James R. Leaming James Rosebrugh Leaming, M.D., was born in Groveland NY on February 25, 1820, the oldest of eight children born to William and Jane (Rosebrugh) Leaming. His mother was the daughter of Judge James and Margaret (Wilson) Rosebrugh also of Livingston county. He attended the University of the City of New York and received the degree of M.D. in 1849. He took up residency in New York city where he became very well known as a teacher, author, and physician. Dr. Leaming specialized in diseases of the heart and lungs and became a renowned authority on the subject.

He married Jane Helen Cheesman—they had one son, Edward Leaming who went on to become a physician in New York city like his father. James later married Kathryn Lawton Strobel and together they had one daughter, Abby Anna Leaming. She was a well known socialite in New York society and a close friend of Emily Post.

He was honored as one of America’s most notable figures at the commemoration of the Brooklyn Bridge along with three Presidents of the United States. He was a noted student and collector of ancient works of art and, by the time of his death, had acquired a large collection. He died at his residence No. 28 West 38th St. in New York City on Dec 5, 1892.

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