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Transcriber's Note: Our Parish Register was a monthly publication of St. Columba's Roman Catholic Church in the village of Caledonia, NY. In 1909 the majority of the parishioners were of Irish descent. The listing of who had paid or not yet paid their pledges for the debt fund serves as a membership directory of heads of households, widows, and parishioners considered young adults and independent of being included under a family pledge. As has been traditional in RC churches, many donations were made to the church in memory of deceased friends and relatives. All names were typed exactly as in the original. If you have more issues of this publication that you'd like to contribute, please contact the site coordinator.

Our Parish Register
Vol. 3, No. 7, December 1909



Monday, October 4th, the 2nd anniversary Requiem High Mass was offered in St. Columba's for the happy repose of the soul of William Laughlin, at the solicitation of his daughter, Katharine.

Tuesday, November 23rd, a requiem high mass was offered in St. Columba's for the happy repose of the souls of Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, at the solicitation of Miss Mary Carr.

Wednesday, November 24th, the months' mind requiem high mass was offered in St. Patrick's, Mumford, for the happy repose of the soul of Mrs. James Freeman.

Saturday, November 27th, a 3d anniversary requiem high mass was offered for the happy repose of the soul of Andrew Kelly, at the solicitation of his devoted wife.


Sunday, October 31st, Catharine Lucile, born October 7th, of Edward Buckley and Elizabeth Lee, was baptized in St. Columba's. The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lee.

Sunday, November 7th, Margaret Marion, born September 26th, of Mervil Edward Hourigan and Mary Shaw, was baptized in St. Columba's. The sponsors were James Gratton and Miss Anna Smith of Rochester.


Wednesday, October 27th, occurred the death of Thomas Rossiter, Jr., age 31 years, at the Blind Asylum, Jersey City, N.J. His funeral was held Sunday, October 31st, at Scottsville, Father Lambert officiating. The burial was in the family lot there. Though afflicted with total blindness for the past five years, his sickness was of only a few days' duration. He died consoled and strengthened by the reception of the sacraments. He was the youngest brother of Mrs. M. J. Keefe of Mumford. She has the sympathy of all our parishioners who are requested to pray for the happy repose of his soul.

On Tuesday, November 2d, Mrs. Thos. Neid of Le Roy, departed this life, fortified by the last sacraments and surrounded by her children. Her age was 68. Her funeral was held in Le Roy, November 5th, Father Vanderpool officiating. She was the mother of John Neid and Mrs. Arthur Phillips of Mumford. They have our sympathy. Our parishioners are requested to pray for the happy repose of her soul.


The prayers of parishioners and readers are requested for the happy repose of the soul of Rt. Rev. Thos. A. Hendrick, Bishop of the diocese of Cebu, Philippine Islands. Bishop Hendrick died Tuesday, Nov. 30th of cholera. He is well remembered by our people of Caledonia, since he gave an illustrated lecture for the benefit of St. Columba's on Thanksgiving, 1902, during Father Gommenginger's pastorate. Before becoming bishop he was for a number of years pastor at Union Springs , N.Y., and of St. Bridget's, Rochester. Everywhere he won the esteem and admiration of all with whom he came in contact. He was loyal and true to church and state. For friends and for those who sought his assistance he would cheerfully sacrifice time and means. His loss will be sorely felt abroad and at home. May his would cheerfully sacrifice time and means. His loss will be sorely felt abroad and at home. May his soul through mercy of God rest in peace!

The prayers of our parishioners are also requested for the happy repose of the soul of Joseph Keyes of West Rush, father of Mr. John Keyes of our parish. He died Tuesday, Nov. 30th, aged 66 years. His funeral was held on Friday at St. Joseph's Church, East Rush. Father Cluney officiating. We have known Mr. Keyes for many years, and always found him to be a man of noble character, possessing sterling qualities. May his soul rest in peace. His family have our sincere sympathies.


