Ezekiel Sanford, Jr.
Ezekiel SANFORD, Jr., was a farmer by occupation and was born in 1744 in New Haven,Conn. and brought up in Waterbury,Conn. He later served in the French and Indian War and also in the American Revolution. Of his ten children, his youngest son, Elisaph, is the only child of his second wife Rebecca Barker, widow Ebenezer Foote. Ezekiel moved his family to Windsor,NY soon after the birth of his youngest child(1785). In 1798, they moved to Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY. About 1816 or 17, Ezekiel removed to Sparta,NY where his daughter Chloe and her husband John Reed, the first settlers of what began Reeds Corners, resided. In 1818, Ezekiel applied for and recieved a pension for his service as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Dates of enlistment and appointment are as follows: 1775, for eight months as a private under Capt. Benedict Arnold (Conn. Regt.); 1776, for ten months as a private under Capt. Smith and Col. Elmore (Conn. Regt.); April 1777 to 15 Jun1779 as a Corporal under Capt. David Smith and Col. Chandler (8th Conn. Reg.). All enlistments were at Waterbury,CT. Ezekiel fought in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth (The battle at Monmouth Court House,NJ, in 1778, was the last major battle in the North during the Revolution and took place in the spring following the winter spent at Valley Forge,PA). He was wounded in battle by a bullet striking the ridge of his nose. In April of 1818 he applied for a pension and received the sum of $8 per month. There is a letter written by Ezekiel Sanford while at Valley Forge to his wife Sarah. It was in the possession of Frank S. Sanford, 1335 F St., N.W., Washington, DC, (Oct 5, 1907) A copy of this letter is in the Sanford Genealogy, by Carlton E. Sanford, 1910. Ezekiel Sanford died at the home of his son Soton in Springwater in 1831, and his buried at the Reed Family Cemetery in Sparta at Reeds Corners. Contributed by: Andrew Burdett