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Presbyterian Church, Ossian 1818-1904

      Early Records of the Presbyterian Church of Ossian 1818-1904
Formally in Allegany County but since 1856 in Livingston County
Records copied 1836 1868 1991 2007
Copied by Sally Carrier August 13, 2007

Index Record of Baptism

June 18         Price        Earnest W        infant s/o Lemuel & Rebecca Thompson Price
                Scott        John Earl        infant s/o Robert & Julia Scott

Feb 5           Simonds James                 adult age 82
Mar 25          Boner        James Edward     infant s/o William & Jane Boner
                Havens Catharine Jane         adult
                Kuhn        Isabella Adelia   adult
May 30          Covert James Leven            infant s/o Nathaniel P & Marietta Covert
Dec 3           McCurdy Marietta L            adult
                McCurdy Ella A                adult

May 18          Price Anna Blanch             infant d/o Lemuel & Rebecca Price by Rev. J H                                                 Board

Oct 25          McCurdy Jennie

Apr 18          Price Lemuel                  adult
                Whiting Walter W              adult
                Denison Frank H               adult

Feb 10          Taylor Daniel A               adult
                Moore Mansfield               adult
                Linsey William                adult
                Lindsey Betsy                 adult
                Wilkens Richard               adult
                Wilkens Clista                adult
                Taylor Susan                  adult
                Knapp        Jennie           adult
                Wilcox Mary Ann               adult
                McCurdy Sarah A               adult
                Mitchell Huldah               adult
                Ford Silas S                  adult
                McCurdy Margaret              adult
                Forest Hattie                 adult
                Rathbun Charlotte             adult

Feb 10          Scott Alice Marcelia and
                Scott Samuel Boner            children of John G and Rosa A Scott

1/19            Knapp Henry T                 adult                (note out of sequence unknown year)

Mar 4           McCurdy Ida J                adult
Jul 6           Hess John Henry              adult

Jun 20          McTarnagan William James     infant s/o John & Susie McTarnagan by Rev                                                 J L Box

May 12          Clendenin Ralph and
                Clendenin Jacob Dwight       infant children of A B & Jennie

Aug 12          Bonner Samuel William and
                Bonner Rosalia               infant children of Samuel & Ester

Sept 30         Craig George Houghton        infant s/o Rev George Craig & wife

May 7           Price Dorr Clendennin        infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. Emra Price

Jul 15          McTarnaghan Margaret Susanna infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. John McTarnaghan
                Denton Benjamin and
                Denton Minnie                children of Mr. & Mrs. Charles                                                                 Denton

Dec 19          Turney Mrs. Cora Viola       adult
                Turney Ella May              d/o Thomas & Cora born Feb 4 1887
                McTarnagan Robbert Gibson    s/o John & Susan McTarnagan born                                                                 Nov 17 1889
                Thompson Laverne Raymond     born Feb 1887        (no parents listed)

Aug 30          Perrine Roy Glen             born Feb 21 1881
                Perrine   Maud Harriet       born Dec 161885
                Perrine Alice May            born Nov 21 1888
                Lamont Mary E                adult
                Lamont Kate V                adult
                Denton Mary                  adult
                Price Mrs. Anna              adult

Aug 14          Wambold George W             adult

Jan 22          Wilkins Bessey Arletta       infant d/o Richard & Callista Wilkins
May 7           Wampole Josephine            adult
                Parnel        Pearl          adult
                Scott Robert H and
                Scott H. Erl                 infant s/os of John E & Dalina Scott

Mar 18          Hotelling Charles E           adult
                Bush Henry                    adult
                Bush Julia                    adult
                Thompson Jennis               adult
                Shay Blanche                  adult
                Hotelling Flora               adult
                Cory Harriet                  adult
                Linzy Frank                   adult
                Robbins Mrs. Nora             adult
                Cory Corrie                   adult
                Lindzy Riley                  adult
                Linzy Mrs. Riley              adult
                Linzy (no name)               infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Riley Linzy
                Canfield Lettie Bessie        no parents given

Mar 24          Shay William Riley            adult
                Shay Osker (Oscar)            adult
                McCurdy Charles G             adult

Mar 22          Linzy Josephine Wampole       infant d/o Riley Linzy & wife

Apr 4           Scott Evan Reginald           infant s/o John & Dalena F Scott
June 13         Shay Bonner                   and
                Shay William R                and
                Shay Grace May                and
                Shay Doris Munro              infant children of Wm R & Florence Shay
                Shay Charles Asher            adult age 20
Jul 4           Luce Edward Clinton           adult

July 3          Crory ? Asa Warren            adult
Oct 2           Semple Mrs. Mertie R          adult
                Semple Dorothea L             infant d/o Clarence & Mertie R Semple
? ?             Covert F F                    adult

Apr 7           Knapp Clifford J              infant s/o Ira J & Virginia
                Linzy Charles Harrold         infant s/o Frank & Grace L
July 7          Fontaine Violet Rose          infant d/o Mrs. Nellie M. Danneck
Oct 6           Denton Charles Howard         and
                Denton Frederick Bonner       and
                Denton M Ruth                 and
                Denton James Chester          infant c/o Mr. & Mrs. James H Denton
                Bonner Dorr                   and
                Bonner      Frank Dewey       and
                Bonner Katherine              infant children of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick                                                         Bonner
                Gibson  Robert A              adult

Jan 5           Fontaine Laverne              infant child of Mrs. Nellie Danneck
                Kennedy Miss Eleanor M        adult
                Mess Mrs. Flora               adult
July 6          Woolever Mrs. Mary Elizabeth  adult
                Woolever Minnie Eva           infant d/o Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Woolever

Jan 4           Bush Charles                 adult
                Covert Mrs. Dora             adult
                Covert Miss May              adult
                Covert Miss Jennie           adult
                Covert Miss Carrie           adult
                Runnion Miss Georgia         adult
                Covert (no name)             infant s/o Mrs. Dora Covert
June 14         Shay Carol Elizabeth         infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Shay
                Shay (no name)               infant of Mr. & Mrs. O. I. Shay
                Kennedy (no name)            infant of Mr. & Mrs. John Kennedy
                Kennedy Carrie               adult

Oct 4           Bonner Grant Laverne         infant s/o of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bonner
                Linzy Edith Lemoine          and
                Linzy Mina Ethel             and
                Linzy Thelma Lucene          infant children of Mr. & Mrs. John Linzy

Nov 20          McNinch Mrs. Mary            adult
                McNinch Miss Edith           adult
                Greer Miss Sadie             adult
                Greer Miss Lizzy             adult
                Chittenden Miss Rene         adult
                Fenton Mrs. Hattie           adult


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