Solicited during the months of September and October, 1909.

(NOTE: the * indicates deceased.)

Miss Anastasia Connor, Solicitor - $25.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Timothy Creedon, Edward Shannon, Thos. Cooney, Jr., George Jopp, James Graney, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Carroll*, Jerry McMahon, John Connor*, Patrick Connor*, Edward Connor, John Farrell, Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Donohue*, Jas. McGovern* and Jas. Carragher*, Florence Keisler*, Mrs. James McSweeney* and Catharine Dunn*, Mrs. John Lee, Mrs. Mary B. Ball*, John Jopp, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. O. W. O'Brien*, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Connor*, Mrs. Patrick Maloy*, Mrs. Dennis Torpey*, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moore*, Miss Margaret Connor, John Maloy*.

Miss Eleanor Wood, Solicitor - $16.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
M. J. Lynch, George and John Wood*, Charles and Elizabeth Wood*, Thos. J. Ball, Jr.*, Thos. Ball Sr.*, members Leary and Farley Family*, Mrs. John Kane*, Mrs. John Skelly*, Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell*, Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Ball*, Mrs. Thos. Cooney, Sr., Mrs. James Gratton*, Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern*, members Turney Family*, Mrs. Stephen Reid, Mr. and Mrs. James Clark*.

Mrs. John Wood (Fowlerville), Solicitor - $15.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Daniel Wall, Henry Wood, John Wood, Andrew Wall, W. J. Boyle, Margaret Boyle's relatives*, Elizabeth Daley's relatives*, Mrs. John Wall, Sr., Katharine and John Spinneken*, Wm. O'Brien's relatives*, J. W. O'Brien, Lottie McGuire, Mrs. Mary Grant, Patrick Grant*, Theodore Spinneken and Mrs. Cheesbough*.

George J. Eisler, Solicitor - $11.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Charles Gross, Raymond A. McNally, James P. Kelly, John P. Kelly, John Gougherty*, Mr. and Mrs. James Melbourne*, Ella Boylan*, Mrs. Fred Daley, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Martin*, Louis Brandel, Mrs. Thos. Graney*.

Miss Mary Farmer, Solicitor - $9.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Albert Feeley, Mrs. C. Eisler, Mrs. Louis Smith, Frank Hemmerich, Kregal and Case Families*, Charles Farmer, William Kramer, Jr., William Kramer, Sr., Andrew Kelly*.

Miss Elizabeth McQuillon, Solicitor - $9.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
May McQuillon*, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burns*, Daniel Gougherty, John Keenan*, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connor*, Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson*, members of Hurdigan Family*, Souls in Purgatory, Mr. and Mrs. Owen O'Brien*.

Miss Mary O'Neil, Solicitor - $8.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Lawrence Callan, Michael Strebler*, George N. Wood*, Michael Callan's relatives*, John O'Neil, Mr. and Mrs. P. O'Neil, Charles Connor, S. F. Holiday.

Miss Mary Fisher , Solicitor - $7.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Patrick Freeman*, Mrs. James Gratton*, members Hemmerich Family*, George W. Mix, George Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. James Fisher, Mary Fisher.

Miss May Harrigan, Solicitor - $7.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Members of Burke and Harrigan Family*, Mr. and Mrs. John Taffe*, Thomas Callan*, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callan*, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCall, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith*, Patrick and Mary McCall*.

Miss Anna May Keefe, Solicitor - $7.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Mrs. Charles Gross, Patrick Rossiter*, Michael Keefe's relatives*, Mary E. FitzGerald's relatives*, Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes*, Nellie Freeman's relatives*, Members of Freeman Family*.

Miss Rose Borelli, Solicitor - $6.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
J. B. Neid, Mrs. W. Horning's relatives*, Thos. Taffe's relatives*, Jerry McMahon, William Donnelly, Mrs. H. Fried.

