1832, died 1871.
Atwell, George H., p o Cazenovia.
Atkinson, John, miller, b. England, 1825, s. 1831, owns and runs the Bingley mills, oldest and best flouring mill in Madison Co. in operation 54 years; wife, L. C. Morse, b. Madison Co. 1830.
Atkinson, William, miller, b. England, 1800, s. 1831, died 1873.
Burgess, Celim, farmer, p o New Woodstock, b. on the place where he now lives May 23, 1805, 75 acres; 1st wife, Margaret Cady, b. Columbia Co., N. Y. married 1834, one child; 2d wife, Mary J. Daly, b. Fabius, married 1859.
Burgess, Levy, farmer, b. Massachusetts, 1777, s. 1800, died 1863.
Burton, Rodney, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1817, 29 acres land; wife, E. Young Burton, b. Madison Co. 1820, married 1840, two children; his father served in war of 1812 under Captain Monger of the town of Fenner, and his widow drew his pension until her death in 1879, age 92.
Bumpers, H., farmer, 127 acres, b. Madison Co. 1838, p o Cazenovia; wife, Elizabeth Slocum, b. Madison Co., 1837, married 1864; one daughter, Annie L. Bumpers, b. Madison Co. 1869.
Blodget, Arba, farmer, 253 acres, b. Eaton, Madison Co., March 20, 1807, p o Cazenovia; wife, Adaline Wilbur Blodget, b. Nelson, Madison Co. May 18, 1811, married Feb. 24, 1831; 5 children.
Blodget, Ozen, farmer, b. Massachusetts, 1780, s. 1795, died 1836; wife, Mary Anderson, b. Massachusetts, 1785, died 1862, daughter of William Anderson that settled in Madison Co. 1795.
Blodget, David, farmer, b. Massachusetts, 1751, s. 1795, died 1826.
Beebe, O. E., creamery, b. Onondaga Co. 1846, s. 1876; wife, Hattie Webster, b. Onondaga Co., 1845, Mattie Beebe, b. Onondaga Co., 1868.
Bowers, S. L., farmer, b. Madison Co., p o Cazenovia.
Bentley, Daniel, farmer, b. Chenango Co. 1822, s. 1865, p o New Woodstock; 1st wife, E. C. Burdick, b. Madison Co. 1820, died 1863; 2d wife, M. Cresson, b. Broome Co. 1832.
Bump, John F., farmer, b. Onondaga Co. 1832, s. 1844, p o Cazenovia; wife, E. L. Savage b. Madison Co. 1837.
Blair, Orrin A., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1823, p o Cazenovia; wife, Eunice Allen, b. Madison Co. 1827, daughter, Annie A. Blair, b. Madison Co. 1861.
Buel, Timothy, farmer, b. Columbia Co., 1818, s. 1844, p o Cazenovia; wife, A. Border, b. Madison Co., 1826.
Baker, Almon, farmer, b. Otsego Co. 1825, s. 1864, p o Cazenovia.
Brown, Charles, of Charles Brown & Son, dealers in stoves, tin and sheet iron ware, b. Madison Co. 1819, p o Cazenovia; wife, Helen White, b. Onondaga Co. 1824, married 1843.
Brown, George H., b. Madison Co. 1848, p o Cazenovia.
Brown, Frank L., b. Madison Co. 1857, p o Cazenovia.
Cunningham, W. L., b. Massachusetts, 1809, s. 1827; wife, Sally Wales Cunningham, b. Massachusetts, 1810, s. 1830. Edwin Cunningham, b. Madison Co. 1843, farmer.
Cooper, Harrison, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1841, p o Chittenango Falls; wife, S. J. Beal, b. England, 1847, married 1860; 2 children.
Cadwell, Patrick, farmer, 10 acres garden, b. Ireland, 1813, s. 1846, p o Cazenovia; wife, Bridget Clark Cadwell, b. Ireland, 1813; 5 children.
Colwell, James, farmer, b. Herkimer Co. 1811, s. 1848, p o Cazenovia; wife, A. R. Colwell, b. Montgomery Co. 1814, died 1875; 3 children,---William R., Samuel and Charles, 114 acres.
