Conrad Hamsher

FIRST SETTLED: 1818, Sparta
PARENTS: Daniel HAMSHER and Elizabth Catherine WALTMAN
PREVIOUS KNOWN RESIDENCE: Whitehall,Northampton Co.,PA
LATER KNOWN RESIDENCE: remained in Sparta near Reeds Corners

    BORN: 30 Dec 1801 in Hanover,Northampton Co.,PA
    MARRIED: ca 1825 Judith HUGHES, daughter of Daniel HUGHES
    DIED: 30 Jun 1878 in Sparta
    BURIED: Kiehle(Old Dutch) Cemetery

  1. Sophia HARTMAN(Henry S.)
  2. Hannah SHAFFER(John)
  3. Elizabeth JOHNS(George W.)
  4. Julia Ann ZERFASS(Henry)
  5. Catherine CARNEY(Jesse)
  6. Erhart Daniel(Mary HART)
  7. Lydia SAMPLE(John)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Conrad came with his father to Sparta and soon after settled on the farm east of Reeds Corners, occupied by his grandson, James Shafer in 1932. Lloyd Moose wrote of Conrad and Judith Hamsher, "I still remember Uncle Conrad and Aunt Judy, as they were called by the younger generation. It was my pleasure to be acquainted with the entire family. Now, in the evening of life, as I write these lines, I ask myself, as the shadows grow long, Where are they? And like an echo my voice comes back from the valley - Gone. Yes they have all passed away and it sometimes seems as if I stand in the valley, alone."


  • The Story Road: A History Written in 1932, by Lloyd Moose.



Submitted by: Andrew A Burdett, of Geneseo,NY