Miss Elizabeth Mack, Solicitor - $6.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Members James Connor Family*, Mrs. Ellen Carroll*, members Mack and Walso Family*, Phlilp Burkhart*, Ester Minogue*, Anna McCall's relatives*.

Miss Clara Burns, Solicitor - $5.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
George J. Burns, Mary E. McCluskey*, Mrs. John McCluskey, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dalely*, Mrs. Mary Lynch Burns*.

Miss Catharine A. Corcoran, Solicitor - $5.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
William Loughlin*, John Jopp, Sr.*, Frank Curran*, Mrs. James Corcoran's parents*, Martin Kelly.

MIss Agnes Lynch, Solicitor - $5.00

Contributions of One Dollar.
Patrick Lynch*, Mrs. Patrick Lynch*, Mrs. Mary Lynch Burns and Matthew Lynch*, Michael Carroll, John Schmeltzer.

Miss Mary Skivington, Solicitor - $2.00

Contributors of One Dollar.
Mrs. Wm. Hammond, Michael Skivington*.


October 17 - November 1st, 1909.

Contributors of One Dollar.
George J. Eisler, James Gratton, Mrs. James McCombs, Patrick Harrigan, John B. Neid, Mrs. H. Feeley, Mrs. D. Smith, Charles Yawman, Mrs. Jas. Cunningham, Fred Muir, Mrs. John Keyes, John Ball, Thos. Gougherty, Patrick Callaghan, Edward Daley, Peter Clark, Mrs. Charles Wood, Andrew Connor, John Leary, Daniel Kelly, Albert Feeley, Augustus Scheiber, Edward Shannon, Thos. M. Skivington, Mrs. Thos. Ball, Patrick O'Neil, Miss Anna McCall, Raymond A. McNally, Mrs. Stephen Reed, Dominic Rogero, Mrs. Patrick Freeman, Wm. Kramer, Mrs. William Horning, John Farrell, Miss Frances Keisler, Frank Jopp, George Jopp, Henry Freid. Total, $38.00

Contributors of Potatoes.
George J. Eisler, Frank Lynch, Thomas Callan, Patrick Skelly, John Skelly, James Graney, Wm. Moore, Thomas Wilson, Patrick McQuillon, John Cooney, Louis Englerth, Michael Farrell, Frank Grant, Charles O'Brien, James Cooney, Thos. Cooney, Jr., Thomas Cooney, Sr., James Callan, Thomas McQuillon, James P. Kelly, Mrs. Andrew Kelly, Michael Morrisey, Patrick McKenna, James Corcoran, Lawrence Mandia, John Lee, Sr., John F. Connor, Mrs. James McGovern, Joseph Donohue, Thomas Sheahan, John Mack, Sr., John Mack, Jr., John P. Kelly, Philip Murphy, Mrs. Edward Keenan, Michael Torpey, John Sullivan, Fred Daley, Stephen Reed, Andrew Burns, Michael Callan, Charles Gross, Thomas Hemmerich, Joseph Kregal, Wm. Hammond, Martin McEvoy, Peter McGinnis, Thomas McGinnis, Chas. Farmer, Peter Kregal, Mrs. Owen Farmer, James Fisher, John Skivington, Philip Kregal, Terrence McCall, Chas. McCall, Joseph Kregal, Martin Skivington, Mrs. George Woodbeck, Mrs. K. Lawless, Patrick Hickey, Mrs. H. McPhillilps, Mrs. D. Cushman, Patrick Maloy.

Total, 72 bags Potatoes.

St. Mary's Boys' Orphan Asylum
Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1909.

Rev. George Eisler.

Dear Reverend Father:

Your kind letter containing check was received yesterday. This morning the seventy two bags of potatoes were delivered in good condition.

We gratefully acknowledge for your generosity to us each year.

May yours be the reward of the divine Remuneration whose estimate of such deeds of charity may be learned form His own sacred ward. "As long as you did it unto one of these my least brethren you did it unto Me."

