Henry E. Hubbard

Henry Eugene Hubbard, the well known manufacturer of pumps and well curbs, has been a resident of Dansville for over forty years, having come to this village with his parents in 1861 from Norwich, Chenango County, N. Y. He is the eldest of three children of Henry and Lucretia (Gates) Hubbard and was born at Newport N. H. November 4, 1852. He is descended from English Stock which took root in the colonies in the early days, and who brought form their native land a name and fame which antedated the year 1000 to which the present family can trace their genealogy. .

His early education was acquired in the village schools and the Dansville Seminary. Having thus acquired a liberal education to fit him for an active business career, in 1876, he succeeded his father in the manufacture of pumps and well curbs, in which business he is still engaged with every prospect of continued success..

On April 14, 1875 he married Ida D. Squires, daughter of Bryon T. Squires who for many years was one of Dansville’s first and most respected citizens and lawyers who held public office for sixteen years. Mr. Hubbard’s present family consists of one son and one daughter; Katherine Eggleston and William Arthur. Katherine is a graduate of the Geneseo Normal and is now the able instructor of the Teachers training class at Haverling High School, Bath, N. Y. William resides with his parents and is fast becoming proficient as a practical jeweler, which trade he has followed for some years..

Under Mr. Hubbard’s watchful care and wise and prudent management, his business has rapidly extended until the territory embraced covers this and many adjoining States.

He is an adherent to the Episcopal form of worship and is strongly Republican in his political beliefs. Personally he is a man of genial temperament and attractive social qualities, which are in no small way accountable for his influence at home and abroad.

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