Chappell, Charles A., farmer, 130 acres, b. Madison Co. 1851, p o Cazenovia; wife, C. B. Woodard, b. Madison Co. 1853, children 2.
Clark, Elijah T., farmer, gardener and fruit grower, b. Madison Co. 1823, p o Oran; wife, Julia Chilson, b. Orange Co. 1828, married 1854; one son. His farm of 50 acres is noted for the Indian fortification and the many relics found thereon. 80 bushels of strawberries were picked and sold from this farm in 1879.
Chilson, Mrs. M. Nichols, b. Albany Co. 1808, s. Madison Co. 1840, p o Oran.
Cook, C. B., farmer and auctioneer, 122 acres, b. Madison Co. 1842, p o Cazenovia; Agnes Marten, b. Albany Co. 1842, married 1862; 3 children. Great-grandfather, Jesse Cook, was captain in revolutionary army, settled at an early date in Sullivan, buried in town of Cazenovia.
Cook, Coonrad, farmer, b. Montgomery Co. 1805, s. 1840, p o Cazenovia; wife, Annis H. Cook, b. Madison Co. 1801.
Cook, C. J., res. New Woodstock, proprietor hotel, b. Onondaga Co. 1837, s. 1840.
Clark, Isaac J., farmer, b. Madison Co., 1844, p o Cazenovia.
Clark, F. C. Webster, b. Madison Co. 1845.
Clark, A. B., blacksmith, b. Onondaga Co. 1831, s. 1839, p o Cazenovia; wife, J. A. Dunbar, s. 1832.
Crandall, Perry, proprietor Cazenovia Hotel, p o Cazenovia.
Dewey, Charles, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1857, p o Oran.
Dewey, Marcus B., farmer, p o Oran, b. Madison Co. 1808, died Aug. 20, 1873; widow, Ann N. Dewey, b. Rensselaer Co. 1812, married 1832; 12 children, four of whom are dead; 90 acres.
Drake, Alfred, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1817, died 1872.
Drake, Mrs. Louisa, widow Alfred Drake, b. Vermont, 1819, s. 1825.
Donnelly, N., farmer, b. Ireland, 1826, s. 1865, p o Cazenovia; wife, C. Rian, b. Ireland, 1839; 6 children; 60 acres.
Dickson, J. S., farmer, b. Onondaga Co. 1833, s. 1871, wife, Mary Foote, b. Madison Co., 1839.
Dean, D. P., grocer and general merchandise, b. Madison Co. 1829, p o Cazenovia; wife, A. N. Latham, b. Chenango Co. 1834.
DeClercq, G. C., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1842, p o Cazenovia; wife, Nancy Richmond, b. Madison Co. 1845.
DeClercq, Henry, b. in Holland about 1760, s. Madison Co. about 1780.
DeClercq, Peter, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1809, died 1873.
Downer, William B., p o Cazenovia, farmer and gardener, 22 acres, b. Fenner, Dec. 12, 1815; wife, Harriet L. Fay, b. Fenner, married Feb. 26, 1839; 8 children, 3 dead.
Estes, William, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1808.
Estes, Joseph, farmer, b. Rhode Island, 1800, s. Madison Co. 1808.
Fuller, A. J., farmer, 60 acres, b. Fulton Co. 1850, s. 1865, p o Peterboro; wife, H. Cooper, b. Madison Co. 1852; 2 children.
Ferry, O. P., res. and p o New Woodstock, builder, b. Madison Co. 1831; wife, Helen L. Elmore, b. Madison Co. 1842.
Freeborn, L. W., res. and p o New Woodstock, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1819; wife, R. L. Morse, b. Madison Co. 1828; 8 children.
Fuller, John H., sheep and stock dealer, b. Madison Co. 1809, p o New Woodstock; wife, S. Gardner, b. Madison Co. 1827.
Fuller, Ebenezer, b. Connecticut, 1772, s. Madison Co. 1800, died 1858.
Fox, Ehle, farmer, p o Cazenovia, 50 acres, b. Montgomery Co. 1809, s. 1811; wife, E. Lawrence, b. Herkimer Co., 1820; 3 children living.
Gage, Sylvanus H., farmer, 3 acres, b. New Woodstock, Madison Co. March 26, 1826, p o New Woodstock; wife, Samantha L. Ackley, b. Chenango Co. 1831, married Feb. 19, 1850; one child.