Assuring you that you and your worthy people of Caledonia and Mumford will share in the daily prayers of the sisters and children of St. Mary's.

I am, Gratefully and sincere yours,
Sister M. Justina


Contributors to St. Columba's Church Debt Fund.

Contributors of $15
Edw. Shannon John Sheahan

Contributors of $10
Fred E. Daley F. J. O'Brien G. J. Eisler Mrs. Thomas Ball T. M. Skivington John Ball Frank Lynch Henry Burns John P. Kelly, Sr. Martin W. Kelly Contributors of $5 Ed. Daley, Sr. K. Lawless Mrs. C. Wood Peter Grant John O'Neill Peter Baker, Jr. Andrew Connor Charles Connor *John Leary Dennis Kelly Joseph Grant Frank Grant James Mack James P. Kelly Mrs. C. Eisler Sol. Holiday Thos. J. Ball, Jr. Geo. T. Ball John Cooney James Cooney Thos. Cooney, Sr. John Cammpbell Mrs. Thos. Sheahan, Jr. Mrs. Cushman Daniel Gougherty Michael Farrell James Corcoran, Sr. Peter Clark Jospeh Donohue Patrick Callahan Patarick Maloy Miss Frances Keisler Mrs. Keisler Albert Feely F. D. Ball Miss Margaret Turney Patrick Carroll John Connor, Sr. John F. Connor, Jr. Frank Yopp John Keyes Patrick McKenna Frank Torpey Mrs. D. Smith Jas. Cunningham Andrew Burns Thos. Mooney Matt. Mooney Patk. McQuillon Jas. Graney Chas. Yawman Patrick Dooley Mrs. Tecla Englerth John J. Murphy Patrick Kirwick Daniel Kelly Joseph Baker Mrs. Patk. Grant John Yopp, Sr.

Contributors of $4
Miss Lizzie Mack Theo. Reed Thomas Gougherty Contributors of $3 Mrs. Geo. Wood Miss Eleanor Wood Miss Alida Wood Thos. Morrisey Miss Anna McColl Miss Mary Dunlay Martin Morrisey John Mack, Jr. John Minogue William Moore John Mack, Sr. *Mrs. John Leary Mrs. Frank Smith Martin J. Farrel M. J. Lynch James Clark Miss Lizzie Maloy Mrs. Jas. Callan Miss Kate Yopp Miss Anna Carroll Mrs. Anna Farrel Mrs. W. Feely Stephen Reed, Jr. Miss Anna Smith Miss Lizzie Frawley George Kelly Geo., son of J. P. Kelly Mrs. W. Loughlin Chas. O'Brien Miss May Keenan John Sullivan P. C. Graney Mrs. Thomas Gilligan

Contributors of $2.50
Miss Agnes Morrisey Michael Callan Lawrence Callan Miss Frances Melby Miss Belle Keenan Contributors of $2 Miss Anastasia Connor John Skelly, Sr. Mrs. W. Cooper James Corcoran, Jr. Verne Donohue Thos. A. Callan Miss Eliza Carroll Miss Josie Reed Ed. Daley, Jr. Mrs. Jas. McGovern Miss Mary O'Neill Miss Jennie O'Neill Miss Anna Malone John Cunningham George J. Burns Michael O'Donnell Mrs. Chas. O'Brien Miss Eva Yawman Mrs. Mary Curran Margaret Foughey John McGovern Mrs. Phil. Murphy Mrs. Cath. Carragher Jos. McCluskey Mrs. Dominic Rogero James V. Mandia

Contributors of $1
James Dowling Lawrence Mandia

(Total contributed up to December 1st, $590.50.)

February 18th, last, the mortgage, $1100.00, on our church property came due. On that day we were enabled through the generosity of our parishioners to pay $650.00 on the mortgage. There remains therefore only $450.00 still due. Those of our parishioners who have not yet paid their subscriptions are kindly requested to do so.

