Bosley Family Biographies
A Few Bosley Descendents who Traveled West

Council B. Malin

Celebrating his 90th Birthday

                                From a newspaper [unidentified] article.

He Still Reads Funnies at Age of 90

Council B. Malin, Utah Pioneer, Celebrates Birthday

Council B. Malin Reminisces
As 90th Birthday Arrives

A hardy old gentleman who has moved pianos for Padereswski and who
 was once the best pistol shot in Utah, is celebrating his ninetieth
birthday Monday.

He is Council B. Malin, so called because he was born in Council
Bluffs, Iowa, just before his family left for Salt Lake City in 1849.
Mr. Malin resides at the home of a son, Harold Malin, 337 Redondo
avenue, and also spends a great deal of time at the home of a
daughter, Mrs. James P. Sorensen, 333 Redondo avenue.

Was a Good Shot

"I used to be considered the best shot in Utah," Mr. Malin laughed.
"In fact, I was just one of the boys!

Mr. Malin was in the transfer business here for many years and
used to move the pianos of Paderewski in the L.D.S. tabernacle
when he gave recitals here.

He reads a lot, doesn't use glasses, goes downtown shopping,
likes to ride the buses and visits his sister, Mrs. Almira Everett,
83, and his brother S.B. Malin, 79, at the home of a daughter,
Mrs. Leo Spencer, 1215 East Eighth South street.

Played Fiddle

"I used to play the fiddle for old time dances in Salt Lake City,"
he went on, "but my fingers are too stiff now."

A life full of adventure and interest has been his, but now he
is content to sit and remember. 


LDS Temple Kirtland, Ohio

Bosley family members helped to construct this building; and were members of the Church.

A land Patent for Joshua Kelly Bosley in Indiana.

He did not go to Utah,
he seemed to have dropped out of the LDS.

Contributor: LTC James Shepherd, USMC (Ret.); California.