Gage, Salmon, farmer, 56 acres, b. Windham Co., Conn. July 28, 1794, s. 1803, p o New Woodstock; wife, Irene Howe, b. Windham Co., Conn.; married Dec. 29, 1819. Have celebrated the 60th anniversary of their marriage; 4 children.
Gunn & Tucker, general merchants, clothing, groceries, flour feed, & c.; p o New Woodstock.
Gridley, Timothy, farmer, 191 acres, p o Manlius, b. Madison Co. 1803; wife, Elizabeth Hesler, b. Montgomery Co. 1816, s. 1817, married 1838, six children---five girls and one boy; father Col. or Gen. Timothy Gridley, upon whose staff he served as Aid.
Hesler, James A., farmer, 105 acres, b. Madison Co. 1828, p o Cazenovia; wife, H. E. Phinney, b. Madison Co. 1835, married Sept. 2, 1851; two children---Granger P. and Hollister E.
Harter, Phillip, farmer, 81 acres, p o Cazenovia, b. Herkimer Co. 1802, s. 1826; wife, Catharine Miller, b. Herkimer Co. 1802, married June 10, 1821; 5 children living and 6 dead. Mr. Harter's grandfather was taken prisoner in 1776 by the Indians while engaged in his mill at Little Falls and held for six months, enduring much suffering.
Hesler, Ephraim B., farmer, formerly carpenter and joiner, b. Canajoharie, Montgomery Co. Oct. 26, 1811, 300 acres, s. 1814, p o Cazenovia, has been road commissioner; wife, Charlotte Mills Morris, b. Madison Co. 1808; married Sept. 7, 1829; 3 children, all deceased.
Hesler, Emery E., farmer, 300 acres, b. Cazenovia March 7, 1839, died Oct. 4, 1876; wife, Libbie M. Stewart, b. Oneida, Madison Co. 1842, married March 13, 1866; son, Stewart E. b. Cazenovia, Oct. 7, 1877.
Hoyt, J. B., retired, b. Oneida Co. 1806, s. 1852, p o Cazenovia.
Johnson, A. O., photographer, p o Cazenovia.
Jackson, E. S., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1809, died 1878; widow, Mrs. E. S. Clough Jackson, b. Madison Co. 1821, p o Cazenovia.
Jackson, James, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1825, p o Cazenovia; wife, Charlotte Wilson, b. N. H. 1824, s. 1848.
Jackson, E. Steel, farmer, b. Vermont, 1775, s. 1798, died 1847.
Kenyon, John, farmer, b. Onondaga Co. 1805, s. 1829; wife, Samantha Kenyon, b. Madison Co. 1805, died 1859; sons, William Kenyon, student, b. Madison Co. 1845, died 1879, Albert Kenyon, student, b. Madison Co. 1839, died 1859 and Enos Kenyon, student, b. Madison Co. 1851, died 1874.
Kenyon, J. Spencer, professor, b. Madison Co. 1812, p o Chicago.
Kingsbury, A. J., manufacturer of cheese, owns the first cheese factory built in Madison Co., average annual product over 13,000 lbs.; b. Madison Co. 1848, p o Cazenovia.
Keeler, John S., dealer in pianos, organs, sheet music, & c., p o Cazenovia.
Mage, John Henry, farmer, 160 acres, b. Madison Co. 1838, p o Cazenovia; 1st wife, T. M. White, b. Onondaga Co., married 1864, died 1867; 2d wife, L. D. Eastman, b. Madison Co. 1837, married April 26, 1869; 1 child, Eastman Phillip J., b. Madison Co. 1837, married 1861, enlisted 1861 in the 81st regiment., killed at Cold Harbor, 1864.
Mulligan, Michael, farmer, 41 acres, b. Ireland 1814, s. 1842, p o Cazenovia; wife, Margaret Stapleton, b. Ireland 1827, married 1853; 4 children.
Mitchell, Robert, farmer, 77 acres, b. Scotland 1809, s. 1838; 1st wife, C. Harvey, b. Madison Co. 1808, married 1831, died 1860; 2d wife, Trusty Morrisey, b. Scotland 1815, married 1862, died 1873.