The following parishioners will be credited after their subscriptions have been paid:

Pauline Callan J. McMahon Ed. Connor John Farrell James Quinn John Lee, Sr. Miss Nellie Lee Eddie Lee George Campbell Hugh Skelly Andrew Skelly John Skelly, Jr. Patrick Skelly, William Boylan Wm. Graney Mrs. H. Feely Charels Feely Theo. Feely David Kelly Michael Sheahan Peter Baker, Sr. Louis Baker Miss Lizzie Cushman Miss Nellie Cushman Fred Muir Fred Farrel William Corcoran Thos. Graney Olive Kelly Leo Kelly Jospeh Callahan Thos. Callahan Willie Callahan Mrs. T. Gougherty, Sr. JAmes Boylan Patrick O'Neill Michael H annifin Mrs. C. E. Strouse Willie Morrisey R. G. Waterhouse Harvey J. Wood Michael Morrisey Eddie Connor Miss Margaret Connor George Yopp Michael Foughey Miss Lizzie Kellly John E. Kelly Eugene Carey Philip Ward Mrs. Carr Miss Mary Moore Peter Haas, Sr. Peter Haas, Jr. Miss Lula Mandia F. A. Lynch Mrs. Rullihan Mrs. Wray Charles Cunningham Daniel Wall John Bachman Andrew Wall Lawrence Callan Thos. Callan Richard Callan John Yopp, Jr. Thos. Torpey Walter Farrel Mrs. Wm. Webb Edw. McKenna John McKenna Miss Rose McKenna Stephen Reed, Sr. John Chapman M. J. Lee Miss Maud Daley William Jopp Robert Gallagher Miss Jennie Gallagher Miss Lizzie Grant Thos. Burns Miss Clara Burns Johnnie P. Kelly, Jr. Charlie Kelly Miss Florence Kelly Miss Katie Loughlin Mrs. J. J. Kelly Lawrence Kelly L. Englerth Miss Katie Mooney Mrs. Ligora Lynch Thos. McQuillon Miss Lizzie McQuillon Thos. McQuillon, 2d Aloysius Yawman Joseph Dooley John Gilio Anthony Gilio Wm. Hefferman Jas. Keenan Edw. Keenan Will Keena David Keena James Kelly Andrew Green John Wood John Wall, Sr.

The preceding list of names will continue to be reprinted in the Register until all our parishioners have been heard from.


Frank J. Stupp, Prayer Books, Rosaries, Pictures Framed and Unframed, and all kinds of Religious Articles, 37 Clinton Ave. No., Rochester, N. Y.

E. J. Esser, Shoes, 143 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y.

Louis Ernst & Sons, Rochester's Tool & Cutlery House, 129 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y.

E. E. Bausch & Son, Opticians, Optometrists, 6 Main Street East, Rochester, N. Y.

Wm. M. Furlong, Photographer, 23 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.

Rochester Underwear Store, 82-84 E. Main St, Rochester, N. Y.

T. M. Skivington, District Manager, John Hancock Insurance, Caledonia, N. Y.

E. W. Edwards & Son, Dry Goods, Established 1832, 132-134-136-138-140-142 Main St. East, Rochester, N. Y.

Meng & Shafer, Manufacturing Furriers, Powers Block 11-15 State St., Rochester, N. Y.

George L. White, Clothing Made to Order, 99 State St., Rochester, N. Y.

Peter Clark, Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Fish, Poultry and Game, Caledonia, N. Y.

Bryan's Drug Store, 92 and 94 West Main St., Rochester, N. Y.

Doyle's, Rochester's Leading Cloak, Suit, Costume and Millinery House, 36 and 38 Main Street East, Rochester, N.Y.

Trott Brothers, Designers, Sculptors, Builders, Public and Private Monuments and Memorials, Established 1883, No. 1120 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, N. Y.

Downs & Dunn, Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitting, 495 State Street, Rochester, N. Y.

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