Morse, Gershom, farmer, b. Vermont 1796, s. 1815; wife, Nancy Stone, b. Massachusetts 1795, s. 1815.
Morse, S. A., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1834, p o New Woodstock.
Morse, J. J., farmer and assessor, b. Madison Co. 1846, p o New Woodstock; wife, A. Sales, b. Onondaga Co. 1849.
Morse, Jared, farmer, b. Onondaga Co. 1812, s. 1835, died 1854.
Montague, Mrs. Harriett Abbey, b. Hartford, Conn., 1796, died 1801.
Montague, Lennis, b. Madison Co. 1799, died 1879.
Montague, Orib, b. Massachusetts, 1759, s. 1780, died 1825.
Montague, Richard P., b. Madison Co. 1825.
Montague, Weed, b. Madison Co. 1827.
Montague, Harriett L., b. Madison Co. 1832.
Morse, Silas E., carriage and sleigh manufacturer, p o New Woodstock, b. Wallingford, Conn. Oct. 7, 1824, s. 1839, owns 56 acres. Has been postmaster; wife, Sarah J. Bell, b. Perry, N. Y. married Oct. 30, 1851; one daughter.
Maynard, J. E., retired farmer, b. Madison Co. 1819, p o Cazenovia; wife, S. A. Sherman, b. Eaton, Madison Co. 1821.
Maynard, Nathan, b. Massachusetts 1789, s. 1800, died 1821.
Miller, Charles B., undertaker, b. Cortland Co. 1836, s. 1869, p o Cazenovia.
Nourse, Lysander, res. and p o Chittenango Falls, carpenter and joiner, b. Fenner, Aug. 30, 1816, was enrolling officer 1863-4, now justice of peace; wife, Sabrina M. Woodworth, b. Jan. 15, 1819, married Feb. 24, 1842; eight children, four living, viz: Orlow L., b. 1848, served in Union Army; Irving, b. 1850, M. E. clergyman; Herbert J., b. 1852; Charlotte, b. 1854.
Nourse, J. Harvey, farmer and supervisor, b. Madison Co. 1834; wife, C. J. Elmore, b. Madison Co. 1833; daughter, Nellie T., b. Madison Co. 1860.
Nourse, Joel, farmer, b. Washington Co. 1808, s. 1816.
Pond, James, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1840, p o Cazenovia; wife, Lucy Jane B. Pond, b. Cortland Co. 1838, s. 1840. Charles D. Pond, b. Madison Co. 1863. Agnes J. Pond, b. Madison Co. 1867.
Pond, Munson, b. Cortland Co. 1809, s. 1810, died 1871.
Paige, William H., farmer, 100 acres, b. Manlius, Onondaga Co. Jan. 18, 1837, s. April 2, 1849, p o Chittenango; wife, Sophia C. Adams, b. Madison Co. 1837, married Nov. 4, 1863; children 2.---Clara Paige, b. 1864, Emma Paige, b. 1865.
Page, Reed, farmer and builder, b. Connecticut, 1810, s. 1815, died 1878.
Parslow, Jos. T., farmer, b. Chenango Co. 1850, s. 1869, p o New Woodstock; wife, Mary Burdick, b. Chenango Co. 1841, married 1869; children 3.
Preston, E. A., musician and farmer, 70 acres, b. Connecticut, 1799, s. 1806; wife, B. Bennett, b. Onondaga Co. 1804, married 1823; children 2.
Preston, Rufus, farmer and tailor, b. Connecticut, 1796, s. 1806.
Perkins, W. L., farmer, cheese manufacturer and proprietor creamery, b. Madison Co. 1806, p o Cazenovia.
Perkins, Willis C., firm W. L. Perkins & Co., b. Madison Co. 1804, p o Cazenovia.
Perkins, G. H., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1844, p o Cazenovia; wife, Lucretia Niles, b. Madison Co. 1844.
Perkins, Stillman, farmer, b. Massachusetts, 1796, s. 1803, died 1864.
Putnam, Oscar F., p o Cazenovia, farmer, 67 acres, b. Madison Co. 1829; wife, Elizabeth Hutchinson, b. Madison Co. 1829, married 1851; children 2,---Osgood L., and Helen C.
Roach, Michael, farmer, b. Ireland, 1821, s. 1850, p o Cazenovia. 1st wife, M. Lynch, b. Ireland, 1821, died in Cazenovia 1854; 2d wife, Julia Murphy, b. Ireland, 1820.
Storke, William L., res. Cazenovia, attorney-at-law in State and United States Circuit Courts, b. Coventry, Chenango Co. Dec. 31, 1808, s. Oct. 4, 1857, has held office of notary public; wife, Anna Perkins, b. Connecticut, married Nov. 27, 1846, died Feb. 9, 1872; no children.
Snyder, O. P., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1842, p o Cazenovia, was wounded in the late war; wife, R. E. Doolittle, b. Madison Co. 1849, married 1867; children, 4.
Scott, Andrew, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1834, p o Cazenovia; wife, Margaret Durkan, b. Ireland, 1832, s. 1849.
Scott, John, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1839, p o Cazenovia; wife, Mary Wish, b. Madison Co. 1842.
Scott, Samuel, farmer, b. Ireland, 1789, s. 1804, died 1876.
Sherman, W. C., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1828, p o Cazenovia; wife, M. Goodrich, b. Madison Co. 1835.
Sherman, William, b. Vermont, 1796, s. 1820, died 1875.
Sweetland, Lyman, retired farmer, b. Washington Co. 1800, s. 1809; wife, Sarah Ehle, b. Madsion Co. 1810. Mr. S. has in his possession a crowbar used on the fortifications at Bunker Hill, and has many Indian relics.
Scott, Henry, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1828, p o Cazenovia; wife, Polexina Scott, s. 1834.
Stanley, Joseph, farmer, b. Madison Co. 1803, p o Cazenovia. Mr. S. owns and lives upon the farm purchased and cleared by his father in 1802.
Thurber, Edward, farmer, 160 acres, b. Madison Co. 1804, p o New Woodstock; wife, M. Bond, b. Madison Co.; son, John E., b. Madison Co. 1843, p o New Woodstock.
Tooly, Edward S., sailor and farmer, 10 acres, b. England, 1800, s. 1847, p o Delphi; wife, Ann Tooly, b. Watertown, N. Y. 1810; children 4.
Talbott, Hiram, farmer, 75 acres, b. Madison Co. 1803, died 1877.
Talbott, Mrs. Delia Wyman, widow Hiram T., b. Oneida Co. 1821, s. 1825, p o Cazenovia.
Talbott, Charles J., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1842, p o Cazenovia.
Talbott, Emily F., b. Madison Co. 1839, p o Cazenovia.
Thompson, Gid, farmer, b. Madison Co., p o Cazenovia.
Thompson, A. J., farmer, b. Madison Co. 1836, p o Cazenovia; wife, M. Sanders, b. Chenango Co. 1851.
Tucker, F. W., b. Madison Co. 1856; wife, Hattie Mosley, b. Madison Co. 1857.
Taylor, Fred M., p o Cazenovia.
Underwood, Hon. Charles K., farmer, 176 acres, b. New Woodstock, Madison Co. Sept. 4, 1848, p o New Woodstock, served as clerk in Assembly and was one of the committee on roads and bridges for 1878-79; wife, Mertie L. Stanton, b. Onondaga Co. Feb. 7, 1853, married Sept. 12, 1871.
Underwood, Marcus L., farmer, supervisor and school commissioner, b. Madison Co. 1796, died 1878.
Underwood, Marvel, farmer and builder, s. 1790. One of the oldest settlers from Connecticut having a grant bearing date about 1773, from George 3d.
Worlock, Cyrus, proprietor plaster and lime mill, b. Madison Co., Aug. 2, 1836, p o Cazenovia; wife, Cynthia A. Webber, b. Madison Co., March 21, 1834, married Feb. 9, 1859.
Watson, Sylvester, farmer and contractor, b. Schoharie Co. 1809, s. 1816; wife, A. Burton, b. Madison Co. 1814.
Watson, Reuben, farmer, b. Schoharie Co. 1771, s. 1816, died 1835.
Wormuth, Abram, farmer, 112 acres, b. Montgomery Co. 1809, s. 1827, wife, Mary A. Loucks, b. 1812; children 4.







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